Mia and Jeff Pt. 02

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About two weeks after her encounter with Jeff’s five friends, Mia felt that all-too-familiar cramping. Sighing, she checked. Yes, she was starting her period. Normally, she’d have been devastated, since she and her husband were trying so hard to have a child. And she still felt a twinge of that — a frisson of frustration. But the feeling was blended with other things now, one of which was hope. She and Jeff were not alone in this venture anymore. He’d said his very good friends would still be willing to help out.

And that thought warmed her heart.

She bit her lip. “OK, OK. I’ll be honest with myself,” she thought. “All the warmth I’m feeling in my groin isn’t just the blood from my flow. My pussy is heating up, thinking about all those stiff cocks. All those warm, throbbing rods of firm manhood entering me, rooting around inside me.” She gasped. “And filling me! Yes! Filling me with their hot, sticky seeds. And Jeff watching.” She moaned, starting to touch herself. “Yes. Watching, approving, and also fucking me while they all watch!” She groaned louder. “And all of them… trying… to get me… ahhhh… pregnant!” She rocked in orgasm, holding that thought.

After she’d calmed down, she called Jeff at work to let him know her situation. “I’m sorry to hear that, Darling,” he told her. “I hope you’re not too discouraged,” he continued. “Remember, we only tried once,” he almost whispered, obviously not wanting to be overheard.

Hearing the phrase ‘only tried once’ heartened Mia. “So it’s OK if we try again, Honey?” she asked him. “You think your friends will be willing?”

“Absolutely,” he replied. “We’ll talk more about it when I get home, OK?”

“You wonderful man!” Mia gushed into the phone. “I’ll greet you at the door naked, and give you the best welcome home I can, given my current rather messy condition.” With her giddiness making her feel a little bit wicked, she added, “My front may be a little unusable at the moment, but my rear opening is all yours, my love!” She heard a loud intake of air over the phone line. “Are you all right, Jeff?” she asked mischievously.

He laughed. “Yes, I am, you little vixen. But hearing you promise that, I may not be able to get up from my desk for a while until a bit of my anatomy settles back down.”

Mia giggled. “Well, if you do manage to get it to deflate, I’d better be able to get it to re-inflate soon after you arrive. I seem to be feeling extra horny right now, lover. And I need to be stuffed full of your man meat!” She heard Jeff groan in response.

“That did it!” he whispered into the phone. Continuing to whisper with a voice a little hoarse with desire, he added, “Now I may not be able to get up from my desk for hours! You’d better put several of our beach towels down on the floor just inside our front door, Mia. Because I plan to have you flat on the floor, prone, while I give you the stuffing you’re begging to receive.” After a few exchanges of endearments, they both hung up to get back to doing things.

Jeff went back to his desk work, hoping that concentrating on it would allow him to quell his now raging hard-on. Mia started thinking about a potential upcoming impregnation session. As she turned her mind to it, she realized that her subconscious had already been mulling it over, and had formed tentative plans. She consulted the Internet, found what she was looking for, bookmarked the page once she’d written down a list of materials, and got into her car.

She drove to the nearest do-it-yourself store. A very knowledgeable, pleasant, middle-aged worker looked at her list, and helped her find all her requirements. He even cut the two-by-fours she was buying to the lengths specified, since it was part of the store’s service.

When she got home, she started on the project, hoping Jeff would be pleased with her idea. If not, he’d at least get something usable, anyway. Skilled at time management, she kept one eye on the clock. Consequently, she’d stopped what she was doing with plenty of time to cleanse her rear tunnel thoroughly, shower, and make herself look pretty as a picture. She even tucked the string from her fresh tampon up out of sight, not wanting to ruin the effect. As promised, she was smiling and naked, waiting just inside the front door as Jeff entered.

His eyes dilated as he looked her up and down and whistled appreciatively. “You look gorgeous, sweetheart!” he told her, his eyes beginning to smolder. After kissing him with a mixture of tenderness and passion, she removed his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. He looked down by their feet and saw that she’d indeed placed several large beach towels on the floor, along with a bottle of their favorite lubricant for anal sex. Immediately, his cock sprang to attention, creating a large tent in the front of his trousers.

Mia was about to pull his shirt free from his trousers when she saw what was happening below his belt. Impishly, she knelt part way down and cooed, “Does somebody need to be released from these mean ol’ pants?” as she shimmied her shoulders just enough to make her breasts knock gently antalya escort against his clothed cock, trapped between them. Jeff’s loud groan of need was answer enough.

