Meeting Her

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He was only an hour away. He’d slept on the plane, rented a car and then checked into a motel, shaved, showered and taken a short nap. When he’d dressed, gathered his stuff, stuffed all but the garment bag into the trunk and checked out. She should be home now and his mind was filled thoughts of her during the drive.

She’d visited the tanning salon this morning early and then left work early for a quick wash, set and dry at her favorite salon. She still arrived back at her apartment an hour early. A shower and intimate shave, a touch of perfume, and her white shorty prepared her for his visit. The shorty was transparent with a bright blue faux fur trim It was supported by spaghetti shoulder straps and hung loosely from her bosom. It flared from the straps to her waist and the hem ended only three inches below her bottom. She checked herself in the mirror and liked the way the loose fit accentuated her breasts and openly exhibited them. She’d made the bed this morning with a fitted white satin sheet and Bright blue pillow covers that almost matched the shorty’s trim.

There messaging and her photos and video camera had been exciting him for more than six months. Every picture, every visit with the cam left him hard and he’d began satisfying himself regularly while watching. She was beautiful and the most arousing woman he’d met. She was open about sexuality and sensuous in all that she did. They wrote continually and only to each other. His interest and need of her had been building since that first message, and it had been solidified by that first picture of her. Her personality came through in there phone intervals and she was smart and interesting. Her face and body were far more than he could have hoped. He was still fifty minutes away.

She had never seen him although she had opened her body and heart to him. He’d said that he had no camera and she’d believed him, but he’d still wanted to surprise her someday and see if she still felt attracted. She was feeling nervous about this meeting. He didn’t have to be strongly built or overly handsome or be too good a provider. He sounded like such an interesting and sharing man and that’s what she really wanted. She wanted to share her life with a good man, and he seemed like such a good man. The fact that he was sexually aroused by her and enjoyed everything she did was something new for her. It seemed that the men she’d known were nothing like him. Most were wham-bam types, played the field continuously, self-centered and egotistical, wanted a maid, or wanted total ‘freedom’ whatever that was.

He really hadn’t wanted to send a photo, and couldn’t anyway without buying a camera and learning to use it. He’d wanted her to see him and he wanted be able to gauge her reaction in person when she first saw him. He had described himself truthfully and hoped it was enough to continue the relationship. He was more nervous now with every mile closer he came. Had he made a mistake? Would she reject him? He’d asked for directions and an address and then asked her to put out a key. But, before he did he’d asked if she had a secure chain on her door. She’d said yes, and he’d made her promise that if she was turned off when he got out of the car, that she would put on the chain and not answer the door. He’d promised in return that if the chain was on when he got there that he would turn around, leave and never bother her again.

She’d put the key out, locked the door and left the chain off. She thought that she’d never really chain the door but she was still apprehensive and the option remained. She thought about items in the refrigerator and checked them once again. She had stocked enough to last through the weekend if necessary and she could order in if necessary. The apartment was clean and things were in their proper location. She was nervous still and paced the floor. Would he be here on time? Would he like her in person? People said that you never really look the same in person as on video.

He had remembered a few small items and they were in a compartment of the garment bag just in case. He hoped that he’d have an opportunity to use them and that she’d be interested if he did. If she let him in he wanted to be the best lover there was and to work continually at thanking and pleasing her. Their conversations had told him a great deal and her induced orgasms had helped in his understanding. She loved to get and to give oral, and had confided to him that her past experiences had never been truly satisfying that way. Beyond oral she enjoyed both controlling and being controlled. So did he and he was only a few minutes away now.

