Matt , Lisa at School Ch. 06b

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(If you haven’t already, please read Matt and Lisa at School — Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6a. This will make much more sense if you do. There is also more detailed family background in A Family New Year’s Eve series and A Surprise Visit.)

Parents Weekend — Friday — Part 2

Margie put everything she felt about her Master, her lover, her fiancé into that kiss, knowing that she loved him enough to give a small part of him away. The way she’d seen Kathy looking at him earlier, there was no doubt there would be a blonde sister in the family by morning. “Are you gonna talk to Brian, Matt? See if he wants you to…you know…make Kathy like us?”

“You want me to, baby? You want her around…I know Brian sure wants a lot of time with you, honey.” Matt was playing with her — she knew it and laughed along with him.

“Actually,” she said with a very deep, throaty voice, “yeah, Matty…I would like her around, too.” Matt looked at his fiancée to see her blushing.

Matt smiled at his little Asian lover. “I’ll see what I can do, my love.” They kissed and he left her to talk with his cousin.

Matt found Brian with his mother — they were loading a variety of sushi on a plate to share while they caught up on family news. “Mom,” he said, “I need to borrow Brian for a couple minutes, okay? We’ll just take this…thanks!” He took the plate out of her hands and the two young men walked over to the bar to get a cold beer.

When they were comfortable and they’d both had a bite of fish, Matt started to speak. “You know it’s funny…you’re so much like my dad and I’m so much like yours.” Brian agreed with a long drink of beer. Matt gestured over towards Kathy. “She tell you what she wants, Bri? Do you think you can give it to her?”

“Dude,” he started defensively, “I love her so much…I want to give her everything she wants.” When Matt didn’t say anything, Brian continued. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I talked to Dad about it.” He held his head up, looking around. “He said it’s kind of like how your mom needs your dad and him…for different reasons. But the love…that’s real for them, huh?”

“Jeez, Brian,” Matt had to chuckle, “my parents always told us love comes from a bottomless well a long time before any of this started. My mom loves us all as much as she can.” Then his voice got soft and serious. “Brian, if I do this…make her like the others, she will love me as much as she loves you…as much as she loves Andy and my dad. It will be different, but she will love me and I will love her back, cuz.” Matt dipped another piece of sushi into the soy sauce and took a bite while Brian absorbed what his cousin said. Matt finished and moved closer to the tall red-headed young man. “No way I’m ever gonna do anything to hurt you cuz…you say no…it’s forgotten. If you say yes… it could be as quick as tonight.” Matt paused and then continued. “Brian, what did you think about the little show before the blowjob?”

“Dude, are you kidding? You are fucking the three hottest women of all time!”

Matt grinned. “Well, after tonight, I figure you’ll have fucked them all, too. But, think, cuz…” his voice got serious again, “did you picture Kathy standing there with them? Naked and exposed in front of a stranger? A black man, Bri? What does that do to you?”

“Uhm…I mean…” Brian was clearly flustered and Matt decided to end his confusion. He stepped close to his older cousin and slid his hand into Brian’s open zipper. He wrapped his fingers around his cousin’s hardening shaft and gave it a firm, loving squeeze.

Matt moved even closer and put his lips next to Brian’s ear. “I see, cuz…you know we’re all the same. If you need me to, I’ll suck your cock tomorrow night when I give her to a room of bald, black African studs.” He felt his cousin’s organ twitch in his hand before he withdrew it. “The whole ebony and ivory thing…so hot.”

Brian looked at his younger cousin, marveling at how self-assured he seemed at the age of eighteen. His dad had already told him that if Brian went to work for him, he would eventually split the company between the two cousins…equal partners with very different responsibilities. David said that the way it would work, though…it would look like Brian worked for Matt to the outside world. He’d already accepted that.

Looping his arm over Matt’s shoulder, Brian grinned at him, his eyes bright with excitement. “Fuck it, cuz…family is family…I couldn’t love all you guys more anyway. Just one thing, though,” his voice dropped down a notch, “Kathy told me she wants me to suck your dick for her…you cool with that? You really gonna suck my long shlong, too?”

Matt grinned and grabbed Brian’s crotch. “Only if you shave that red hair off, dude. That’s disgusting.” Matt pushed the sushi towards Brian. “Here, you eat this…I gotta go say something to Andy. His sister, you know…”

“Hey, Matt…one thing, cuz.” beşiktaş escort Matt turned back around to Brian. “Where did you find Margie, dude? I mean…Lisa and Kathy are both so hot…but Margie…she’s fuckin’ smokin’ dude.”

