Mark’s Family Ch. 03

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Please read the first and second story, as this is a continuing storyline. I appreciate all the feedback I received. Based on some of them, I am going to preface this one by saying that if sexual acts that are, shall we say, beyond reality, aren’t up your alley, don’t bother going further. This is a purposely over the top story, since that is what I want to write 🙂 I decided to try other avenues in this one, so I understand if some don’t dig it. Fear not, it will continue back down other paths soon. Enjoy, and keep the feedback coming! And here are our players:

Mother, 43: Danni Ashe
Oldest sister Shyla, 25: Shyla Stylez
Younger sister Lindsey, 20: Lindsey Lohan (Mean Girls Era)
Youngest sister Bryce, 19: Bryce Dallas Howard

When I woke up, it was dark in my mother’s room. I must have slept the afternoon away. Mom was still in my arms, naked and sleeping. But Bryce was gone. I got worried and gingerly removed myself from my mother and went to look for my sister. I eventually found her in her room. She was crying! I came in, took her in my arms, and held her.

“Oh, Mark. I know I’m being silly, but I can’t help it. I came home and heard mom screaming. It was so hot. But when we were all lying there, I started feeling like I was losing you. And Shyla will be home soon-“She started sobbing at this. I stroked her hair and held her tight. “-I can’t compete with her! Guys get hard when she walks into the room!”

I was so surprised at her insecurity. Not but a few hours earlier she confidently strode into the room where my mother and I had just had explosive sex, and then ate my cum off my mother’s breasts. What I saw here though, reminded me of the sister I used to know. Shy, sweet, and vulnerable. I pulled her back on the bed and lay down, resting her head on my chest, and continued to stroke her soft red hair.

“Hush now. Yes, you are being silly. You do know that my feelings for you have way more to them than sex, right?” She sniffed, but didn’t speak. “So you remember when I was last home, and Shyla drug us out to that club? I made sure to sneak you in. And who did I dance with almost all night? Was it Shyla in her tank top and skin tight jeans? No, it was my favorite sister. The one I made sure to dance every slow dance with.”

“You probably just felt sorry for me.” She muttered into my chest.

“Ok, do you know how many times I have talked to Lindsey and Shyla on the phone in the last two years?” I felt her shrug. “Four each. For both Christmases and Birthdays that have passed. That’s it.”


“Yep.” I knew that would mean something. Bryce and I had talked weekly. Not including regular emails and text messages. “And you know there are tons of other things that show which of you I love the most.” I felt new tears leave her eyes and moisten my chest. I decided to switch tactics. Bryce was plenty smart enough to logically figure things out. She wasn’t thinking with her head, she was worrying from her heart. So I had to put that at ease.

I gently pushed her off and got up. A worried look crossed my sister’s tear streaked face, thinking I was leaving but I didn’t. I grabbed her legs and gently slid her down the bed, pulling them apart, until her cut little ass rested at the edge. Then I knelt between her legs and began kissing and lightly licking along the length of one milky thigh. I moved very slowly, switching back and forth between her thighs, moving towards her pussy. I finally reached my goal. Her pretty pink pussy was opening for me, just starting to moisten.

I kissed her lips gently, and she moaned. I kissed more and more and began to slowly and softly lick. I felt her hands on my head begin to stroke my hair as I continued to work my lips and tongue around her increasingly moist lips, occasionally working my tongue into her pussy. I did this ever so slowly. I didn’t want this to be the race to massive orgasms that sex usually was around me.

I could feel her excitement building. Several times I would pull back or slow down if I felt her get close to release. I teased and tickled her most intimate of places. Building her higher and filling her with intimacy, not lust. Her hips slowly worked, up and down back and forth. Her hands gently increased pressure, pulling me in. She moaned and purred the whole time. I would hear her say my name both lovingly and also begging for more. I eventually began to tease her clit. While not huge, it was still prominent. I licked and nibbled at the hard bud, between manipulations of her lips and kisses on her thighs.

I decided to bring her over the top. With one hand I began working on her moist hole while my mouth concentrated on her clit. Her hips started bucking, and she pulled me in hard.

“Oooooh Mmmmmaaarrrrrrk!” she moaned, gushing juices over my face and fingers.

I let her come down from her orgasm, before moving up, and pulling her back fully onto the bed. I looked down into her face she looked back, eyes wide and expectant.

“Bryce, I love you. And to prove that, I am going to do something I have never done.” I kissed her kadıköy escort softly. “I am going to make love to you.”

