Max’s Niece Louisa

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Max called me the next day.

“Listen, I’ll like to introduce you to someone special. I think you’ll like her very much,” he said, in his usual curt, raspy voice. “Shall we come by at 7pm?”

My wife was still out of town and had in fact extended her business trip by a few more days. I readily agreed.

“Who is this person?” I asked.

“You’ll find out.” was all he would say.

The day passed by very slowly. I kept wondering who it would be. I wondered how she looked like, if she was like Anna.

Thankfully the evening came soon enough. I didn’t get to see Anna today as she had some family errands to run, and was feeling very horny. The doorbell rang and I opened the door. Max greeted me in his usual gruff manner. Then he turned to the lady behind him.

“Meet my niece Louisa,” he said.

Louisa looked nervously at me. I couldn’t believe what was before my eyes. What a beauty she was!

A classical Chinese beauty, Louisa had long straight black hair that had been highlighted with brown streaks. She was very petite, and couldn’t have been more than 1.55m tall. I could see from the tight top she was wearing that she had very small titties. Max was right. I was in for a treat.

Max ordered the girl to get into my house. She did so grudgingly. Growing impatient, he gripped the gal by the elbow and pulled her in. I closed the door behind us.

“I caught this horny lil slut masturbating with my wife’s dildos, and she has been mine for the taking ever since,” chuckled Max. “Thought you might like something different for a change.”

Max and his niece went into the living room while I fixed them a drink in the kitchen. Coming into the living room, I could see Louisa on her knees, sucking on Max’s cock as he grabbed the back of her head. I put the drinks down and sat down to watch. Suddenly, Max stopped.

“Crawl over to him and take out his cock,” he ordered the girl. She did as she was told, but the expression on her face showed she would have preferred to be at another place. That look just made me grow hard.

Kneeling before me, Louisa unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out. Without hesitation she took my cock into the warmth of her tiny mouth. I couldn’t believe how small her mouth was. I rocked my hips as I pushed my cock in and out of her hot lil wet mouth.

As she continued to blow me off I started to unbutton her blouse and took off her bra. She had the most delicious-looking little titties. I started teasing her pink nipples, occasionally squeezing them hard. She started to breathe heavily.

I continued tweaking her nipples, watching her eyes as she bobbed her head kozyatağı escort bayan on my cock. I started to squeeze harder. She let out a moan.

“Let’s go to your room,” Max suddenly said.

Unwillingly I got up and brought Max and Louisa to my bedroom. There, Max ordered Louisa to strip. She glared at him as she peeled off her tight jeans to reveal her delicious body. She had not an ounce of fat on her, and she skin was fair, taut and smooth.

“Bend over,” growled Max.

Standing at the side of the bed, Louisa bent over, her to palms on the bed itself. She had a gorgeous ass. Her long silky hair fell down the sides of her face.

Max held onto her delicious ass cheeks, rubbing them lovingly. Suddenly, he gave her right asscheek a hard slap, leaving a reddish mark on her ass. He raised his hand again, sending another slap across her cheek, this time harder. Louisa let out a shriek. He didn’t stop. He continued this for a couple more times till I saw tears almost brimming in Louisa’s eyes. She was panting heavily, and her face was all flushed.

“Spread your legs,” Max ordered. She did as she was told. Max roughly held open her cheeks.

“Check out her pussy,” he said. “she’s soaking wet.”

My hand reached out between her legs. She had a smooth hairless pussy. She was soaking wet. I ran my ringers across her clit and she let out a gasp. , spreading even wider, as if begging me to pleasure her further. She raised her ass higher, and I could now see her wet slit, hairless and brimming with juices.

I started to stroke her little clit as Max shoved his cock into her mouth. I heard her muffled groans as I continued teasing her, making little circles around her clit, then slowly stroking it from left to right, right to left, and then making little circles again.

By now her hips were moving to the rhythm of my fingers. Her moans were getting louder and I could hear her sucking on Max more hungrily. I could feel her trying to align my fingers with the opening of her tight slit, but I wanted to tease her further. I continued my work with her clit while squeezing her asscheeks, which were by now red and sore. I could almost feel her let out a gasp when I withdrew my hand from her pussy, but started moaning again when I spread her ass cheeks, and bent down to run my tongue right across, from her puckered anal hole across her wet slit right down to her clit. Her juices were sweet and salty, and I spent the next few minutes running my tongue up and down, up and down.

By now Max was getting very excited, and almost about to cum. He continued küçükçekmece escort bayan to fuck Louisa’s mouth, holding her head firmly in place and moving his cock forcefully in and out. Suddenly he let out a groan and grabbed the back of her head tightly, cumming hard as she expertly swallowed every drop of his cum, save a bit of cum spilling down the side of her mouth.

