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Ingrid gathered up her mail from the box and began looking through the stack. There was a lot today, she sifted through it, no foreign postmarks so no friendly letters from home, just work. A fancy envelope caught her eye. The envelope was made from a heavy linen paper, her name and addressed were actually embossed in gold on the front. It looked like a wedding invitation. She could not think of anyone that she knew that was getting married, strange. There was no return address on the front so she flipped it over to see the back. The envelope was sealed with a real wax seal and the initials were done in a flowing script that she did not recognize and realized after a moment that she could not even read. Intrigue she went inside and set the other mail aside on the hall table. She slit the envelope open across the top so as not to break the seal. She pulled out a heavy linen card that completely filled the envelope. It was, indeed, an invitation a very personalized one, it said:

Ingrid You are cordially invited to a masquerade ball on the 31st of July of the year 2002. A limousine will arrive promptly at your door at 8pm on the 31st to pick you up. Your costume has been selected for you and should be arriving shortly. It is yours to keep after the ball, a memento of the event. I am looking forward to your attendance.

Just like the envelope the letters were embossed in gold. It was signed with three initials in the same flowing script as the seal and just as unreadable, still they did look vaguely familiar. She turned it over looking for a hint of who may have sent it, but there was nothing else. She sat down and studied it again, double checked inside the envelope and studied the mysterious seal on the back for clues. She was baffled and excited, filled with a sense of nervous anticipation. Who sent it? Where would she be going? How could she possible wait for till the end of the week for this party?

The next day Ingrid sat at the window waiting for the mail to arrive. But the postman came and went leaving only mail, no packages today. Later in the afternoon her doorbell rang, she rushed to the door and paused a moment to get herself under control. She opened it and there stood the UPS man a large package in hand. She quickly signed for and took the package from him. Unmindful of the appreciative look he had given her. She looked the box over. This had to be the one, once again her name and address were embossed in gold on the paper wrapping and there was a wax seal on either end where the paper was folded together. The same undecipherable seal had been used on this package.

She took it into the kitchen and carefully cut the paper open leaving the seals intact. Inside was a sturdy, white cardboard box. Inside was a soft black leather dress, very short and revealing that tied up the front, followed by a black corset, with matching garters, g- string and black stockings and two more boxes. Ingrid pulled out the first box, inside were a pair of black open toed high-heeled shoes the kind that laced around the legs with 3″ spiked heels. She took out the other box, inside was a magnificent blue, yellow and green-feathered mask. She sat in a kitchen chair, stunned for a moment. Then she gathered the boxes together and went to the bedroom. Everything fit perfectly, she could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy growing wet as she stared in the mirror, every contour of her sexy body outlined in soft supple leather. She twitched her hips and breasts and imagined what effect she would have on the men at this party. She grinned at her reflection. After all she was even turning her self on. In fact her hand was slipping up underneath the hem of the short dress without thinking. She watched her reflection in fascination, her hand slipping underneath and gently rubbing her pussy through the soft leather of the g-string. Her other hand massaging her breast through dress, she groaned loud her finger shoving the g-string to one side finger-fucking herself as she watched. She collapsed back on to her bed, squeezing her breast hard her finger moving faster and faster across her wet lips, rubbing her clit and fucking in and hot of her hot pussy. She came fast and hard, screaming out, her body writhing on the bed as her orgasm swept over her.

She relaxed in the pleasant afterglow. What had come over her? Perhaps it had been a little long since she had had a good time with someone. She suspected that just might end on Friday night. The rest of the week was difficult to get through, feathered masks and leather outfits began to creep into her paintings and sketches, it was difficult to concentrate. Every time she thought about Friday night she became aroused. She resisted putting the costume on again, instead leaving it spread out across one of the chairs in her bedroom. She found herself running her hands over the soft leather every now and again and several times found the costume in her hands ready to slide it on, she could not even remember picking it up. Each time she was able to control herself and set it back down.

