Massage: the Non-Sex Sex

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It had been a hot humid day here and riding around in the car all day didn’t help much either. Shelly was driving and I went along for the ride, she wanted someone to talk to, something had been on her mind. But so far she wasn’t talking about it, we just joked around saw some of her friends and had a few beers. We pulled up to her apartment and raced in to the coolness of air conditioning. Damn it felt good, she went and did her thing, whatever that was, and I lay back on the couch and closed my eyes.

I felt someone grabbing my arm and shaking me, wake up Tom, come on get up, I need my back massaged. I told her first things first, fire up the bong bitch. So we each took a couple hits and I laid a blanket on the floor and got out the magic massage oil. There was nothing between us just friends, she didn’t trust very many people and I had been working hard to gain her trust. For her to trust as she did now meant so much more then a sexual relationship. Most guys wanted sex from her, women just wanted her gone. I had gained her trust, this was why I was able to give her massages, both of us got something out it and this worked quite well.

She had put on some shorts and t-shirt no panties or bra, made it easier to give her a full massage without the extra clothes. I pulled her shirt up as she lay there just relaxing, eyes closed, lost in her own thoughts and dreams. As my fingers touched her skin I could feel the muscles start to relax instantly. There was something different today, wasn’t sure what but I had this strange but good feeling deep inside. As my fingers slowly moved up her back and around the sides of neck I noticed this bahis firmaları cute smile on her lips, kind of sexy actually. I started getting this feeling and I wasn’t supposed to feel this for Shelly, we were just friends, but today I felt closer to her then ever before.

As her skin moved beneath my fingers I felt a tenderness I hadn’t felt before, a look in her eyes I hadn’t seen, her lips were wet and I almost bent to kiss her before I could stop myself. Damn that was close; it would have ruined everything I worked so hard for these past few months. My hands ran softly, smoothly along her back then down her side, my fingers touching the outside of her breast, I felt her breathing get a little faster. She stands up, “break time”, I could see that I had excited her and she was nervous now. She disappeared into her room and I slipped into the bathroom to drown in some “cold” water. I needed to get this back under control.

She lay on the blanket tank top and shorts, that’s ok I told myself, she trusted me this much to lay there like that and I wasn’t going to let her down. This time I began on her firm tender ass rubbing the oil between my hands to warm it before massaging that soft ass. Her skin had never felt this good before and I was going to savor every moment. As I came to her thighs I used both hands one on the outside the other inside, that was so smooth, like silk. My fingers moved slowly down her thigh to her ankles, at first I just went from her thighs down one leg then the other. Now I switched and went from the ankle to the upper most part of her thigh, as I got closer I felt my fingers stretch, reaching for the center, the kaçak iddaa wetness I know she must be feeling by now. I could feel the anticipation in her body as my fingers came within ¼ inch of her hot wet pussy, then retreating to her ankles and back up again. Each time just a little bit closer, I could feel the heat coming from her, her breaths were deeper, longer, her body moved to my touch. Slowly my fingers reached towards the hot wetness then feeling her juices on the tips of my fingers and slowly moving away, tracing the inside of her thighs with her hot juices.

This was like having sex without the actual sexual touching. I could feel my cock getting harder beneath my shorts, breathing heavier and deeper. Still maintaining our distance. Shelly started making quiet passionate sounds, her body starting to flow with my touch. Coming close to sliding my fingers between those wet silky lips between her soft thighs, but stopping short each time.

Moving to straddle over her ass I began working her back up to her neck. Now just using the tips of my fingers massaging softly around the sides of neck up behind her ears, then up the nape of her tender neck. Repeating these movements and working on her cheeks, tracing my fingers over her lips, feeling a slight kiss on my fingers a couple of times. Tracing around her ears, eyes, nose and lips, once feeling her tongue run along my finger as I traced her lips. The softness of her skin was like the feeling of wearing silk boxer shorts, softly rubbing against my cock as I walk down the street.

I could feel her squeezing her tender ass against my hardening cock as I slid my fingers down her kaçak bahis side reaching for her breast only rubbing the sides feeling the softness of them as my fingers massaged each one then move slowly down. After doing this action for several more times she asked me to massage her front. I was honest and told Shelly I hadn’t massaged anybody’s front before. I shyly asked about how I would massage her breast and that I might do something wrong. Shelly just said if I did something wrong, I would know about it for sure. This comment of mine almost ruined the whole massage as I could tell from her voice, so I started right away.

Rubbing her shoulders, squeezing them gently and moving down her arm to her tender fingers, rubbing each one separately then her palm up her arm and back again. After both arms and hands I started on her chest, some how never really feeling sexual, but just being able to relax her with out that threat but still feeling sexual. This was turning out to be the best non-sex sex I ever had, this was the first time. I had moved to her shaven mound and rubbed her with just a steady pressure all around never actually touching her lips but still feeling the wetness flowing from her openly down the crack of hot ass.
It seems that at the same moment we realized this should stop here, it was getting too dangerous, too close, and too comfortable. She just jumps up and says, “ All better now, you better leave”. Part of me wanted to grab her and kiss her gently, softly all around her lips, run my tongue over her lips and slide inside her mouth with our lips sealing around one another. Do it Tom, just do it!

As I closed the door behind me I felt like I was smiling so damn wide my teeth had dried out. I had never felt like this before or since, knowing that something different, special had happened but it wasn’t sexual, but spiritual.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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