Masturbate Fantasy #130

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Journal entry June 24th.

Thursday evening. Finally closed the deal on downtown duplex. Should realize an excellent commission. Holly’s returning to the university on Sunday. Haven’t found the right time or moment to talk with Karen about intimacy with Holly. Oh well. Wifey is cuddled and sound asleep. She’s calm now after a hectic, week long business trip. Blah, blah, blah…

Close this for now. Bring me some nice dreams.


In a familiar dream setting. The dense jungle is steamy and humid. The lush vegetation wet with dew. Inside a grass hut, I am naked, wrists and ankles tethered with strips of rawhide onto a large, bamboo X frame. Mmm, nice dreams indeed! The entry, hide covered door flaps open and she enters. Her hazel-green eyes bore into my nakedness and my cock stirs.

“Well. What do we have here?” The succubus throatily asks. Her leopard skin bikini barely covers her charms. Reaching behind, she unties the strap, her pendulous breasts capped with turgid, mahogany nipples. Of its own volition, my prick surges upward.

I smell a fragrant, woody incense and gaze into hypnotic eyes. She is stunning and moves closer. She’s inside my head, probing the pressure points of my sexuality and thoughts.

“You’re hard. Love the shape of your cock. Would you like me to suck you? Feel my wet tongue licking your balls?”

“Oh yes. Please.” I croak desperately. Her hand creeps under the tiny breechcloth, touching herself. I feel ethereal, ghostlike fingers pulling the skin of my erection. Stroking. She giggles. Teased to the limit, I strain against the binding, pushing my aching prick towards her.

“What do you expect under this covering? A shaved cunt? A bulging hardon to pleasure with your sissy mouth? I can visualize your fantasies. Desire for fellatio.” The cloth is quickly gone, revealing pouty cuntal folds and a tuft of bright red hair. Fingers tip-toe through the curls and zero in on the mark.

“Oh-h-hh-hh-hh!” kartal escort The succubus moans.


Pressed into the mattress, I writhe imitating a fucking motion and waken to the sighing.

“Oh-h-hh-hh-hh!” The moan is soft and distant but real. With urgency, I reach for my wife only to find rumpled, empty sheets. A glance at the pesky digital clock says 2:13. I quickly rise and walk along the deep carpeted hallway. Holly’s bedroom door is open a foot or so. Another soft sigh emanates from within and I, of course, stealthily move inside.

Atop the maple dresser, two candles reflect against the vanity mirror, softly illuminating the scene which takes my breath away. Eyes closed, my wife is sprawled nude with Holly’s face glued to the juncture of her thighs. Karen’s breasts are heaving rapturously, fingers tangled in our daughter’s tresses.

“Ohh. Babydoll yes. Eat me.” Holly’s slim, tanned torso stretches along the comforter. She’s wearing a skimpy pair of polka dotted panties, half wedged into her asscrack revealing a gorgeous alabaster derriere. The voyeur’s mouth is dry and prick understandably bulging.

“Lick me. Yes. Right there.” Holly’s metronome like tongue deliberately taps and licks between mother’s sensitive peehole and the underside of her thimble sized clitoris. Karen is climbing the ladder of ecstasy.

“Mmm. Babydoll yes. Suck it now.” Pursed, saliva coated lips capture the swollen pearl, avidly suctioning the miniature penis.

“Don’t stop! Holl-ll-ll-ll-eeeeeeeeeeeeee!” She shrieks, undulating her hips forcefully against the mouth, attaining a magnificent orgasm. Every sinew stiffens. Head thrown back, jugular pulsing, Karen writhes under daughter’s intense suckling. Loud moans decorate the feminine room.

Witnessing the lovely scene, I resist the urge to touch my aching cock lest I ejaculate. Karen’s legs violently clamp and she giggles kurtköy escort joyously, pulling Holly’s face away.