She bahis firmaları wanted to call Angie at the gallery to check on her paintings but what she really wanted was to know if Angie had been invited to the same party. She resisted calling and then on Thursday went down to the gallery at lunch and chatted with Angie for a while in her office. While they discussed business and ate in the small break room Ingrid spotted an invitation just like hers partially hidden under some papers on the desk. Her heart thumped hard trying to imagine what Angie had received for her costume. She didn’t ask and kept it to herself that she had seen Angie’s invitation. She hurried home declining Angie’s dinner invitation. As she wandered home she wondered who else might have been invited to the mysterious ball.

Friday morning Ingrid could not concentrate on anything, the morning dragging by. She tried to paint but the empty canvas stared back her, mocking her attempt. She tried to read but 50 pages later realized that she had no idea what she had just read. She fixed a light lunch and tried to work at the computer but had no better luck and spent hours aimlessly surfing through the web, her mind more intent on discovering who was putting on this mysterious party. At 2 o’clock she decided to begin preparing herself. She ran a luxurious hot bath, a bit of pre-bath oil, and lots of suds. She lit some candles, turned out the lights and let the hot water ease her tensions. It seemed like hours later she left the sanctity of the hot water and began other preparations. She shaved her legs and other more secret areas as she sat on the edge of the tub. She decided to wear her hair up and piled it high on her head. A small amount of makeup to bring out her eyes and lipstick to accentuate her sensual mouth, a small spritz of her favorite perfume and she was ready to dress.

She enjoyed the sensual feel of the soft leather against her skin as she pulled on the corset and g-string. The silk stockings felt marvelous against her smooth legs as she rolled them up attaching them to the black garter belt. She slipped the dress on and laced it up the front leaving it slightly open so the lace of her corset could just be seen underneath. Finally she put on the feathered mask and she was ready. She looked in the mirror, she was pleased with her incredibly sexy reflection, she hardly recognized herself.

Precisely at 8pm a limousine arrived at her house. A masked chauffeur climbed out and opened the back door for her as she hurried from the house. She didn’t recognize him or the car as she seated herself alone in the back. The chauffeur got in and they were off. It took about an hour to get there and they were quickly in a portion of New York that she was not familiar with. She waited with nervous anticipation in the back of the limo as the driver turned into the long curving driveway of a good-sized mansion. He stopped the limo, got out and came around to open her door.

She stood and self-consciously pulled her the short hem of her dress down as the chauffeur gave her an appreciative stare. She walked slowly up to the front door and was just preparing to ring the doorbell when the door opened on its own. A costumed man ushered her inside. He wore a rakish hat, dark clothes and a black cloak, a red scarf covered the lower half of his face and a white mask covered the rest.

“Good evening, welcome to my little party” he said. His voice sounded oddly distorted but vaguely familiar. Ingrid was sure she knew him put she had certainly never been to this place before. “You are my special guest this evening, please come in and enjoy yourself.” She thought that he was smiling under the scarf that hid his mouth.

“Thank you for the invitation, but could you tell me more? Everything has been so mysterious,” she asked quietly.

“Ah, all will be revealed as the evening progresses,” he replied as he ushered her in the door closing it behind her. “This way please.” He motioned for her to follow him. She could hear the sound of music and laughter coming from down the hallway as she followed him. He led her to a good-sized ballroom. A band was set-up and playing at one end, the entire group dressed up as pirates. Opposite the band was a huge buffet table, the servers dressed as zombies. She smiled at the somewhat macabre humor of that. There were perhaps a dozen or so tables setup near the buffet tables and the rest of the room was given over to the dance floor. A few people were sitting at the tables, chatting and eating as they watched the dancers. The dance floor was awash in a sea of costumes and brightly colored masks. Couples dancing eagerly to the heady dance beat of the pirate band. On either end of the stage were two tall birdcages, in each one a go-go dancer bumped and grinded to the beat of the music. Their skimpy outfits were very revealing and Ingrid could feel her body responding to the wild show.

“May I have this first dance?” the cloaked man asked.

“Of course,” she replied

They moved to the dance floor and joined the throng kaçak iddaa of people already there. The first dance ended and the cloaked man bowed low to her. “Excuse me for now, while I attend to my other guests,” he said. “Please have a good time.”

