Mama Stops the Hurt

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You awaken in the wee hours of morning feeling groggy. You sense someone is in the bed beside you and it takes you a few long moments to realize it is your mother. Her form is slight under the covers with her back to you.

Coming fully awake you recount the day’s events, the court hearing for custody of your two kids bringing you to the state of North Carolina from your home in South Carolina. The court granting your wife, Beth, full custody of them with Beth determining visitation privileges. Not good! Your mother threatening her with a good ass whipping and cautioned by the judge – numerous times. And then stopping too late in the evening to get a motel room with two beds.

You get up to pee and returned to bed without stirring your mother. You stare at the white ceiling for many minutes, then, you glance towards your mother and stare into the darkness at her form. In your thoughts, she is not your mother but just a female. Funny, how the darkness of night time your mind can rationalize and makes all things possible. You’re right hand slips under your briefs and you began to fondled the beginning of an erection. It is soon firm and you pull it clear from the right side of your briefs. You return your stare to the ceiling as you stroke it with a firm grip.

You glance over towards her mother once more. You know she sleeps topless, wearing only panties. You confirm this as she asked you to cut off the TV while she scooted from the bathroom, freshly bathed, to under the covers. Through the darkness you saw her white panties low on her hips. You ponder her small breast and how close they are. You are 30 and you have accidentally seen this woman totally nude a few times in the past 5 years. You try to envision the last time, quite recently, her trimmed strawberry blonde bush and her freckled, untanned body. Only her small bubbled buttocks are free of freckles. The times before it had not been trimmed but quite abundant. Perhaps the latest mill executive she was fucking at present desired it trimmed. Mill exec came and went regularly. You hate them all as you know her desire to keep her high paying position and discretion is passed to the incoming.

Your body is tense and you want to come – but it eludes you. There is a warm, moist hole at hand. You slowly strip your briefs off. You want to be ready just in case things go your way. You lift the covers and slowly inch towards the woman, spooning behind her. Her body is warm. She still sleeps as you reach around to cup the closest tit. The bare breast is warmer still. You began to massage it gently and she stirs just a bit. You stop and wait. You begin a again. You stop and wait, and so it goes for long minutes. You thumb the erect nipple.

“What the hell are you doing?” You finally hear her whispered, screeching question. Her voice has a gravel, grating sound due to a youthful vocal cord injury caused by falling with a straw in her mouth. Her tone does not bode well for success.

“Just cuddling. I was cold.” You defend, sheepishly. It took longer than expected to wake her – or was she just being coy.

“Cuddling, my ass! ” She rebukes, a bit louder. “Now get your hand off my tit, get back to your side and go the hell to sleep. If you can’t do that, then go to the bathroom and jerk off!”

“I’m hurting, Mama. I’ve been jerking off. It’s not doing it. “

With your comment, you tug at her breast, bringing her to her back. Slinging the covers off both of you, you try to climb atop her. She fights you like a wildcat, slapping at you, trying to knee you in the sides or in the balls. The two of you scuffle without any threats or curses being voiced. Only labored breaths fill the room. She evicts you from the bed on her side. Instead of trying to escape, she reaches to reclaim the covers. You jump up, inhale deeply and grab for her, slinging her folded form to her back. You quickly straddled her, to secure her arms, but she unleashes a multitude of slinging open hands. In the darkness many find home on the sides of your head.

You try a different tactic and quickly maneuver down over her body, pushing her legs wide, then up. You put your face into her crotch. In moments, as hoped, even expected, all slapping and resistance ceases. She lays still and you can hear her heavy breathing. You press you nose into her crotch. As you begin to run your nose over her crotch, you smile inside. Even Beth, when she was being a bitch and mad as hell at you, lost her will to protest and argue when you threw her on the bed or sofa and got your face to her crotch.

“Dammit, Press! Don’t you care who I am?” You hear her plea.

“In the darkness, you’re only a woman! That’s all that matters right this second!” You reply.

Her body flexes as your nose cruises over her panty-protected clit and you hear a moan of pleasure.

Your desire is to put your tongue to a warm, bare, moist pussy. The middle finger of your left hand slips under the elastic of the panties and you pull it aside. Her moan erenköy escort is louder as you put your tongue to her bare pussy. After a minute or two, there is no resistance as you strip her panties off. She lifts her feet to assist. She brings them to rest on your shoulders.

