Max and the Lamp Ch. 03

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Max and the Lamp 03

The next morning, Max woke to a hand pressing on his cock through his boxers. He opened his eyes and saw his sister smiling down at him.

“Good morning, brother.”

“Ahh, sis. Keep doing that!” Max.

“I’d love to, but I’m off to work.” She leaned down and gave him a quick kiss. “And Mom has left for work, too.”

“I’ll be all alone,” Max said. His crossed his hands behind his head. “What time do you get home tonight?”

She shook her head. “Won’t. Derek is taking me to the movies; we’re double dating with Sally and some guy she knows. Then I’ll be staying at her place tonight.”

“Bummer! What will I do all day?

“I’m sure you think of something. After you finish all the chores Mom left you. List is on the fridge,” Jenny laughed and stood up. “See you later, Max.”

Max lay in bed for a few minutes. Then his stomach growled, so he got up, dressed quickly and went down stairs. His sister, bless her heart, had made coffee. As he ate breakfast, he looked over the list of chores his Mom had left.

Great, he thought. Mostly yardwork. Ugh, and it’s hot outside.

After breakfast he got to work. By lunchtime, most of it was done, so he headed inside to clean up. In his room, he took the lamp out of his desk drawer and rubbed the symbols.

“Hello, Max.” The woman appeared in front of him.

“Hello, Meridia.”

“You appear to have been involved in physical labor. I detect elevated heart rate, presence of sweat, evidence of increased sun exposure?”

“Well, yeah, I’ve been working outside doing chores. What have you been doing?” Max was curious about the function of the lamp.

“Analyzing data collected from your sexual activities,” the hologram replied.

“Huh. What do you mean?

“The activities of you and your sexual partner provide a volume of data to be analyzed.”


“It’s what I do, Max.”

“What are you now analyzing now?”

“Your activities and other activities detected within range,” the hologram smiled slightly.

“Wait. What do you mean within range?”

“Since you activated me, I have a limited sensory range that I can monitor. At this time, I can detect activity within this structure and its immediate surroundings. As I gain more energy, my range will be extended.”

Hmmm. “How do you gain energy? Sunlight?”

The woman shook her head, “No. I gain energy from you and your activities. To put it simply, when someone in my range engages in sexual activity, your minds transmit a level of psychic energy. I can gather that and use it to power the lamp. As my power level rises, the lamp’s sensors and area effect will be enhanced.”

“OK, let me see. When I fuck, you gain energy?”

The woman nodded, “Any sexual activity will generate energy. Solo activity, as well.”

“Huh. And what do you mean area effect?”

The woman considered. “Max, you know that if another person touches the lamp, then your influence is greatest. As the lamp gains power, the distance which your influence can be projected increases.”

A sudden thought occurred to him. “Hey, Meridia, have other activities been detected in range lately?”

“Yes, would you like to me to display it?” Max nodded.

Another hologram appeared. It was dim, but was clearly a bedroom. Max struggled to see what was happening.

“Can’t see much, Meridia.”

“One moment, I will enhance.”

The scene brightened and Max gasped. It was his mother’s bedroom, and she was lying naked on the bed. One hand was massaging one of her tits, and the other was on her pussy. Max looked closer.

Holy crap, he thought, Mom is frigging herself with a dildo. He watched as Ivy plunged it in and out of her cunt with wet sloshing sounds. It was also clear it was a large black dildo, shaped like a realistic cock. His mom kept pushing the dildo deeper, moaning loudly.

“Ohhh, fuck me, boys. Shove it in my mouth and my cunt,” he heard his Mom say. And with that, she pulled the dildo out of her cunt and brought it up to her mouth. She licked around the wet tip than kadıköy escort bayan began to shove it in and out of her mouth. She moved other hand to her wet pussy and began to finger it.

Wow, mom is imagining getting it from two cocks, he thought.

After several minutes, his Mom tensed and cried out as she came. The hologram winked out.

“That is all the sexual activity detected other than those you were involved in”, the woman said.

“Yeah, that was crazy.” My mom was frigging herself, he thought. “I wonder if I could fuck her, too?”

The woman watched Max. “The probability that you can engage in sexual activity with your mother is ninety percent.”

“Huh? How do you know?” Max asked

“Analytics, Max. I gather data and analyze it to project what will happen.”

“So, what are the chances I can fuck my sister in the ass?”

“Ninety-five-point six percent,” the woman answered.

Max’s jaw dropped. “What about engaging in a threesome with me?”

“Threesome probability with a female is eighty-three-point four percent. With another male, eighty-seven-point nine percent.”

“Geez. What’s the chances of my mom fucking a black guy?”

“Eighty-seven-point five percent.”

“So, if I brought Leroy over here, my Mom would probably fuck him?”


“Man, this is a lot to process.”

“Agreed. I will power down and await further activity.” The woman disappeared.

Did Meridia just say she was waiting for me to fuck somebody, he wondered. This whole thing was unbelievable. The possibilities were astounding, too. What was he going to do? He sat there and thought about it for a long time.


Max was standing in the kitchen when he heard the door open.