Matt grinned. “She was already my sister’s roommate, cuz. How lucky can one guy get?” Matt grabbed another beer and some tapas and found Andy still talking and flirting with Lisa.

Lisa moved over on the couch to make room for her younger brother. As soon as he put his plate and glass down, she slithered into his arms and they kissed each other deeply and passionately.

“Wow!” Andy exclaimed. “It’s like you guys haven’t seen each other for years! That’s so cool.”

Lisa turned back to the 5-year older version of her younger brother — it was still a little strange…but kind of exciting, too. “I just love him, Andy — can’t help it.” Lisa’s face was bright with her smile. “Just like you and Kathy, I’m sure. Anyway, I know I always will…but that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what they want, right?”

Andy and Matt both agreed. Matt put his arm on Andy’s shoulder and looked straight into his eyes. “Andy, do you feel the same way about Kathy?” he asked quietly. “I know she wants to explore her darker feelings. Brian’s okay with that…I mean, he knows I’m going to bring her in to our little circle…like Lisa and Margie..and my mom.” He paused to let his words sink in. “I just wanted you to know, bro.” Matt kissed his sister and got up off the couch.

Andy looked up at Matt, stopping him with a hand to the wrist before he walked away. “Listen, Matt…Brian and I already talked about it…we both love her so much, you know? Yeah, you got my blessing…give her what she really wants, dude.”

Matt smiled back, watching closely as his sister found Andy’s bigger-than-average cock and fished it out of his pants for a second time so far that evening. She had her dirty little schoolgirl expression on when she looked up at her younger brother. She cradled Andy’s sac in one hand and held his growing man-meat by the base with her other. “Mmmmh… he tasted so good before, Matty.” Lisa offered the swelling organ up to him. “Wanna taste for yourself, bro?”

Matt returned an evil grin to both Lisa and Andy. “I guess this is as close as I’ll ever come to sucking my own dick.” The eighteen year-old swooped down and took Andy’s cock, all the way down to Lisa’s hand, into his warm, sucking mouth. As he swirled his tongue around the ridge, he hummed the first four bars of La Marseillaise, the French National Anthem, all over Andy’s rock-hard cock. Smiling broadly as he let the hot flesh-pole slide out of his mouth, Matt looked at Andy’s totally mind-blown expression and said, “I always wanted someone to do that to me…how was I?” Matt and Lisa started giggling.

Not waiting for an answer, he left his sister to deal with Andy and he made his way back to where Kathy was talking with his parents. As he approached, Laurie stepped towards him and held out her open arms. “Come give your mother a kiss, Matty. This sexy young woman has your father and me all excited.” Matt’s lips found his mother’s and they kissed like they were still in the bedroom earlier. When he was through taking her breath away, Matt moved to Kathy and put his arm around her waist.

“So did Uncle Steve answer your questions, sweetie? Did you ask my mom why they all do this for me?” Matt used his free hand to casually stroke Kathy’s toned abs beneath her halter, slowly working his fingers upwards towards her firm, round breasts.

The twenty-one year-old blonde, blue-eyed college senior couldn’t keep her hands or her lips off of the young man’s flesh. Every word he said, every time his fingers moved across her, her pulse increased and her breathing got shallower. “They told me so much, Matt…they got me so hot waiting for you…your mom…she told me…if…” Kathy moaned as Matt pinched her pale pink nipples, ” unnnggghhh… Matty…it feels so good, baby…she said if you fuck me once, I’ll be yours forever.”

Matt plunged his tongue deep into Kathy’s hungry mouth as his hand moved down her trim torso. His long fingers worked their way under the top of her jeans and into her little panties, feeling her wetness seeping into the cotton.

“You wanna know why they do it? Why they’re my sluts, Kathy? Give me your hand, honey…let me show you.” Matt took her by the wrist and plunged her delicate hand past the waistband of his jeans until she felt the reality of him with her fingers.

“Oh my goodness…you’re so…God, Matty…I’ve never…” Kathy could hardly get the words out of her surprised mouth. Even soft, in his jeans, she couldn’t get her fingers around his girth.

