Marie: After The Storm

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This is the continuation of the “Stormy Night With Marie” series. I recommend you read those stories first before reading this. As always, your votes and feedback are appreciated.

Marie and I laid holding each other in our parents bed for a while, just enjoying the feeling of each others bodies against each other.

“Well, I think we should get up and get going.” Marie said. “We both have things to get done today, and I need to go job hunting.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “I have some lawns to get cut around the neighborhood.” I made some extra money mowing lawns for some of the neighbors, and I had 3 I needed to get done that day.

We both jumped in the shower again, no funny business this time, and cleaned off after our morning romp in mom and dad’s bed. I took my time getting dressed, because I was busy watching Marie get ready for her job searching trip. It was really erotic watching her do her hair while she was still naked. Marie picked out a short skirt and tight blouse. Underneath the skirt she wore a thong. “Don’t want any panty lines showing while job hunting,” Marie said. She wore a silky bra, with just enough support to let her tits bounce a little under her top.

We said goodbye at the front door, and I got the riding mower out of the garage and started to make my rounds. We live in a pretty upscale neighborhood, and almost everybody has a pool. I saw a few trophy wives and some pretty teenage girls sunning by their pools in bikinis while I cut the grass. The sight of some older, mature ladies and their hard bodied teenage daughters wearing next to nothing soon had me in a state of arousal, and it was hard to concentrate on the lawns. But, I made it through my duties, and made my way back home. I saw Marie’s car in the drive, and I went in to see how her day had gone. Marie was sitting at the kitchen table, looking a little down and drinking a wine cooler.

“How’d it go?” I asked.

“Not too good,” Marie replied. “I must have filled out 6 or 7 applications, but everybody said they had already done their summer hiring. I’m so desperate, I almost stopped at that strip club just outside of town to see if they needed any more dancers!”

“You’re kidding!” I exclaimed.

“What, don’t you think I’m pretty enough?” Marie asked.

“It’s not that,” I replied, “You are definitely pretty enough, and you have a great body. I just didn’t think you’d ever do something like that.”

“Well, thanks.” Marie said smiling, “I actually stopped at the club, but I couldn’t get the nerve up to get out of the car.”

I had been to that strip club a few times myself. It was a B.Y.O.B. club, so you only had to be 18 to get in, and the strippers got totally naked.

“So, what do we do for the rest of the day?” I asked.

Marie thought for a few moments and then her face lit up. “Hey, remember what I said about buying a new bikini? Let’s go to the mall.”

That wasn’t what I had in mind, etiler escort Marie and our mother had dragged me around that mall countless times before, but, if it made Marie happy, I’d go.

I took a quick shower to rinse the grass and dust off me, and put on some khaki shorts and a t-shirt. I met Marie downstairs. She was wearing the same outfit as before, but she had made a few alterations. I could see right away that she had removed her bra, her hard nipples were very evident under her top. She did a quick twirl for me, and when her skirt flew up around her waist, all I saw was a string separating her ass cheeks. The front of her new panties was a piece of cloth that just did cover her pussy.

“You can’t try on swimwear without underwear, so I put on my tiniest g-string so I can still try on a thong and get a good look at what it will look like without panties,” Marie explained.

I had no problem with that, and we were soon on our way to the mall. We must have spent 2 hours hitting every store that sold swimwear. Most of the more conservative stores didn’t even sell thong bikinis, and the ones that did sell them, didn’t seem to have anything Marie liked. We were just about to give up, when we saw a lingerie store that we hadn’t tried yet, so we went on in. It was getting late, and we were the only ones in the store besides the clerk. The young lady behind the counter smiled as we walked in, and started towards us. She looked to be in her early 20’s and was very attractive. She was a little taller than Marie, about 5’6″ and had a slightly bigger build, but still slender. She had a pretty face with green eyes and her face was framed by he shoulder length red, curly hair. Her name tag identified her as “Laura”.

“Hi there, what can I help you with tonite?”

Marie told her what she was looking for, and they soon made their way to a far wall covered with bikinis. I hung back a little, mostly to get a look at Laura’s ass. She was wearing tight black leather pants, and I looked, but couldn’t find any panty lines. Well, she works in a lingerie store, I thought to myself, she has access to all the thongs and g-strings she would ever need. Some of the racks I saw had swimwear and underwear for guys, so i was checking out some of the boxers and thongs, when Laura called out to me.

“I think you’re girlfriend has found something she likes, why don’t you come over and give her your opinion.”

I started to walk over, trying to figure out a response to her “girlfriend” remark, but, Marie beat me to it.

“Oh, he’s not my boyfriend,” Marie said as she took me by the hand, “He’s my brother.”

Marie led me to the dressing room while Laura looked on with a shocked expression on her face. When we reached the dressing room, we turned to see Laura heading for the front doors of the store. I was afraid for a moment that she was going to get mall security to throw the “perverts” out fındıkzade escort of her store. When she reached the doors, however, Laura closed them and locked them, putting out the “Closed” sign. She turned and made her way back the us with a nervous grin on her face.

