Memoirs Ch. 01

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This is my first story. It will be a big one. Suggestion, feedback, criticism welcome.

It was 20th December, my brother’s 20th birthday. It was 9 pm and he was still out with his friends. Probably they had gone to see a movie. I was home with my parents and were about to finish our dinner. I texted him, “Not tonight!! 🙁 “. He replied with a question mark. I didn’t know why. So I just finished my dinner and went to my room.

Our home was a small bungalow, with three bedrooms on the first floor and kitchen, living room on the ground floor. My room was next to the master bedroom and my brother had shifted to the room next to mine which was last in the row. It was a store room before but as we had now ‘grown up’ he shifted to the new room. My room still had the twin bunk bed, and another queen size bed. The bunk bed was against the wall that separated my room from my parent’s room, and the queen bed was against the brother’s room. In between the two beds I had setup my computer table. The monitor faced the queen bed as I preferred sitting on the bed and working rather than a chair. There was little space in the room for other things as the corner had a small shower cubicle. My bedroom didn’t have a toilet so I used the one in my brother’s room.

I was in my room and could hear the sound of the TV in living room below. They were watching their daily soaps. I started my computer and logged in to a social networking site to see if there were any updates. There were none. I had nothing to do.

When we were young, my brother and me, we had ‘discovered’ each other. Then we lived in my room and it was obvious that there remained no privacy. We started having foreplays and I would give him blowjobs and he would lick me. A year back he became furious and said he wanted to have sex ‘right now’. It was then that I had promised him that we will do it on his twentieth birthday. I was a bit nervous today also was kind of tired. The nervousness was obvious, even after all over adventures he was still my brother. Also there was a little secret that he didn’t know about.

The sound of TV was off so peeked through the window. I saw my mom coming up the stairs and dad was following her. They seemed happy today, so I guessed they would do ‘it’. During our adventures as teenagers we had rigged our parent’s room with two cameras and a microphone. The microphone was close to the bed. One camera was on the wall opposite to the bed and one was in the corner further from my room. Over the years we had captured many ‘private’ moments of my parents. There was a tone of homemade porn of my mom and dad. My brother and me would watch it when were in ‘session’.

“Aaliya, ümraniye escort aren’t you asleep yet?”, my mom asked through the window. “I was about to shutdown the pc. Good night mom.”

I was not going to sleep yet. I lied because if they knew I was awake they won’t do it. After about five minutes I saw my mom came out from the bathroom and had changed to a gown. She walked to the bed, close to my dad. He was already lying on the bed reading something. It must have been the weekly supplement of the newspaper. My mom sat down there and started talking something. I couldn’t hear it as the mic was on mom’s side of the bed and it was pretty low quality microphone. I could see moms face through the corner camera and dads face through the front camera. I was ready for some action and was hoping for the same. My dad was now smiling and then he pointed his finger towards the newspaper showing something.

My dad was in his mid forties, 47 to be precise. And mom was about to touch forty. She was thirty nine. But none of them showed any signs of ageing. You would easily confuse my mom to a 27 year old. The most important reason was they worked out. My mom newer gained a pound in years. I had seen her birthday after birthday with the same figure. She wasn’t curvy but she had flat stomach and she didn’t have huge breasts as most of my neighbors had. Also they didn’t hang loose, they were still intact. My dad too looked younger than his age but due to so many years of constant work he was not as young as mom. Still he did have the charm to mesmerize many.

My dad folded the newspaper and kept it on the table next to the bed. He then kissed my mom on the cheeks. ‘Yes, it is about to begin’, I thought. My mom stood up and went to other side of the bed. I switched the front camera to full screen mode as it covered the full room and more importantly the bed. My mom removed her panties and dropped it on the floor. I thought this would be a quickie, as they often did. My mom would just remove her underwear and lay down. The dad would slide his shorts down and did it in missionary. But mom did not sleep in her usual position she instead went close to dad and started kissing him. I had to switch to corner camera to see their face. It was a good long kiss. My dad’s hand was now on her breast. Slowing caressing it he kissed her again. She put her leg over dad and was almost sitting on him. He was now massaging both her boobs. She arched her back as they do in movies. He opened the buttons on her gown. It gave his hands access to her breasts. My mom was smiling that wicked sexy smile. His one hand was inside the gown on her breast üsküdar escort and the other on her butt. He then started rolling the gown from below and as it reached the waist my mom took it off. She was wearing a designer bra; it was like the one shown in Victoria secret website. Dad held her by the waist as she completely removed the gown and threw it to where her underwear rested. She also now removed her bra and threw it to the same place. He put his hands on her breasts grabbing as much as he could as she slid her hand between her legs.