For long, long minutes your heart’s content as you please the pussy before you, numerous times lifting her buttocks higher to push your tongue into her, tongue fucking her, listening to her lustful requests of, “don’t stop!”. The mature 49-year-old woman produces abundant lubrication and you are continuously purging it from your mouth. It drains down your chin like a waterfall.

Her animal like growl, her ass lifting skyward, then her quaking body all attest to the strong, and most satisfying orgasm you have given the woman. You glue your tongue to her clit, lengthening the grip of the orgasm, but it soon fades and her body relaxes.

Before you can react, before you can climb up and mount her, she is grabbing backwards begging you to come up, pleading, “I want to touch it! Let me hold it! Please!”.

It is not what you want but your nature is to satisfy the woman, so, you scramble up, dropping to her right side as she takes hold of your cock with her left hand. Lying on your left side, you naturally accept her right leg between your legs as she takes hold of your cock and begins to pull on it. You hump her slim thigh as she pulls, fondles and teases the head of your cock. As you snuggle close, your right hand stroking her left thigh, your heated breaths are exhaled onto her neck and you think – Beth would never put up with it. In a few minutes, too soon, you cannot stifle your loud moan as your cock explodes, shooting cum onto her thigh and into her pubic hair.

You remain close. Unyielding, you will accept her anger if it comes, but you become aware of her left hand, the fingers playing and gathering your cum, rubbing it over your soft shaft. You move your right hand to lay lightly upon her wrist. You discover, when she is not coating your shaft, she is spreading semen over her thigh and into her bush. You take her right nipple into your mouth, finding it firm.

“Can you sleep now?” She finally whispers, with a loving tone.

“Yes. I think so.”

“No more hurt?” She queries, as you scoot to your side of the bed.

“It will help. Thank you.” You answer but there is a hint of want in your tone.

You note that your mother does not get up to wash our retrieve her panties as she snuggles up with the covers, her back to you, as you found her. You do not bother to wash or retrieve your briefs.

A few hours later you wake up and leave the bed to take a leak. Peeking out the door, you see your mother is still sleeping and you decide to take a shower. It is a steamy, lengthy shower as you replay last night in your mind and stroke your cock. You watch your ejaculate shoot three abundant globs of semen onto the tile floor. You sweep them towards the drain with your right foot.

You’re sitting on the bottom edge of the bed watching TV, having put on clean briefs and wearing jean’s, your belt buckle unfastened, when your mother stirs. She hears the TV and glances over at you. It takes her a few minutes to wake up and throw the covers off. She not showing any concern for her nakedness as she moves to her tot bag, right profile to you, to pluck a fresh pair of panties out of the bag – dark blue you note. She is so light and thin, you think. As she turns face on to you, her head turns and lowers as she notices her discarded panties lying on the floor between the front legs of a chair where you had tossed them. She mutters, “morning, sugar”, as she walks by you. You feel a twitch in your crotch as your eyes follow her naked frame. You ponder your dried semen that mush still be on her thigh, that, and her tight, sensuous ass.

Her back to you, you note her straight back posture and her easy straight-legged gait that transmits to the viewer, “I am a confident female”. She is an executive at the local clothing mill and has every right to be confident. No matter that she fought other ambitious females, sometimes literally, worked long hours, and, yes, even fucked and sucked her way to the top. You know this because it came straight from her lips when she was upset by her bosses at the mill. She took no shit from any any of them as she had screwed or sucked the cock of everyone of them and then cut them off unless it was to her best interest.

You had not moved when she came out of the bathroom freshly bathed wearing the dark blue panties – the bikini type of a younger girl but they look and fit very nicely. A towel hung over her shoulders covers her breasts. As she moves past you, you reach to take hold of her left arm. She pivots towards you and you draw her in close grasping the two ends of the towel, putting your face to her chest and inhaling deeply, smelling the sweet soap, your hands move to her hips, then göztepe escort reach to palm her buttocks. All through your adult years, when you were feeling depressed and hopeless, she had often put herself and your face in just such a position, but, back then, she fully clothed, holding your head lovingly, and foregoing the liberties you are taking now.

