Meeting Jennie at the Concert

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A few months ago, I went to a concert at a large amphitheater. My favorite band, whom I’ve seen play live two-dozen times, was performing. I was there by myself because a friend had canceled at the last minute. Kind of a sad sight – a 45-year-old single man, prematurely bald on top (but still in decent shape from running and working out) shaking his ass off and singing almost every lyric to every song.

I had an aisle seat for the show, with an open seat beside me, so I had plenty of room to flash my “moves”. I was a sweaty, refusing-to-grow-up mess, but I had a total blast. Thankfully, everyone in the place was standing, or I would have had to deal with repeated yells of “Down in front!” Who goes to a concert and sits the whole time, anyway?

A few songs in, I made eye contact with a woman across the aisle. She was a few seats in from the end in the row ahead of mine. She appeared to be in her early 20s, with long brown hair and gorgeous eyes. She had on a low-cut tank top and very short denim shorts. Her breasts and long legs were definitely emphasized by her outfit. She was dancing a little bit and singing a lot, but her “date” appeared to be a stick figure – hands in pockets the whole time, with nothing more than a head bob to just the radio hits of the band. I assumed he was her boyfriend. They looked kind of young to be married.

She looked back at me quite often, and I made sure to return the gaze as often as I could. A few times, I sang the lyrics directly at her, finger pointing and all. She smiled and laughed, and a couple of times her boyfriend looked at me and laughed, too. He was laughing AT me, not WITH me. Oh well, I didn’t care.

As the extended intro to my favorite song started up, I pumped both arms into the air and let out a yell. This woman handed her phone to her boyfriend and shimmied over to me. She yelled in my ear “I love this song!” and started singing and jumping around with me. Her boyfriend appeared to take a video of us as we completely let ourselves go and acted silly throughout the song.

At times, it was hard to concentrate on the song, as I was distracted by her beautiful bouncing breasts, her long, muscular legs, and her nicely rounded butt. And those eyes. Those sexy, steamy blue eyes. I made sure to lightly touch her as much as possible throughout the song – nothing too creepy, though.

At the end of the song, the woman said, “Hi, I’m Jenny!” I replied, “Thanks for the energy, Jenny, I’m Edward.” She asked me if I had a phone for a selfie. I unlocked the screen, handed it to her, and she leaned in close to take a selfie with me – with the band in the background. She then tapped a few things on my phone and said, “Thanks. I just sent it to mine.”

Just like that, she was back by her seat, and I was dancing and singing alone the rest of the show. Jenny waved to me as she and her boyfriend made a quick exit during the last song of the night.

When I got home, I looked closer at the selfie. It came out great. She had a beautiful smile; I was a sweaty mess; and you could see a couple of the band members in the background. I realized I now had her number in my phone, so I sent her a message that said, “Thanks again for the dance, Jenny. Great picture, too! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the show. -Edward”

My phone buzzed. “OMG I was just watching the video!! It’s insane! I’ll send it, Jennie”

I noticed that she spelled her name with an “ie” instead of a “y”. I sent her a text that said, “Sorry I spelled your name wrong. Do you dot the i’s with hearts?”

Immediately, a text came back, “LOL not since middle school!”

A few minutes later, my phone buzzed again with the video. I watched it three times in a row, each time focusing more and more on just her.

I texted back “Thank you for sending it! How come you look so beautiful and natural while you are dancing around, and I look like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz?” She sent back the “crying with laughter” emoji.

That led to 2 more hours of texting between us. Lots of joking, a little flirting, a long discussion about our favorite band – even a few probing questions. Finally, I told her that this old guy needed to get to bed and I walked away from my phone.

The next night, she texted a question about the band. Again, this started a conversation that lasted another 90 minutes. I’m well aware that people her age can carry on simultaneous text conversations with many different people. In my world, though, she was the only one I was talking to each night.

By now, I had found out quite a bit about Jennie. She is indeed 20 years old. She’s a college student, sharing an apartment with a female roommate just off campus. She’s working as a retail clerk this summer to earn money for fall semester.

Jennie has 2 older siblings. She was born in a different state, and her parents moved to this state about 7 years ago. Oh – and her parents are my age. That was a shot to the gut. The silver lining there is that they are the ones who hooked her on bahis firmaları this band.