“Max, it’s Mom. I’m home.”

“In the kitchen, mom,” Max answered.

Ivy came into the kitchen. “What are you doing, honey?”

“Thought we’d grill out on the deck, so I’m getting ready? That OK?” Max turned and smiled.

“Oh, honey that’s great. But you didn’t have to do that!”

“Ah, mom, you worked all day and I had some time, so no problem.” His mom approached and threw out her arms.

“Give me a hug, son,” she said. She circled him with her arms and planted a warm kiss on his cheek. He felt her warm body down his side. She held the hug and squeezed harder.

“Hey, Mom, need to breathe,” he joked.

She pulled away and laughed, “I’m going up to change. How long till we eat?”

“Maybe half an hour.” His mom nodded and went upstairs.

Well, she’s in a good mood. A good sign, he thought.

A few minutes later, his Mom joined him on the deck as he cooked the steaks. She was wearing short denim shorts and a soft lavender blouse that showed her cleavage. If she was wearing a bra, it was a sheer one, Max thought.

“Ummm, smells good, honey.” She sipped at the wine glass she held. Another good sign, he thought.

“Yeah, hope it tastes good, too. You like your steak medium, right?” Max asked.

“That’s right, honey. What can I do to help?”

Can you bring the salads out with whatever dressing you like; they’re in the fridge.”

“Oh, salads, too. You went all out tonight.”

Max smiled, “Hope you’re hungry.”

When Ivy brought the salads out, Max piled the plates with their steaks and baked potatoes. For a few minutes, they concentrated on eating.

“So, how did you day go, honey?” Ivy asked, taking a long drink of wine.

“Pretty quiet. Got most of the chores done. Not much else.”

“No wild parties with hot girls over here while everyone was out?” She asked, smiling.

“Nah, Mom. A normal day,” he replied. Well, mostly normal, he thought.

They sat together for almost an hour as the sun set. Ivy drained her second, or was it third glass of wine? Max watched her as they talked. He thought she was an attractive, sexy woman. He cleared his throat.

“I hope you liked the dinner?”

“The steaks were perfect, honey. Thank you for cooking dinner. It’s nice to have someone do that after working kartal escort bayan at the office all day,” she smiled at Max.

“It was nice to sit here and watch the sunset with a beautiful woman,” Max said, looking at his Mom.

She giggled, “Max, you charmer. You say the nicest things.”

“It’s true, Mom. You look great, and I’m lucky to have you.” Max smiled. I especially like your big, firm tits, he thought.

“Aw, honey, thanks for the compliment. You look pretty good yourself,” she replied. He is so good looking, she mused. And well-built. I bet the girls are hot for him. I wonder if he’s sexually active, and how he is in bed. She shook her head. Whoa, that’s the wine taking, she thought.

“I’m going to clean up, then go up to my room and play some games. Talk to you later,” Max said.

“OK, honey. Love you.”

Max went to his room. He waited about an hour until he heard his mom come upstairs and go into her room. After a few minutes, he picked up the lamp. Well, here goes nothing, he thought.

He went to his mom’s room and knocked.

“Come in.”

He opened the door slightly. His Mom was reclining on her bed, reading a paperback.

“Hey, Mom, do you have a minute. I wanted to show you the thing I found on the beach?”

Ivy sat up on the bed. “Sure, honey.”

He walked up and handed the lamp to her.

She held it in her hands. “Hmmm. Pretty. It’s warm. And it’s vibrating almost. My hands are tingling. Ahhh. What is this thing?”

Max sat next to his mother. “I don’t know, but isn’t it amazing?

“Yes. I feel all warm and relaxed.”

Max put his arm around her. “Mom, you look so beautiful.”

“Huh, Max, what?” She looked up at him. Her eyes stared at him slightly glazed and vacant.

He leaned towards her and kissed her lightly on the lips, then pulled back. She inhaled sharply.

“I said you are a beautiful and desirable woman.” With that he put his hands on her face and kissed her again. This time he held the kiss and pushed his tongue lightly against her lips. She drew back.

“Max, what, no.” Max smiled at her warmly.

“Oh, Mom, yes, kiss me again.” He kissed her and she made a low moan. He pushed his tongue harder on her lips and she opened her mouth slightly. He slid his tongue in and lightly touched her tongue, then pulled back. Her tongue slid into his mouth, searching and swirling. He reciprocated and they began to kiss hard.

He pulled the lamp from her hands and sat it on the nightstand, still kissing her. He pulled her close, pressing her tits into his chest. She pulled her head away from the kiss.

“Oh, Max, honey, we can’t,”, she whispered.

He moved his hand down to cup her breast. Her head fell back and he leaned in plant small kisses on her neck, trailing down to her cleavage. He grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it over her head. She didn’t resist, and he tossed it on the floor. She sat with her large, firm tits on display. She was watching Max. He smiled at her and pulled her into a hug.

“Yes, Ivy, we can.” He kissed her again and she kissed him back, her arms on his back. He pushed back and they were laying on the bed. He trailed his hand down her stomach and unsnapped the button on her shorts. Slowly he worked the zipper down.