“But you-“

“I said, make love, not fuck.”

She looked back at me, realization dawning on her face. It flushed, and then her eyes welled with tears. I pressed myself into her. It wasn’t the pounding forcefulness that was normal. It was slow and gentle. I slid in inch by inch until nudged up against her cervix, and then I eased back out. My penetration wasn’t my focus. I was intent on caressing and kissing her. Feeling every part of her body. Lightly nursing on her breasts, caressing her torso and hips, and making love to her mouth.

On and on it went. Time ceased to mean anything. I didn’t even think about myself. I just thrilled at watching her orgasm. Because of that, my own orgasm snuck up on me. I began to feel the tingle in my balls that signaled my own release. Rather than stave it off, I let it build. Bryce could feel my cock swell, and her eyes widened. But I didn’t ram home, I simply continued to slide in and out, until I unleashed. And I didn’t pull out. I let my balls unload, inside my sweet sister.

“Uh, God I love you Bryce” I moaned into her ear. I could feel the flood my own load mixing with her hers. She drew me in so tightly, I could hardly breathe. Her legs wrapped around me as we both quivered together. She buried her face into my shoulder and cried more.

As we came down from out emotional high, I heard crying from the doorway. Not the crying of sadness, but someone crying with joy.

“My babies! That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Came my mother’s voice from behind us. I didn’t bother to turn and look. I just remained clutching my sister as did she.

“Come down and have dinner when you feel up to it.” Mom said, and then she went downstairs.

Bryce and I lay there for a while. She continued to clutch at me, shivering every now and then. I finally pushed myself up and looked down at her glowing face.

“I have never made love to anyone, before you.” I whispered to her.

She just stared up at me, eyes brimming with tears, a smile on her lips.

“So, no more about this, ok? You will always be my favorite.” She hugged me one last time, before I pulled out. “Now get cleaned up. I’m a little worried about mom.” Bryce giggled at that and we both rushed off to get cleaned up and dressed.

I made it to the kitchen well before Bryce (she had a bit more to clean up…or shall we say, out). Mom was there bustling around whipping up dinner. She noticed me immediately, and rushed to hug me.

“Mark! You wonderful wonderful boy…well, I guess I should say man.” I grinned back at her. “What you did for me…TO me earlier was AMAZING. But I am so happy and proud of what you and Bryce shared earlier.” She said, her eyes brimming, holding my face in her hands.

“How long were you there?” I asked, wearily. I was worried that I would have to deal with my mother getting jealous.

“For most of it sweetheart. And it was wonderful. I know it’s weird to hear your mother say this, but watching my only son and youngest daughter make love was so special. I won’t ever forget it.” She gave me a big hug, and the shoved me towards the table. “Now sit. Dinner is ready.”

Bryce arrived just as mom was laying out the food. It wasn’t anything grand, seeing as she hadn’t much time to prepare. But with the day’s physical and emotional exertion, it felt like a feast. Across the table, Bryce kept looking at me, and would blush when I caught her. This was the same girl, whom the night before during dinner was caressing my crotch with her foot. Now she was acting like a school girl. I found it terribly cute.

“Now,” Mom announced “It’s obvious that there are going to be some changes around here. Not only based on what has happened today, but my guess is that it won’t take long for your sisters to be part of our new family life.” Bryce and I both grinned guiltily.

“First and foremost, I am still your mother. You are both very grown up, but this is still my house. So, you may both outrank me in the bed room, but when I ask you to do something as your mother, I expect you to still respect me. That goes especially for you young man.” I was a bit taken back by how stern she was being. “I do not want you getting out of chores by manipulating your poor mother with that slab of meat you have between your legs.” Bryce giggled.

“I dunno Mom. I had planned to be waggling this meat for you quite a bit.” I joked back at her. She grinned.

“Fair enough. But then I can’t be held responsible if I use these,” she hefted her large breasts “to get my way.” We all laughed.

“No fair, I don’t have any over grown body parts to flop around and get my way!” Bryce whined in mock indignation.

“I guess I am going to have to make a chart to make sure everyone is getting the same amount of my cock.”

We all laughed hard and long, until mom cleared her throat and continued.

“Second, I don’t want our family to just become a kartal escort series of fucks. So please try and find time to be regular brother and sisters. Mark, tomorrow while I am at my lawyers, take your sister out.”

“Lawyer?!” Bryce and I exclaimed together, hope in our voices.

