Maria and Her Mistake Ch. 02

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If you have not read Maria and Her Mistake Chapter 1, maybe you want to read it to really understand her story. Cheers.


Maria did not know what to do. She stayed in her room that morning and called in sick. She could not bear seeing her stepfather, Malcolm after they had sex the night before. When she heard him left for work, she went down to get breakfast. Her breakfast tasted like sawdust in her mouth as her mind wandered to Malcolm. Her pussy was wet within seconds as she remembered how he fucked her pussy and spanked her ass. She bit her lip suppressing a moan. Her nipples grew stiff as she thought about how he played with them.

Then, her heart filled with dread when she thought how he seemed to ignore her after fucking her. He was his normal self she thought but he did not say anything to her about it. She was apprehensive thinking if he hated it. Maybe she was really bad at sex unlike her mother. Maybe Malcolm hated having sex with her. To her horror, her mind wondered that maybe Malcolm enjoyed having sex with her mother more! She groaned in frustration.

She stared out of the window to the garden contemplating what she must do. She knew she did not have skills except manning the bookstore. Anyone could do that. Maybe she needed to go to college and leave the house. Problem was, her bank account only had money that could support her for 2 weeks. If she left, Malcolm would not be haunted by the mistake she made seducing and fucking him. In her mind, she imagined how disgusted Malcolm might have felt about everything. Even though her pussy still felt a bit sore from the awesome fucking the night before, she sighed as she had to admit that Malcolm might think otherwise.

Later in the evening, Malcolm arrived home to an empty house. He searched everywhere for Maria but she was nowhere to be found. He called her cell phone and it went to voice message. He thought about Maria’s friends and decided not to call them. She was old enough to be out and about but he was still annoyed that they did not talk after he had sex with her. Fucking her tight young pussy was like a dream came true for him. He rubbed his unruly dick as he walked into the kitchen.

That was when his eyes caught a note on the fridge. He read it and he felt his blood began to boil. Maria was going to her mother. She was 3 states over and Malcolm had to make a decision as soon as possible. He quickly ran to the garage and started his car. He had a feeling where she would be and he prayed that he would not be too late.

Maria’s bus was leaving at 9 pm and she had 15 minutes before it departed. She sat facing the bus and thought whether heading to her mother was the best decision for her. She looked down and stared at the pavement as she was surrounded by the sight and sound of the bus station. Suddenly, a pair of shiny shoes that she knew so well, stopped in front of her. She did not dare to raise her head. Nobody said anything for quite some time.

“Why did you leave?” Malcolm asked. She kept quiet.

“I asked you a question Maria.” His voice was harsh.

“Look at me!” He demanded and that made her eyes snapped at him.

“I want to go to my mother’s.” She whispered as tears started brimming in her eyes.

“Come back with me Maria and we can talk.” He pleaded.

“It’s okay Malcolm. We don’t have to.”

“Why the hell not?” He asked.

“Just stop Malcolm. Yesterday was a mistake. I shouldn’t have … have…” She could not finish her sentence.

“Fucked me? Kissed me? Sucked my cock?” He asked her.

“I need to go.” She hastily said and stood up.

“Get home with me. You’re not leaving like this.” He growled.

“I have to leave Malcolm. It’s not like you like fucking me!” She said vehemently.

Malcolm’s body jerked at her admission. His face changed. Maria had never seen him like this since the day he came into her life. He grabbed her small arm and dragged her away from the busy platform. Maria tried walking as fast as she could but her legs were too short to keep up with him. When she stumbled a few times, Malcolm finally relented and walked slower. Maria felt nervous as Malcolm looked really pissed.

The drive home was faster than she anticipated. He parked the car in the garage and went out of the car. He then opened the passenger door and unbuckled her seat belt. He did not say anything but held her tiny hand and dragged her towards the door. He unlocked the door and pushed beylikdüzü escort her inside. He closed the door with a loud bang that shook the house. Maria did not dare turn around and she could feel Malcolm standing behind her.

