Massage and Sex Ch. 03

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It was a boring day at work with little to keep my mind busy. This is not a good thing as it usually results in erotic thoughts going through my mind about me and my fiancée.

My fiancée is as beautiful as she is sexy. She is around 5 feet 9 inches tall. She has short blonde hair which has natural curls. She has wonderful eyes and lips I just want to kiss all the time. She has a great bust that any girl would be happy with, at a 40FF I certainly have no complaints! They are firm enough to stay put even without a bra but lovely and soft to play with when she lets me. She has a round tummy but it’s not a defining feature. Her bust more than covers her tummy and with a sheer drop top on. She has a great set of hips and I just love to grab a hold whenever I get a chance. Her hips are wider than her waist and she has a beautiful hour glass shape to her body. Her thighs are exquisitely sexy. They are soft and smooth like a baby’s skin.

I had been sending my fiancée messages while at work, how beautiful she was and how I wanted to make love to her once I got home.

Once I got home she was already in kitchen getting tea ready for us. I put kettle on and stood in front of her and reached down to play with her mound, finding it and giving it a little jiggle she pulled back saying “down boy, later”. I made us some cups of tea and tea was almost ready. I could not resist and as she was dishing up the meal pulled in close behind her and wrapped my hands around her tummy only to be greeted with “I got hot stuff here!” I replied “not as hot as what I’m holding”. She giggled and I let her go. I was semi hard at the time and I’m sure she would have felt my cock resting between her bahis firmaları ass cheeks as she only had leggings on.

We sat and ate our meal in the living room with TV on. After which my fiancée headed for the bedroom as she usually does and I stayed downstairs for a bit as had few things to do on the computer. I send my emails and checks on few forums that I monitor and put some music on an SD card ready to put in car for my drive to work in morning.

I head upstairs after shutting down the computer and turning off all the lights.

I find my fiancée on the bed watching some strange youtube video about opening an ebay mystery box. I strip to boxers and t-shirt and sit on my side of the bed and open one of the games on my phone and start playing. By this time her video had finished and she is now leaning towards me and asks “so what’s you plan now” while at same time running one of her finger nails over the tip of my cock through my boxers which has my cock stirring very quickly. Putting my phone down on bedside cabinet and looking across to be greeted with a view of her strappy top struggling to keep her large breasts covered which stirs my cock even more.

She turns and says “gis us a massage then” and gets up stripping off her strappy top and leggings revealing her beautiful plus size body. She lays face down across width of the bed and grabs my phone from side and starts playing around online. This is normal for her as my phone much larger than hers. This time she decided to have powder rather than oil massage. Either way is fine for me as I get my hands all over her body. I sit straddled her left leg and shake some powder all over her back and ass. I begin kaçak iddaa to rub the powder all over her ass at first, I love to play with her ass. After rubbing in the powder then I move up her back and shoulders and occasionally moving back do to her amazing ass. I keep this up for about half hour or so. After which I get off her and sit next to her so can rub down the backs of her legs. She likes it bit vigorous on back of her legs.

After bit of time on her legs I gently suggest for her to turn over by sliding my hands further and further up between her legs to reach her pussy. I rarely reach as her thick thighs make it difficult but I love jiggling her thighs which is a turn on for me.

She turns over but onto her side and says “spoons?” It didn’t take me long to remove my boxers by which time my cock was rock hard. I nestled in behind her and she guided my cock into her tight pussy. It was very tight at first but slowly it went in. I thrust my 9-inch-long cock into her as far as I could push it, only her ample butt prevented me getting ball deep. I love the feel of her ass against my balls and stomach. Her soft warm skin feels good on my skin. With every thrust into her there is a small ripple up her thigh and across her hip that stops at her waist. This is turning me on even more and I stop thrusting a few times to prevent myself from cumming inside her.

While I’m thrusting, she is rubbing her clit and running her nails on the underside of my cock. With every thrust her nail rubs the length of my cock, it feels good. We decide to work with a toy as well, so I take a vibe from the drawer and hand it to her. She turns it on and puts it on the underside of my cock which kaçak bahis is inside her to tease me before moving it up to her clit. Now with every thrust it is sounding a little wet and making squelching sounds which is pushing my closer to the edge. I start to roll one of her nipples between my thumb and finger which seems to make her moan a little. It is not long before she reaches her climax from the toy on her clit.

I am quite close at this point and pick up the pace as well as the force behind each thrust into her tight wet pussy. Now I am holding onto her hip and pulling it down onto my cock as I thrust up into her making a clapping sound as my body slams into her round ass followed by a slight squelching sound as my cock withdraws ready for next thrust. Every thrust at this point felt like the tip of my cock was going to explode with pleasure and a few thrusts later it did! I filled her pussy with five strong streams of my cum, with each pulse of my cock I involuntarily tensed up my stomach muscles causing me to cuddle in closer to her back.

We lay there for a few minutes knackered but satisfied. I am enjoying the warm of her body against mine and with the sight of her ass against my body it seems my cock is not ready to go limp yet. I break away from her and as she lifts her leg to allow my cock to leave her now blood red swollen pussy a large amount of my seed runs out her pussy across her inner thigh and down her ass. My pulses must have been strong as It’s been a while since I’d seen so much of my seed come from her. Tissues are always close at hand when we make love and most was caught by a tissue before reaching the bed cloths.

My fiancée is a wonderful BBW. She has such an amazing body but she has a beautiful soul too. A wicked sense of humour which is very warped and a mind that is so polluted at times!

She is mine and nothing or no one will break our bond!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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