Making Daddy Hard Ch. 01

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This is just part one hope you like it so far 🙂 If I get good feedback I’ll be sure to write more 😉 Everyone in this story is 18+


Normally every Friday night Tony and his daughter would watch a movie together as a way to spend some quality time together but last Friday he was tied up at work and had to miss it. As a way to make it up to Melanie he promised she could pick out the movie this time. Melanie was very pleased with this development and smiled sweetly at her father coming over to him and plopping down in his lap like she used to do years ago when she was younger and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you daddy!” She exclaimed wiggling happily. Her father Tony held her waist gently and laughed at how cute his daughter was when she was excited.

As Melanie wiggled however her shirt went up slightly and Tony’s fingers brushed her bare skin, he sighed softly and rubbed her exposed flesh thinking nothing of it until Melanie wrapped her arms around his neck her large breasts pressing into his chest. He blushed lightly pendik escort and became aware of how high her shirt had ridden he tummy completely exposed now and her breasts squishing against his chest. Her skin felt so smooth and warm and he felt himself crushing her to him, god. He thought to himself how she’s grown from such a little pipsqueak to a beautiful grown woman in only 18 years.

Tony rested his head on Melanie’s shoulder inhaling the sweet smell of her shampoo on her long light brown hair. He could feel his cock begin to stir in his pants beneath her ass as she straddled him. He took a sharp breath in, in surprise and Melanie sat upright to look at him her head tilted to one side,

“What’s wrong daddy?” Tony looked at her deep brown eyes and alluring pink lips and gulped, how could his cute little daughter be making him feel like this?

“N-nothing baby I just realized how grown up you are…” He said chuckling lightly.

“Oh okay, ” Melanie said smiling at silivri escort him again, Tony gulped again as he looked down at Melanie’s attire not really considering it before she wore a low cut top, the tight fabric clinging to her large breasts. Tony’s eyes wandered down farther to her hip hugging jeans and could feel the heat from her body against his cock. He groaned quietly and tapped Melanie lightly on her thigh to get her attention.

“Maybe you should go pick out a movie for tomorrow night okay baby girl?” He said sweat beads forming on his brow, the more he looked at her hot young body and felt her firm ass on his lap the harder he got.

“Yeah you’re probably right-” Melanie said but suddenly stopped short a confused look on he face. Tony froze his cock straining at his zipper, and prayed Melanie didn’t realize.

“Is everything alright Mel?” Tony said looking at we flushed face. She turned and looked at him blush evident on her cheeks. She’s gonna think I’m some good şirinevler escort for nothing pervert now… Tony thought to himself.

“Y-yeah I’m just gonna go look for that movie now okay? Love you dad,” she said getting off his my lap abruptly. Tony breathed a sigh of relief and clasped his hands in lap to his the raging boner he had and mentally shook himself for watching his daughters ass as she walked away. Melanie was the love of his life after his wife Mable died he did everything he could to raise her right and now he was having dirty thoughts about her, even got hard with her in his lap! He must be some kind if sick pervert.

But sick pervert or not he was hard as a rock and had to do something about it quick. Tony hurried to his room and dropped his pants his 8.5 inch cock springing out of his boxers. I grabbed it in his rib hand and began sliding his hand up and down it pre-cum dribbling from it’s tip. He could imagine Melanie on her knees her innocent brown eyes looking up at him as she took the head of it in her mouth. Tony groaned aloud and shook himself again it was so wrong he could jerk off to his daughter…but no matter how hard he tried to resist thinking about Melanie he couldn’t and gave in to sick fantasies as his cum boiled in his balls and he shot a load onto a pile of dirty clothes imagining it was all over his daughter.


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