“I’m going to my room.” Maria’s voice trembled.

Before she could take a step away from him, Malcolm turned her small body around. She gasped when Malcolm tore her shirt making buttons flew to all directions. He took her backpack that was held tightly in her hand and let it fall somewhere behind her. Then, he yanked her bra making her body jerked forward by the force. She whimpered as he pulled her and made her face the wall next to the door. She started shaking when Malcolm unzipped her jeans and forced her jeans and panties roughly down her thighs. They stopped around her knees.

“Hold the wall.” He ordered her.

“Tilt your ass!” He commanded as his hands pulled her hip tilting her ass.

“Please Malcolm.” She did not even know what she was begging Malcolm for.

Maria felt her stepfather’s long fingers on her ass cheeks. Malcolm’s fingers squeezed her supple ass and kneading them. She hissed when he spanked her right ass. She could feel her pussy dripping wet and her juices we slowly damping her inner thighs. Malcolm knelt behind her and spread her ass cheeks. She was drenched and exposed to her stepfather. She moaned when his fingers slid into her pussy. Malcolm spread her ass cheeks even more and suddenly Maria shuddered when she felt his tongue lapping her exposed pussy. She rocked her hip trying to get his tongue lapping her pussy even more.

She tiptoed trying to grind her pussy onto Malcolm’s tongue. “Please Malcolm,” she begged him. He fucked her core with his tongue as one of his hands began rubbing her clit. “Ohhhh Malcolm! Oh God!” Maria exclaimed. Her clit was so sensitive that she could feel she was going to orgasm soon. She closed her eyes as she prepared to experience her orgasm. Out of the blue, Malcolm stopped all movement. He quickly stood up and unzipped his slacks. He forced her to face the wall and suddenly Maria screamed and came the moment his long hard dick slid deep into her.

Her body convulsed as she came but Malcolm was relentless. He fucked her, pumping his dick again and again holding her hips in a death grip. Maria kept coming around his throbbing cock that was fucking her. He then moved one hand from her hip and wrapped his arm around his throat and he continued to fuck her sopping sore. Her small body was like a ragdoll as Malcolm carried on slamming his cock into her. She gasped when he tugged her stiff nipple. He then slapped her nipples making her yelped.

Her body quaked when she came again. Her scream filled the house as her small body shuddered with the tremors of her orgasm. Malcolm continued fucking her until her tremors lessened a notch when he pulled out his cock from her pussy and turned her around. Now he back was against the cold wall. He rammed three fingers into her awaiting pussy and pumped. She stared up into his gray eyes and rocked her hip with each thrust of his hand. Sweat dripped from his face onto her tits. Her hands wandered to her tits and she rubbed her nipples. She pinched her puffy nipples and together with his fingers in her pussy, Maria came apart again.

Malcolm carried her to the huge sofa in front of the television in the family room. He roughly pulled her jeans and panties down her legs and she was finally naked. He took off his shirt and pulled his slacks and boxers down his legs before kicking them. He sat on the sofa and pulled her so that she was straddling his body. “Put my cock in your pussy.” He instructed. Maria’s small hand tried to hold his cock but she was still dazed from her orgasm. Instead, he held his cock in his hand and guided her onto his dick. Malcolm pulled her small body down his hard cock and that made both of them groaned. “Ride your Daddy’s dick. You love your Daddy’s dick, don’t you baby?” He asked. Maria nodded.

She held on to his shoulders and started grinding her hip. Her heavy tits bounced in front of his greedy eyes. “Feed me your tits,” he asked and she willingly held her ample tits to his mouth. Maria moaned as he sucked one nipple and then bit it. The young woman moaned louder. As she continued humping her stepfather’s cock, he too continued to suck her other nipple. She forgot all about feeding him her tits when he started rubbing her clit. His thick thumb massaged bostancı escort it and that made her turn into a trance. Her mouth open and she continued grinding and humping his thick dick.