“Last night did not cure your ills? Are you still hurting, Baby?” She questions. “I’ll ask you again – do you not care who I am?”

“I just feel so lost, Mama!” You sigh. “You have always helped me feel better. I have no one to turn to. If you don’t want to help me – that way – why last night – and why are you displaying yourself this morning – causing me to hurt.”

“In the early years of your marriage, when Beth and I could carry on a civilized conversation, I discovered a few things about you. Beth told me that a little pussy would make you a brand-new man, pulling you out of any slump. She also hinted to the obvious fact, that I learned first hand last night, that you’re quite long and thick. She also hinted that she could not take all of you.”

She moves away from you, taking a seat on the right corner of the rather high motel bed, her back partially to you, her legs wide due to straddling the corner.

“If you remember, I didn’t have much choice last night. You would have raped me! I was hoping that masturbating you would stop your hurting. And really! Is there a need to hide under clothing after last night – us alone in a motel room? As your mother, I desire to stop your pain – your hurting. I suppose, if pussy is the only thing that is going to suffice…?”

You are looking down pathetically and do not see her head turn to glance back at you as you answer, “yes, Mama, if really want to help.” Years ago you discovered that pouting was a sure fired way for you to get your way.

“Then, you best get out of your jeans. It’s heading on 8 o’clock. We don’t want to have to rush. I’m hurting a bit myself that is why I am walking around “displaying” myself, as you put it. I wanted to see if you still wanted me – that way. When you get undressed, I’ll let you have the honor of pulling my panties off. Then, I want you to take a good look at the treasure I am going to give you.”

You are in front of your mother by the time you get to your briefs. They are quickly off and you have the good beginning of an erection. You note that your mother is staring at your cock.

“You are hung like a horse, but unlike that whore you were married to, I think I can take it all, Sugar.” As you reach to remove her panties, “After you finish looking, touch it with your cock and get it wet a little before you put in me.”

You reach to remove her panties and, as before, your Mama lifts her legs to assist in their removal. She pulls her knees back against her tits, giving you an excellent view of her pussy. Added to the light of the TV and bathroom, is the outside morning sun-light filtering around the curtains. You stroke your cock slowly as you stand there studying it for a long minute. You squat down, placing your hands to the sides of her buttocks, leaning in to get a close-up, then, slowly pepper her pussy with light kisses. You note her smile and lack of embarrassment.

“It is the most perfect pussy I have ever seen. It is a true treasure, Mama.” You whispered, as you stand again.

You loosely take hold of your cock and began to rub it over your mother’s vagina. Her labia his big lipped and of light gray-rosy color and appears as if it has goose-bumps. As your Mama looks down, her pussy begins to glisten with lubricant. You repeatedly push the head of your cock through the puffy lips, poking her clit, making her moan slightly. Finally, with good instinct, you place the head of your cock to where you think her hole is located. You hear her whispered, “right there”. You push and you both see the head of your cock disappears.

Your mother’s mouth opens slightly as she inhales deeply through her mouth. You continue to penetrate her, stopping when it is slightly over two thirds. It is that length that Beth called “uncle”. It always made intercourse distracting – measuring the depth of each stroke! You begin to stroke. Your Mama continues to watch.

You know you’re exceptionally long and thick. You have measured 9-1/2 inches from the balls underneath your shaft. You often worried why you never got completely rigid – rock hard. You found enough material to read and you discovered that long cocks only become rock hard when ejaculation is very close at hand. You began to pay attention and discovered that it was true. Still, you often wished your cock was slightly shorter.

“I’m good and wet now.” Your mother says. “I want you to put your balls right up against my ass. I can take all of you, Press. I know my petite body doesn’t look like it but I can take a lot of cock! Yes!t God damn! Push! More! Yessss You mother-trucker!”

You kadıköy escort see a beaming smile appear on her face as your balls touch her ass lightly. You push one more time to bring them tightly together, causing her to grimace slightly. You drop over her supporting yourself on your elbows as you cradle her and began fucking her without withdrawing much of your cock, giving her a chance to grow accustomed to its length.

“Have you ever fucked a girl who could take all of it?” She quizzes.