Jennie and I have a lot of the same tastes in music, thanks to her parents. She loves specialty coffees. She enjoys hiking and biking. She has accounts on 6 or 7 different social media sites that she checks hourly.

Her boyfriend is also attending the same college. He has an accounting internship this summer nearby. They’ve been dating for about six months. He’s always that stiff in public. Never really lets loose. I got her to divulge that he also never really lets loose in the bedroom, either.

Their relationship seems “comfortable” and “stable”. Nothing wrong with that (even better if they were an old married couple). I got the feeling that she would prefer things a little more “on the edge” at times. Heck, she’s 20.

She learned that I married young and it was a train wreck. I also divorced young. Thankfully, no kids to screw up. I’m a real estate agent. I love craft beer. I stay away from serious relationships. I’m on Facebook and Twitter – mainly for my business. I meet my 67-year-old mom for coffee 2-3 times per week.

And she found out that I think her eyes are mesmerizing and beautiful. Did I lay that last part on a little too thick? Hey – it got her to send me a couple of her favorite photos of just her smiling face, showcasing those deep blue eyes.

All-in-all, not bad reconnaissance for either side after just two conversations!

I also begged her to send some G-rated full-body pictures (without a boyfriend). She finally agreed to, but I had to send her a couple of pictures of me in return. Her photos were amazing – one fully dressed up for her cousin’s wedding and another in which she was sweaty after a yoga class, her hair pulled up into a ponytail. She added, “Beauty and the Beast.” I replied that she was about to see the real beast.

Thankfully, I had some decent pictures from a lake trip I went on with friends last year. I sent one of me in my bathing suit on the shore, and another as I sat by a campfire. Jennie commented on my hairy chest and broad shoulders. She also said, “Thank you for not sending a dick pick. You had me worried haha.”

I was relieved that I still work out regularly, so my body is mostly well-toned. I was also relieved that before I hit “send”, I had deleted the picture I had just taken of my cock. Crisis averted.

The next day Jennie sent a text asking what I knew about a house for sale a few streets over from her apartment. I looked up the address and said, “Funny thing, in two days I am taking some clients to look at homes in that general area. That house is on the list for us to possibly see. Why?”

Jennie said, “I’ve been dying to see inside that house ever since I rented this apartment! It looks amazing from the outside. Could I possibly tag along?” I replied that it wouldn’t be very professional to do that to my buyers. Thinking some more, I said, “Maybe I can hatch a plan that will work.”

The next afternoon, I texted her the details of my plan, and asked her to meet us at the house around 7:00 pm the following evening. She was with her boyfriend when she got my text, so she couldn’t start a conversation at that time. She asked if I would like to talk later, though.

“Later” turned out to be midnight. We texted until 3:00 am. Things were certainly starting to ramp up between us. We were definitely more flirtatious and more open with our discussion. Lots of sexual innuendos. It was just a long, fun, free-flowing conversation that never had an awkward pause. I tried not to read too much into how these texting sessions made me feel. Just roll with it, I told myself.

That evening, I pulled up to the house with my clients at 7:05. Jennie was waiting in the driveway. She was dressed in business attire, as I requested. I was dressed in business attire as well. I introduced Jennie to my clients as a new intern in our real estate office and told them that Jennie has been meeting different buyers’ agents all day, viewing a variety of different styles and price ranges across the city.

As we walked through the home, I not only talked to the clients about its features. I also acted like I was training Jennie on conducting a home showing, too. At one point, the clients wandered back upstairs to look at something again. Jennie and I stayed in the kitchen. “Thanks again, Edward. I really appreciate this. You look great in a suit, by the way. I’ve had fun with this little intern charade, too. I can’t wait to get out of this outfit, though.”

All I could think of was, “I can’t wait to see you get out of that outfit.” She rocked me out of my sexy daydream by whispering, “Hey – have you ever had sex on a kitchen counter?” As the clients walked back down the stairs, I nodded “yes” and smiled. I pointed at her and said, “You?” She shook her head, “no” with a pouty face.

We walked with the clients one final time through each room on the first level. In every room, Jennie and I would secretly lock eyes and kaçak iddaa give a nod “yes” or a shake “no” for the sex question. My “yes” votes came in the kitchen, great room, foyer, and bathroom. Jennie nodded “yes” in the great room and the garage. The only areas in which we both said “no” were the laundry room and the breakfast nook.