It reminded me to start recording the game. My brother had asked me to record every time they had sex. He had access to the cameras through wifi router on his laptop but he mostly came home when the action was over. All these years after recording, editing, deleting clips after clips, I had filled up a hard drive. My brother agreed to contribute for a new hard drive after I warned him that I would clean up everything to make room for my work.

Dad removed his t shirts as mom helped him remove the shorts. As usual he did not had underwear. After removing the shorts she got hold of his penis which was half erect. The corner camera was proving to be more helpful than the front camera. They had lights on which added to clarity. Mom spit on his penis and then with very soft hands applied the saliva to all parts. She spit more. All these years I never saw her give a blowjob to my dad. In this part of the world sex is not so liberalizing. She put her fingers in her mounts and then slid them in her vagina to grease it. She shifted herself over dad and slowly started lowering on his penis as he held it straight. As soon as it was all inside she started riding. With the corner camera I could see her breasts moving rhythmically up and down. It turned me on. And I could feel the wetness. Slowly she started accelerating and with it I could hear soft moans. The mic had started its work, both mom and dad moaned slowly. Mom took off and was now really doing it fast. I switched to normal window and saw that the front camera gave a brilliant video of her butt. They were bouncing as she moved up and down. Due to the speed the penis slid out accidentally. As she was about put it back he stopped it and then holding her near the breast he asked her to sleep beside him. Dad applied more saliva to his penis and slid it in between her legs. He said, “It allows me cum deep.” He was a veteran of the missionary position. I had seen them try different positions more than occasionally. But 90% of the time it ended in missionary. Changing to corner angle was obvious as I had no interest in dads butt. He put his yenibosna escort hands under her shoulder and held her as he sped through stroke after stroke. I could hear him panting. Mom was panting too but she was started moaning loudly after few seconds. She let out a loud squeak. Dad put his hand on her mouth and said, “You will wake her up.” He continued and after a few seconds he cumed. He tried and pushed as far as he could. Then one last stroke and it was over. After which he kissed her. He stood and wore his shorts. And as she lay naked he twisted her nipples and asked, “What are waiting for? Do you want more?”

‘Yes’, I thought.

“Enough, I have to go to the market in the morning before going to work”, she said.

“Yeah, fill up the stock; it may take more than two days.”

She lay naked and he went and switched the lights off.

As the action ended there it started in my room. My index finger was already inside my vagina. I had slipped my hand under my pj and panties and was sliding my finger in and out. Now that my parents had finished I could concentrate more on myself. I started undressing first removing my top and then my pant. I also removed my very soft lacy underwear. I did not take off my bra as the hard surface rubbing against my nipples gave me a great sensation. With one hand on my breasts and one hand rubbing my vagina, I was having a good time. I had flashes of the recent action and remembered moms breast. I squeezed my breast harder at that thought. One finger became two and two became three. I started to move fingers more vigorously than before. Now I was done with my breasts as I started to stimulate my clitoris. The touch of it almost made me cum, but not so soon. I rubbed it hard and by the time I put my fourth finger inside I was about to finish. A few strokes of my palm and I had the climax I was waiting for.

I quickly needed to cleanup. I knew Aatiq(my brother) would be home soon. And I didn’t want to invite him by showing my naked self to him. I shutdown the PC and put all my clothes back. After checking the front door once I came back to my bedroom and went to sleep. It was about 11 when I switched off the lights.

“Hey are you asleep?”

“Now I am. What time is it?”


“Did you just come home? It’s so late. If dad knows about this he won’t let you celebrate ever again.”

“I know, but what about our deal?”

“It can wait. I am really tired. I want to sleep now.”

“Did I miss something?”

“Yeah! But you can watch it later. Now go sleep. Remember about tomorrow?”

“Yes. Come on I deserve at least a kiss on my birthday.”

Saying so, he put his arm behind my neck and gently brought me closer to him. In the dark I couldn’t see his face but I just knew where his lips would be. He took all of my lips and started to do what he always did so well. After a few seconds he let loose and wished my sweet dreams.

“After that kiss, I will have Horny dreams.”

“Good night.”

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