Making a Family Business Pt. 04

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Moving On

In Chapter 1, Matt finds out about his younger sister doing online porn web casts to make extra money for her upcoming college tuition. She rejects his initial offer to be part of her show, so he waits until she was in the middle of another solo performance before barging in and forcing the issue. In the process, the brother and sister get past their natural sibling frictions and discovered they share a deeper love for one another than they ever imagined.

In Chapter 2, their mother walks in on Matt and Melody in the middle of an online performance and ss shocked by their incestuous behavior. Melody stands up to their mother and confronts her about her own past behavior before pressuring Mom to perform online again, this time with Matt

In chapter 3, Matt and Melody continue their sexual relations in secret while Melody continues her solo performances online. She also tries to convince her mother and brother to join the new “business”, and perform together and with her. However, their mother is having misgivings over her previous moment of weakness and newfound sexual attraction to her son. Everything comes to a climax (literally and figuratively) during a long afternoon double performance by mother, daughter, and son.

In this chapter, Matt, Melody, and their mother adjust to the new household dynamics and Matt learns more about his mother


The day after Mom and Melody’s first “joint venture” on their online porn sites was as bright and sunny inside the house as the weather was outside following the previous day’s storms. I was up for breakfast and had to get to work early after a phone call from my boss warned me to plan for a long day. Mom and Dad were already up and sipping their coffee. Melody joined us a few minutes later dressed for school.

My mother and sister exchanged knowing smiles that Dad completely missed, and then my sister rubbed my leg under the kitchen table with her foot. She and I shared a long shower earlier when we first got out of bed, and managed to include a quick fuck in the tight confines of our shared bath. That was becoming our new morning ritual, even though afterwards, she would kick me out of the bathroom so she could finish getting ready. Mom was looking happy for the first time in a very long while and couldn’t help giving me a long-distance “kiss” with her lips in quiet acknowledgement of our new relationship.

Mom was dressed normally for work, but in my newly aroused state, I found it incredibly hard to resist staring at her. She was wearing a dark, knee-length, skirt that hugged her soft, round hips and thighs, along with a white blouse that was unbuttoned enough to provide a nice display of her ample cleavage.

She had a close-fitting sports jacket that matched her skirt draped over the back of her chair and her hair was in an attractive up-do that made her look both professional and casually sexy at the same time.

Melody saw me trying to ogle our Mom discreetly and gave me a light kick in my shin. When I looked over at her, she smiled and nodded appreciatively towards our mother and winked. This had to be the strangest breakfast ever.

Dad was the first to leave and as soon as his car was backing out of the drive, Melody started talking excitedly. “Mom, you’ll never guess how much we made yesterday! $3,400!”

Mom and I were both flabbergasted. “I went over the stats and even though we didn’t have quite as many viewers per minute as we did before, our combined shows lasted a little over two hours,” Melody continued. “I copied the chat logs from our first show and the two we did yesterday. I want to see what generated the most interest and how long it took before the viewers started getting bored and leaving so we can plan the next scenario.”

I was running late for work and left my mother and sister trying to work out the details for their next set of shows. Before leaving the house, I gave each of them a lingering kiss. On my drive out to the work site, I remembered when I was younger and thought that being a porn star had to be one of the best jobs in the world. However, after being worn out by my mother and sister from just a couple hours of sex, I was beginning to have a different kind of respect for the actors in real porn films.

When I returned home that evening after work, I got cleaned up and joined everyone around the dinner table. Dad was talking to Mom about their weekend plans and some of the locations he had looked into for them to visit, but the expression on her face clearly showed disinterest in going anywhere. Melody would rub her bare foot up and down my leg every now and then and every glance I made in her direction was returned with a wicked smile.

Mom was wearing the same skirt and blouse she had worn to work, but the blouse was now unbuttoned to the bottom of her bra. Because of our relative positions, Dad couldn’t see anything, but from my side, I had a clear view of her succulent breasts. I was wondering if she had done that intentionally when I saw Mom startle in her chair. merter escort At first, she looked at me and I quickly shifted my eyes so that she wouldn’t see I had been staring at her partially exposed chest. As she stared back at me, she gave another small jump and her eyes flashed across the table to my sister.

