May , Deke Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Her On-Call Handyman

The excitement surrounding Deke’s departure on his shopping trip is high. Nervous as teens going on a first date, they hug, kiss and reassure each other.

“You’ll do just great, dear,” Deke tells her. “And you can call me on my cell when you are done and want me to come up. That way, I won’t interrupt you.”

“Thanks, sweet. Drive safely,” May urges after a parting smooch. Then she closes and locks the door behind him. Part of her plan to entice the manager is to wear her black satin and lace bikini panties and her sheer black beach cover that but thinly veils her C-cup tits and hour-glass figure.

May first looks out the picture window to see if he is in sight. She thought she had noticed him using the alleyway in his regular travels, and sure enough, she only has to wait a minute or two before he reappears.

May raps on the window to get his attention and gestures for him to come to her assistance. He smiles and points to indicate that he is heading for the room.

Answering his knock, May opens the door. Her erect nipples are obvious through the diaphanous fabric; and, although he is obviously taken aback, it is not enough to keep him from coming right in.

“What seems to be the problem, Miss?” he asks, eyeing her appreciatively, as she closes and locks the door.

“There seems to be a leak – um…a…”

“Jack…Jack Rawson.”

“Hi, Jack. How do you do? I’m May.”

“It’s nice know your name. I have admired you since you arrived.”

“Thank you,” she laughs, “and I’m glad to know your name now, too.”

“What can I do for you, May?”

“Well, Jack, as I say, there is a leak – but may I ask you a question first?”


“Did you like watching my boyfriend fuck me last Thursday night?”

Looking a bit doubtful, “I don’t know if I should answer that.”

“We know you watched. That’s why Deke turned the overhead light on – you know, so you could see us better.”

“Okay – yes, it was great. Do you and your boyfriend do that often?”

“You mean fuck in front of people?”


“No, it was the first time for us, but it made us both really hot; and since then we’ve been fantasizing about your big hands groping my tits. Would you like that? Would you like to grope my tits with your big rough hands?” May takes his left hand and brings it to her right tit.

Jack responds aggressively, grabbing her ass with his right hand to pull her into him. Kissing her face and groping her tit and her ass, he asks, “Is that what you wanted?”

Somewhat surprised by his ready advance, she is nonetheless exhilarated. May hugs both cheeks of his ass, emitting a sensual moan, “Mmmmmm, O, yes!”

Releasing May and sitting on the bed, Jack points at her and says, “Take your shirt off so that I can feel up both of your tits.”

May stands in front of him and, one-at-a-time, unbuttons each button of her shirt. Meeting his gaze, she lets ümraniye escort it drop to the floor and strikes a pose for him, half-naked in her panties. Then, grabbing her own left tit in her right hand, she pulls its nipple out and reaches down with her left hand to stroke her crotch. “The leak is here,” she explains, rubbing between her legs.

May walks to Jack and enfolds his face in her tits. He grabs and squeezes both tits; and, turning his head, he latches on to a nipple like a baby bullock on a teat. Butting her bags with his face, he sucks and stretches one nipple and then the other, sucking each succulent teat hard into his mouth and suckling noisily.

Arms around Jack’s neck, May groans loudly and whispers, “O, Jack, that is just how I like it. I can feel your sucking all the way down to my clit, and I am wetter than ever.”

Pushing May back gently a step or two, he stands up, kicks off his boots, undoes his belt and unzips his fly. “Maybe I can find something to plug that leak. That is why you wanted me, wasn’t it?”

Jack’s great dong waves haughtily, once sprung from its restraints. It does not disprove the old wives’ tale that holds that a man with big hands and feet also has a big pecker.

“I knew your cock would be big!” May’s enthusiasm is that of a child opening a special Christmas present. “Let me help you out of your shirt; so I can feel the muscles of your arms and see how hairy your chest is. I love big, strong, burly men. Oooo, you are strong,” May breathes, admiringly fondling his sack and tugging at his fully engorged cock.

“How do you want it?” he asks.

“How do I want it,” May repeats thoughtfully. “Can I ride it? Can I be on top?”

Jack crawls to the center of the bed and lies on his back. His rigid cock, standing almost vertical, curves, like a scimitar, toward his navel.

May wriggles out of her panties and tosses them teasingly on Jack’s face. Holding their soaked crotch to his nose, he deeply inhales her bouquet. “Mmmm… you smell good – not like some girls. You smell sweet.”

May straddles Jack’s groin. Lifting one leg, she spreads her labia with one hand and grasps her new cock with the other to guide his swollen glans into the mouth of her cunt. Slowly lowering the leg that had propped her up, she feels every inch of his massive cock as it furrows up her tight canal. His insertion complete, she scootches down hard, grinding her pubis into his groin so that his cock’s head crams her cervix.

May rocks back and forth, flexing his bone in her cunt; and, her labia parted wide, she is able to buff her clit on him. Grasping her hips with his broad palms and spatulate fingers, Jack regulates the rhythm of her humping. Her hands behind her head elevate her proud tits and their protruding nipples. Her entire torso ripples as she dances on his cock.

“Fuck me, woman, fuck me!” he commands.

“Yes, yes,” May hisses in reply.

