Merry F’n Christmas, the Aftermath

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Thanks for all the good feedback AND the votes! The tale continues with Tom finding out he need never take things into his own hands – so to speak – ever again.

As you recall in the first part of my tale, my Uncle Dave got sick from his nasty snack and spent the night of our family Christmas with his head down the porcelain throne. Since we looked and sounded more like twins than Uncle and Nephew I figured I could dress in his Santa outfit and no one would be the wiser. I was shocked to learn that he wasn’t an ordinary Santa as part of his task was to give each of the women in our family their Christmas fuck! I was one scared and very nervous virgin when I realized how my evening would go (his wife, Aunt Meg was blowing her husband – me – at the time) but I just hoped that my last 6 years of masturbating 5 or more times a day would help me get through it.

I was a well drained and well marked stud when I finally dragged my limp dick and tired ass out of my Grandmother’s house. After a change of clothing I returned the Santa stuff to my Uncle’s…I mean my dad’s house. I stepped into our silent home, took a painful shower, poured Sea Breeze on my badly scratched back and ass before hitting the sack.

It took me over thirty minutes of tossing and turning before I finally fell asleep. My ‘sleep’ was tormented by visions of each of the women I had fucked coming after me with shears, knives, even a hatchet in their attempt to remove my offending organ. I awoke after ten that Christmas morning, dreading going down stairs but knowing that sooner or later I would have to face the music. First up was another shower to wash away the intense odor of Sea Breeze from last night.

My shower went fast as all I did was stand under the spray and let it wash away the Sea Breeze residue. ‘Shit’ I thought, ‘no clothes!’ I dried off and then wrapped the huge soft towel around my hips.

“Tommy,” my mom called to me as I exited the bathroom, “Please come here and help me with this!”

“I need to get dressed!”

“It will just take a minute, son, I need you now!”

So I padded in my bare feet to the kitchen where my mom’s voice came from. Stepping into the room I looked over to my right and saw my mom trying to reach something high up in the cupboard. I took two steps that way when behind me I heard my sister say, “Jesus Tommy, what happened to your….”

I turned towards her as her eyes dropped to my chest where her hickey shined brightly. Her voice softened noticeably as she said, “…back. OH MY GOD!” she finished as her jaw dropped open wide and she stared in disbelief.

Behind me mom said, “What’s wrong with you Bren…da?” quickly followed by, “OH GOD NO!” That was followed by a thump as she fell against the wall and then slowly slid down it to the floor. Just then Aunt Meg opened the back door and stepped in.

She saw my mom slumped on the floor and said, “God Cathy, are you alright?” Then she looked up at Brenda’s still wide open mouth before moving her eyes towards me. “AH HAH! I knew it! Dave NEVER is that good after being with all the women in this family before getting to me! Well, if these two don’t know what to do, I DO!” She stepped over my mom and grabbed my hand tightly with hers. “Come on stud nephew, take me to your room and fuck the shit out of me…and this time you WILL fuck my ass hole!”

I did! Four hours later she left my room happier than I had ever seen her before as I deposited at least two loads of cum in each of her three holes. And this time she KNEW the cock she came hard on was her nephew’s! As she walked from our house I noticed my cousin Vicky talking animatedly with her before she rapidly continued towards our door. Vicky turned towards our house again as my mom got up from the table and walked to the door. Just as Vicky got to it mom opened it and said, “Sorry, Vicky, you’ll have to come back later – much later.” Then she closed and locked the door. She turned slowly and looked at me and then at my sister who was still sitting at the table only now her mouth had closed.

Mom turned slightly red before her eyes met mine and she said in a wavering voice, “Um…Tommy… Tom, your sister and I don’t really know what to say! Part of me wants to scream at you a very loud ‘HOW COULD YOU?’ but in reality, you could extremely well. The proof is on your back and on your chest. Both of us are unhappy that you chose to spend over four hours with Meg, but we couldn’t see how we could stop you two as she so graciously lent her husband to us women for so many years!”

“Oh hell mom, just cut to the chase would you please?” I said softly as I looked from her to my sister and back.

“Sure, I (gulp) guess you know how much we…your sister and I…enjoyed being with you last night.” I started to speak when she held up her hand and sped on, “Anyway, we…at least for sure I…already hoped you would join in with our little party someday but didn’t know when you might be ready for it. Well, beylikdüzü escort so now you are in our little group so to speak. Um, er…your sister and I, um, we, um, shit…we played rock paper scissors to see who would get you next! Brenda won you for the next two hours. So you two go have fun but don’t wear yourself out because I want you when Brenda is done.”