Jeff finished removing his shirt while Mia carefully opened his pants and freed him from them, along with his underpants. She gave some oral attention to his now available cock and balls, before saying, “Are you ready to give me that stuffing you promised, Sir?”

“More then ready, wench,” he replied with a mock growl. “Turn around and get down on your belly.” Giggling, she did as she was told, stretching herself out on the towels. As an added incentive, she reached back and held her ass cheeks apart, presenting him with an unobstructed view of her brownish-pink rosebud.

“Oh! That’s cold!” she exclaimed as Jeff drizzled the lube into her ass crack and across her anus. But the cold didn’t last long once Jeff’s warm finger started rubbing the lubricant around, anointing her puckered rear opening. That same finger began working the slippery stuff through the opening, easing its way in. Mia was moaning softly into the towel, signaling how much she was enjoying this.

Soon, Jeff had a pair of slickened fingers sliding easily in and out of Mia’s ‘naughty hole’ — so easily that Mia was pressing her butt upward, trying to get them to go deeper. One handed, Jeff drizzled more lube on his raging erection, smearing it around until his manhood gleamed in the light. He was so turned on by Mia’s obvious need that he couldn’t wait any longer. As he pulled his fingers out of her ass, the head of his cock pushed against her anal opening before it had a chance to constrict.

Mia gasped, “Oh, fuck… yes!” as she felt the head of his cock give the final stretch that led to her ultimate penetration. Once that cock head cleared her anal ring, the rest of its shaft followed easily, since it was so well lubed. She let go of her hold on her ass cheeks and balled her hands into fists, clutching the towels on either side of her head. She was often extra horny during her period, and today was no exception. “Do me, lover,” she pleaded. “Fuck me hard. Remind me that my mouth, pussy, and ass are yours to fuck!”

Jeff reminded her.

He teased her for a little bit, moving slightly out, and slightly back in, holding her hips steady with his hands. Those hips pressed backwards and forwards against his grip, as Mia tried to make him fuck her harder. After she moaned in frustration, either mock or real, Jeff pulled almost all the way out and then rammed his cock fully inward, to the hilt. His balls crashed against her cunt lips with an impact that satisfied them both. “Oh, yes!” Mia cried out. “That’s what I need! That made my toes curl, and my nipples stand to attention, Darling!”

“Oh really? Let’s see,” Jeff stated, his hands moving from her hips to her tits, his fingers taking hold of the aforementioned nipples and squeezing those delicious nubs. He tugged them downward against the towels, anchoring her in position and proceeded to fuck her hard. Each time his ball sack slapped her pussy, his talented fingers rolled her swollen nipples sensuously.

Mia’s attention skittered from the sensations he was generating at her ass and pussy to the sensations he was creating at her breasts. Her mind vacillated between the two locations, trying to decide which was more exciting. In the end, it gave up, which means she lost control, which was exactly what the two lovers sought. Mia gibbered a lot of nonsense as her body shook in orgasm. Hearing, seeing, and feeling his wife climaxing beneath him made Jeff’s heart swell with pride. The movements of his hips accelerated, and after plunging several more times, embraced by the tight friction of her rear tunnel, his cock swelled also, and began spewing.

As Mia felt the surges of hot fluid being forcefully deposited deep inside her ass, she clamped her teeth on the towel beneath her and emitted a muffled shriek of joy. To Jeff, it sounded like ‘eee ahhh oooo ffffffccckkkk’ and the sound continued as long as his cock twitched inside her silky sleeve. Then, by common consent, they slumped forward until Mia was stretched out on the towel, and Jeff was stretched out atop her. She murmured her muffled appreciation into the towel as Jeff nuzzled the nape of her neck, alternating between kissing her there, and licking some of her salty sweat from the heated skin. His hands were still beneath her torso, cradling her breasts.

Eventually Jeff’s cock softened and slipped out of her ass, allowing his semen to emerge, propelled by the constriction of her rectum and a few liquidy cummy farts. His load oozed down along her pussy lips, making her shiver with delight. It took them a little while to get up the strength and will to disentangle and arise. In the bathroom, Mia removed her tampon, which had become saturated, due to it absorbing her pussy juices and cum, along with that for which it was intended to be used. She and Jeff showered together, and, after drying off, they remained naked, he going to the kitchen to start preparing dinner, and she joining alanya escort him moments later after inserting a fresh tampon.