Even as he turned away and left the dance floor another man was asking her to dance. She smiled and nodded. She felt like she had danced with every man there. As one song ended another would introduce him self so she kept on moving to the beat of the music. She was very excited, her nipples were like hard rocks and could just been seen through her leather dress, she could feel the wet lips of her pussy held firmly by the leather g-string. Occasionally a male dancer would grind his hard cock against her pussy while they danced or reach a hand and squeeze her almost naked ass or brush a hand across her hard sensitive nipples. It never went farther than that and she smiled at each one and kept right on dancing.

At one point a woman danced with her, they were surrounded by a number of males shouting encouragement as Ingrid and the other woman almost made love on the dance floor, breast to breast, pussies grinding, hands roaming up and down each other’s body. She almost came as the other woman thrust her pelvis hard against Ingrid’s. After that dance she moved off the floor to watch a bit and catch her breath.

She felt someone come up behind her and she turned her head and saw the cloaked man there.”I really enjoyed your last dance,” he said.

“So did I.”

She started to turn to face him but he took her by the hips and held her in place instead. He pressed hard against her and she could feel his rigid shaft pressed into the valley of her ass.

“You are a very exciting dancer,” he said. Ingrid could not reply, one of his hands had slipped underneath her short dress and was rubbing her pussy through the g-string. She could only groan in reply, she was excited, her nipples became even harder as his hand rubbed her clit through the leather. She shoved her ass back against the rigid cock wishing it were fucking into her. His hand slipped underneath the tiny g-string and his other fondled her ass. She reached behind her with one hand and rubbed his hard shaft. His hand moved under hers and unzipped his pants and soon she was stroking the naked throbbing cock.

Before she could react he had forced her g-string to one side and the head of his pulsing cock was lodged in the entrance to her tight pussy. Her eyes widened in surprise and she stifled a gasp as his cock charged hard into her pussy.

“Oh, my godddd, yes, fuck me now, fuck me hard,” she whispered. He did, with one hand on her hip and the other sliding up and down her hot slit he ran his rigid cock in and out of her hot pussy as she watched the dancers on the floor. She hadn’t realized how hot and needy she was until that hard prick was sliding in and hot of her juicy pussy. It was hard and it was fast, her orgasm raced over her like a tidal wave, she bit her lip to keep from crying out. As she came she squeezed the iron shaft inside her hard, milking it and was rewarded with the feel of it pulsing and throbbing inside her shoot jet after jet of hot cum into her cunt.

They stood there a moment stunned by the sudden powerful orgasms they had experienced. No one on the dance floor had seemed to notice as they continued to gyrate to the band’s music. Without any words the cloaked man led Ingrid to a bathroom across the hall. She cleaned herself up as best she could and took the time to relax and try to get her body under control. She went back to the ballroom but the cloaked man was nowhere to be seen. Ingrid took a little break getting some fun and enjoying the fine wine that had been provided. She good feel herself becoming aroused again as she gazed at the dancers. When she was done eating it was only moments before she was asked to dance again.

It was much the same as before only the dancing was even closer and dirty than before. Hard cocks were being ground against her pussy and her ass with almost every dance. Hands were constantly exploring her body and she in turn was responding, she could feel the ache for a hard cock building deep inside her. She danced with more women this time, one she was sure was Angie. Each time they ground against each other she felt like she was close to orgasm. After that dance she saw the cloaked man again, he was beckoning to her and she was immediately drawn to him remembering the feel of his throbbing cock inside her.

“I have something to show you,” he whispered. She only nodded and followed him off the floor. They left the ballroom and entered another room on the same floor. Inside was a massive bed big enough for at least four people. Her heart jumped and she felt her nipples harden at the sight. He closed the door behind them. Before she could react he took her arms and brought them behind her back bind her wrists with some kind of soft leather.

“Now its time for the real party to start,” he whispered.He pushed her to the bed making her sit down kaçak bahis on the edge. “Okay, she is all yours,” she heard him say.

She saw a woman come from the dark corner of the room. She was short petite and very familiar looking even in the leather outfit she was wearing her face covered with a tight fitting black silk mask. She came to Ingrid and slowly raised the hem of Ingrid’s dress exposing her g-string covered pussy. The woman moved it aside and Ingrid gasped as the woman’s tongue licked up and down her wet slit. The woman’s hands came up and explored Ingrid’s body slowly unlacing the front of the dress even has her tongue worked magic across Ingrid’s hot throbbing pussy. Ingrid’s dress was soon unlaced and the hands had slipped to her breasts pinching and tweaking Ingrid’s hard nipples through the black corset. Ingrid cried out in pleasure as the tongue and lips sucked her clit hard.

