Meeting Anna

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Big Tits

This story is dedicated to Annatartywife. Being a big fan of Anna’s writing, I once wrote a comment to her story ‘Fun with friends in Dorset, part 2’. To my delightful surprise, she replied with a personal message. We have been in email contact since then.

This is a fantasy tale projected into the near future. I want to thank you, sweet tarty Anna, for encouraging me to publish it here. I also want to thank you for sharing your amazing gift of providing sexual bliss to countless readers on and to a lucky bunch of people in real life.


It was in the summer of 2022. For 2 years I had exchanged emails with Anna, fantasized about her, trying to imagine the color of her eyes (which were discreetly hidden in her pictures) and the sound of her voice while jerking off.

Her stories on Literotica were as big a success as ever. When the pandemic gradually came under control, she would meet old and new friends who were all tested and healthy. She spent a lot of time with her friend Tracey who naturally attracted lots of men and shared her lovers generously with Anna. She had many new stories to tell: Going out with Tracey, making out shamelessly in public, attracting the attention of numerous men – and the occasional woman – who they would invite to bed. Anna would share their stories as generously as they would share lovers.

If there ever was a dry spell or the lads being either too drunk or too dumb to act on the flirtatious offers right in front of their cocks, Anna and Tracey would just forget about them and enjoy each other’s company instead. They took sapphic love to a new level, eating each other out all day long, becoming more and more creative using toys and vegetables fucking each other for many happy hours. Anna never failed to describe their exploits in sordid details. Her Lit stories reached top rating consistently in the 4.7 to 4.8 range. Yet Anna somehow always found time to communicate with me. She also wrote encouraging comments on my stories which had considerably lower ratings.

I was hopelessly in love with the woman who would wear her heart on her sleeve much more often than she would wear knickers. I felt that she encouraged me beyond the teasing that was natural for a tart. Anna told me that she occasionally masturbated thinking about me. It made me feel like a rock star that a sex goddess who had as many willing cocks and cunts as she could possibly want at her disposal would think about me while rubbing her clitty.

And now circumstances allowed us to finally meet in person in her hometown, during the magical Scottish summer when they days were long and the nights were never dark.

I had picked out a nice hotel where she would hopefully stay with me for a couple of nights. The suite was large enough to accommodate other guests for fun times. It was a practical arrangement. If she wouldn’t like my company, she was close enough to home and wouldn’t feel stuck. These were my thoughts güvenilir bahis while waiting for her at the bar.

“Stop it, you are overthinking it as usual.” I said to myself. “Of course she likes you. And since she is a tart, liking you means fucking you.”

“Yeah, but I really don’t have the biggest cock in town.” said the other voice in my head. “She had guys hung as horses, back in Dorset for example. And she likes older guys or really young guys. I am too close to her age. Wouldn’t that be unexciting and boring to her?”

“Way to go with that positive thinking. It’s a good thing that you wrote to her so much about you these past 2 years. She knows what kind of dork you are. But you also bragged about your amazing oral skills. So, when the time comes, just put your mouth where her cunt is, and the rest will take care of itself.”

At that moment the door opened, and Anna walked in. She looked absolutely irresistible in her a black leather miniskirt, wearing a white blouse with 3 bottoms generously opened in the front, and strappy sandals with 3 inch heels on her pretty feet. But the best thing she was wearing was her smile. It was contagious. I smiled right back.

“Hiya handsome,” she greeted me, touching my arm.

“Hiya Anna! We meet at last. You look stunning.”

“Thanks lover. You don’t look too shabby yourself.”

We kissed spontaneously. Her lips were soft, her tongue was warm and wet.

“I hope you didn’t have to wait too long,” Anna said after that first taste of sweetness. “But you know that I have been busy. After that long period of social distancing, I decided that I need my regular sexercise three times per day. His spunk is still warm inside me.”

“That’s awesome, I like it when you are spunky.” I beamed. “What about now? Fancy a drink and a bite to eat at this very happy hour?”

“Hmm, I am a little bit peckish, mostly for your pecker. But there is the old advice: never cum on an empty stomach.”

“You are so right, honey. The food and drinks look good here, and our room is not going anywhere.”

We sat as close to each other as possible, so our legs would touch all the time. We talked, shared food and drinks and stories, like intimate friends who met again after a long time. We ate from the same plate and drank from the same glass (or glasses, as we sampled cocktails).

“It feels so hot in here,” said Anna after a while. “and I am only wearing a thin blouse and a skimpy skirt.”

“It’s true, you are on fire,” I observed while feeling her up between her legs. “Let me help you cool down a bit.”

With that I picked an ice cube from our Martini on the rocks, reached under the table once more and traced my way from her inner thigh to her sticky, hungry pussy.

“Oh shit, fuck me with that thing!” Anna whispered in a hoarse voice. “Make it melt inside me.”

I knew that the Scottish people were tough, with traditions such as skinny dipping in türkçe bahis the freezing North Sea on New Year’s day. Still I was amazed how Anna took the penetration in stride.