As they ate dinner, Mia shared with him her idea for the next attempt at impregnation. She started off with a few generalities, describing her internet searches, giving him an overall picture. Then she told him about procuring the materials, and getting a start on construction. He looked a little surprised that she’d taken such an initiative, but pleasantly so. However, next she described how she wanted to alter the ‘standard configuration’ of the object, and how she wanted to be secured to it. She painted such a vivid picture of it in operation, with Jeff and his friends doing their best to make motherhood a reality for her that the mental images had a visceral effect on him.

Mia looked down into Jeff’s lap and saw such an astonishing erection there that her eyes dilated with passion and she licked her lips. Jeff hissed through clenched teeth as Mia dropped to her knees and began avidly sucking at his manhood, bobbing her head up and down at the same time. After several minutes, he growled, “I need to fuck that pretty mouth of yours!”

Eyes sparkling, Mia romped into their bedroom, and got onto her back on their bed, sideways across it. Letting her head dangle off the side of the bed, she said, “It’s all yours. Come and fuck it!” and then held her mouth open.

They both knew that this was the perfect angle for what he wanted to do. She’d act like a sword swallower, aligning her mouth and esophagus. With practice, she’d learned to suppress her gag reflex and allow the head of his cock to enter her throat. During those moments, the entrance to her windpipe would be blocked, but, using teamwork, they’d established a rhythm that allowed her to suck a lungful of air from time to time, although she’d hold her breath for many of his thrusts. As a failsafe, if she felt any distress, she merely had to press her hands against his thighs as a signal, and Jeff would immediately pull all the way out.

Mia loved sensing Jeff’s rising passion as he throat-fucked her — sensing, because her main view was his ball sack and thighs. Jeff loved the feel of the friction he got from her lips, tongue and throat, and enjoyed the sight of her throat bulging each time he buried his dick deep inside her. This act was focused more on his pleasure than hers, so he didn’t have to hold back or try to prolong it — quite the contrary. Mia wanted him to let loose, and blast his warm semen straight down her throat and into her receptive tummy. Once in a while, his ball sack might slap against her nose, but she rarely noticed this, because Jeff’s hands were busy gripping and kneading her breasts as he fucked her.

When Jeff groaned out the word ‘almost’ Mia took a quick breath and held it, because she knew he was about to cum. By tacit agreement, they finished with him pressing his cock as far inward as he could and holding it there as he began spurting. With each jerk of his cock as his muscle contractions launched his seed, Mia thrilled to those carnal vibrations, and Jeff fancied he could feel her throat sucking greedily at his manhood, demanding all that he could feed her.

And feed her, he did.

As his hot syrup streamed down her throat into her tummy, she had a lovely view of his tightened ball sack, and fancied that each tiny ripple visible there led to another gush of his seed. During his orgasm, Jeff’s hands were doing exquisite things to her breasts, and Mia was dimly aware that her tampon was doing a double duty, now also absorbing her copious lubrication, but she was really focused on the fluids plummeting into her stomach. The timeless moment ended, and Jeff slid his softening dick free from Mia’s mouth. After taking a refreshing breath of air, her lips clamped onto the head of his cock, letting her tongue wash it clean.

After a warm, satisfying cuddle together atop the bed, Mia broke the silence, asking, “Do you want to see how far I’ve gotten in assembling my device?”

“Absolutely, lover,” he replied. “As much as I love being naked with you, I think we’d better put some work clothes on, though.”

Jeff was burbling with his praises when he saw what Mia had accomplished thus far. Working as a team, they soon finished a preliminary assembly. Not wanting Mia to come into contact with the wooden surface, Jeff placed a blanket over it. Mia then draped herself on top of it, and laid there, stretched out, as he took some measurements and they discussed what would be needed to perfect it. They agreed that they should buy some padding, and that the two front legs should probably be shortened a little more, something he could easily do with his power saw.

Eager to have it ready, they spent the next couple of evenings shopping for parts and materials, assembling and adjusting. Finally, they deemed it ready, and Jeff ‘christened’ Mia on it, to their mutual delight. It was perfect. Now they just had to wait for her body to cycle again.

One Saturday morning not long after, Mia took her belek escort basal temperature reading before getting out of bed. “Jeff!” she exclaimed. “I’ve ovulated!”

Jeff was immediately alert. “Fantastic, sweetheart! And the guys were going to come over today to watch the game, anyway, so I know they’re available. Let me see how early they can arrive.”