The cloaked man moved behind her on the bed and started unlacing the corset, soon his hands were roaming up and down her exposed back slipping the corset down, his hands joining the woman’s in fondling and playing with Ingrid’s breasts. The woman moved one hand down and was soon finger-fucking Ingrid even as her tongue continued its relentless assault on Ingrid’s throbbing clit. Ingrid strained against the leather binding her wrists as she thrust her pussy harder against the woman’s mouth. She shouted out as her body exploded in a massive orgasm. The tremors seemingly to go forever as the woman eagerly lapped up the juice from Ingrid’s pussy.

“Ingrid, roll over and get on your knees,” the man whispered the passion and lust heavy in his voice. She did as she was told, although it was difficult with her hands bound behind her. She raised her ass high in the air with her face and breasts pressed firmly against the bed.

“No lift your head Ingrid,” he said. Confused, she raised her head up and saw the masked woman naked from the waist down sliding on to the bed positioning her own wet cunt for Ingrid to lick. She guided Ingrid’s head to her cunt and Ingrid’s tongue eagerly flicked out to taste the masked woman’s pussy. Behind her she could hear clothes dropping to the floor and soon she felt the cloaked man’s naked cock pressed against her ass. He slid it underneath letting her slick juices lubricate his shaft as he slid it between her wet pussy lips. He ground the head against her clit making her jump and shove her ass back at him.

She lifted her head, “Please fuck me now, I need you so bad, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee!”

She was rewarded she felt the throbbing shaft at her cunt and then was suddenly filled as he thrust his hips forward driving the rigid shaft deep inside her tight pussy. She cried out again and then lowered her head eager to taste the masked woman’s pussy on her tongue. She licked and thrust for all she was worth, feeling the masked woman thrusting her hips up to meet her tongue even as the hard cock continued to spear her running in and out of her hot pussy. She squeezed down on it trying to trap it inside her but her slick pussy betrayed her each time letting the big invader escape only to have it pound into her again his balls slapping against her ass.

The masked woman moved turning around crawling underneath Ingrid bringing her face to Ingrid’s pussy and the cock slipping in and out of it. Ingrid groaned deep in her chest as she thrilled to the dual action of the woman’s tongue licking up and down her hot slit even as the throbbing cock thrust in and out of her tight passage. She returned her attentions to masked woman’s cunt. Seeking out and finding the hard throbbing clit nestled between the wet lips. She teased it with her tongue and felt the woman thrusting her hips up into Ingrid’s face. Ingrid sucked hard on the clit and the woman’s hand snaked out holding Ingrid’s face to her cunt thrusting it against Ingrid’s tongue as a massive orgasm raced through her body. The masked woman collapsed back on to the bed releasing Ingrid’s head.

Behind her the cock was still thrusting and throbbing in her cunt. Ingrid cried out as the man reached his hands underneath her. His hands cupping her breasts letting the throbbing nipples poke between his fingers so he could pinch and squeeze them. She milked his cock with her pussy and felt him pick up the pace. His hips moving at a frightening pace now, she felt the tension building in her body rapidly reaching that delicious point of no return. She squeezed the cock again and he cried out and she felt the sticky jets of cum shooting into her pussy, filling her, leaking out to splash down on the masked woman’s face. The feel of the pulsing prick and the cum soaking the inside of her pussy increased the tension beyond Ingrid’s breaking point and her body shuddered and rocked as another orgasm tore through her.

They cuddled together in the middle of the bed. Ingrid removed the mask from the other woman, releasing a bounty of dark hair. “Cheri!” Ingrid cried. Cheri just smiled and took Ingrid in her arms for a long deep kiss. Ingrid didn’t have to look behind her at the man that was now spooning against her naked back and ass. She would know Kris’ cock anywhere. Together they drifted off to sleep as the party wound down into the early hours of the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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