Mary’s Merry Christmas

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My god, I thought, what can I get my wife, Mary for Christmas?

Christmas wasn’t far off and I had no idea what to get her. She had almost everything and I knew she liked sexy things so I decided to make a list of possible items to get her but I would need some help.

Just so you know about Mary, she is in her early thirties, slim with ample tits and a tight ass and she loves sex.

Mary and I used to do some swinging when we first got married and she was never the one to say no to trying something new.

I used to and still do, call her my personal slut.

However, we stopped doing the swinging scene when we moved out of town.

Mary still likes to dress sexy when we go out. She is somewhat of an exhibitionist…excuse me, she is an exhibitionist

I called her best friend, Lisa and asked her if she would help me. I explained my situation and Lisa said she would come over and bring some suggestions with her. I was a little perplexed and said ok.

Mary was away visiting a friend, so we had a couple of days to come up with ideas.

Lisa was a beautiful woman, married, in her thirties and a well toned body from working out. I often fantasized about fucking her. I knew her husband well enough to know that he wanted to fuck Mary.

The door bell rang and I let Lisa in. She had a small bag with her. She had on short shorts that accentuated her long legs and a white t-shirt. I could see that she had no bra on as her perky nipples were somewhat erect.

She told me that her husband was on a business trip so she had time on her hands and would be glad to help.

We sat down in the family room and I told her my problem. Lisa said knew Mary liked sexy things, so she brought over some ideas for me to see and think about getting Mary.

Lisa reached into the bag and pulled out a sexy bedroom outfit. It was black, see through and had a matching g-string.

I told her I liked it and could picture Mary in it.

Then Lisa said to wait and took it into the bathroom.

About five minutes later, Lisa came out wearing the outfit.

I was stunned by her beauty. All I kept saying was that she was gorgeous.

She smiled and paraded around the room, making sure I saw every inch of her. She asked if I wanted to feel the fabric and I stood up and approached her.

We looked at each other for a couple of seconds and she must have seen the bulge in my pants.

Lisa looked down and said that the outfit works and pointed down to my bulge.

We smiled and I pulled her to me, feeling the material covering her breasts. The material was so sheer I could feel her skin and her nipples getting erect right through it.

Lisa then sat down with me and pulled a dildo out of her bag. The dildo was huge, the size of a 1 liter bottle. She said that this size dildo would satisfy any woman, even Mary and laughed.

I told her both items were perfect and to definitely put them on the list.

The next item was an anal vibrator that Lisa pulled. out of the bag.

When I saw it, I laughed and told Lisa that Mary would not use that. Lisa said she would and to trust her and that I should get it.

Lisa showed me several more items, including hand cuffs, a whip, nipple clamps, bahis firmaları massage oils, etc.

I told Lisa that they all looked great but I wasn’t sure about some of them.

Then Lisa shocked me. She said that Mary loves them all. I had a quizzical look on my face and asked her how she knew.

Lisa then told me something I had no idea about.

“John,” “Mary and I are lovers, have been for the last six months. We have enjoyed each other on many occasions, including with my husband.”

I almost fell off the couch.

She continued, “John, she missed the swinging and thought you might get mad, so she didn’t say anything.”

I looked at her and said, “Lisa, I am really glad that she is back into swinging. It was one of the best times of our lives, but she should have told me.”

“John, she was afraid to tell you.” Lisa said. “When you called me, I thought this was the perfect time to tell you. I hope you understand.”

“Lisa, I am glad you did, really.” I told her.

Now, that being said, I guess I will get everything in your bag. That should make her happy.

“John, there is one more thing. She would like the four of us to get together for a full swap, if that is ok with you.”

Lisa said she would call Mary and let her know that I spoke to you and how things went. I told her that was fine and to tell Mary that I love her.

Lisa got up and went into the kitchen to call Mary. After a few minutes, Lisa came back with a smile and said that Mary loves you and for me to take good care of you.

I looked at her in her sheer nighty and said that would be fine, as long as I get to try to catch up with her.

She smiled and said that was the least she could do and we got up and headed to the bedroom.

As soon as we got to the bedroom, we turned to each other and kissed. Our tongues met, our hands were all over each other.

We fell onto the bed as we embraced. I started taking my clothes off and soon my hard cock sprung from its confine. I then pulled off her nighty and ripped off her g-string.

I could feel her body come alive under me. My hands grabbed her tits and I started sucking her erect nipples. I then mounted her as she spread her legs to give my cock access to her slit.

Her wetness allowed my cock easy entrance to her cunt and soon my cock was fully inserted in her.

I started fucking Lisa. As I did, I asked her if she liked fucking my wife; if her husband liked her too.

She kept saying that Mary was a fucking whore who would do anything in bed and that her and her husband loved fucking her.

As she told me those things about my wife, I fucked her harder, almost lifting her body off the bed.

In a matter of minutes, I shot my hot cum deep inside her cunt and kept it in her until every drop of my liquid filled her cunt.

We lay exhausted but never let go of each other.

We finally got the strength to get up and shower and get dressed.

It was getting late and I asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner. She said yes and we headed out to a nice Italian restaurant where we could continue our Christmas list for Mary

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a very private booth which afforded us the opportunity kaçak iddaa to discuss Mary and her Christmas List, among other things.