“I thought you’d like a little privacy.” Laura said.

We entered the dressing room and I sat on the bench. Marie handed the red bikini to Laura, and proceeded to strip. Soon she was standing there just wearing her g-string, her nipples hard. Laura looked her up and down with approval, and handed Marie the thong bottom. Marie turned away from us and bent to pull on the thong. She pulled it slowly up her legs and we saw the thin strip disappear between her cheeks. Laura stepped up behind Marie and looped the bikini top over Marie’s head. Marie adjusted the cups of the top over her tits, and Laura tied it off in the back.

“Now, let’s make sure it’s fitting right,” Laura said.

Laura stood behind Marie and reached around to Marie’s chest. Laura slid her hands under the bikini top and held both tits in her hands as she adjusted the fit of the cups.

“That’s better,” Laura said, “Now bend over and let’s see about this thong.”

Marie turned towards me, and I saw the look of arousal on her face, and the hardness of her nipples under the top. Laura stood behind Marie and I saw her hand drift towards Marie’s ass. I got up and walked behind both girls to watch this. Laura’s fingers slipped under the material of the thong and slid from Marie’s ass up and down her crevice, adjusting the fit. Marie shuddered a little as Laura’s fingers passed over her pussy, and I was sharing some of the same feelings, my cock rock hard by now. Marie straightened up and turned to face us. The look of arousal was very evident to both Laura and myself.

“Well, what do you think, Ray?” Marie asked.

“I love it!” I replied.

“I think I’ll take it then,” Marie said.

“Great choice, I have one just like it in black,” Laura said.

Marie stripped the bikini off and handed it to Laura. She put her skirt and top back on, Laura and myself watching the whole time. We made our way to the counter to make our purchase, and Marie noticed a “Help Wanted” sign on the counter.

“Hey, can I get an application?” Marie asked. “I’ve been looking for a job for quite a while now.”

Laura smiled and handed her one. I didn’t feel like standing around for another half hour while she filled it out, so I told her I’d meet her at the book store down the hall. Laura walked me to the door and unlocked it.

“It was nice to meet you, Ray. Hopefully if Marie gets hired, you’ll come visit us.”

“I’d like that,” I replied, and wished her good night as i left.

Marie found me not too long after, and we made our way out of the mall to the parking lot. Marie put her arm in mine, and leaned in close to me as we walked. I opened göztepe escort the car door for Marie, and as she got in, Marie let her legs fall open just enough so I got a good look up her skirt. As soon as I got in the drivers seat, Marie pulled her skirt up around her waist and grabbed my hand and guided it to her crotch.

“Feel how wet I am? I couldn’t believe she would feel me up like that! That’s the first time a girl has touched me since college, i forgot how good it felt!”

“You’ve had sex with a girl!” I exclaimed.

“Sure, everyone experiments a little in college, well, most girls do anyway.”

I started to drive home with Marie’s skirt still up at her waist, her hands down the front of her panties.

Marie stared at me with a wicked grin. “I’m gonna do something naughty!” Marie lifted her butt off the seat and skimmed her g-string down all the way off. She sat there naked from the waist down, her skirt still around her waist. Marie slipped her right hand down to her pussy and started to massage her slick lips. Her left hand reached under her top and pulled it up and over her head. Marie sat there naked except for her skirt. It was dark out now, and I don’t think anyone could see her nakedness while we drove down the street.

“Did you like seeing her feel me up, Ray? Her fingers felt real good, they pinched my nipples brushed over my clit. I almost came right there in the dressing room!” Marie’s hand was busy at her pussy as she talked, while the other hand caressed her breasts and nipples.

“You liked watching another girl touch me didn’t you, Ray? I bet it made your cock real hard!”

I was having a hard time concentrating on the road while Marie teased me and masturbated herself. I made it home in record time, and parked in the driveway. Marie made no effort to leave the car, so we sat there while she continued to touch herself. Marie slid a finger in her cunt and used her other hand to rub her clit hard.

“Suck my nipples Ray! I wanna cum so bad.”

I leaned over, not caring if any of our neighbors could see us, and took a nipple in my mouth. Marie groaned and started to work her clit even faster.

“God, I wish Laura was here, so she could suck my tits with you, Ray! I bet she’s sucked lots of tits and pussy!”

I pinched her right nipple while I sucked her left nipple hard. I could tell Marie was getting close.

“God, I’m gonna cum!” Marie yelled and exploded all over her hands.

I sucked her nipple hard as she came, reveling in it’s hardness in my mouth. Marie’s body shook with her orgasm, and she bucked her hips up and down off the seat. As her body slowly recovered, I held her close, and caressed her face.

“God, that was good!” Marie said smiling. “But, I think we should get into the house before anyone sees us.”

Marie smoothed her skirt back down and slipped her top back on. She picked up her panties and handed them to me, smiling. We made our way into the house and stood there for a minute, then we both broke up and started laughing, not believing what we had just done.

“Well, what do we do for an encore?” I asked.

Marie thought for a minute. ” I have and idea,” she said, “Let’s go skinny dipping!”

To be continued.

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