Laurie giggled from behind the startled blonde. “Honey, you have no idea when you say ‘I never’ about anything that boy says or does. If you never have before, you beylikdüzü escort bayan will sooner than you think.” Laurie and Steven laughed gently at Kathy’s reaction to their son’s magnificent cock. Laurie looked at her boy. “Matt, honey…are you gonna do this?” Her eyes shifted back and forth between her handsome, sexy son and the All-American blonde proto-cheerleader that wanted to chain her life to his…to theirs…be a part of the dark desires that drove her family. Laurie looked at her boy and licked her lips in an unconscious show of her lust and desire.

Matt’s mind was made up the minute he saw her. Like his father, he’d never truly been attracted to blonde women. Not that both father and son didn’t appreciate them…heaven knows that there are too many hot, sexy blondes out there to conceive of. But both men always felt the allure of the darker, mysterious women to be stronger…more attuned to their particular tastes. But this particular blonde, she was something special. From their first moment together, Matt felt the heat rising off of her. Her intensely sexual physicality surpassed everything his parents and Uncle David had told him. “Oh man,” he thought to himself, “I’ve got to have her…complete the set. I wonder what she’s really in to…”

“You know what, Mom,” Matt pulled Kathy’s hand out of his pants and gave her a quick kiss, “I think I’ve talked to everybody about this but Kathy.” He slipped his long arm around her shoulders and drew her close. “Wanna go talk about this, Kath?” He drew her close and kissed her neck — her flesh was burning.

“Yes, Matt…please talk to me — tell me everything you want from me.” Her lips moved franticly over his face; she had never felt desire like this before. This was like the first time she sucked her brother’s cock, only this was a whole new level and she felt ready.

Matt walked by the large table and grabbed a joint and a lighter. He looked around the room and spotted his sister flirting on the couch with Kathy’s big brother. He caught her eye and she whispered something to Andy before joining Matt and Kathy. She walked straight into her brother’s arms and they kissed like they hadn’t seen each other for days. Finally Matt stepped back and Lisa whispered in his ear, “I think I’m going to make it a very memorable fuck for Andy, baby. He’s really nice.” Then she moved immediately to embrace the hot, sexy blonde. Their lips closed on each other’s and their tongues battled lovingly. Lisa let her hands drift all over Kathy’s firm, athletic body. She felt Kathy’s desire through her hot flesh and she knew her brother would find the perfect way to satisfy his newest slut.

Matt told Lisa to bring clean glasses, ice and bottles of water into the master bedroom, get it straightened up a little. Lisa did as requested and returned a few minutes later, telling him the room was ready. Matt told her if the door opened in about thirty minutes and they didn’t come out, she should come in with Margie and Laurie and Brian. Dad and Andy could come if they wanted to as well. With that, Matt led Kathy into the room and shut the door behind them.

He strolled over to the bed and arranged some pillows against the massive headboard. He turned around and smiled at the beautiful young woman. “Relax, hon. Why don’t you get comfortable…want me to turn the lights down a little?”

Kathy walked into his arms, desire written all over her face. She reached up and slipped her left hand behind his neck and her right arm wrapped around his trim waist. She pulled him close and kissed him like a horny teenager. She was all hot and sweaty and her nipples stuck out of her shirt. “Why aren’t you doing me already, huh, Matt?” He let her kiss continue — she was a great kisser — and then he pushed her away.

“Got plenty of time, Kath. Gotta relax and we have to talk a little first.” Matt took a long sip of ice water and then lit the joint he’d brought into the room. He inhaled and then passed it to the frustrated blonde. He let Kathy take a couple hits while he sat down and rested against the pillow pile. He watched her athletic body move around the bed and climb up on the other side. Her halter top and low-slung jeans highlighted her erotic posturing, displaying the sexy, trim tummy down to just an inch above her creamy slit. She took one more hit as she slithered over the silky covers and handed him the joint. Matt put it out in the ashtray and handed her a glass of water. She took a small sip, handed it back and settled against the pillows in the crook of his arm.

“You are so beautiful, Kathy…” Matt’s fingertips flipped up her little halter and exposed her breasts — her nipples were a beautiful dark pink and they looked like oversized pencil erasers poking up from the light pink flesh of her areola. “Why do you want to do this, hon? Brian loves you…you know he’ll give you anything he can. And bostancı escort bayan if you need something…I don’t know…dirtier…there’s always your brother and his friends.” Matt bent his head down and sucked her nipple between his lips.