As Max sat down to watch I continued teasing Louisa, who by now was totally flushed. A thin film of perspiration was forming on her body, and this gave her a healthy glow. She continued to moan, as her fists were clenched, pulling on the bedsheets which were coming undone. I opened her wider, running my tongue more quickly. She was getting wetter and wetter and I knew she was close to cumming. That was when I decided it was time to fuck her.

Taking my cock, I gently teased her, running my cock head along the length of her wet slit. Slowly I pushed my cock in. It was tough. She was tighter than I thought. I tried pushing it in again but it popped out.

I tried again. I positioned my cock against her hole. Then a hard shove. She gasped. I gasped too. I held on for a while – she was incredibly tight, and I was afraid of hurting her. Holding on to her hips, I started pumping my cock in and out as she moaned. Feeling the tightness of her cunt squeezing onto my cock almost sent me over the edge but I knew I had to hold out longer. I slowed down, give her slow long strokes.

“You like that baby? You liked being fucked by strangers while your uncle watches you?” Max asked her as he grabbed her by her jaw.

She looked at him hornily.

“You like this don’t you?” he asked again.

She didn’t reply, but continued moaning. I started to pick up my pace, ramming her harder and faster now. Her whole body shook as I shoved my cock as deep into her as I could, and she begged me to fuck her harder.

I could only relent. Suddenly she let out a cry, and I could feel the waves of her orgasm surrounding my dick. Not being able to withstand it any longer, I let out a groan and shot wad after wad of cum in her pussy.

As I took out my cock, Max ordered Louisa to suck my cock clean. She turned around and started licking the mixture of both her cum and mine off my cock. I could see Max almost getting hard now. He continued to stroke himself till his cock was completely stiff. He walked over to the bed and grabbed Louisa by the hair.

“Come here,” he growled. She did. He held her by the waist. She instinctively put her legs around his. She was very light. He lifted her up, impaling küçükyalı escort bayan her on her hard cock. She let out a gasp. Max’s member was bigger than mine, and I was quite sure he was stretching her. But from the way she was moaning it was quite certain she didn’t mind.

Max stood by the edge of the bed as Louisa rode his cock. It was an amazing sight – Louisa, petite, tiny, almost like a child, riding on Max, tall, muscled, strapping. He moaned, holding on to her tight as she quickened the pace of her bounce. The whole scene was getting more frenzied, and soon I was rock hard again.

Slowly while finding his balance at the same time Max sat on the bed. Louisa continued to ride him. I squeezed some lube onto my cock and spread it all over. walking over I ran my cock along Louisa’s tight puckered anal hole. Slowly, I pushed it in.

It was hard pushing it in further. Max held on to her asscheeks, spreading them further apart. Louisa was by now in throes of passion. I pushed in further. Then one more push and the entire length of my cock was in her hole.

Slowly, Max and I worked into a rhythm, with Louisa sandwiched between us screaming obscenities. Her nails dug deep in Max’s shoulder, her mouth wide open in a gasp. Beads of perspiration rolled down her forehead.

We kept pumping for a while. For someone so tiny, Louisa held her own pretty well, begging us to go faster. As Max increased his speed, Louisa started cumming, screaming a string of Chinese words we could not understand.

As she collapse against Max, I started going full speed, feeling my balls tightening. Her anal hole was total stretched to accommodate my cock, and I grabbed onto her hair, pumping harder. I could feel it coming. Letting out a yell, I shot a wad of cum into her asshole. As I took my cock out I saw her anal gaping open with cum spilling out of it.

Louisa continued to ride slowly despite being totally worn out and used. Max ordered her to quicken her pace which she did. Still, it wasn’t quick enough for him.

Turning around and pinning her down, he started fucking her hard, as she tried to breathe beneath the weight of his body. Writhing in ecstasy below him, she begged him to go faster.

Max’s entire weight was on her now, shoving in and out of her tight cunt. She was terribly wet, juices flowing down her inner thighs.

Max slowed down, teasing her, moving his entire length slowly in and out of her cunt. She looked pleadingly at him. Begging him to quicken up again. But he wouldn’t have any of it. he held onto her hand which tried to make her way to her clit.

Slowly he moved his entire length out, then shoved it in again, as she gasp. Then pulling it out, and shoving it in again. He carried on at this slow torturous pace, till Louisa suddenly tensed up and yelled, cumming hard. It was then Max went at full speed, and let out a grunt, pumping his seed into her.

We spent the entire night fucking Louisa a few more times. Max and I decided that the next thing was for us to introduce Louisa to Anna.

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