“Oh. Stop now. You bad girl. Too…too sensitive!” I know that feeling my wife has. Can’t touch her clit for at least 5 minutes. Holly wriggles up her side, lapping at a crinkled areola. Red lacquered fingernails rake along Karen’s breasts and flat tummy.

Karen sighs, “Mmm babydoll. You send me…ohh. Whew.”

“I love your tangy taste Mommy.” Truthfully said, my wife’s sexy froth glistening on Holly’s face and chin. Formerly lost in their quality lovemaking, my sweet daughter spies me and winks coquettishly.

“Umm. Mommy. We have a visitor.”

“Hmm? What?” She glances in my direction, “Oh. It’s you.”

“Gee Daddy, I think you’re going to rip your shorts.” Holly giggles at the evident boner. Karen is quickly near, kissing my mouth and face.

“Our daughter is quite the sexual being. Isn’t she? Holly told about you and the fun shared during my absence.” I felt somewhat guilty but overall pleased that it had come out. No pun intended.

“Now…I want you to fuck Holly. And I’m going to watch.” I shivered in delight.

“Holly, be a dear and take off your father’s boxer’s before he really does rip them.” I am nude in seconds with Holly’s warm fingers wrapped around my cock.

“Ooo. Mommy, he’s leaking.”

“Because he desires you.” As if producing a porn movie, Karen moves and directs us. Slipping off Holly’s moist panties, she fluffs up the pillows and arranges our girl in the bed’s middle. Wordlessly I follow and kneel between smooth open thighs. Karen lovingly caresses her mons area.

“Such a pretty flower!” Wifey lewdly grasps the red-tipped phallus and guides me inside the succulent wetness of my daughter’s quim. Easing past wafer thin inner lips and into her moist, velvety vagina. Aggressively, I grab the backs of Holly’s knees, opening her pendik escort wider and bury my full manhood.

“Oh Daddy! Big cock oh yess-s. Stretch me. Fuck me. Yes.” It’s an additional thrill knowing Karen is watching and I begin to saw my rampaging hardon in and out my daughter’s lubed tunnel. Holly constricts her pussy muscles causing mutual gasps.

Passion ignited, we fuck and rut like animals. Releasing the hold, Holly’s ankles wrap around my hips. The cock to cunt connection tight and sensual. Settling into a marvelous rhythm, our flesh slaps noisily. Her eyes are half closed, her nails gripping my biceps. We screw with total blood pounding abandonment, perspiring raggedly.

“Mmm. Daddy…yes.” I quickly glance towards Karen with two fingers squelching in and out her wet pussy.

“Fuck her good Daddy.” She rasps. Aroused for so long, my balls are full and tight. So near the edge and consuming peak.

“Can’t. Hold. Back…” I gasp. Wifey’s warm palm caresses a flexing ass cheek, her finger tickling my pucker.

“Give her your seed!” And I do. My cock explodes, shooting a volley a thick, cream into my daughter’s tight passage. Pistoning through glorious waves of pleasure, I ram deeper and harder almost bruising her tender labial folds. Stars waver under closed eyelids, releasing copious amounts of sperm.

“Oh Daddy! I. Ngh…ngh…ngh!” My sweet Holly is cumming also. We rock together capturing every ecstatic ounce and satisfying our lust completely. Groaning and sighing I empty my balls, my soul into her until crumpled by exertion we collapse.

“Such a beautiful sight.” Karen remarks.


Just before dawn, I awaken and blissfully empty an aching bladder. Karen lays under the sheets and I smile at her sleepy figure. Movement at the door. Holly is wearing a short, faded yellow tee shirt. Perky nipples and no undies.

“Daddy.” She whispers, motioning me towards the doorway. She grabs my hand and leads us down the short hallway. Inside her bedroom, Holly closes the door silently and removes the tee. She presses her silky smooth skin against me.

“I…uh woke up horny Daddy. I need your cock.” My head is spinning. Petite, knowing fingers fondle my balls and cock.

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