Male Stripper and the Yuppie Couple

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School wasn’t for me, but I was blessed with a hard, lean body and cock that any porn star would be proud of. Being a male stripper isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. For every bachelorette party with beautiful young woman, there are ten gigs with fat old ladies and another ten with creepy old men. My cock gets a lot of attention, but not a night goes by that someone doesn’t try to stick a finger in my ass. I’ve slept with about a hundred clients, and that was fun at first. I don’t even try to seduce them any more. I get propositioned constantly and the only ones I go home with now are the ones that offer me a financial incentive. And even a lot of those I turn down. It just gets boring after a while. I have to amuse myself.

A few nights ago, this middle-aged guy with a wedding ring was buying me drinks trying to get me in bed. He was a little chubby but not bad looking. He wouldn’t leave me alone, so I finally said “put some cash in my pocket, take me to your hotel room and I’ll fuck you like a farm animal. And I won’t wear a condom.” I can’t say it surprised me when he took me up on my offer. Forty minutes later I had him bent over the back of a chair, fucking his fat ass like a prison whore. I tell them all to lick my cock clean after it’s been in their ass. Not all of them do it, but a lot of them will just to get one last chance to put my cock in their mouth. Or maybe they just need to degrade themselves. They all want me to stay the night and cuddle and fuck them again before breakfast, but that’s not really my thing.

I get a lot of repeat customers. Some people save for their dream vacation to Hawaii, but there are a lot of perverted old men that save up to come get butt-fucked by a twenty year-old male stripper with a monster cock.

I also go home with a lot of couples. I think every suburban dad and his brother dreams of watching his wife get fucked by someone like me. It never ceases to amaze me how many of the beautiful people want me to fuck their spouse while they watch. I think it’s because most people assume their spouse isn’t going to leave them for a high school drop-out covered in tattoos, no matter how big his cock is. For a lot of them, being with me is the ultimate rebellion, breaking all the rules and slumming it with the white trash dancer. They might not tell their friends at the country club, but I bet they relive it when they are bahis firmaları alone together.

Last night this young stock broker-type named Huey offered to buy me a drink if I sat with him and his mousey-looking wife. Her name was Beth and she didn’t have much to say. She had a small frame, fair skin, frizzy hair and big glasses that made her face look a little like a fruit fly. Huey was running his mouth about stupid shit, and Beth was sitting there listening like what he said was interesting. I got bored and ran my fingers through her hair and massaged her neck. She relaxed a little and let me run my hands over her. Huey kept blathering on.

“I bet you’re fun in bed,” I said to her. I put my hands down her dress and my fingers made their way to her bra. She didn’t say a word or move a muscle when I began squeezing her nipples. Huey paused, but continued talking as I felt up his wife.

“Your husband doesn’t seem to mind,” I said. “Why don’t you stand up and let me finger fuck you right here. No one will mind,” I said to Beth.

Huey interjected “not here. Let’s go to our room.”

“I’d like to,” I said, “but I have bills to pay and the the only way pay the rent is to keep working.” Huey took the hint and offered to pay for my time and we agreed on a number. He gave me their hotel name and room number and I met them there about a half hour later.

When I got to their room, I walked in and stripped down and stood naked without saying anything. Beth and Huey just looked at me for a few moments without saying anything either. Finally, Beth said she was getting in the shower and invited Huey and I to join her.

I followed her into the shower. We ran our hands over each other and kissed. Later I jammed my fingers in her pussy. I can’t imagine it felt good, but she didn’t seem to mind. I gently pushed her to her knees and she put my cock in her mouth without me telling her to. Already I could tell she’d probably do anything I told her.

Huey was leaning against the sink, watching us and masturbating. “Don’t just stand there, get in,” I told Huey. He undressed, got in the shower with us and stood there with his cock in his hand. I pulled him to me and kissed him hard. “Open your mouth when I kiss you,” I said, and kissed him again violently. I grabbed his hair and pushed him to his knees. I pulled my cock from Beth and placed it on Huey’s kaçak iddaa upturned face. He stared at me with my cock between his eyes. “Are you going to suck it or what?” I asked. He hesitated, reached up and pulled my cock to his lips. He opened his mouth, closed his eyes and moved his face into my cock. Like a lot of straight guys, he had a natural talent for sucking sick. I didn’t have to tell him what to do. I let the two of them share my cock.

