Memorable Journey Of Goa

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Memorable Journey Of Goa

MY fig 36c-30-36 height5.4” round big size boobs wide hips. I always get complements for my wide hips. I am here again with one more incident.

This happened when I was pursuing my engineering. Me and my 3 friends anshika, nikhil and akshay planned a vacation in goa nikhil and anshika were couple and we booked a 2 rooms in a hotel. 2 days ago anshika cancelled her plan due to some family reasons.

Now I was the only girl left in the group along with 2 boys. After so much discussion we cancelled our one room and we decided to stay in a single room because our budget was low.

Nikhil and akshay was very good friend of mine they never saw me with bad intention so I was quite comfortable with them.

Next day we started our journey and reached Mumbai from there we had booked a sleeper bus in which we got 2 sleeper seat and 1 chair. We all were tired and we decided that everyone will sleep for some times.

Firstly akshay and nikhil went for sleep after while akshay stepped down and told me to go and sleep. Nikhil was already sleeping there.

I went up and slept beside him. After sometime I felt uncomfortable when I opened my eyes his hand was placed on my boobs. I thought by mistake he had grabbed my boobs. Then I released myself and slept again.

At 5 pm we reached illegal bahis goa and we checked in our hotel and we decided to get ready and go to beach. I wore white deep neck top in which my cleavage was clearly visible and blue denim shorts and dark pink lingerie.

When I came out nikhil said “yaar hame to pata hi nahi tha tu itni sexy hai” I blushed and said “stop it nikhil lets go”.

After a while we went to beach and started making fun. I got drenched and my bra was clearly visible from my wet top.

Then I noticed akshay was looking at my boobs then suddenly nikhil came from back and he grabbed my boobs and I got little bit excited.

After while we came back to our rooms had dinner and we all were tired so we slept. Akshay slept on sofa me and nikhil were sleeping on bed. I wore shorts and top without bra generally I don’t use bra at night. At nearly 4 am I felt weight on my boobs.

Then I realized that nikhil was pressing my boobs slowly. In the way he was pressing I got excited and then I started acting of sleep and my pussy got wet.

Then he dragged my top up and started pressing boobs. Then he turned me his side and started sucking my nipples like a c***d and I was not able to control myself but nikhil was boyfriend of my best friend so any how I controlled myself perabet giriş and continued my acting of sleep. My pussy got totally wet.

Then I turned back. Then he hugged me from my back and started rubbing his dick in my ass and started pressing boobs from one hand. Some times in excitement I also put opposite force on his dick by my ass. Then slowly he started dragging my shorts and panty down.

Now my ass was necked he started touching my soft ass from his hands slowly.

Then he started moving his finger in my ass crack and started scratching my ass hole with his finger and my ass hole started shrinking. It was making me hot and crazy

I started taking deep breath and I wasn’t able to resist myself more then I turned around hugged him and pressed his face on my boobs then I released his face and we started kissing each other then slowly I dragged my hand on his dick and started rubbing then he said lets go to bathroom. We went in bathroom I was extreme excited. I removed my top and shorts and hugged him and kissed him.

Slowly I bent down on my knee and released his dick from his pant and started sucking. I was taking his dick up to my throat.I had spit on his dick and again started sucking. He was holding my head and pushing his dick in my mouth.

After while perabet güvenilir mi I stopped sucking and lay down on floor and spread my legs. He came in missionary position and put his dick on my pussy and started rubbing then I hold his dick in my hand put on my hole initially he puts least force and his dick head inserted inside my pussy I said “jaldi dalo ab aur nahi ruka jata” then he pushed and inserted his long and thick dick in my pussy and I started screaming “aaaahh ahhh ahhh” then he said “dhire chilla randi room me koi aur bhi hai”

He started fucking my pussy and and pressing my boobs hardly I was screaming slowly”aaaa ahhh ahhhhh ahhh ahhh hhahh” and he started increasing his speed I had closed my eyes and started cutting my lips and moaning slowly”aaahhah ahahh ahhah” then he released his dick and said turn around be a bitch and he spit on his hand rubbed my pussy and inserted in one jerk again I screamed and he spanked on my ass. He was fucking me like a bitch and calling me randi.

For a while he fucked me in doggy position then he lay down and I came above him in cowgirl pose and started taking his dick in my pussy he holds my hips and I started jumping on his dick. And I was screaming in slow voice “ yes yes yes yes fuck me hard yes aaahhh” in this pose I was feeling his dick deeper inside my pussy and I got orgasm then he released his dick and masturbate on my boobs. Then we cleaned ourself and went back on bed and slept together.

I hope you guys liked this incident and sex story. You can send your feedbackS

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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