Once the clients were done, we locked up the house and headed back to our cars. “Thanks a lot for joining us, Jennie,” I said. “See you at the office tomorrow.” She smiled and replied, “Thank you, sir!”

After I dropped my clients off at their home, I texted Jennie, “Nice one with the ‘sir’!” She sent back a laughing emoji. I decided to test the waters. “Hey – I’m going to grab some takeout, sit on my deck, and listen to our favorite band. Care to listen to some tunes with your new “old” friend on a beautiful night?”

I watched as the dot-dot-dot appeared, meaning that she was starting to text back. Then it went away. Then it was back. This time for way too long. Then it disappeared again. After 5 excruciating minutes, my phone buzzed. “That sounds fun,” she finally replied. I texted her the address, took her order for Chinese food, and headed home.

An hour later, Jennie rang my doorbell. She was dressed in a very low-cut shirt and push-up bra and a black miniskirt. She sure knew how to showcase those tits and legs! I walked her through the house to the deck. I already had a long playlist of our favorite band playing on my Bluetooth speaker. I got the dinners ready in the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses, and joined her.

“Um, Edward, I am not 21,” she said, with mock consternation. I laughed, “Sure, and you don’t drink at all when you’re at college. Would you like a half-pour or a full-pour?”

“Better make it a half-pour. I’m driving.”

We ate and talked and listened to music for about 45 minutes. We each had a second glass of wine. She was funny and flirty, and I tried my best to keep up with both.

When my favorite slow song came on, I stood up and extended my hand to her. “We’ve already danced once. Would you care for a second dance?”

“I’d love to,” then she added, “sir.” She winked as I grimaced. She then stood up to dance. I held one of her hands close to my shoulder and we settled into a loose embrace. We started to sway, turning slowly in a circle. As the song wore on, she leaned a little more into my chest. Soon her head rested on me. I released her hand, and we wrapped a second arm around each other.

When that song ended, another slow one started. Yes, I had planned it that way. We kept slow dancing in a tight embrace. Every so often, we would pull back a little and look into each other’s eyes. Each time the look got deeper and more intense. During one gaze I whispered, “Those sexy eyes. I could lose myself in there.” She blushed, put her head back on my chest, and rubbed her hands along my back. I could feel her nipples pressing into my chest.

On cue, a third slow song came on. I asked her if she’d had enough. She shook her head “no”, and our dance continued. I kissed the top of her head. She looked up at me. I gently wiped her hair away from her brow and kissed her forehead. She tilted her head back until her lips were at mine. She leaned in to kiss me, closing her eyes. We softly kissed a couple of times. She then nestled her head on my chest, squeezing me even closer along her whole body. I could feel her nipples again. I know she could feel my semi-hard cock touching her, too.

The next song was the opposite of a slow song. Jennie sat down and took a sip of her wine. I grabbed the cushion off a chaise lounge, placed it on the deck by her feet, and sat on it. I removed her flip-flops and started caressing her feet and toes. “Mmmm, that feels nice,” she said. She sang some of the lyrics to the song that was playing as I kept rubbing her feet.

I moved my hands up to her calves and shins, then started to massage them. Her legs were parted enough for me to see up her miniskirt. She had on a pair of spandex modesty shorts. They clung tightly enough to her body that I could see the contour of the lips of her pussy. I could also tell she had no other underwear on. She moaned as I rubbed her calves one-by-one.

I continued up her legs to her thighs. As I massaged one thigh, I slid my other hand up to touch the mounds pressing through her spandex shorts. I could feel her starting to get wet. She rubbed my smooth head and ran her fingers along the closely shaved hair above my ears. She said, “Your touch feels incredible, Edward, so soft and sensual. I’m on fire right now.”

She raised her hips a little as I reached to peel off her spandex. I pulled them all the way down and off. I carefully took each of her legs and draped them over the arms of the chair. I slid her miniskirt up out of the way. She was now spread wide open, her soaking wet pussy at the edge of the chair.

I paused a moment to admire her soft triangle of light-brown hair, neatly waxed, and her thick, full pussy kaçak bahis lips. I ran my fingers along her cunt from one end to the other. She arched her back a little, bit her lower lip, and moaned again. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and started licking it slowly.

