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It’s my seventh stop on this book tour and I was sitting in bed, my laptop propped on my lap, in yet another hotel room, lost in my latest story, when I heard someone unlock and open my door. I looked up, terrified, to see him come through the door, a joyful smile on his mouth.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, tossing the laptop onto the bed and jumping into his arms, meeting his mouth with mine. His hands were everywhere, my ass, my hair, my back, everywhere. I wrapped my arms around his neck, trailing one hand through his hair, down his back. My body and mind screaming ‘Touch me.’

“Mmmm, missed you. I saw your picture in a book store this morning, asked the manager which hotel you were in, made a few arrangements and bribed the desk jockey for the extra card. God, how I’ve missed you.” His mouth was trailing hungry kisses over my face. He buried his face in my hair, nuzzled my neck with warm eager lips, breathed deep and sighed. “Were you working? Or were you thinking of me?” he asked with a grin.

“Since thinking of you and working are pretty much one and the same, both.” I grinned back, taking in his face. Strong, slight Native American cast to his cheeks and brow, deep caramel pools, sparkling with good humor and a healthy dose of lust, thick brush of a moustache, scruff on his cheeks and jaw. A full bottom lip I just loved nibbling on. And since it was right there, I did, letting this light teasing kissing deepen into passionate, hot, hungry making out.

I could feel him hot beneath me and wanted him insanely, wanted him deep, hard, rough. I unbuttoned and slid his shirt from his chest, kneading his shoulders with urgent, needy fingers, scratching my short nails over his chest, leaving pink trails on his skin.

I felt his fingers sliding under the hem of my sleep shorts, finding my warm wetness, teasing along the slit, dampening it even more. He set me down on the desk as he toed his boots off, watching me with those heated amber eyes, panting with need, with hunger.

“You’re all rumpled…hmmm, very sexy….ravished, that’s how you look right now.” He bahis firmaları growled, making me grin devilishly.

“That’s how I feel right now, ravished and hungry to be ravished some more and then…” I said, sliding my fingers along the waist of his jeans, finding the button, flipping it open, quick and easy. I pressed my palm against the hard outline of his cock, as I slid down the zipper, stroking him through the denim, hearing his groan when I slid my hand inside, around his shaft, feeling its heated silken skin, throbbing in my fist. He lifted my thighs, pointing his head to my soaking hole, stroking it between my sodden lips, teasing me, making me growl, making him laugh. “I want you….oh, so deep in me…”

“Hmm, soon enough love. I want you limp…”

“Last time…” I began.

“Last time, forget that. This time…mmm, feel that?” His head dipping just inside, like poking your pinkie finger into a bottle top, sliding down and up between my lips, dipping in again, over and over, building my already blazing body into molten volcanic, bubbling heat. His thumb sliding over my clit, sending my cunt muscles fluttering. “Look at me.” I met his eyes, seeing his control, seeing myself in his eyes as he filled me, as he watched me go blind.

I felt his fingertips, trailing lightly over my body, from shoulders to my thatch, stroking lightly guiding me up into his arms. Still joined, still shuddering on his impalement, I felt him shift us over onto the bed. He nudged and shifted me like a rag doll. “I said limp….not dead.” I had to laugh with him. Grinning foolishly, I opened my dazzled eyes, seeing him looming over me, snuggled together in the most intimate of ways.

“Like I had any say in any of that…”

“No, you didn’t.” he laughed. “I have no one but myself to blame for that. I’ll tell you, watching you come like that is one of the most enthralling moments of my life. It’s addicting, too, because I want to see it again, and again.”

“We’ll kill each other.”

“Probably. Are you refreshed at the moment?” he smirked, sliding out of me and back in.

It kaçak iddaa was like being electrified. Between his huge, strong hands, his ruthless mouth and his turgid, throbbing cock, he drove my whole body to peak, shooting us through the wave, crashing through the rest, wildly thrashing, pistoning, fighting to release, screaming, howling. He rolled us over, draping me over his chest.

“Remember, limp, not dead, not catatonic. Just limp.” He panted. His fingers traced patterns on my shoulder, as I lay there, chest heaving, and enjoying being limp. I listened to his racing heart, knew mine was galloping right beside his. I could feel him still throbbing inside me, still hard.

“Mmmm, I’m glad you came to see me today.” I purred, rubbing my cheek in his fur, pressing my lips to his chest, raising my sleepy eyes to meet his.

“I’m glad I came to see you too. I was real tired of coming alone.” He grinned, waggling his eyebrows, making me grin.

“Me too.” I rose over him, feeling his cock slide wetly. What began with slow, soft, drugging kisses slipped into a sensuous, slippery ride. He shifted my knees, guided my hips until he was just as lost, as swamped in this blissful feeling as I was.

Our mouths nipped, nibbled, melted together, bit. His hands slid from kneading my breasts to my ass cheeks and back. Sinuous squirmings blossomed into steady rhythm, raising me up, pistoning my hips, riding him as he rumbled encouragement. His hands spanned my waist, shoving me back and forth on his cock.

“Dammit, hold on.” He growled, flipping us over again, pinning my calves against his chest, slamming his cock into me, pounding, slamming into my hole, rubbing that deeply hidden button with every stroke, ravaging me completely.

I blurrily watched him struggle to maintain his control, seeing him slip, catch hold, feeling a power flood through me. I reached up, pressing my palm to his cheek, feeling him curl into it, still thrusting into me, I watched him fall, felt him increase his pace to a frenzy, felt him jerk and felt his teeth bite deep into my calf as I felt him empty. kaçak bahis

Knowing it took him so much to make me feel so much had undone us both. He gently freed my legs from his shoulders, letting them shakily slither around his waist, his thigh, before he collapsed on me. “You just don’t know what you do to me.”

“You do the same to me.” I answered, wrapping a curl of his hair around my fingertip. “You blow me away. I’m never the same afterward. And let me tell you, my imagination has nothing compared to you.” I heard his snort, chuckled.

“Your imagination is pretty wild, mi Corazon.” I heard from the pillows, my heart stuttering over his offhand endearment. With his divorce coming to a vicious, spiteful head, I’m guessing he’s seeing how it feels to care again for someone.

I’m not the reason for this divorce. It’s been slogging through the courts in a pace slower than a slug. And the reasons now don’t matter.

Over the last year and a half, we’ve met up too many times for anyone to think we’re just friends. Dodging paparazzi was just stupid. Him, the male country superstar and me, the soft core porn writer was fodder for millions. His fans rabidly wanted me dead, gone. Mine were wondering, which of my characters were actually him, and swooning, delving into his music and becoming fans.

“You got awfully quiet.” He said, surfacing from under the pillows.

“What? Oh, my mind was drifting.” I answered, rolling toward his warmth and snuggling into him. Breathing deeply of our mixed musk, of his sensual cologne, of his ‘just him’ scent. His arms slid around me, drawing me even closer to him. His hand slid from my shoulder, slowly along my spine, down to my ass and further still to my knee, which he drew up to his hip, curling me around him.

“Mi Corazon.” He said it again, watching my face, my eyes. “My heart.”

“I know what it means.” I whispered, his fingertip under my chin, keeping my eyes on his.

“In general or to me? To me, it means you are my heart. I’m not always the smartest guy in the room but when I see truth, I admit it. I’m in love with you. Probably have been for quite some time. I love you.”

I’ve never gotten used to hearing him tell me. Every time, there’s this frisson of effervescence bubbling through me with those three words.

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