Malcolm then wrapped his arms around her small compact body. He moved his hip and vigorously started fucking her pussy hard. Her arms snaked around his neck and her tits meshed between their bodies. “Come with Daddy! Come with Daddy!” His voice strained with each thrust into her young pussy. Maria whimpered each time his cock pumped deeper. Their heavy breathing, and their moaning and slapping of flesh filled the family room. Malcolm continued to pump his cock and beg his stepdaughter to cum with him.

Maria’s body went rigid when she came first. She then let out a hoarse scream and her little body trembled and shook. “I’m coming Malcolm!” She yelled as he fucked her pussy with everything he got. He relished the feeling of her young pussy convulsing around his cock. He pumped and pumped and pumped his dick again and again in her pussy when he suddenly shouted. He came and squirted his seeds deep into her womb. Both of them trembled and shuddered until slowly everything started to subside.

Malcolm rubbed and massaged her back. He kissed her right shoulder and rested his head on it. Both of them were breathing raggedly for a while but they did not say anything. Maria rained soft kisses on his neck and hugged his neck tight. He continued holding her without saying a word. They just sat there with her still straddling his body and with his semi hard cock deep in her. They were silent for the longest time until Maria slowly pushed herself from his shoulder and looked up at his face.

“I didn’t mean to leave you Malcolm.” She suddenly whispered.

“Then why did you?” He asked.

“I thought you hated Me.” She said wretchedly.

“Why would I hate you baby?”

“You didn’t say anything! After we fucked, you just didn’t say anything.” She said, defeated.

“I’m sorry. I can never hate you Maria. I was confused.” He explained.

“I thought you hated fucking me. I thought you hated everything I did last night.” She continued.

“Oh baby… I’m sorry you felt that way.”

“Please don’t hate me Malcolm!” She begged.

“I don’t! As I said, I was confused.” He explained.

“I thought you didn’t want to do anything with me.” She said.

“I can never hate you!” He tried convincing her.

“How would I know?” She asked.

“Ouch.” Maria cried as Malcolm spanked her ass.

“Why spanked me? What did I do?” She tried pushing off his lap.

“I told you I don’t hate you nor I could ever hate you!” His voice was stern.

“You didn’t say anything.” She sulked.

“Ouch!!” She gasped as he spanked her again.

“That hurts Malcolm!” She complained.

“Call me Daddy when I fuck your tight pussy.” His voice suddenly changed.

“Unfortunately, you are not fucking me.” She gave a slight grin.

“Little girl… Your Daddy’s cock is definitely fucking you!” He exclaimed as he rocked his hip.

“Oh Daddy! Your cock is SO big!” She smiled naughtily as she teased him but gasped as his hand spanked her ass again.

“Can you feel how hard your Daddy is?” He asked.

“Yeah…” she answered as she ground her hip.

“How do you want Daddy to fuck you?” He asked as he leisurely teased her clit with his thumb.

“I don’t know Daddy.” She answered. Her eyes were clouded with her arousal.

“You’re beautiful baby. Look at how hard your nipples are. You’re perfect.” He tugged both her nipples and pulled her closer. Malcolm then kissed her.

He held her head as he devoured her mouth. She opened her mouth and let her stepfather sucked and nipped her lips and tongue. Maria felt a gush of her juices flowing. She also noticed how hard his cock had become in her pussy. Malcolm pulled away and stared down at her face as he resumed pinching and pulling her nipples. “Tell me baby. How do you want me to fuck you?” He asked.

“I don’t know Malcolm.” She shuddered as she started grinding his cock.

“Call me Daddy.” Malcolm said as he tugged her nipples hard making her whimper.

“I don’t know Daddy. I just want to make you happy.” She replied as she began moving her hips.

“Let’s move to the bedroom.” Malcolm smiled as he grabbed her ass and stood up.

“Hold me. Wrap your legs around me.” He instructed.