Over dinner, I asked Lisa to tell me everything about her and Mary and Mary’s return to swinging.

Lisa said that one day her and Mary were together in her house and trying on clothes as they were pretty much the same size. During the clothing try ons, Mary had to remove her bra for a certain dress. Lisa offered her help and Mary accepted and in the course of trying it on, Lisa’s hands brushed up against Mary’s breast.

Lisa then said that Mary put her hand on Lisa’s hand and pressed it to her breast, then kissed her snd Lisa said she returned the kiss.

Lisa said that from that day on, they have been lovers. Lisa then said her husband entered the picture after he caught them in bed. And that is how it all started.

“Now,” Lisa said, “Let’s get back to the Christmas list.”

Lisa said that Mary would love all the things we picked out but I should get her something real special.

I asked her what was she thinking of.

Lisa said that it would be great if I could set up a sex party for Mary, sort of a swinger coming out party.

I laughed and told her she was crazy.

Then Lisa said to me, “John, I told you Mary wanted to get back into swinging and that you loved it too, so what’s the fucking problem?”

She continued, “Look, she has already started again with me and my husband, so why not give her something she really wants?”

I looked at Lisa and said to her, “Lisa, you know, you are right but how do we go about it?”

By this time, we were finished with dinner and I told her we should go home to finish our discussion.

Lisa suggested we go to her house for drinks to discuss our plan.

When we got to her place, she went to change and came out with very little on. I guess my delight was showing by the bulge in my pants.

Lisa suggested I get comfy and take my clothes off, which I did, springing my hard cock out.

As we had drinks, Lisa suggested that we invite some people over to her house for Christmas eve. She said she knew two couples who would come and join the four of us, as they were swingers too.

She continued by saying that she would just tell Mary to come over Christmas eve for some drinks and that she had a surprise for her.

I told her it sounded great and we settled on the gifts and the plan.

Once we settled on everything, Lisa invited me to her bedroom.

We were in heat before we fell onto the bed. She was like a caged animal who just wanted cock in her.

She kept telling me how much she always wanted me to fuck her and that she told her husband that she wanted me and he said it was ok with him.

She had me lay on my back and placed her cunt over my rigid cock and slowly lowered her cunt until my cock disappeared into her cunt.

She rode me hard and fast and I could feel her ready to orgasm. Soon, she screamed that she was cumming. Her body felt like her body was convulsing as she came, one orgasm after another, after another.

She finally fell off of my limp cock and laid on the bed exhausted.

We spent the night together and fucked through the night.

Morning came and kaçak bahis Lisa made me breakfast. She said she would make all the arrangements, get the gifts and even wrap them for me.

Our spouses were coming home today so we finished breakfast, had a quick fuck and I left.

I was glad that Mary was coming home and that we would be able to talk about swinging.

I heard Mary’s car pull into the driveway. I went to the door to let her in.

When she came in, I ran to her and hugged and kissed her. She dropped her bag and kissed and hugged me back.

She was taken back and looked startled. I told her I loved her and would do anything for her and if she wanted to start swinging again, it was fine.

That night we fucked until dawn.

I told her I knew everything and that it was ok.

She apologized and said it just happened and it ignited the passion she had inside her for swinging.

The next morning we talked about Christmas and any plans that she wanted to make. She said she just wanted to stay home and relax and exchange our gifts under the tree.

Just then, the phone rang. I could hear that it was Lisa on the other end. The conversation didn’t last long but I did hear Mary say that it sounded fine and hung up.

I asked Mary what that was about and she said we were invited over to Lisa’s house for Christmas eve. and that she accepted.

It was finally Christmas eve and we had to be at Lisa’s by 8:00 p.m. and it was now time to go over.

We got to Lisa’s and when we entered there were several people there we did not know but figured they were good friends of Lisa and her husband.

Lisa introduced us to everyone and we all had drinks.

Lisa looked at me and gave me a wink.

“Mary,” Lisa yelled. “I have a special present for you. It is something to wear for tonight. You have to try it on for us though.”

Mary smiled, laughed and said ok, figuring it was some sort of practical joke.

Lisa gave Mary the gift and told her to go into the bedroom to open it and put it on.

Mary took the package and went into the bedroom to open her gift. “Lisa,” Mary yelled out. “Come in here now.”

Lisa went in and Mary asked her if she was crazy and would not put that outfit on. Then Lisa told her about the rest of the surprise that was arranged for her.

Lisa said it was her husband’s idea as a sort of swinger coming out party and it was all arranged for her. Mary told her that it was ok and she would be out in a minute.

Mary finally came out in the sheerest black nighty with a matching g-string.

Everybody gave a well deserved applause.

Lisa gave her some more gifts to open, the items that her husband picked out for her.

Mary looked around and said to everyone, “Ok, who is going to help me with these new toys?”

It did not take long before the guests started to remove their clothes and got naked.

Soon, all the guests were nude and playing with each other.

Mary made sure she thanked each guest personally by taking each one, man and woman, into the bedroom and fucking them.

As it was getting late, the guests left and it was just four left.

Lisa smiled and thanked her hosts and her husband for the gifts and a lovely time. She then said she would like all four of us to go into the bedroom and play with her new gifts.

With that said, all four made their way into the bedroom and celebrated Christmas eve the swinger’s way.

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