Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 02

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It was really late when Lisa and I got back to the house so Lisa made coffee and we sat on the sofa discussing what happened tonight at the swinger club meeting.

I told Lisa that she was incredible and I was very proud of what she did at the meeting, especially when she played with Diane. I asked her what Diane whispered to her to make her have sex with a woman.

Lisa just smiled and said that Diane whispered to me that the only way to get into the club was for me to have sex with other women in the club. So, I decided right then to have sex with her. In fact, I enjoyed having sex with a woman and will do it more often.

I asked her if she was glad she performed for the members and she said she got a rush having sex in front of the members and said she can’t wait to do it again.

Then Lisa asked me what I thought. I told her I enjoyed fucking the women and would do it again. I even told her I loved Richard’s cock and wanted more of it. We both laughed and agreed that we made a good decision. We didn’t even bother to shower, we just went to bed.

The next morning we got up and started making coffee and hit the shower. I washed all the dried cum off of Lisa and she did the same to me.

As we were having our coffee, Lisa said she was a bit sore from fucking Richard but that she loved his huge cock as it filled her cunt completely.

I asked her about all the cum the guys shot into her cunt and how it felt. She said she could actually feel their hot cum shooting into her and it felt good. She said that when Richard came in her, her bahis firmaları cunt was already full and she had to raise her cunt up so his cum could flow out of her. She continued to say that when Richard shoots his cum, she can feel it hitting her insides with a force that she never felt before.

Just then the phone rang. Lisa picked it up and it said it was Linda. I heard them talk a bit and Lisa said ok and hung up. Lisa came back to her coffee and said that David and Linda were coming over in a few minutes.

I asked Lisa why they were coming over and Lisa just said they wanted to discuss something with us.

Ten minutes went by and the doorbell rang. Lisa told David and Linda to come on in. They sat down and Lisa gave them coffee.

I told David and Linda that Lisa and I wanted to thank them for accepting us into the club and that we had a great time. Lisa told them basically the same thing, that she enjoyed herself.

Linda asked us if we were serious about entertaining members for sex. Lisa and I both told them yes, at the same time. And we asked them why.

David looked at Linda and said to us that they would like to take us up on the offer when we were available.

Lisa said we are always available and laughed. Then she got up and went over to David and kissed him on his lips, her tongue sliding into his mouth.

I looked at Linda and said that I guess we are available now and I got up and moved towards Linda.

We looked at each other and I asked what they wanted to do. David said he wanted to fuck Lisa and Linda kaçak iddaa wanted me to fuck her. I asked if they wanted to be alone or wanted to be watched. Linda said she wanted to be watched. That being said, I moved the coffee table out of the way.

Linda and I sat on the couch while Lisa took David and told him to lay on the floor as she joined him. Lisa started kissing David and was running her hands over his body. His cock was already hard and pressed agsinst Lisa’s body. Linda and I watched as David’s hand went down to Lisa’s pussy.

Lisa automatically spread her legs to give David completely access to her treasure. We could see that Lisa was getting aroused as her nipples hardened and her juices were flowing down her thigh.

We watched as David slipped his fingers in Lisa’s cunt, finger fucking her. Then we heard David ask Lisa to ride his cock like she did with Richard. Lisa pushed David on his back and straddled his cock as she faced me and Linda.

We could see David’s cock slip into Lisa’s slit and start to disappear into her cunt as she eased herself down on his cock until it was completely inside her cunt.

Lisa then started to ride his cock. Her tits moving up and down as she rode David’s hard cock. After a few minutes, Dave said he was going to cum. Lisa started riding him faster until he came in her. Lisa lifted herself off his cock enough to let his cum flow out of her cunt.

As Lisa rolled onto the floor with David’s cum oozing out, Linda went over and lapped up his cum as it was dripping out Lisa’s cunt.

Once they kaçak bahis rested and sat on the couch, Linda and I took our turn on the floor and it was David and Lisa’s turn to watch.

As Linda and I laid down on the floor, Linda whispered that she wanted me to fuck her ass so David can see it.

I told Linda to get on her back and spread her legs. I mounted her and forced my cock into her cunt and immediately started fucking her. After some hard thrusts, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and told her to get on all fours.

As she got on all fours, I placed my cock head at her entrance and started inserting my cock into her ass hole. As I penetrated her ass, Linda pushed her ass back to fully seat my cock.

Once my cock was fully seated in her ass, I started fucking her hard. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lisa leave the couch and get under Linda so she could eat her as I was fucking Linda’s ass.

As I fucked Linda, David, somehow, was able to get his cock in Lisa’s cunt as she was eating Linda. In a short time, I told Linda I was cumming and shot my load into Linda’s ass. As I pulled my cock out, my cum oozed out of Linda’s ass and dripped onto Lisa’s mouth. At the same time, David shot his load into Lisa’s cunt. We all fell to the side from being spent.

After some time passed, we composed ourselves and had some more coffee and discussed our future.

David said he would like to make this a regular thing, as did Linda. Lisa said she was ok with it and I said I was too.

So, we decided that we would get together for a foursome every other week, in addition to the monthly club meeting.

We finished our coffee and they left.

Lisa and I showered and went to the pool to relax and discuss our new friends.

Look for Chapter III

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