Ivy moaned again. “Ahhh, so good.” Max smiled and stood up. He reached down and pulled her shorts of, then slowly slid her panties down. He could see the wet folds of her cunt now as her legs parted slightly. Perfect, he thought.

He dropped to his knees next to the bed, and moved forward slightly. He gripped her calves and pushed her legs up and apart slowly. Her pussy opened. Max could smell her womanly scent. It was different from Jenny’s, stronger and muskier. He leaned in and swiped his tongue along her cunt lips.

“Arghhh, oh, shit, ahhh.” His mom cried out. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She put her hands on his head and started to push it away. He grabbed her hands, holding them still. He licked her cunt lips harder, twisting his tongue over her wetness. toprak escort bayan He then plunged his togue inside her cunt. She arched her back and cried out. He continued to lick and thrust his tongue in her cunt. Her hands were no longer trying to push his head away; they were grinding his face into her cunt. He grabbed her ass cheeks as she thrashed on the bed.

“Oh, Max, oh. I’m going to come. Oh shit, unghhh.” She arched her body on the bed and her hips spasmed. She fell back down. Max licked her drenched pussy lips and stood up. His mom lay there, her legs splayed out, her tits heaving with her orgasm. Max’s face was wet with her juices. He saw his mom watching him through lidded eyes

He pulled his shirt off, then his shorts. His cock jutted free, bouncing with is heartbeat. His mom inhaled sharply.

“Oh, honey. Oh, god,” she said.

He grabbed his cock and jacked it. “Do you like this, mom?”

“Max, this is wrong, we can’t…”

He moved closer to the bed, not quite touching her outstretched legs. “Do you like my cock? Do you want my cock?” he asked.

She swallowed. “Max, I’m your mom. We shouldn’t do this,” she said, but her eyes never left his cock.

“Mom, your pussy says yes. It’s wet and open, just waiting for a hard cock.” He watched as she licked her lips and made the smallest nod. “Say it, Mom. Tell me to put my hard cock in your hot, wet pussy and fuck you!”

“Oh, Max, fuck me! Give me your cock,” she gasped. He leaned in and grabbed her calves, spreading them and moving them up and back. Her pussy was on the edge of the bed. He slowly pushed his cock towards her waiting pussy. When his cock touched her lips, she twitched, trying to shove it in.

“Ahh, slowly, Mom.”

“Give it to me, shove it in!” She wailed.

He thrust his cock forward. She cried out as his hardness slid easily between her slick cunt lips and slammed all the way in. She was not as tight as Jenny, he realized, but still enveloped his cock in its warm wet depths. He started to saw in and out as his mom fucked back at him. Her tits jiggled as she slammed in and out. He leaned forward and captured one with his mouth and began to twirl his tongue on the hard nipple.

“Hunh, uhhh, oh, fuck.” His mom moaned and put her arms around his back and clung to him.

Oh, God, she thought. I’m fucking my son! He’s pounding my pussy and it feels so good! Ohhhh.

Max grabbed her hips and began to push his hard cock in and out in a steady rhythm. He could sense she was close. “Fuck me, mom. Fuck my hard cock with your soft wet pussy. Come on, fuck your son’s cock, you slutty mom!” With that he began to pound his cock into her pussy.

Ivy’s orgasm slammed into her like a rocket. Her head flopped back and her mouth opened in a loud moan. Her pussy clutched at the hard cock ramming into her. She shivered and her legs spasmed, toes curling.

“Max, fuck me! I’m coming, I’m coming!” she cried loudly.

Max kept up his steady pace as his mom’s orgasm hit and passed. She was gasping loudly and thrashing her head left and right.

“Oh, baby, oh, god. Keep fucking me. So good, so hot.” Max sped up his pace.

His Mom cried out, “I’m coming! I’m coming again! Ahhh, fuckkk!”

“Fuck, Mom. I’m close. Close to coming in your dripping wet pussy.” He slammed into her and arched his back as his cock blasted into her pussy. Her pussy spasmed again and tightened around his cock.

“Oh, yes, so good.” she moaned as another orgasm shot through her body. Max collapsed onto his mom. She hugged him tight as his cock drained into her pussy.

“Oh, Max,” she said softly. “What have we done?”

“Well, mom, I fucked your tight, wet pussy,” Max said. “And I loved it! It sure seemed like you did, too, didn’t you?”

Ivy nodded into his chest. “Yes, it was so good. But we shouldn’t have, it’s so wrong.”

“Bullshit, Mom. You’re a hot woman with desires. I’m a teenager with needs. We satisfied each other. And we’ll do it again,” Max said.

“You rest now, take it easy.” Max massaged her shoulders and back. Slowly he pulled his cock from her pussy. He watched globs of his come slip from her wet pussy. His Mom moaned softly. He covered he with a blanket and kissed her cheek.

“Love you, Mom.”

“Hmmm, love you, too,” she murmured.

He picked up the lamp and went to his room.

In his bed, before he dropped off to sleep, he wondered what the next day would hold.

End Chapter 03

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