I looked from her to my sister who couldn’t seem to pull her eyes from my crotch. So I just stood there mute for nearly a minute until my sister suddenly lifted her eyes to mine wondering why I hadn’t taken her to my bed yet. I remembered the hateful things she had said about me and I laughed out loud, my own laugh, not the Santa laugh from last night.

“What!” she said in surprise.

“Are you nuts?! After the way you talked about me to Santa last night, now you WANT me to forget you ever said those things! My god Brenda, I fucked the shit out of you last night just to get back at you for saying that stuff. The only reason I didn’t hurt you while I did it was because I didn’t think Uncle Dave, oh I mean OUR DAD would have hurt you!”

“WHAT!!!!!!” she screamed as mom moaned “Oh my god.”

“Hey, don’t worry sis, Dad was pretty busy since our mom just locked the door on OUR SISTER!”

“WHAT!!!!!!” she screamed as mom moaned “Oh my god!”

“At least Vicky WANTED to get fucked by me! She was sad that Dave was going to take her virginity instead of me, but luckily I got to do it anyway. And she is a REAL good fuck! I mean…real good!”

Brenda looked from me to my mom and back several times before saying with a pained expression, “Is he telling the truth? Is Uncle Dave my dad? Vicky’s dad? Tommy’s dad?”

“Oh god……I’ve dreaded the day you two found this out…yes he is the father to all three of you! Before you ask, Dave and I started fucking each other when I was 14 and he was 16. He first made love to your Aunt Pam a year later when she was 13. I don’t think he had sex with your grandmother until he was 18 or 19. So when he married Meg he had already gotten fixed so Pam and I couldn’t get pregnant from him any more! Please don’t look at me like that Brenda! My brother was the best lover I had ever had…until last night that is! Now he is a distant second place!”

“Yeah sure mom,” I said sarcastically.

“Son the proof is on your back. Dave has NEVER gotten any marks like that from me or any other woman that I know of.”

“Tom I can understand why you are pissed at me,” my sister said sadly. “But I think we need to talk, if only to sort out this family mess. Please can we talk in your room? If you don’t want to fuck me then I will sadly accept that.” She looked at me with the most pleading look I had ever seen on her pretty face then went on, “PLEASE TOM!”

It was the fact that she remembered my telling her – when she thought I was Dave – that her brother probably wanted to be called ‘Tom’ that made me say, “Okay, Brenda, I’ll talk! Let’s go!”

I turned on my heel and walked straight to my room without looking back. She was right behind me when I entered my room. I let her step in and then shut the door and locked it before I walked over and turned my stereo on loud. “This is private, between you and me and I don’t want mom listening or coming in with us.”


We talked for nearly twenty minutes about who our father really was and how it would affect us all. In the end we both agreed that we still loved our mom, our grandmother, our aunts and even our uncle/father. We just weren’t sure how to address them anymore.

When we were finished Brenda stood up and walked to the door. She put her hand on the knob before turning to me to say, “Um, Tom, you can believe this of not, but I swear it is God’s truth – last night when you finished fucking me and I held you tight and I said that I loved you I meant every syllable of every word. And I was saying it to you Tom, not my uncle! I had put so much effort into hating you that I never knew how good of a brother you were. It took your little game of charades for me to realize it. I’m so sorry for everything.”

She then turned the knob and pulled open my door before I stopped her with “Sis, wait! Come here for a moment.” She pushed the door closed and stepped to my bed where I lay sprawled out. Her eyes kept moving from my chest where she had marked me to my eyes and back. “Why did you do this?” I asked pointing at the bright red spot above my nipple.

“Because I loved the man who was giving me more pleasure than I thought was possible! And my uncle had never cared that much even the first time we made love. So I thought, if he had done that I would know. And if he hadn’t done it then I would also know! I just died when I saw you this morning because I was living with the man I loved over everything in the world and I was so ashamed of myself for treating you like I have!” Then she broke down crying as tears poured from her face büyükçekmece escort like I had never seen before.

I stepped to her and took her into my arms and held her shaking body tightly, my arms stroking gently on her back. Slowly she brought her hands up and wrapped them around my upper back as well. Her tears nearly stopped and then her hands slid down over my scratch marks and she reverted back to crying in a gusher.