She checked herself again and sat at a chair in front of the window and verified that there was still a parking space in front. Her clock told her that he was only a few minutes away and he’d always been prompt in their telephone and camera appointments. Would he be on time today? Was he as nervous as she was? What did he look like? He had a great voice and she knew from their conversations what he liked. She knew that oral was a special ‘treat’ for bahis firmaları him and he’d said that he loved giving it. Other guys had said that, but usually it was over for them in a couple of minutes if they’d made her climax. They seemed to think that a quick cum was all that was needed in foreplay. She’d always wanted a man that enjoyed her as much as she enjoyed him

He’d made a couple of wrong turns trying to follow her directions, but had quickly corrected and was only a few minutes behind his original schedule. She should be just ahead and then pulled into the drive that led to her apartment. He parked in front and studied the apartment. He couldn’t see through the windows, was she there? He slowly got out of the car and returned to reach in and hang the garment bag over his shoulder. He walked to the door and found the key.

She saw a car pulling in. It was a few minutes past his schedule. Was that him? The car pulled slowly forward and parked in front. It must be him. She tried to see through the windshield but the sun was reflecting and nothing inside was visible. Finally the door opened and a foot with what appeared to be a cowboy boot settled on the driveway. Now a man was getting out. Was this him? He looked into the apartment, could he see her sitting there in the bedroom? He was tall just as he’d said, and he wasn’t fat, and he was nice looking she thought — now her anxiety leaped. She was not going to chain that door! She jumped, ran to it and lay on the bed. Her blond hair fell naturally on the pillow and her face was set off against the bright blue of the pillow. The tan of her body stood out boldly against the white sheet and white gown. She smoothed the gown and made sure the blue fur was depressed slightly between the tops of her thighs.

He was nervous as he reached, inserted the key and turned it. Now he gathered his courage for a rejection and pushed the door. It swung wide and easily. His heart leaped as he entered, turned, closed and locked the door. He looked for the bedroom where he’d asked her to wait. He saw the door and walked to the doorway and looked in. The light was subdued, but he could see her against the white sheet and his heart leaped.

She heard the door close, lock and then heard the chain being placed. She heard footsteps and then saw him standing the doorway. He stared, but she couldn’t see his face because the light was behind him. He held a garment bag over his shoulder and she studied his long, confident stride toward the bed. As he approached, the light slowly shifted and she saw him up close for the first time. Her widest smile welcomed him.

He saw her waiting. Was she asleep? He walked to the bed and looked down. She was breathtaking on the bed, and she was looking at him and smiling. He dropped the garment bag to the floor and bent to brush her lips with his own. He straightened again and his eyes traveled slowly down her body. They seemed to jump to her bodice and pause before traveling to her navel and then the soft, small patch of fur she always left. Her legs were graceful and long and his gaze continued to her feet and started back up. As he reached her knees she slowly raised one of them and it turned her body slightly toward him. From the corner of his eye he noticed the blue fur fall back slightly exposing more thigh and he continued again. He paused at each part of her beautiful body before returning to her face.

She was nervous as his concentrated stare moved down her body and seemed to unclothe her already naked appearing body. Her eyes traveled to his crotch. She’d made out the slight bulge lying along his thigh, but now she saw the reaction she’d been hoping for. She knew his cock was definitely hard now and stood out in bold relief under his Levi’s. She was smiling more broadly when his eyes returned to her face. What would happen next?

He stared into her eyes and bent slowly to give her another fleeting kiss. Again he stood and his hands reached to the blue fur, raised it and drew it up to her neck. She sat completely naked to his stare and felt herself getting very wet. He bent again and gave a fleeting kiss to each nipple, before planting a firmer kiss on her soft tummy. He could see the goose flesh form as her tummy kissed him back. He looked at her for a signal.

She pointed to the bathroom as he’d requested last night and he picked up his bag and walked over to hook it over the top edge of the door. She watched as he reached into a pocket and removed a shaving kit and something else. The she studied him as he walked into the bathroom, opened the kit and brushed his teeth. She saw him take out a cloth, dampen it and wash his face. A moment later she could see him in the rear wall mirror standing in front of the toilet and heard the familiar sound of a man’s water followed by the flush. She could see him using the cloth to clean himself and then he returned to the bed. She noticed that he’d managed to return it to the jeans, but he hadn’t been able to hide its excitement. She sat up as he approached, and reached for the zipper.