First I traced her cunt lips and her clit with the ice cube. The contrast between the hot skin and the cold object was mesmerizing. She urgently pressed her cunt against it as if it were a vibrator. Then in one fluid movement I pushed it all the way in.

Anna began to dry hump (or should I say wet hump) my fingers around the lump of frozen water. I could feel her slickness, combined with some remnants of spunk from her earlier fucking today. Although she had washed her body and hair and freshened up before our date, she had made a point of not rinsing her pussy. This way she would still smell of sex when we met. It was very thoughtful of her, and it drove me crazy!

There were few other people in the bar, mostly couples engrossed in each other and no doubt having romantic plans for the evening, just like Anna and I. Therefore we didn’t make much of an effort to be discreet. The friendly waiter surely noticed that something was going on under the table, when Anna’s face was flushed and her legs were trembling. However, he never mentioned anything when he checked on us with a smile. I would give him an extra large tip in appreciation of his discretion.

“Doesn’t the waiter look dishy?” I said to my companion, my thumb on her clit while the rest of my hand was cupping her cunt so the ice cube would stay inside her. I could feel the water dripping out as it was melting.

“Maybe …” Anna moaned. “Oh fuck, this thing gets smaller and smaller inside me. I want something that gets bigger.”

“That’s good!” I quipped. “I am looking for growth opportunities here.” (Immediately I scolded myself for making it sound like a fucking job interview.)

“I’ll hire you” said Anna, not missing a beat. “Take me to your room now!”

Without further ado I wrote my room number on the bill and left a few complementary pounds on the table.

I put my hands around Anna’s arse and walked her to the elevator. Little droplets of water dripped from Anna’s cunt while we walked.

“Look how wet you made me, you dirty bugger!” she mockingly complained. “What were you thinking finger-fucking me with an ice cube? We better get to the room quick, so you can warm me up again.”

I simply said “yes” while pressing two buttons at the same time: the elevator button and the love button between Anna’s legs.

“Does your cock also have a ‘going up’ button?” she giggled, reaching into my trousers.

“Perhaps, but you just touched some low-hanging fruit,” I answered, referring to my aching balls.

Once inside the elevator, we acted even more shamelessly. Since it was only 3 short flights from the ground floor to the room, we just managed to unbutton each other’s shirt and blouse, which was not easy with only one free hand and our mouths interlocked in güvenilir bahis siteleri hungry kisses. The female elevator voice said “third floor”, and the door opened.

We hurried toward the room. I had to let go of Anna’s arse for a moment while I fumbled with the room key, but Anna’s hand never left my cock, stroking it impatiently.

Luckily, the door was an open-and-shut case. I managed to get the zipper at the side of her very tight miniskirt unstuck. Luckily it was so short, otherwise I could not have played with her cunt earlier. But now even the smallest piece of clothing would be in the way, so she wiggled out of her skirt and got rid of her blouse.

Did I mention that she didn’t wear a bra, so her perky nipples had been staring at me the whole time? Now I could finally kiss them properly for a few moments while shedding my own clothes. Unable to take our hands off each other, we stumbled to the bed.

“Lick me first!” she exclaimed. “Better take my sandals off too, so the heels don’t poke into your back.”

I felt conflicted between the desire to properly worship her pretty feet and the urgent need to feed on her cunt. The urgent need won.

“Stick your tongue inside me, you fucker! Show me that you are as good as you always brag about in your stories.”

Of course, Anna did this for me as much as for herself. From earlier conversations she knew that licking pussy worked better than anything else to make me hard and good.

“I understand, sweety,” she had once replied. “It’s the same for me: I get wet just from sucking cock.”

From that perspective it felt almost selfish that my throbbing cock was leaking precum into the bedsheets instead of having a party inside Anna’s mouth.

But far from complaining about the injustice of the situation, Anna was freely expressing herself.

“Lick slowly up and down …

“Now, go faster!

“Suck on my clit … yes … yes!

“Stick a finger in my bumhole, you fucker!

“I am gonna cuuummm!!”

I was in heaven as Anna’s orgasm washed over me. I slowed down a bit but didn’t stop so she could decide whether to gently push me away or ride it out a little longer.

“Fuck, that was good!” she sighed contentedly. “You lick pussy almost as good as Tracey.”

This was the sweetest compliment she could give me.

“But now I need cock!” she added.

“Do you want to call the gang?” I asked.

“No, just yours will do nicely … for now.”

It was all planned out. Her friends from Dorset were in town, and so were Mag and Goeff. We would all get together eventually, but it was so sweet and romantic to have some alone time first.

Nobody would have to wait for fun times, though. Geoff and Mags had each other. Bill, Denzel, Ron, Sam, Henry and Clive had Thelma (I mean Tracey) and Louise. But I had the best of all: Anna’s cunt lovingly wrapped around my cock as I was fucking her slowly.

We were kissing and talking, finding our sweet and our dirty words to please, cherish and excite each other. We would practice all 7 ways of sex tonight. We were looking forward to even more ways tomorrow, when she would share me with her friends.

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