I took my time, savoring every part of her delicious cunt. Her moans and whispers of “mmmm, yeahhhh” would tell me where she enjoyed my tongue the most. When she reached a long, intense orgasm, she wrapped her legs around my head as her body shook with pleasure.

As she regained her breath, I stood up, placed my hands on the arms of the chair, and leaned in to kiss her. She put her hands on the sides of my face and the kiss quickly became intense and passionate. Our tongues danced together for about 10 minutes. My arms started to get tired, so I reluctantly broke the kiss and sat back down on the cushion.

I gazed into her amazing eyes, which now were filled with lust. I repeated my earlier process of draping her legs carefully over the arms of the chair and lowering my face to her pussy. This time, I was determined to make her come using both my fingers and my tongue. Her second orgasm was less intense than the first, but with a much stronger flow of juices.

We paused for a while so she could regain her composure. She caressed my head as I gently rubbed her legs. She then leaned forward in the chair and eased my shoulders back until I was laying on my back on the cushion. She kneeled between my legs and started to undo my belt. She unbuckled my shorts, and in one motion pulled my shorts and boxer-briefs completely off.

My cock quickly sprang up and worked its way to full hardness. My circumcised cock is average in length, with a little bit of a curve to it when hard. She ran her hands along it a couple of times. I asked if I should get a condom, and she declined, saying “I’m on the pill and I love the feeling of warm cum shooting deep inside of me. And this thing needs to be inside of me right now!”

She straddled my body and positioned the tip of my cock at the edge of her pussy. She rubbed the tip along the length of her folds until her juices provided plenty of lubrication. She inserted my cock into her dripping cunt and lowered herself down.

Jennie decided that this wasn’t going to be a slow, gentle fuck. This was going to be fast and hot. She started riding my cock with abandon. She was loud and vocal the whole time. “That’s it, fuck me! Ooohhh, that feels sooo good! Yes! Yes!” She was moaning at full volume, too. I raised my hips to thrust deep into her each time she lowered down. My balls slapped against her with each thrust.

Of course, I couldn’t see much of her body at all. We both were still fully dressed on top. She was even still wearing her miniskirt. This moment was all about the feeling of my cock gliding in and out of her pussy.

When I was about to cum, I held her hips steady. I buried my cock as far as I could reach inside of her. I exploded with an orgasm that was unlike anything I had experienced in years. As I finished shooting my load inside of her, she squeezed her vaginal muscles to milk out every last drop.

She collapsed on top of me, and we laid there awhile in a tight embrace. She finally broke the silence by saying, “Thank you, kind sir!”

We both broke into a huge fit of laughter. We also laughed about still having most of our clothes on while we shared those amazing sexual experiences. Our favorite song started to play, and we sang it together, still lying on the cushion.

After the song, we shared another deep, soulful gaze into each other’s eyes. She asked, “Where’s this all headed, Edward?”

I replied, in between soft kisses on her lips, “I have no idea, Jennie. Let’s just stay right here, in this moment. We’ll figure the rest out later.”

I then suggested, “Right now, how about this goes upstairs into my shower? We can soap each other off from head to toe. Then, maybe we can lay down together naked in my bed and see where that takes us.”

“Ooohhh, I like the sound of that,” she purred.

As we stood up, she pulled my shirt over my head. She ran her fingers through my chest hair, then down my sides and around to my back. She moved her hands down and squeezed my ass.

Jennie then stepped back, pulled her shirt over her head, and leaned toward me so I could unclasp and remove her bra. I reached out to gently cup the underside of each breast. As I played with her nipples, she took off her miniskirt. We both stepped back for a minute, now totally naked for the first time. Our eyes wandered up and down each other’s body. Hers was more beautiful than I ever imagined.

I took her hand into mine. I quickly grabbed my phone and turned off the music. Then, I put the phone back on the table. We walked into the house holding hands, leaving our clothes, dirty dishes, and phones on the deck.

“You know, it sure took you a long time to get me naked, old man,” she chided as we walked up the stairs inside.

“Oh, you’ve been naked in my mind since you first flashed those blue eyes at me at that concert,” I replied. “Hey, give this old guy a break. We’re just about to get started now. That stuff on the deck was foreplay.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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