I pulled Beth to her feet and we kissed while Huey sucked. There are few greater pleasures in life than making out with a woman while her husband sucks your cock. I enjoyed the moment for as long as I could but I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. I forced Huey’s head onto my cock one last time until he gagged. “So which of you two wants to get fucked?” I asked.

Beth said only “let’s go to bed,” and she got out the shower and walked to the bed. Her fair skin still dripping wet, she looked beautiful naked standing by the bed. We stood for a minute and kissed and said to me “lay down and I’ll do you.”

I laid on the bed and Beth crawled between my knees while Huey stood naked by the bed stroking his cock. Beth played with my cock, then licked, then sucked me back to life. She spit a big gob into her hand, rubbed it on her pussy, then straddled me. She put the head of my cock against her pussy and gently pushed down onto it. She smiled as I slid in her.

I sat back with my hands behind my head as she slowly moved her pelvis up and down on my cock. She took my cock with a lot more ease than some others have. I could tell by the way she moved that Huey was clearly not her first. She lay on top of me, kissed my ear and whispered “I love your cock.” After sliding on and off me for a few minutes, she asked if I would get on her.

We switched positions, I eased into her, and she relaxed. As I pushed further in, she grimaced and I could feel the tension in her legs and she tried to pull them together. I spread her legs further and pushed deep into her. She groaned as my cock banged against her cervix. “Grab your ankles and keep your legs open,” I told her. She did and I laid on her and pushed as hard into her as I could.

“This is what you wanted, right Huey?” I asked without stopping. He nodded and I kept sliding in and out of Beth. “If you want to join us, you can lick my bunghole.” He just stood there kaçak bahis watching us and stroking his cock.

I had fun with Beth. I twisted her around like a pretzel into as many positions as I could think of. When I put her on her knees and fucked her like a dog, she groaned when I pulled her hair and fingered her ass. I slapped her ass a few times but she didn’t seem to mind. Mostly I just rammed my cock into her as deep and as hard as I could. On top of her, with her legs over my shoulders and her ankles almost by her ears, I came hard into her.

I rolled off, and Beth said to Huey, “it would really turn me on if you went down on me now.” Huey crawled into bed without protest, and laid on his stomach between Beth’s legs, licking her pussy clean of the sperm I had dumped in her. I got a beer out of the mini bar, laid next to Beth, and we talked and kissed. Beth was in no hurry for this to end.

I got some body lotion out of the bathroom and poured it on Huey’s ass. He protested, but I held him down with one hand while finger fucking his ass with the other. Beth grabbed a his hair and held his face in her crotch. I straddled his legs and pushed the head of my cock to his asshole. He fought a little as I slid it in, but Beth held his head down and I put my weight onto him. I wasn’t gentle, and after the head went in, I pushed as hard as I could. Huey groaned. I pulled out and forced myself into his tight asshole again and again. I propped myself up with my hands on his back, all my weight resting on him. I fucked him in that position for a few minutes, and he mostly just laid there.

Huey couldn’t concentrate on licking Beth’s pussy, so she just laid there and watched the show. I pulled Huey to his hands and knees, grabbed a handful of his hair, and fucked him doggy style. Beth got up and knelt beside me. She kissed me and ran her hands over her body. And there are few finer things in life than making out with a woman while fucking her husband in the ass.

I was ready to orgasm, so I pulled Huey around by his hair until his face was at my crotch. He hesitated. He didn’t want to put my cock in his mouth after it had been in his ass, but he relented, I think just because he wanted to get it over with. He did a decent job sucking my cock. Beth and I continued making out until I blew my load in Huey’s mouth. He swallowed it down without me having to tell him to.

Beth and I showered together and I gave her my phone number and said she would call. I haven’t heard back from her yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t call me the next time she was in town.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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