As kaçak iddaa he returned to the side of the bed his excitement was raging and he could feel the restraint of his pants on that excitement. He was going to kiss her again, but she sat up and reached for him. He felt her hand close on him through the pants and then she rubbed him with her palm. Finally he felt her reach and unzip the pants. He watched as she looked up at him and then he reached down and unbuttoned the top button allowing the fly to open wide. He was watching her lips as she reached in and touched him before teasing him completely out.

She felt its hardness and strength through the denim. She squeezed it but couldn’t get a good grip so she rubbed it. The zipper was her goal and she reached for the tab and fought it down against the pressure of his cock. She was careful not to catch him in the zipper as she continued to push through the pants to clear it. When the zipper was down she knew the button would be too tight for her and she looked up at him. She was pleased as he read her mind and cleared the button for her. She grabbed the two sides of his fly and pulled them wide and down. Frustrated by their tightness, she reached around and grabbed the waist and pulled them down. They slid part way before she had to return to the front, but her face was so close that she bent further and nuzzled the dark hair at its base. She kissed the base and began working again. She was warm and wet and wanting as she worked.

He felt her opening the fly as she released the pressure of her hand. He could sense her frustration as she bent forward and reached around to tug on the waistband. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his stomach and the base of his cock. He didn’t think it possible but he actually started to get harder. The waist gave and the pants came down a few inches and stopped. He felt her release the waist and start to sit back, but stop and then he felt her nuzzle and kiss him. He felt his cock and his balls tighten and he wanted to throw her onto the bed and fuck her. But, he managed to control the urge and reached down to help her drop the pants. As they dropped further his cock sprung out and it felt so good to have it free. He saw her smile and kiss his head and felt her wrap her fingers around him and squeeze. The pressure almost gave him more pleasure than he could stand.

She was pleased with the help he’d given and surprised as it popped out and she saw his manhood for the first time. He was more than ample and more than she’d dreamed of as she kissed his head and folded her fingers around him. Her nipples were on fire and her pussy felt better than she could remember when she’d fondled herself and climaxed for his private viewing. She was close to a climax and they hadn’t said a word to each other. Talk wasn’t necessary and she surrounded his cock with kisses and licks. She took him into her mouth and felt an instant increase in arousal as she began to seriously stroke him. In the back of her mind she sensed him raising each knee and removing one leg at a time to drop the jeans on the floor. She was concentrating only on his pleasure.

He wanted to climax and show her how much he cared and desired her, as he wrapped her hair in his hand and gently urged her on. But, his selfishness lost out to the stronger urge to satisfy her. He gently pulled her hair and head away and bent and kissed her. The kiss was long and passionate and his cock rested against her breasts as she bent her head back to return the kiss and put her arms around his waist. He felt her move her torso to tease him and felt each nipple strike his head as she moved.

She felt him pull her head back and down as he climbed onto the mattress. Her legs came up between his as she was forced to lie down and she felt his other hand come forward between her breasts and she felt the pressure holding her down. She wanted the kiss to continue but felt him release her hair and then the hand reached down behind her knees and lifted her legs onto the bed. She felt him break the kiss and she was disappointed. She wondered if she’d displeased him, but suddenly he pulled back and crawled between her feet. She felt him bend forward and felt his breath start on her tummy and his kiss strong as his hands went around her upper thighs. He kissed his way slowly down.

He released her and crawled down to gain access to her. He smelled her wetness and her scent was strong and seductive as he kissed her tummy and then blew softly into that fine patch before lowering his mouth and tongue to her wet lips. His senses confirmed that she was every bit as sweet as he’d imagined and he was feeling the intoxication of her scent and taste. He tasted the softness and delicateness in her lips and his cock dragged the sheet. He thrust his tongue forward and licked her and felt her stiffen and her thighs tighten in his arms. He felt her thrust her hips forward and then heard her soft moaning. He worked her pussy by holding her lips spread and lapping from front to back. His tongue felt the slight recess at the front kaçak bahis and at the back. His tongue explored both.

