Meeting a Co-Worker After Work

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It’s time to clock out; it’s been a long night with a heavy workload. Even though it’s the middle of the week, the guys decide to go for a beer. I call Deb’s extension and let her know where we are going. Since she gets out 30 minutes before we do I just catch her. She goes to the bar, sits down and gets a beer with a shot of tequila. She sips the beer and watches the clock. When she knows it’s the right time she downs the shot then slowly washes it down with the last of her beer.

She pays her tab and as she leaves bartender says,

“I hope to see you again soon.”

She replies with a wink, “You will!” Then walks out.

Deb gets to her car and pulls around to the back of the bar. There is some light, but it is dark enough to not be seen.

Meanwhile it’s time for me to clock out. The guys are hyped up about going out. I tell them I need to make a stop at the bank and I will be there. They head off, and I go my way. I lag behind to see them go to the bar, and then I slip in the back way to meet Deb in the darkness. I pull up to her car, park, and then join her. As I slide into her car she greets me with a hot wet kisses. I can taste the beer and hint of tequila on her lips. This turns me on even more. We know we can’t be spotted from the bar so we go crazy.

She unbuttons her blouse, as I undo my pants. As she pulls her tits out I latch onto them and suck hard, making her moan very loud. She reaches down and grabs my hard cock and starts to stroke it.

She whispers in my ear, “Fuck Me Hard!”

With that I pull back, she rolls over and gets on all fours pushing her ass high. I push her short skirt up over her hips to find she is wearing no panties. I get behind her and rub my cock along her wet groove, as if teasing.

She looks over her shoulder and demands, “Fuck Me Now!”

I plunge my cock into her as hard and deep as I can, I feel her wetness all over my cock. I grab her hips and pump deep into her, pounding her as she screams for more. I work my way to her clit with my hands rubbing it hard. She squeals and pushes back on my cock letting me know I have hit her spot. We both have been waiting for this so long that we can’t hold back. She clinches on me and starts to cum hard. Pulling her hard onto my cock I blast my hot load deep inside her.

Her pussy is still milking me, and I don’t want to pull out, but she pulls off and quickly turns engulfing my cock in her mouth, sucking wildly. It is driving me crazy. She reaches under and caresses my balls giving me one last slurp. As she lifts her head from my lap, I can see her face is gleaming with wetness. She slides up to me and our lips meet. We kiss a deep wet long kiss, sucking lips and tongue. We both set back and look at each other bahis firmaları in amazement. We know this only the start, for now. We gather ourselves together, I still need to hit the bank, and so as I leave, she pulls to the front lot and goes into the bar. She’s not the only woman with the group, so that helps. When she arrives the guys are surprised but glad she made it. It is not often she shows up, so they buy her a drink.

I do the ATM thing and then seeing I need gas makes me that much later. Finally I make it to the bar. The guys ask what the hell took me so long, so I draw a long story of ATM faults and needing gas. They really don’t care, but they give me a hard time. I order a beer.

We are all at a corner table dimly lit, but good for us. We all have a good time, flirting and drinking. She is sitting across from me. It’s the basic work talk for some, and general flirting from others. She and I are mixing in, and not letting on about any of our fun, but we know. At one point, she brushes her foot up my leg under the table, and it’s all I can do to contain myself. One of the guys looks at me oddly but I shrug him off. Then I shoot her a smile. She is into the deep tease now, I see her slide her hand down under the table, spend some time then bringing it back up, she looks into my eyes, licking it clean. I get hard again. She is being so bad, but I like it. She knows what she is causing and brings her foot to my crotch to feel my hard cock with her toes. I force myself to push back a little to prevent getting caught. She just smiles.

I get to the point I have to go unload a beer, so I slide back from the table and head off to the bathroom. I stop on the way to BS with a friend, and then continue on. I go do my business, wash and step out of the bathroom. Just outside the door I see she has made her way there also.

I jokingly say, “Are you following me?”

She smiles and says, “No, I was hoping you would follow me!”

And with that she takes my hand and leads me into the woman’s bathroom. There is another woman in there looking into the mirror, she looks at her then me and raises an eyebrow and smiles. She takes me into a stall our lips lock instantly. Her hand drops to my crotch rubbing me till I am hard; unzipping my pants she takes me in her lips. I move my hands to her tits and make her nipples hard. She cups my balls while sucking me deep and long. Her other hand slides down to her skirt, sliding it up then pushing a finger deep into her pussy. She’s wet and ready, she flicks her clit and pushes deep into herself while sucking me. Suddenly she stops. Pulling her lips off me and her fingers out, looking up, she brings her fingers to my lips, I suck them clean. She tells me to go, we will finish later. kaçak iddaa I can’t believe it! Now what game is she up to?