Melody was giving Mom the same wicked smile that she had given me and I realized that she was teasing Mom with her foot, too. Mom’s face reddened a shade and her eyes went back down to her plate, but not before her lips moved in a slight smile. Even though my sister continued to play “footsie” with Mom and me, the rest of the dinner proceeded without incident and Dad completely unaware of the sexual undercurrents around him.

After dinner, I caught up with my sister. “What were you doing?” I whispered so that Dad couldn’t hear us in the next room.

She gave me a mischievous smile and replied innocently, “What do you mean?”

I pinched one of her nipples through her t-shirt and bra. “Ow!” she cried out sharply as she slapped my hand away.

“Are you okay?” Dad’s voice called out from the other room.

“I’m fine,” Melody replied while rubbing her boob. “Matt’s just being a dick-head.”

“Melody!” Dad’s voice turned sharp as he admonished her.

“Sorry,” she said loudly, without sounding the least bit remorseful.

“Why were you messing around like that at dinner? What if Dad caught what you were doing?” I whispered. “Mom’s already on edge about him finding out about her and us.”

“Oh, relax. You saw Mom. She enjoyed the attention,” Melody replied calmly. “By the way, how did you like her new look?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Don’t give me that! I saw you staring at Mom. You were practically eye-fucking her,” Melody teased. “I think you’ll notice Mom dressing a little differently around us from now on.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

Melody pulled me into her room and shut the door. “Because I’ll be telling her what to wear and how to wear it. And almost as importantly, I’ll be telling her what NOT to wear.” Melody gave me a wink.

“Why would Mom do anything like that?” I persisted. Looking back, I was really slow to pick up on what was going on around me.

Melody gave an exasperated sigh. “Because Mom belongs to me and she’ll do whatever I tell her. She won’t even fuck you unless I tell her she can.”

“That’s just crazy,” I said in disbelief.

“No, that’s just the way things are. Don’t try to mess things up, either. This is something that Mom actually wants. At work, she’s always in charge of things, but in her private life, she prefers to be controlled and taken care of,” Melody explained. “Dad certainly doesn’t understand that, so she’s been feeling more and more stressed when she comes home from work and has to make all the decisions around the house. It got to the point where just deciding what to wear to work each day was causing her anxiety. I started helping her with some of that a couple years ago and over the last week, that relationship has evolved into something much more intimate and involved.” She looked at me for understanding, but I was still having a hard time accepting what my sister was telling me about our mother.

Changing the subject, Melody said, “Look, Mom and I had a private talk about you before Dad got home.”

“About me? What did you say?” I asked.

“We both agreed that it would be best if we coordinated our nighttime visits to your bed so that both of us didn’t show up at the same time.”

“Are you kidding? She can’t keep sneaking into my bed at night. Dad’s bound to wake up sometime and wonder where she went,” I hissed.

“So what are you going to do when she shows up tonight? Kick her out?” Melody said scornfully. “That’ll really make her feel loved!”

“What do you mean? She’s coming tonight?” I said, ignoring her barb.

Melody’s eyes flashed with fire. “Yes, so you better get rid of your fucking attitude and take good care of her!” With that, my sister turned on her heel and left me standing with my mouth half-open.

Fortunately, Melody cooled off quickly and around 11 o’clock, she crept into my room through our adjoining bathroom. “Listen, I’m not here for a quickie. Mom is going to come here in little bit, as soon as she’s sure Dad is out for the night. I just want to make sure you don’t plan on being a butt-head.”

“Of course not. I’m just concerned about her. I mean, if Dad finds out she’s sneaking off in the middle of the night, he’s bound to wonder where she is and come looking for her. It would ruin their marriage if he found her in bed with me,” I said with some urgency.

“Don’t worry about that. Dad’s going to be out all night, and if he somehow does wake up and start stumbling around, Mom will just run into my room and get in bed with me. I can deal with Dad,” Melody replied confidently. “By the way, about our last conversation? You can help Mom a lot by telling her that she looks nice. She really nişantaşı escort enjoyed seeing the way you looked at her this morning and at dinner. Believe it or not, she’s never felt like she was very attractive to men.”

“Are you shitting me? Mom’s a fucking babe!” I exclaimed.