Moaning and sighing and groaning, they feel kartal escort their sexual tension build. Their vocalizations become louder and louder. Riding him, at first, as if in a sitting trot, May now leans forward and with her hands on his chest begins posting on his shaft. His grip helps her lift and reseat. Her tits jounce and swing. May fucks him more and more urgently until they both explode in climax, grunting and bellowing. Jack’s hips bucking hard up off of the bed, he fills her cunt with his hot load, fully expending himself. May’s vaginal spasms squeeze out the last weakening shots of his semen. The waves of her multiple orgasms continue until one final contraction ejects his softening cock.

Exhausted, May rolls off, briefly to cuddle Jack, who is also spent. Their being drenched in his semen, her secretions, and their perspiration prompts her to roll out and get some ablution underway. In the bathroom she mops up first; then she returns with a warm face cloth and hand towel. Lying next to Jack, she gently cleans his dick now resting at ease on his thigh.

“That feels nice,” he says, rolling towards her. Their mouths meet and he kisses her gently. “Thank you, May. That was spectacular.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. You made me so hot, I got off big time!” May replies with a smile and kisses him again, generous of her open mouth.

“Well, if you keep playing with my cock with that facecloth, it’s going to get stiff again; and I really must get back to work.”

“Yes, and I’ll start leaking again!” Laughing, they start collecting clothes.

“But before I go,” Jack gets serious, “I must tell you that I have never in my forty-five years been fucked better. Do you think we could get together again, May, somehow?

“I guess so, sure. I want you to know though, Jack, that up until this past weekend the only guy I had ever fucked was Deke. We love each other, but he has other commitments at some distance; and there’s our age difference. At 25, I’m inclined to be very horny. Consequently, he thinks I should have other lovers when he’s away. I’m not just a summer resident; I live a short distance from here; and I love the way you fuck me.”

“Awesome. So you think we could get together again?” Jack says smiling at the possibility.

“I don’t see why not,” May says touching his cheek.

“All right, why don’t we do this: when you’re available, why don’t you give me a call, and we’ll arrange it?”

“What about your wife? What if I get her on the phone?”

“Here’s my business card with my cell phone number. Use that. She need never know.”

Jack collects his clothes, dresses and heads out the door, leaving May with one final passionate kiss.

“Jack,” May declares, “you really excite me.” Then she whispers in his ear, “I’ll see you later. Deke is leaving Sunday. I’ll call you next week.”

Cupping the luscious cheeks of May’s bare ass, he draws her hard against him, “Sexy girl,” he responds, “I’ll maltepe escort be your on-call handyman.”
She re-locks the door and sits a while, thinking. At length, she picks up her cell phone to give Deke the all clear.

“And, sweetie, wait until you hear,” May reports excitedly. “He was everything you hoped he would be for me, and perhaps more.”

* * *

When May hears Deke’s key in the lock, she runs, still naked, and throws her arms around his neck and kisses him hard—still on the threshold of the open door.

“Whoa, girl! Let me in first,” Deke chuckles, while relocking the door. “My dear, you’re positively glowing! I trust you had a good time.”

“Yes, I did, ” May affirms, taking Deke by both hands and leading him to the bed, where they cooperatively remove all his clothing. “Now that you are more comfortable, let me tell you all about it.”

“Well, I take it he was nice.” Deke begins.

“Oh, yes, he was very polite. His name is Jack – Jack Rawson. Of course, he thought he was here to fix a leaky toilet,” May laughs.

“Jack,” Deke repeats, “and how did you get started? Did you ask him if he liked our show?”

“Yes! How did you guess that I’d start with that question?”
“And did he play with your tits?”

“O yes, he was kinda rough with them; you know, the way I like. Then I showed him where the real leak was…between my legs!” May explains, shining with enthusiasm, before dropping to her knees to lovingly suck Deke’s burgeoning cock. “Look at that, my dear, your cock is bigger than ever, so I know you’re dying to hear how he fucked me.”

“O my God yes! Tell me all about his cock. You know, I hope it was very big.”

“Okay. It was really something—perhaps a couple inches longer than yours, and really thick. The skin of it and his sack are darker than yours, and he has lots of dark black, curly pubic hair. He’s circumcised with a glans like a giant purple mushroom; and, at full arousal, his cock seemed to curve upward toward his chest like a ski-jump. It was really very lovely, and I loved the way it filled my cunt.”

“Did he make you cum?”

” Yes! I got on top so he could watch my tits bounce and grind my pussy into him. I got off really easily.”

“Did you suck him before you had intercourse?”

“No – but, if we get together again, I know I will.”

“And, if he were to come in your mouth, would you swallow?”
“Sweetheart, have you ever known me not to swallow? But this time, since I only fucked him; I just gave him a good milking with my cunt.”

“That’s my girl,” Deke smiles. “And do you think you’ll get together with him in the future?”

“He asked me if I would like that, and I told him that I would,” May says holding both Deke’s hands and smiling, but looking a little doubtfully at him.

“You know, darling, voyeur that I am, I’m all for it,” Deke encourages, “especially if you email me every detail when we’re apart. For me, that would be almost like being with you.”

“Thanks, love. You are always so good to me. You know, Deke, the new guys that I’m fucking? None of them will ever be you. And now, darling,” May coos, spreading her lovely big legs to her lover, “come add your share to Jack’s passion.”

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