“There’s only been five.” You confess. “Rachel. My third. She tried real hard. Got it all the way in her, but she couldn’t take any heavy thrusting. She used to have this neat trick of flexing her pussy muscles.”

“Be still!” Mama directs you. “Like this?”

“Oh, hell yes!” You exclaim, chuckling. “Damn! That’s good! Just like I remember. That’s real good, Mama!”

“It takes exercise to get pussy muscles to be strong.” She tells you as she flexes her muscles, gripping and releasing your length repeatedly. “The secret to taking a big, long cock like yours is to relax. It’s nearing 8:30. To give me time to clean up and us be out of here by 11, I need to be back in the shower by 10 o’clock. You have an hour and a half to get all the pussy you want. When you are satisfied you can worry about me. Right now I just want you to enjoy Mama’s pussy.”

You begin to fuck her with a bit more rhythm, withdrawing a few inches of your cock. You hear her labored breathing through her slightly open mouth, in rhythm with your thrusting.

“You ever hear about the man who gets divorced from his wife and his best friend marries her.” You narrate as y’all fuck. “The man asked his friend one day how he liked that used pussy. The friend told him it wasn’t bad once he got past the used part.” She chuckles lightly.

“god damn, it’s good!” She groans minutes later, her ass now lifting repeatedly to match your thrust. I’m getting close, Press! Keep doing it just like that!”

You stare at the sheet as you fuck your mother with unexpected jubilant. She has changed her mind as to who will come first. It will be she, as it should be. You and your cock brought about this change. You are good at control! If seen from above, your two naked bodies would seem as one, pulsing together rhythmically with incestuous lost.

“Your cock is wonderful, Press!” She whispers lustfully. “It is so deep in my belly. I’m so high on the ladder, baby! Don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking your Mama! Oh god! Oh god! Fuck me, Press! I’m falling! Oh god, I’m fallinGGGGGGGG!”

Her body quakes strongly, flexing repeatedly beneath you. The orgasm seems to last forever as you continue to stroke into her deeply. It does dissipates but her ass continues to match your stroking. You marble at the woman’s stamina! You slow your rhythm only to give her a bit of a breather.

“Don’t stop!” She commands.

“I’m not!” You assure her. “You rest a few minutes. I’m going to enjoy your pussy.”

And you do! You fuck her with a moderate rhythm, as she lays mostly passive, occasionally withdrawing your shaft nearly out of her before penetrating her deep. Her deep, woofing, inhales and exhales of breath is music to your ears, knowing the lightweight, petite woman below you, your Mama, is taking everything you have to give – and loving it.

You rise above her and withdraw your cock completely. You slap her labia a couple of times before placing the head of your cock back to the entrance of her treasure. You enter her slowly as she watches. You repeat the process two more times, reenacting, reliving the first time, then, push deep, levering yourself atop her again, to continue fucking her.

“Your cock is wonderful.” She whispers, her ass, once more, in step with your rhythm.

You feel the coolness of the perspiration as it evaporates off of your back. You feel the perspiration mingling between the two of you and you are very much aware of the abundant lubrication which you would see glistening in the crack of her ass – if you had that vantage point. You hear the low sound of the bed springs as you increase your rhythm. And the mournful music of your mother makes you content just to rapidly stroke into her – fucking her passionately.

You begin to feel like an elastic band is constricting around your cock and you realize your mother is flexing her vaginal muscles. You have to shove harder to replant your cock. You are soon breathing heavily. You are determined not to be prevented from slapping her ass with your balls. Her labored breaths join yours.

“Maybe my pussy will just spit it out!” She whispers, in a challenging tone.

“The hell it will!” You answer in your own challenging tone.

And the fuck is on! You discover quickly that if you withdraw too much of your length her pussy will squeeze more of your length out of her. At one point, you only have about 4 inches in her. You wait for her muscles to relax and you shoved hard, reclaiming lost depth, making her yelp.

“You win!” She exclaims, laughing uncontrollably, relaxing her vaginal muscles. “I’m going to be sore as hell later for more reasons than one.”

You growl and mimic attacking her neck causing her to fight to remove your mouth from against her neck. It makes you want to fuck her more aggressively – and you do.

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