“Yes, I am going to visit them and discuss divorcing your father.” She said, a bit of venom is her voice when she mentioned dad.

Bryce jumped up and hugged mom tightly. “Oh mom! That’s great!”

“Don’t think I don’t know that you were hoping Mark’s amazing cock would bring this about. I know none of you have ever really cared for your father. Sadly, the women in our family are big cock addicts.” Bryce nodded sagely. “But that is behind me, thanks to Mark.” She smiled proudly at me.

“Anyway, I think it will be a relatively short process. Your Aunt Nicole hired a private investigator to spy on your father a few years back, and he came up with quite a lot pictures of your father cheating on me.” Anger crossed her face, and I could see tears start to form in her eyes. But she shrugged it off. “So I don’t think he will contest it.”

“Enough about that. Let’s enjoy the rest of our night.”

And we did. We played cards and watched TV, and joked and laughed. Mom let me know that she would need some time to recuperate after today, but that didn’t stop me from groping her tits and ass throughout the night. And when she left to go to bed, she gave a deep lingering tongue kiss.

I didn’t really expect for mom to be ready to go again. Most women are left sore and tender after an hour of constant pounding by my mega cock. Bryce however seemed to be ready to go almost all the time. Which is why I was surprised when she excused herself shortly after mom, and only gave me a tender kiss.

“Goodnight Mark. I love you.” Then she headed up the stairs. What a day. And in two days, Shyla would be home!


The next day, mom headed to her lawyer bright and early. Bryce was very flirty and affectionate. I took her to a nice lunch and a movie afterwards. During which she snuggled against me the whole time. We managed to keep things from being sexual, all day, as our mother had asked. Played mini-golf, had dinner, and headed home. It felt like a wonderful date as opposed to just hanging with my sister. But the non-sex stopped as soon as we got home. When we opened the door there was my mother, naked, in the living room. The rest of the night was spent with the three of us fucking, sucking, groping, licking, and most of all cumming. We all slept together in mom’s bed exhausted and happy.

The next morning I was awoken to my mother and sister giving me a dual blowjob. Bryce was showing mom how she could actually take my whole cock down her throat. Mom kept trying, but couldn’t manage, though she got an impressive amount. Eventually I rewarded them with a belly full of cum before we headed downstairs and mom made breakfast.

After, we headed to the airport to pick up Shyla. Her plane landed, and a few minutes later Shyla came bounding out, seeing us immediately and running over. Shlya definitely has mom’s genes. Her huge tits bounced under her too small top, her ass threatening to burst from her jeans. She came straight to me, and enveloped me in a hug.

“Looks like my little bro has turned into a big stud!” She exclaimed loud enough for everyone around to hear. “I bet your bedpost is full of British babe notches.” Shyla was that girl who said whatever was on her mind, to heck with what those around her thought.

Just as quickly as she started the hug, she pulled back, and turned to Bryce and tousled her hair and then pulled mom in for a hug. We quickly left the airport and headed home. Shyla loudly gabbing about this and that, asking me questions about Europe and never really giving me time to finish.

We had a full day, all of us together. It only ever went sour a few times when Shyla’s boyfriend Jake would call and argue with her. It seemed Shyla was following in mom’s footsteps. Luckily, once she was off the phone, she went right back to being cheery boisterous Shyla. It got really late, and she didn’t appear to be slowing down. Mind you, she was living in California, so it wasn’t as late to her, not to mention she had always been a night owl. Mom said goodnight around 10 and about midnight, Bryce and I were pretty much done. We tried to excuse ourselves, but Shyla stopped me.

“Come on Mark; keep your big sister company.” She whined, giving me puppy dog eyes. Bryce just gave me ‘The Look’, which said to me ‘Stay up, and be sure to fuck her big brother’. She left, calling out as she went up the stairs “You two have fun.”

Shyla jumped up and headed for the back door. “I know, let’s use the hot tub!”

“Sure, let me get my suit.” I said, as I rose wearily.

“Pffft! What are you, an old man? We’ll skinny it.” She grabbed my hand and drug me out to the tub and fired it up. She wasted no time peeling herself out of her jeans and shirt. I stared in awe of her bronzed skin, lacking any tan kurtköy escort lines I noted. Big breasts capped with nice sized nipples, round butt, shapely hips, thighs you want wrapped around your head. Damn my sister was hot.

“Enjoying the show?” She asked, easing herself into the water. “Your turn stud.” I pulled of my shirt first. “Little Mark keeps himself in shape, nice. Let’s see the package.”

