Microkini Chronicles Ch. 06

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You might know of “Nudes-a-Poppin”; the annual competition in Indiana where naked professional strippers happily undulate about the grounds of what is normally a family nudist resort for a small cash prize and the hope of being “discovered”. What you might not know is that the guy who originally started it moved to Southern California some years ago, opened another resort, and started a new series of competitions there that focused more on the contestant’s sexual prowess than just their nude dancing ability. Having visited his new resort a few times over the years I can tell you from personal experience that the atmosphere is highly erotic. It seemed like the ideal place to have a Microkini Enthusiasts’ weekend bash.

I took several months to get the whole thing organized, but with temps in the upper 90s, the mid July event turned out to be a great weekend for the 47 people who attended. The deal was that for $200 a head, members of the Microkini Enthusiasts Clubs would converge on the resort and take it over for a weekend party consisting of food, drink, sunbathing, swimming, an erotic microkini contest with a $500 first prize and whatever else we wanted to do. Rules for the attendees were simple; with the obvious exception of microkinis, leave your clothes in the car for the weekend and just have fun.

The aforementioned Microkini contest on Saturday night was broken into men’s and women’s divisions with three segments apiece. The first segment featured contestants clad in their most outrageous and innovative micros. Anything goes but the smaller the better as long as the privates were actually concealed. The second segment featured contestants stripping out of their micros to a two-minute song of their choosing and the final segment featured contestants in five-minute freestyle competitions wherein they could do whatever they wanted to impress the judges and would be rated for their overall microkini-related eroticism. Since most of the people in attendance arrived early Saturday, and all had a fairly long afternoon by the pool teasing each other in various states of undress, the contest was sure to be a hot one!

Eight women and five antalya escort men had entered the contest including yours truly. The three male and two female judges sat right on stage and immediately rated the first, second and third placers with three, two or one point respectively. The male and female contestant with the most points at the end of the contest would win $500 each! Second place got $100 and third received $25 certificates good at Knit-Wit designs. We contestants spent a good hour getting “dressed” for the show and were all having a really tough time not starting an impromptu orgy back stage! Lots of groping and making out took place but fortunately for the impatiently waiting crowd, we managed to get started at 9:00 sharp.

Wicked Weasel and Wicked Temptations brands were worn by six of the women and the other two had homemade suits including one gorgeous little blonde named Casey who’d made a “backless tickler” (her description) that was nothing more than a string that tied around the neck, got slightly wider over her nipples, shrank back down to thin strings and then widened again slightly over her pussy. The most amazing part of her suit was that it was held in place by a butt-plug! Her shoulder length hair covered the short tie strings around her neck so from the back she appeared to be nude! As for us men, there were a couple of Koalas, one He! and one Intersparta (I think). Because I was the event organizer, I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to endorse any one manufacturer so I simply dipped my cock and balls in dark blue body latex and went onstage without a micro at all! By the time I got on stage, the outstanding routines by the contestants prior to me had the crowd of 50 or so microkini enthusiasts, resort employees and other guests pretty wound up. All of the women were either topless or nude and I didn’t see any men with anything on. Everyone was on their feet and cheering loudly as I danced onto the stage, my wagging semi-erect, latex covered cock bouncing about for all to see.

The second segment was done to mostly slow tempo songs of various types and clearly made judging a difficult task. After serik escort some fantastically sensual strip teases, Casey, the girl in the “tickler” went last. After a minute and a half of getting the suit untied, she lay down on the stage and butt fucked herself with the suit’s butt-plug for a few seconds before pulling it out! The crowd went wild and I was really glad I didn’t have to immediately follow her act.

The final segment had four of the girls masturbating under the bright lights of the stage and one did it right at the feet of one of the male judges. Another gave mini blowjobs to the three male judges and the second to last one called her boyfriend up on stage and fucked him right in front of them. Knowing that Casey was not to be outdone, the crowd waited anxiously as she came back on stage. To everyone’s amazement, she proceeded to go down on all five judges, men and women finally getting one of the men to cum all over her as the delirious crowd cheered her on. It suddenly became clear who the women’s winner was!

Us men, however, didn’t have the inclination to get the male judges into our routines as we were all straight and weren’t about to give any blowjobs anytime soon. The first guy did a great job of lap dancing the female judges. The second did the same and even managed a tit fuck with one and a quick dick suck by the other. The third did a great erotic dance capped by him jacking-off and finishing with a huge ejaculation as he lay on his back at the edge of the stage. Many of the women in the audience were clearly impressed! Guy number four danced a bit and then brought his beautiful wife onstage where she blew him to an explosive orgasm. The male judges dug it! And then it was my turn.

I walked out on stage, gyrated to the music a bit and then began looking for women I thought might be willing to join me on stage. By this time, they were all so worked up that most of them might have but I decided to pick just one…Casey! She willingly came up on stage and began dirty dancing with me, stroking my throbbing cock as I kneaded her firm ass and large round breasts. We made out and danced side escort together for several minutes until I led her to the floor in front of the judges. I directed her to kneel down in front of the first male judge and she took his throbbing cock in her mouth as I knelt behind her and plunged my cock into her cleanly shaven pussy. It only took a minute for the first judge to cum and Casey hungrily swallowed his load to a loud applause. I then moved her over to the next judge, a female, where Casey immediately began sucking her pussy as I continued fucking her from behind, leaning over to make out with the judge as we went. The judge soon came and we moved to the next male judge and the next female with similar results before getting to the final male judge. By now, the audience had crowded against edge of the stage and was starting to get it on themselves. This time I pulled my cock out of Casey’s spent pussy and pushed it into her moist ass hole. She gasped loudly and as the audience watched with great anticipation, the judge came sending another big load down Casey’s throat as she too came one last time. I could stand it no longer and pulled out of her ass, spraying a massive load of semen across her back. Almost instantly, two of the women from the audience clamored atop her and began lapping my cum from her back.

As our orgasms subsided, Casey and I looked around to see most of the 35 or so people still in the room; enthusiasts, workers and guests included all engaged in one form of sex or another. It was 11:00pm when the contest ended and the orgy continued throughout the resort until well after 1:00.

Sunday dawned and most folks decided to leave their microkinis in their rooms and spent the day naked in the sun. Absolutely everyone was fucking at some point throughout the day and I was lucky enough to fuck several Microkini Enthusiast ladies and even one of the resort’s staff! She is a former porn-star and now is the resort’s business director (she’ll remain nameless unless of course you know P-a-r-i-s well) and we’d been talking on the phone for months to set up the event. Little did I know!

The winners, you ask?

Casey was the clear winner for the women and I was judged the men’s winner. But since I was also the organizer, I ruled myself ineligible and divided $400 of the first place money to the remaining four men and gave Casey the other $100. We all agreed that she had it coming!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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