Kathy moaned from deep in her gut as the young man, just a boy of eighteen, really… seemed to find just the right thing to do, at just the right time, to bind her even closer to him. “It’s you I want, Matt. I love Brian — I do! We all know that.” Matt let his teeth slide past his lips to take hold of the thick, rubbery flesh. “Uuunnnggh! Fuck, Matt. That feels so good, baby…” Matt’s skilled fingers popped the button over the tiny zipper in the front of her jeans. “And you know, after all this time, that I love sleeping with my big brother because I love him. And it’s fun to be dirty with him and his friends…but that’s it — that’s the problem.” Matt was exploring her smooth flesh with his fingertips. She had the same little puffy mound that his sister and his fiancée shared. “I want more than playing and having some fun.” The sweet-faced all-American cover girl grabbed his hand and shoved his finders deep into her wet hole. “I want to get seriously bad, Matt — David told me you were the one to get me there. He told me…oh fuck…” she felt his long fingers work there way under her pussy and poke at her ass hole, “he said you would treat me like…unngg…he treats…Laurie.”

Kathy exhaled loudly as Matt pulled his fingers out of her ass and eased the pressure on her hyper-extended nipple. He reached to his right and found the dope. He took a hit and then put it out without offering any to the young blonde at his side. He exhaled and then turned back to her.

“Sit up, Kathy…let’s make sure.” His voice changed subtly and he was now issuing commands, not making suggestions. Take my jeans off, baby. Make me feel good.”

Matt leaned back into the pillows and let himself feel totally fucking GREAT! He watched the foxy blonde remove her top — she really did have the same Perfect 10 tits that Lisa and Margie shared. When she pushed her tight jeans down her legs and kicked them off, she proved she was indeed as smooth as the rest of his sluts. He thought that if Margie and Lisa represented Penthouse and Playboy, then Kathy was Gallery’s Girl Next Door.

Naked and wet, Kathy knelt over her young lover, her knees straddling his hips as she ducked her head to his chest and licked his sensitive nipples before sliding down his torso, drawing dirty designs in his flesh with the tip of her tongue. Her pulse rate quickened as she got closer to his hips…her tongue tracing the faint muscle pattern cutting lower on his torso until she had his jeans in her hands and she was pulling then slowly down his legs.

She had felt him earlier when he’d stuffed her hand down his pants but nothing could have prepared her for what she saw. Just as it affected his mother, his sister and his fiancée before her, Kathy fell in love immediately with his magnificently thick, long eighteen year-old cock. His jeans were well below his hips and she had still not uncovered his large, mushroom-shaped head. “Oh my God, Matt…you really are…” She started licking his shaft as she pulled his jeans with a greater sense of urgency. When his full length was finally released from the tight confines of the black denim, the totally overwhelmed girl could do nothing but take his cockhead between her full pink lips and feel it come alive on her tongue as his hot blood surged to his sex and started to fill him up. Before she knew it, his expanding organ filled all the available space between her lips. She let him slide out and then finished pulling his jeans all the way off.

Kathy hopped back up next to the beautiful young man. “Matty, I’ve never seen anyone as big as you.” She sounded awe-struck as she cradled his heavy sac in her small hand. “Will you be patient with me while I learn how to please you?” Her other hand was stroking his thick shaft, moving slowly from base to tip. When a drop of pre-cum appeared she bent over without thinking and licked the sweet fluid into her mouth. Then she dropped her mouth over his thick cock-head and using her tongue to keep him slick, she worked him through her mouth and into her relaxed throat. Matt could feel his cock going deep into her and he instantly recognized the “swallowing” technique as his mom’s.

Letting her swallow his cock for a minute of two, Matt took another hit and relaxed against the headboard, enjoying the exquisite blowjob Kathy was giving him. After he exhaled, he drew her back up so they could talk. The sexy little blonde curled her body into his…she was the same size and shape as Lisa and Margie and she fit into him just as comfortably. He leaned down and they kissed like excited teenagers for a minute. “My mom taught you how to do that, didn’t she?” he asked her while his fingers explored her.

“Mmmm hmmm,” she moaned affirmatively into Matt’s neck. “She showed me how on Brian and your dad. It was so much fun learning.” Kathy giggled as Matt’s fingertip found the puckered bud of her anus. “When she told me to get a foot-long jelly dildo to practice on, I thought she was kidding. I’m glad I listened to her Matty.” She gasped as Matt buried his middle finger in her ass and started fucking her with it.

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