Melody grinned back at me. “Yeah, she is, but Dad’s never made her feel that way and you’re the only other man in her life, even if you are her son. You can really help her self-confidence by complimenting her. I tell her she’s beautiful all the time, but my opinion doesn’t have the same impact on her as yours will.”

“Speaking of you and Mom, what’s the deal there? You two look like long-lost lesbian lovers when you’re together,” I commented.

“Maybe we are,” my sister replied smugly.

“No, seriously. Is Mom bi- or something, ‘cuz she seemed to know her way around a pussy pretty well,” I continued.

“I don’t think she’s necessarily bi-, but she used to be in a relationship with a woman,” Melody said conspiratorially.

“Really?” I said in amazement. “When she was in college?”

“No, a couple years ago. Her sex life with Dad was pretty dead and she happened to meet a woman who liked her. Somehow, one thing led to another and they became lovers,” Melody said.

“So what happened? Did they breakup or something?” I asked. I was still trying to get over the surprise that Mom had an affair, not to mention that it was with another woman.

Melody’s expression changed. “The other woman died. She was killed in a car wreck.”

“Holy shit!” I said softly. “That really sucks.”

Melody nodded. “Worse, Mom found out from a female police detective who was investigating the accident. The detective was checking the other woman’s phone to see if she had been texting or something when she crashed. She hadn’t, but the last series of texts she had were between her and Mom and they made it pretty clear that they were lovers. The detective called to let Mom know as a courtesy since she wasn’t the next of kin or anything. Plus, the other woman was also married and the detective wanted to give Mom a head’s up before she deleted the texts from the dead woman’s phone to keep her husband from finding out and getting hurt. Mom was a wreck.”

Suddenly I remembered. “You mean Ms. Banks?” I remembered last year when Mom was a mess for several days after one of her friends died in a car accident.

Melody nodded. “But don’t say anything about it. It will just make things bad for Mom again. She feels like it was her fault because Ms. Banks was returning home after the two of them hooked up at a motel for the afternoon. Mom was the last person to see or talk to her.”

“Holy shit!” I repeated. “I can’t even imagine going through something like that.”

Before either of us said anything, my bedroom door opened slowly and our mother crept in. Seeing Melody sitting on the side of my bed, she paused.

“Come on over, Mom,” Melody said while standing up. “I was just getting a goodnight kiss from Matt.” Looking back at me, she added, “You two kids have fun, but don’t wake up the house.”

Before leaving, Melody went over and kissed Mom and I couldn’t help but notice her hands running over our mother’s ass.

Mom settled into bed with me completely naked after removing her nightgown and I sensed some trepidation on her part.

“You okay?” I asked.

She smiled weakly. “Yes, honey. I’m just a little nervous about doing this again. I keep thinking that one of these nights, your Dad is going to wake up and find me here.”

“How are you and Dad doing? You two don’t seem very close,” I asked gently.

Mom hesitated for several seconds as she considered how to respond. Finally, she said, “We haven’t been very close for a few years, and I don’t mean just our sex life. For all intents and purposes, we stopped making love before your sister was born.” Her voice was full of sadness.

“Why? I mean, you look great now and I can say from first-hand experience that you are a wonderful lover. Did he cheat on you or something?” I prodded. I felt strange asking my Mom about her sex life with my Dad, but there was something going on between them that affected her a great deal and I had a burning curiosity to find out what it was.

“No, no, nothing like that. At least, I don’t think he’s ever cheated on me. Your father really is a very good man,” she replied quickly. “It’s a little personal.”

“Mom, we’re lying together in my bed completely naked and getting ready to have sex. I think it doesn’t get much more personal than that,” I commented lightly.

She gave another half-smile.

“There is some truth in that,” she admitted. I stroked her soft hair and waited on her to answer my question. Eventually she took a breath and began. “You know how wet I get when I climax?” she said..

I nodded and said, “I think it’s great.”

“Well, the truth is, your father always thought it was a little messy, but then he read something ortaköy escort about women who squirt when they have an orgasm and found out that the squirting part didn’t actually come from inside my vagina.” Mom’s eyes looked up at me nervously, but I had a blank look. I had just accepted her squirting and never given it a second thought.

