Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter in the story about Mary and her fantasies about her mother. Readers can get caught up by reading Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. Chapter 1. Comments are more than welcome even if you don’t like the story

“Good morning, Mary.” Robin’s eyes roamed over her body as she opened the door. Good, Mary thought, at least she likes what she sees. “What brings you over this early on a Saturday? I figured you’d be sleeping off last night’s graduation party.”

“I woke up thinking about you and decided to come over and visit. I hope that’s okay.” Mary smiled her most sexy smile. “Nah, I don’t go in much for drinking. It interferes with way too much to get all drunk out of your gourd.”

They both laughed as Mary walked through the doorway making sure to brush up against Robin’s arm letting her feel the hardness of her nipples through the thin tee. Mary was pleased when she heard the soft gasp that escaped Robin’s sweet full sensuous lips. Mary moved to the kitchen table and sat down with the chair a little farther back than would be normal to allow Robin a clear view as she spread her legs knowing the short jeans would let Robin not only smell the delicious aroma of her just fucked pussy but also allow her to see Mary’s thick labia as they peeked out from underneath the seams of the shorts.

Robin’s hushed tones as she asked if Mary would like some coffee told Mary that she had at least been looking as she had given her sexy redheaded a good look between her legs. Mary accepted the offer of the coffee for she knew exactly what she was going to do. As Robin came back to set the mug of hot coffee down but before Robin could release the handle Mary reached for it letting her forearm rub across Robin’s hard nipple and caressing her hand lightly as Robin pulled away leaving the mug before Mary. Robin sat down in the chair next to Mary and picked up her own mug.

Mary sipped the coffee and smiled over the steam. “You make good coffee.” Mary said. “Mom’s coffee sucks.”

Robin grinned as she sipped hers and said, “I doubt it’s that bad.”

“Oh yes it is.” Mary laughed. “It’s horrible.”

They laughed again and Robin smiled at her. Mary looked deeply into Robin’s eyes as Robin said, “Well certain people have certain things they are best at.”

Mary smiled that sexy smile she used frequently when on the prowl for sex and replied, “Yeah I know what you mean. So tell me Robin, what are you best at?”

Robin taking a sip of her coffee caught the double pendik escort meaning of that innocent line and almost choked on her coffee and turned a brilliant shade of red as her thoughts turned to not exactly what she was best at but what she enjoyed the most. Mary got up quickly and moved around behind Robin, patting her gently on the back. She caressed Robin’s skin through the silk robe between each pat. Brazenly, when Robin offered no resistance, Mary began to knead the muscles on either side of Robin’s neck. Robin sighed and didn’t pull away so Mary continued to rub on either side of Robin’s neck. She let her fingers begin to pull back the silk robe and slowly exposed the redhead’s pale, freckled shoulders.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good.” Robin whispered and Mary smiled all the more as she let her hands slip down Robin’s shoulders. Mary kept massaging the soft pale skin letting her fingers caress the tops of Robin’s very large breasts. Mary was nervous as she moved her fingers farther down now able to feel the lush softness of Robin’s breasts. She leaned over her lips moving very close to Robin’s ear and whispered as her fingers found Robin’s hard nipples.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. You are so sexy and I want you badly.” Mary ran her tongue around the entrance to Robin’s ear hoping it would turn the little redhead on as much as it did when John tongued her ears.

Robin closed her eyes and moaned softly. Mary knew she had the little bitch hooked now so she began to firmly pinch and roll her hard nipples. Mary kissed along Robin’s neck and she slid her hands down the robe and undid the tie. Pulling the robe from her shoulders Mary moved around and straddled the young redhead’s lap. Leaning is Mary kissed Robin’s full lips and they parted eagerly to accept Mary’s tongue. As their tongues entwined Mary thought how easy it was to get this little bitch hot and ready to fuck and she wondered as she slid her hands down between Robin’s thighs and pushed a finger into her dripping pussy if it would be this easy to fuck her hot sexy mother.

Just as Mary started to finger fuck Robin’s wet pussy Robin’s eyes shot open and she began to struggle to get off the chair.

“Oh, God.” Robin moaned. “This is wrong Mary. We can’t do this. What would your mom say if she saw us now?”

Mary looked down and slid her feet under the chair to keep Robin’s nice ass planted firmly in the chair as her fingers continued to push slowly in and out of her pussy.

“What’s üsküdar escort wrong with what we are doing Robin?” Mary asked. “I know I’ve wanted to play with you for a long time and I think you have had the same thoughts. Am I right?”