With a great struggle she finally stopped most of her tears and pushed out of my embrace as she said, “Oh god Tom, I have to get out of here!” and started to turn towards my door. Just as her hand started to open it I was at her side and my hand on hers closed my door instead.

“What?” she asked as she looked into my eyes with her tears welling up once more.

“Why don’t you lock it instead?” I asked as my hand moved from hers. Shaky fingers moved the short distance to the lock and she looked into my eyes as the locked clicked into place. I bent down and easily lifted her into my arms then walked to my bed once more. As I placed her in the middle of my bed I asked gently, “Can you look into my eyes while we make love?”

“Oh god Tom I wouldn’t want it any other way!” she gasped as she covered my face with kisses. She continued kissing me everywhere as I eased her out of her slacks and pullover top. Her luscious breasts were held by a shear red lace bra that I envied for what it got to hold for so long. I kissed my way down her neck to her chest as I opened the front clasp of her bra. My sister moaned as my fingers lightly brushed over her nipples as I pushed her bra cups from her.

I grinned at her before I started kissing all around her right breast in ever smaller circles until my lips were making a wet ring right around her perky nipple. My fingers tightened around her breast as I sucked onto her nipple hard, pulling it into my mouth about two or three inches. “Oh god Tom, that feels so good! God yes, love my tits Tom!” After about a minute I slowly trailed kisses down into the valley between her tits and then back up the firm swell of her left breast. I took at least as much time to reach her left nipple as I did on her right one, making her squirm impatiently beneath me.

“Oh my god yes!” she cried out when I finally took her left nipple into my mouth and flicked my tongue at it hungrily. When I sucked onto it hard she moaned and pulled me tighter to her with her hands on my head. “Oh Tom, that feels so good! I could let you do that all day!”

“Can’t do that, sis, I have other things to do that I think you will like more!”

My mouth moved every few seconds from one tit to the other as I bathed them with sensuous kisses making her coo in extreme pleasure. Brenda’s hands moved from my head to my waist and she quickly undid my belt and snap then pushed my shorts down my legs where I kicked free of them. I hadn’t bothered with my boxers so my sister happily began expertly stroking my hardening shaft.

Sis groaned sadly when I slid down too far for her to reach my cock, then she moaned in pleasure as I kissed all around her slit. “Oh god!” she gasped as I slid my tongue into her gash and plowed from one end to the other with it. I started fucking her with my stiffened tongue causing her hips to move in sync with my probing oral phallus.

After about two minutes of this my fingers on my right hand took the place of my tongue as I moved up to suck her clit. “OHHHH fuck yessssssss!” she cried out softly as my tongue circled rapidly around her hard little nubbin. My lips tightened around her clit as I sucked onto it with all my might causing her to gasp “OH MY GODDDDDD! OH GOD DON’T STOP! THAT FEELS SO GOOD TOM!” Her hips started bouncing wildly beneath me and her breathing got faster and faster.

The fingers of my right hand were pounding in and out of her pussy as my left hand worked over both breasts in turn. My tongue flicking her clit rapidly as I sucked mightily sent her over the edge and Brenda screamed, “OH GOD, MY BROTHER’S MAKING ME CUM! OH TOM…OH TOM…OH MY GOD, TOM!” Then she cried out some sort of gibberish as her back arched and her muscles tensed as she came hard.

I eased up on my efforts without stopping them and Brenda’s climax slowly eased its intensity until it was finally finished. Her chest heaved as she worked hard to regain her breath while her body continued to shake with sporadic post orgasmic convulsions. My fingers remained fully inside her clutching pussy and my lips and tongue gently slurped at her clit keeping her moaning for a long time.

“Oh my god Tom, lots of guys have gone down on me but none of them made me cum! How did you do that?” she finally asked me in a soft voice.

“It’s easy sis, I told you I was going to make love to you! Last night we fucked, but not today!”

“Oh god I was so wrong about you! Please forgive me for being such a shit to you! Now come up here so I can love your cevizli escort wonderful cock!” Her hands pulled me from her pussy up to her so she could wrap her warm lips around my cock, then she slowly sucked me into her until I bumped into the back of her mouth. Her tongue swirled around and around my shaft as she held me there for about thirty seconds. She slowly pulled off of me until just my tip remained within her mouth where her tongue flicked at me like the wings of a humming bird.