I grabbed my pants by the waist and pulled my pants and boxers down in one quick motion.

“Holy shit Mark! Guess I won’t be calling you ‘little’ brother anymore.”

“How does it compare to Jake’s” I asked cockily as I joined her in the tub, sitting across from her.

“There isn’t one. You look about as long soft as he is hard, and you’re already much thicker. How many British gals have you split with that monster?”

“A few.” I grinned.

“I wanna see how big it is when it’s hard.”

“Then you’re going to have to make it hard.” Wow, no seduction here, she was jumping right to it.

She slid around next to me in the tub, and started stroking my cock under the water. “I can’t even get my fingers around it.” As I came to my full hardness, her fingers were forced even further apart.

“All right, stand up so I can see.” She ordered.

“Daaaaamn, mister horse cock!” Her eyes went wide as I stood. “You had better not have a problem with incest, because I am SO going to fuck you.”

“I had better not have a problem with it, considering that I am fucking Bryce and mom.” I grinned down at her confidently.

“Lucky sluts.” She said, standing. She moved to the side of the tub and bent over, offering her pussy to me. “Get over here and add me to your conquests. Stuff that monster in me, and claim your big sister’s cunt!” She said as she slapped her ass at me.

I didn’t waste any time. I came up behind her, grabbed her hips, and slammed my dick into her. She wasn’t as tight as mom but tighter than Bryce. I didn’t bother to take it easy on her. I knew she could take it, so I just started hammering away. She was coming in no time, shouting obscenities at me. After her first big cum, she pulled away, and reached for her clothes, grabbing her cell phone. She started dialing while she expertly grabbed my cock, lined it back up with her pussy, and shoved back into me hard.

“Fuuuuck! Yes yes yes!” I could hear her phone ringing, and then a male voice answered.

“Yeah, Jake? This is Shyla. Fuck, it’s so fucking big!” Holy shit, she called her boyfriend. I couldn’t hear his part of the conversation, especially over Shyla’s shouts. “I’m talking about the massive cock I have hammering in and out of my cunt.” An orgasm rippled through her. “Ahahahuuuuuhh, shit that was a big one. This donkey-dicked stud is stretching me like you never could. I won’t even be able to feel your tiny prick when he’s done with me. Every time he slams into me, his balls swing and smack my clit. Fuck it feels so good. How the hell am I supposed to be satisfied by your little nuts now? Just one of his balls is bigger than your whole sack! Shhhhhiiiit, going to come again.”

And she did. She shrieked and shook, as a chain of orgasms overtook her for almost a minute. When she was done, she grabbed the phone and the moron was still on the line.

“You’ve never even come close to making me cum like that little Jake. Yeah, that’s it big boy, slap my ass!” She narrated. “Jake, I can’t believe I’ve been wasting my pussy on your little wiener….oh, fuuuuuck! I’m putting the phone down now so he can really put it to me. You can listen to what it sounds like when a real man fucks me.”

She lay the phone down, stood up and reached back and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my mouth to hers and kissed me sloppily. She practically sucked my tongue out of my mouth!

“Really give it to me now baby. Show my pussy no mercy!” She whispered, her voice dripping with lust.

I grabbed her bouncing tits, one in each hand and mauled them as I increased my speed and power. Her ass made loud slapping sounds as it struck my abdomen on every hard shove forward. She screamed and spasmed, her pussy walls gripping my cock hard every time she came. This went on for about 20 minutes before a particularly big orgasm took the last of the strength from her legs. I spun her around, lifted her up by her ass, her legs automatically wrapping around me, as I speared her back down onto my throbbing member.

I licked and sucked at her thick tits as I bounced her up and down on my meat. Several more orgasms had her so weak she collapsed against me, burying her head in my neck and screaming into it.

“Fuck my tits stud. Finish on my big titties.” She panted into my ear. I sat her on the edge of the tub and she grabbed the phone.

“Still there wimp? Good. He’s about to cum all over me. That’s right, he’s been going this whole time and hasn’t cum yet. I can’t wait to see how much his big hose shoots. Come here stud, fuck Shyla’s tits.” I laid my cock between the valley of her tits. She tried to wrap her tits around my schlong, but it was too thick. I started to ease it up and down, her sweat acting as lube. My enormous length meant that it easily reached her mouth, so she wrapped her lips around it and I began to fuck her tits and mouth. She kept her breasts pushed together with her arms, and used her hands to fondle my swinging balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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