As I step from the stall, I see the same woman still there, as see looks at me then winks. If not for have been drinking I would have turned red. But instead I wink back. She steps up to me and kisses me and grips my balls. This takes me by surprise, but I like it. I know she can taste her on my lips by the way she licks my lips clean while grabbing my ass. She then turns and walks out the door.

I stand there stunned till Deb steps out of the stall and asks,

“Do you like the way Rita kissed you?”

She saw my wide-eyed look and smiled, then told me it was ok. That she had set it up, and Rita was on here way to cover for us. Now I was confused. So as I walk out of the woman’s bathroom I am looking around to see it is clear. I see Rita and she nodes to me to come on out, as I do I see one of the guys round the corner and I stop. She sees me back off as one of the guys approach, it’s Joe. She notices that I ID him, then walks past him and whispers in his ear. I pass them and return to the table.

As I got back to the table I order another round. A minute later Deb returns. The only seat available was by me. She sat down and I poured her a beer. We join the chatting as normal. After sometime Joe returns to the table and shoots me a wicked smile. I just look back, smile and nod. With everyone having a good time, time flies and its time to go. We all get up to go, and say our goodbyes. I say I still need to pay my tab and I will see them later. After paying my tab and chatting with the bartender I step outside the bar.

I see Deb standing in the lot with Rita, the woman we encountered in the bathroom. They both turn looking at me as I walk toward them slowly, they both start to giggle. When I near them Deb wraps her arms around me and kisses me. It’s then that Rita grabs my arm and plants a long wet kiss with tongue on me. As I stepped back they both could see the shock and excitement on my face, then they turned to each other and wrapping arms around each other dove into the deepest tongue kiss I had ever seen. When they came up for air I just stood there, mouth agape and a hard on. When they saw that they both laughed.

Rita turned to me giving me a quick kiss while groping me, as she turned to leave she looked at Deb and said,

“He will do, I look forward to it!” And left.

I was so confused, what was going on? When I looked at Deb for info she just smiled then said, “I will explain later, trust me.”

We take each other’s hand and she led me to her car. She pops the trunk and pulls out a large soft blanket. She told me it’s to nice out to go home so soon. We make out way to the kaçak bahis back of the lot; there is a creek just over the bank with a small lush grass area. We spread the blanket and lie down. The area is well concealed, so we won’t be disturbed. We start kissing slowly, softy letting our lips play, and our hands roam. I unbutton her blouse and let it slip from her shoulders. Then I remove my shirt, she runs her fingers through the hair on my chest. As she does, I undo the clasp on her bra exposing her tits and hard nipples. I love to play with them and make them hard as I look into her eyes.

She slowly pushes me down on the blanket to undo my pants, pulling them down and off to the side. She can see my hard cock making a tent in my boxers and smiles. She rises to her feet; standing over me she slips her skirt down and off exposing her bare pussy. Even in the dim moonlight I can see it glistening. I slide my boxers off. She positions herself over my hard cock and slowly lowers her pussy to met the head where she stops. Rubbing the tip on her lips wetting it, then she dips a finger in to her wet box and scoops out some cream rubbing it along my cock. This makes me twitch. She takes the head and guides it to her honey pot, sinking down just far enough to pop the head in. It feels great but we both need more, She slowly slide down the shaft taking it all inside of her. She just sits there clinching her tight pussy around my dick, and she can feel me throb inside her. I slowly raise my hand up across her knees to her thighs giving her hips a squeeze. Then slowly up across her belly to her tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples makes her start to rock back and forth on me. Then she starts to rise up and down on me. Her hands are all over, rubbing herself and me as she picks up the pace. She starts to bounce harder. Her hand settles on her clit and starts rubbing hard. I can tell by her breathing she is close and I start to push back to meet her thrusts. I grab both nipples and pinch hard, which sets her off; she lets out a loud moan as I feel her pussy grip me hard. I can’t hold back, I start bucking like wild; her hand is a blur on her clit. I thrust into her one more time then blast a hot load of cum deep in her walls, she felt the hot juice and goes off. Biting her lip to keep from screaming she cums hard, her pussy is pulsing around my cock, then whoosh!!! She floods us with one hot wet orgasm. Her legs are a quiver on me and we both are breathing heavy.

As we catch our breath she gives me a few more pumps before rolls off. Time stands still.

Then I feel Deb’s hand slowly moving across my body to my cock. She finds it and it’s wet with our cum. She rolls to me and moves down taking me into her mouth sucking and licking me clean, then pulling off with a smack and pop of her lips.

The air feels cool on our hot bodies as we lie there under the stars. I hear the water from the creek as well as your breathing and mine. So calm and intimate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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