She felt him kiss and then lick. She noted her dampness disappearing as he worked. She felt his his hands come forward and spread her lips and hold them wide as the flat of his tongue started delicately to strike her and then she felt the pressure increasing until it was firmer than she’d ever felt from a man before. His tongue found the entrance below and explored and as he circled inside she felt the softness of his tongue stimulating and spreading as it worked. She felt him strike her clit lightly and then felt him settle his mouth around it and his tongue stroke and then circle it. She felt the suction within his lips and then she started to climax and she sensed rather than heard the moan coming from deep within her. Her hips began to move on their own after tightening and she worked to hold it firmly against him as she rotated them.

He sensed her first climax coming before it arrived and he pulled her tighter. Suddenly he felt her entire body stiffen and begin to shake as her hips moved. He felt released her essence and he lapped it up and his entire tongue and mouth were sweetened. He knew that he didn’t want to stop and that this was to be the first of many for her tonight. He continued and brought her up again and before she could relax he had her up again. He released her thighs and brought his hands forward and moved down to find another spot as her body shook and spasmed with each new point. He knew that a lady’s sensitive spot would frequently move after a climax and that some ladies’ clits would become so swollen and sensitive that it would actually be painful to continue. He was rewarded each time and finally he reached in and began using his fingers to mix and divert the experience.

She felt it; she climaxed and felt it again. Her mind was growing numb with sensation and she was unable to think of anything but him. She didn’t know how many times she’d already cum, but she knew that even pleasantness has an end and she was afraid she was reaching it when he moved and she lost it again. In his travels she felt him rub each spot and move and rub again, looking for that special sensitive spot. Finally he found it and she felt her body responding more strongly than with any other lover. She knew that she was going for the big one and her body cried out for it as she felt him finger and stroke and his lips worked elsewhere. She felt it rising deep inside and her breasts burned and her body screamed as every muscle tightened and she drove her hips savagely into him. She felt for the first time in her life that legendary g-climax and she gushed long and hard.

He’d reached for her and he wanted to reward her for all the long sessions, the caring and passion she’d shown him. He owed her more than he felt that he could repay and he wanted her to know it. When he felt her stiffen and respond with such desire and strength he knew he was close and it only made him work harder. When she finally reached that big one, his cock and balls were tight and hurting, but the passion he knew was necessary … and then she was there. His face was washed as she shuddered and he knew that she’d finally reached it. He felt so good and kept her there until it finally slowed and stopped. He released her and climbed up to lay next to her as they both fought to catch a breath. He heard her still moaning, but her arm reached out and she held his arm tightly. It felt good to know that she’d enjoyed his efforts.

She lay embraced by the warmth of satisfaction, but still eager for more. He deserved a moment’s respite and she used it to recover and ponder the night to come. Her hand explored until she found and held him. Her palm was warmed by it and began to move. One moment she could feel his head and the next she felt the dark patch of coarse, curly dark hair. She was ready…was he? His breathing had slowed… what was he thinking?

He slowly sat up and reached for one of the bottles. He poured some of its content into the palm of his hand and turned to begin a slow body massage. His firm, coarse hands were the balm she needed as he worked. Occasionally he would stop and kiss or nibble or stroke but he took his time. He avoided oil on her nipples or between her thighs and when he’d finished; he sat and marveled at her face and body. Moments passed before he retrieved the second bottle, and poured a small portion into his palm before returning it to his bag. He applied the warming lotion liberally on her nipples and pussy, pausing to use three fingers to deposit the small amount on them deep within.

She felt the warmth and stimulation of the warming lotion before realizing where the warmth had originated. Was it desire or something in the oil? The warmth increased, not to pain, but rather like applying old Ben Gay, the unguent heightened her sensitivity and focused on those three centers of her sexuality. That focus raised a need in her and she had to fill it as she threw him a kiss and forced him onto his back. She devoured his cock and thrust it deep as her tongue tasted that slight release before climax. When she felt his body begin to tense, she stopped completely. When his breathing slowed, she crawled atop and straddled him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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