“It’s actually from my bladder. When I climax, my Kegel muscles contract so hard that they force out a small amount of residual urine,” my mother said with a trace of embarrassment. She waited for my reaction to the news that she had essentially peed in my mouth or on my face whenever I ate her out and she climaxed. I was so surprised at this revelation, I didn’t know how to respond.

“Really?” I finally said.

Mom nodded slowly. “I hope that doesn’t change things too much between us,” she said.

“Not at all,” I replied quickly. Perhaps too quickly, but as I started to think about it more deliberately, I had to admit that I enjoyed her squirting when I thought it was cum, and nothing tasted bad.

Mom looked like she didn’t completely believe me, but didn’t say anything more. I considered asking if she ever cheated on Dad, but decided that I didn’t need to cause her further embarrassment.

“I can’t stay here very long,” Mom hinted apologetically.

“Of course!” I said breaking out of my own thoughts. “Anything in particular you’d like to do?”

She smiled. “Surprise me.”

I thought for a moment and came up with an idea to show her that I really was fine with her “squirting” condition, even if my sheets did get a little wet. But first I asked, “Say Mom, were you serious last week when you mentioned having anal sex with me?”

She looked over at me in surprise. “Is that what you want to do tonight?” she asked uncertainly.

“No, I wasn’t thinking about doing it now, but I just wondered if that’s something you enjoy. I know Melody is completely grossed out by it,” I responded.

“I’ve tried it a few times and other than the very first time, I’ve found myself enjoying it,” she answered. I would almost swear I saw her blushing, even in the darkness of my room. “How about you? Have you ever tried it?”

Now it was my turn to talk to my mother about my sex life, and I understood why she was probably blushing. “No, not really.”

“What does ‘not really’ mean, exactly?” she pressed.

“Well, it means that I never actually put my dick in a girl’s ass, but I have fingered a it a few times,” I admitted.

Mom chuckled. “Is that why you played with mine the first night I came to visit you?”

“I guess. I didn’t really think about it too much at the time. My hand just ended up in that area and I found myself curious as to how you’d react. You seemed to enjoy it,” I confessed.

“Yeah, I guess I did, even though you did surprise me. I always did like my ass and pussy being played with at the same time,” Mom said with a small laugh. “But what do you have in mind for tonight?”

I couldn’t help a smile of my own. “Tonight, you’re going to be tied to my bed while I pleasure myself with your delicious body.”

Mom’s smile faltered. “Are you serious? What if we hear your father coming?” she looked around the room nervously.

“I guess we’ll deal with that if it happens, but right now, I’m going to get some towels to tie your hands and feet to the bed,” I said smugly as I got up and went to the bathroom.

I listened for any sound from Melody that might indicate she was watching us again, but the bathroom was quiet and empty when I walked in. Thirty seconds later, I came back with four large beach towels.

“These should do. They’re long and not too thick to tie.”

“I don’t know about this, Matt,” Mom said as she started to sit up.

“Just be quiet and trust me. You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. Now, lay back down and give me your hand,” I instructed. It took a few minutes to get her wrists ties to the bed posts on either side of my headboard, then I had another idea. Taking my mother’s ankle, I gently raised her leg up and over to tie it to the headboard post, as well.

Fortunately, Mom was pretty limber and the towel was long enough that her leg wasn’t pulled all the way to the headboard.

“What are you doing?” she asked with concern rising in her voice while I picked up her remaining ankle.

“Be quiet. I’m just making sure that your body is presented fully and in all its glory,” I said calmly. She started to pull her leg away from me, but I held it firmly while tying the towel around her ankle. After that, I tied the other end of the towel to the bed post on that side of the bed and stood back to admire my handiwork.

Mom’s arms and hands were up over her head like a “Y” and her legs were pulled back to the head board, also spread wide in the shape of a “V”. Even in the darkness, I could see the wetness inside her pussy as it lay spread out in invitation. I licked my lips and felt my mouth growing dry with anticipation.

“Are you ready, Mom?” I asked.

“Ready for what?” she asked. Her voice was still nervous and her legs and arms moved around as she tested the tightness of the wrappings. I knew if she really wanted to get free, she could do so. The towels were more symbolic that actual restraints, but I was already thinking about getting some real restraints for another time.

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