Robin moaned as Mary’s thumb started to caress her clit as the fingers went in deep and wiggles deliciously around inside her steaming hot cunt.

“Yes.” Robin said breathlessly. “But we can’t.” She moaned as Mary rubbed her thumb over Robin’s pulsating clit. “What will your mom say if she finds out?”

Mary climbed off Robin’s lap not taking her finger out of the sexy redhead’s wet pussy and got on her knees shouldering her legs apart and lowering her lips to the soft full labia surrounding Robin’s pussy. She flicked her tongue over the musky tasting flesh and realized Robin had not yet had her morning shower. Mary purred as she lapped at the juices running out around her fingers.

She looked up directly into Robin’s eyes and smiled. “I want mom to find out about this. In fact I want mom to join us and you are going to help me.”

With that Mary plunged her head between Robin’s thighs and sucked her clit hard as her tongue began to rub over and over the hard flesh of Robin’s little girl cock. Robin screamed as Mary added another finger to her dripping cunt and began to ravish one of the sweetest pussies she had ever eaten. Mary worked both fingers deep into Robin’s pussy coating them with her slick cunt juice. She pulled the middle finger out as she closed her teeth around the base of Robin’s clit and sucked hard. When Robin mewled with pleasure as Mary sucked hard on her clit she spread her fingers and pushed forward inserting her slick middle finger into Robin’s tight asshole.

The added intrusion sent Robin over the edge and Mary was rewarded with a gush of hot cum. Not quite the stream she had seen her mother shoot all over the floor and bed but as Mary moved her mouth down over the gushing opening to Robin’s pussy she almost came herself as the sweet nectar flowed out of the sexy redhead into her eager and wanton mouth. As Robin collapsed against the chair, her body flushed with her orgasm, Mary rose up to straddle her thighs again and entwining her fingers in Robin’s hair crushed her pussy juice covered lips to her lovers. Robin moaned as she returned the ardor of Mary’s desire and as their tongues entwined Robin though of how similar mother and daughter were in their love making.

As anadolu yakası escort Mary pulled back looking into Robin’s eyes she smiled. “I knew your pussy would be as sweet as sugar and I love the little landing strip of pubic hair you left. Mine’s completely bald. I’ve kept it that way since puberty. I love the way it feels without any hair.”

Robin looked at her and said, “God Mary, that was so intense but I can’t believe we just did this. I am so worried about what your mom would say if she found out.”

Mary licked her cum coated lips and grinned. “Well now let’s talk about that Robin. See I think you and mom are already lovers. Those trips to Vegas didn’t have much to do with gambling. Just like the commercials say: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.””

The shocked expression on Robin’s face told Mary that her suspicions were indeed true. This little slut was fucking her mother and she would be perfect in helping with her plans to get her mother into her bed. This was going to be so much fun. Not only did she find a new partner in this hot little redheaded slut but soon, very soon she would be fucking her mom and have John begging to be allowed to slide his cock into the pussy from whence he and she came.

“I, er, uh, em…” Robin stammered. “Mary…”

“Don’t Mary, me you little slut.” Mary was pleased when Robin’s eyes widened as she called her a slut. “You’re fucking my mother and now we’re fucking and you are going to help me fuck my mother.”

“You can’t be serious.” Robin’s eyes widened even more as Mary revealed her plans.

“I am very serious you hot little bitch. I want to fuck my own sweet mother just like you’ve been doing for these past two years and you are going to help me or I am going to tell everyone what we did. All the kids in the neighborhood will know you are an easy fuck and they’ll be coming over here all hours of the day and night to get some of this sweet cunt.”

“You wouldn’t really do that would you?” Robin was shocked at the aggressiveness of Beth’s daughter.

“If you don’t cooperate you bet that sweet little ass of yours I will.” Mary grinned. “And not only would I tell them but I’d be around to video tape every time one of them fucked your tight little cunt and ass.”

The resigned look that flashed over Robin’s face told Mary all she needed to know. Mary quickly pulled off her shorts and tee and sat on the edge of the table leaning back, spreading her legs widely.

“Now eat me you little cunt lapper.”

Mary almost laughed as Robin without a word leaned forward and began lick and sucking at her pussy. Oh yes this summer was going to be one to remember. Mary rose up just a bit and took Robin’s hair between her fingers and began to face fuck her new conquest. Next stop her mother.

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