When they arrived inside çapa escort his bedroom, he slowly put her down onto the bed. His cock popped out from her pussy. It glistened under the lights. He knelt in front of her and grabbed her left leg. He draped that leg on her shoulder. “Daddy, please fuck me,” she begged. Malcolm teased her clit by rubbing it with his cock head and smiled when she moaned. He slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. They moaned simultaneously. Malcolm began pumping his cock in and out Maria’s pussy. He drove his cock as deep as he could and that led Maria to start trashing on the bed. Her hands gripped the duvet and her body shook with each thrust of Malcolm’s cock. His eyes feasted on her heavy young tits as he pounded her pussy.

“Daddy! Daddy!” His young stepdaughter chanted.

“Come for Daddy. Come for me.” He encouraged her as he rubbed her glistening clit.

“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me! Ohhhhh…” She trashed on the bed.

“Good girl! Good girl! Come for Daddy!” He complimented her when she came.

“Malcolm!!” She came as he carried on fucking her.

Malcolm moved on the bed. He slowly pulled out his cock and pushed her legs so that they were on either side of her head. He licked her pussy and spanked her sopping core. She writhed and begged for him to stop. “Call me Daddy when I fuck you Little Girl.” He said between her legs. She gave him a weak nod before he resumed licking her pussy. “You taste so good baby.” He commented. She gasped each time his tongue lapped her clit.

Malcolm stopped eating her pussy and wiped his face with the back of his hand. He straddled her small body and held his cock. He pushed his cock into her pussy and began pumping again. His face was so close to her as his cock pummeled her pussy. He held her legs that were on either side of her head and fucked her. Maria felt his cock filling up her pussy. She moaned when he pulled it out and slid it back in. He was incessantly fucking her pussy raw. He kissed her and carried on pumping his hard cock into his stepdaughter’s pussy.

Maria scream pierced the night but Malcolm kept on fucking her on the now messy bed. His hip frantically moved up and down slamming his throbbing cock in her cunt. He knew that he would come again pretty soon. His face contorted as he rammed his cock again and again. He growled her name when he came deep in her belly. His cum spurted as he thrust even deeper into her awaiting young womb. Maria whimpered and sighed with each thrust of his stepfather’s now softening cock.

“Ahhhhh…” She moaned as he pulled out his cock.

He fell next to her and dragged his body so that he lay on his back. He turned his head to look at Maria and gave her a weak smile. She ran her hand between her legs and trembled when she touched her clit. She pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and when she pulled them out, they were covered with his creamy cum. She brought the fingers to her lips and sucked them. She had to suck and lick them for a while before they were clean.

“You fucked me without a condom Malcolm.” She said.

“I know.” He admitted.

“What if I get pregnant?” She asked.

“Would it matter?” He looked at her.

“I don’t know.” She replied.

“I would take care of you Maria.” He declared before gathering her into his arms.

“Let us sleep first. We will talk more tomorrow. Remember this baby; Daddy will always take care of you.” Malcolm stated before kissing her forehead.

Maria woke up the next morning when she heard noises. She opened her eyes and lights were already penetrating through the curtains. She turned to the left and then to the right; and noticed that Malcolm was not in bed. She checked the clock next to the bedroom and groaned when she realized that she had less than an hour to head to the bookstore before it opened. She groaned when she felt her body protesting with each movement she made. A smile tugged her lips when she remembered how Malcolm woke her up at around 2 in the morning and ate her pussy. He then put pillow under her ass and fucked her again. She bit her lips thinking how Malcolm fed her his cock and balls.

The sound of people shouting brought her back to reality. She left the bed and walked to the bedroom door. She opened it and listened carefully. Her heart began pounding faster when she realized that she knew the voices. One was Malcolm’s and the other one was her whore of a mother, Flora. Maria grabbed a robe from her room and put it on before tip-toeing down the stairs. They were no longer shouting though. Maria felt apprehensive as she moved down the long staircase. She was half way down the stairs before she was greeted by the sight of Malcolm sitting on the sofa where they fucked the night before and with his hands on Flora’s perky fake DD tits.

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