Mia felt a tingle of excitement race down her spine and lodge itself between her thighs. She swatted his naked butt playfully. “Yayy! You do that! I’m going to shower and primp. Can I depend on you to fix us some breakfast too? We’ll need more nourishment than the beer and snacks you laid in for the gathering in front of the TV, you know.”

He returned her playful swat with one of his own on her delectable butt, and followed it by pinning her in place to deliver a loving kiss on the very skin he’d slapped, making her giggle with delight. “You know you can depend on me, wench,” he mock growled. “Now go transform yourself into the slut goddess you told me you want to display to my friends.” Hearing ‘slut goddess’ made her smile as she scampered to take her shower.

Later, Jeff was placing their breakfast plates on the table when he heard Mia entering the room. “Perfect timing, sweetheart,” he began. “I’m just pla…” He didn’t finish, because his jaw dropped as he looked at her. Her full lips were slashes of scarlet. She seemed to have more eyebrows than before, drawing his attention to her eyes, like a beautiful frame surrounds a painting. And those were… magic! He had no idea about primer, concealer, eye shadow, brow highlighter, eyeliner, and mascara. But he felt the effect. Those vibrant eyes drew his attention. Her dark hair tumbled in soft waves down to her shoulders. One shoulder was bare, because she’d let that side of her robe slip down far enough to display the upper portion of her breast. And her stance was such that one shapely leg and thigh emerged from between the folds of the robe. The whole effect was one of a woman saying ‘come here and fuck me’ with just the display of her body.

“You like?” Mia whispered.

Jeff finally found his voice. “Oh my god! I like! I like!” he exclaimed. “I’d like to put you right here on this table, and fuck you silly!”

Mia giggled, which made her partially exposed breast jiggle. “Thank you, darling. That’s exactly the reaction I hoped to get. But I’m famished, and I think it might be a long day. At least I hope it’ll be. So, let’s eat, please. Any idea when the guys will show up?”

“They’ll be here in a couple of hours. They were all really happy that it’s a Saturday. Except for Pete, all of them think they can stay until almost supper time.”

After she swallowed her current mouthful of food, Mia said, “Mmmm.”

“Mmmm about the breakfast I made? Or mmmm about the timetable?” he asked.

“Both, darling. This food is yummy. Are you looking forward to this as much as you did last time? Any worries or doubts?”

“None at all. I was honest when I said how turned on I got watching my friends fuck you. I’ve got another stiffie just thinking about it.”

Mia reached under the table to feel his lap. “Oooo. You sure do!” she cooed. “That thrills me, darling. It really does.”

When breakfast was over, they moved the device they’d built into the living room. After a little discussion, they decided on the best position and angle for it. “When should I get on it?” Mia asked.

“I told John to text me when they were about 10 minutes away,” he replied. “That should give us enough time to display you properly, I think. Let’s get the cuffs on your wrists and ankles ahead of time, though.” So saying, he buckled them on her, kissing her hands as he applied each wrist cuff, and her feet as he attached each ankle cuff, as he’d done the last time they did this.

Mia was getting more and more horny by the minute. She opened her robe and began caressing her breasts, tummy, mound, and pussy lips. “I wish they were here already,” she moaned softly.

“Me, too,” Jeff agreed. To help take both their minds off the waiting, he knelt down between her knees and started to lick and suck at the fluids weeping from the slit formed by the join of her hairless pussy lips.

“Ooooo… mmmm… that feels so good, lover,” she whispered.

He grinned happily. “Maybe this will feel even better,” he whispered, his warm breath washing over her sensitized skin. Parting her pussy lips, he lapped slowly upward from her anus to her clit, taking his time, savoring her taste, scent, and the appreciative sounds she was making. Worshiping her orally, he gave his wife and lover a nice orgasm, and then kept her simmering until his cell phone pinged, signaling a text message.

He looked at its display. “Yep, it’s them. About 10 minutes away. We’d better get you positioned.”

Mia was practically vibrating with excitement as she stood up, removed her robe, and draped her torso on top of the device they’d built. It was sort of shaped like a saw horse, with a few modifications. The top was padded, and on one end its legs were shorter. Consequently, when Mia stretched her body out along the padded top, her torso sloped down from her butt to her head at an angle of about 20 degrees. Her pelvis was supported on the uppermost end, and was positioned such that her sex was hanging free off its edge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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