“Oh god sis, that feels really good,” I gasped only to jerk my body mightily as she suddenly pushed forwards taking my entire cock down her throat. “Ooooooh fu-u-u-u-uck yeahhhhhhh!” I said with a wavering voice as she bobbed her face on my shaft for about two minutes. Finally she pulled off of me with a smile as she smacked her lips.

“Tom, I love your cock…especially when it’s coated with Meg’s pussy juice! Damn she tastes good!”

“No shit, it’s really good! Almost as good as yours,” I told her as I slid down between her widespread legs.

“Are you going to fuck me now, Tom?” she asked with dreamy eyes.

“No I’m not!” I said as I eased into her pussy. “I’m going to make love to you, sis.”

“Oooooo, that feels so good! Oh god Tom, you are in me so deep! Love me Tom! Love me please!” So I did just that at I started giving her long slow thrusts into her steaming hot pussy, making her gasp each time I bottomed out with just a bit more power than the rest of my movements. My head leaned down and I took her right nipple into my mouth as I nursed lasciviously on it, pulling her flesh into my mouth as far as it would stretch.

If I wasn’t working on one of her tits my lips moved up to hers and I kissed her tenderly, lovingly as our tongues danced together. Ten or so minutes had passed when Brenda groaned into my ear, “Oh Tom, I’m going to cum! Oh my god it’s so good! Oh god…oh…oh my god yes…oh god…oh fuck me god!” My sister had wrapped her legs around my hips for leverage to pull us even harder together, crushing her clit each time I bottomed out.

Finally her orgasm faded and she pulled my face to hers, looking deep into my eyes before saying, “Yes, that is the look I saw last night…the look I have never seen before…the look of total love from the man who just made me cum so hard! Oh god Tom, don’t ever stop loving me!” Then she buried her face in my neck as another shudder passed through her body.

“Never! I’ll love you forever, sis!” I said as I kissed her hair. My sister pulled back and looked at me in wonder as I kissed her again.

Our kiss finally ended when Brenda said, “I don’t deserve you! Not after the way I treated you for so long! But I swear I will make it up to you for the rest of my life! Now let’s roll over so I can love you!”

I hugged her to me and eased onto my back taking her with me as we stayed joined at our sex. My sister began slowly moving her hips in ways that gave me the ultimate in pleasure. I never knew she was so flexible at the hip or that she had such control of her vaginal muscles. When I fucked her the night before she never massaged my shaft the way she was now. Often it felt as if ten thousand fingers were stroking me at the same time as she pushed me to my limit several times only to ease back and allow me to regain control over my climax.

Brenda lifted nearly all the way off of me and then grinned as she slowly settled back down, her incredible massage sending me into the heavens once more. “So, is my wonderful brother ready to cum yet?”

“If you keep doing that I will real soon, why?”

“Today, I want you to be on top when we both cum! I can do this to you later on many times. But right now I want my brother to pound his cock into me and make us both cum! Is that okay with you my love?”

My answer was to grab her hips and roll us over taking the top once again. Supporting myself on my outstretched arms I began giving her short slow strokes, right over her g-spot that I had found the night before. Her face erupted into the face of the most intense feelings she had ever experienced at the same time that my balls started to boil over. Instantly I switched from the short hard strokes to long deep strokes with all the power I could muster.

“Oh my god, I’m going to cum again!” Brenda told me. “Cum with me brother!”

“I’m right with you sis!” I gasped. “Oh god, here it comes Brenda!”

My first huge blast of cum rocketed into her instantly splatting against her deepest wall. “OH god yes, I can feel you cumming inside of me! Give it to me! Oh god give it to me Tom, cum inside of me!” I pumped my hips hard and deep, pounding against her clit with each of my thrusts. I groaned loudly as my balls shot blast after blast of cum into her hungry pussy.

My sister’s legs again wrapped tightly around my ass while her hands flopped out wide and grabbed tight to the sheets nearly pulling them from the bed. “Oh my god!” she screamed as my second rope punched into her inner wall. I slammed home with my cock once again making her groan “OH GOD YES!” Two hard thrusts later and my balls shot her full once more as she screamed, “MY GOD I’M STILL CUMMING! OH MY GOD! OH GOD! FUCK ME MY BROTHER AND GIVE ME YOUR CUM! OH MY GOD YES IT’S SO GOOD! OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSS!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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