Make This Last Forever Pt. 04

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This is the final part of my long-awaited sequel series to “Remember This Moment Forever” which takes place ten years after the original story. What was originally intended to be one long story eventually grew so large that I decided to split it into four parts with a new story being posted at the end of each summer month (beginning with Part One in May and ending with Part Four in October). Each part is roughly the same length or even longer than “Remember”, so you can understand my need to partition them. If you’re looking for a quick fix in your erotica, this probably isn’t the story for you. While there is plenty of sex (hopefully very hot sex, in your assessment), this primarily is a story of love, loss, longing, hope, and fulfillment. Just so prospective readers know what they’re getting into, some of the tags for this individual story include lesbian sex, cunnilingus, pissplay and watersports, analingus, anal sex, and strapon-sex. If any of these subjects might offend you, I advise you to stop now before reading something that makes you uncomfortable and causes you to voice your displeasure all over the comment section.


Part 1: Dani returns to her hometown for her ten-year high school class reunion hoping to use this event to reunite with her old friends and lovers Ashley and Sam. Dani has just undergone a tumultuous breakup with her longtime partner Sandy and is still feeling lost and adrift as a result of it. Shortly after arriving in town, Dani runs into her former best friend Lindsey who had betrayed and exploited Dani by forcing her to make sex tapes and subsequently posting them online for the whole world to see. It is only several years later with Sandy’s help that Dani is able to overcome the trauma of this event. But now Sandy is gone and Dani is all on her own. Dani goes to stay with her mother, whom she hasn’t seen in over three years after they had a falling out.

Part 2: Dani reunites with her mother and it goes about as poorly as she expected. At least Pamela didn’t try to disown her. Again. Dani starts to feel lonely as she pours over old photographs of her with Ashley and Sam and decides impulsively to go out and try to nab some tail. She finds the only lesbian bar within nearly fifty miles of her hometown where she meets a lovely younger woman named Tharisse. Tharisse drinks too much to drive home herself and Dani takes her back to her Mom’s house where kinkiness commences while Dani’s Mom is slumbering. Pamela and Tharisse meet awkwardly at breakfast the next morning before Dani takes Tharisse back to her car. The two lovebirds say goodbye and then it is time for Dani to get ready for her class reunion later that night. But there is one stop she has to make first.

Part 3: The sordid details of Dani’s past are revealed during a tearful confessional at the gravestone of Dani’s deceased lover Karen. Dani spent over a year working as a prostitute for a high-class lesbian escort service before quitting the job after being assaulted by a client. Dani eventually became an alcoholic and a drug addict which resultingly led to her becoming homeless. Dani’s recovery only began once she learned that Karen had died and left a substantial inheritance for Dani which she used to check into rehab and go back to school. Though she is finally healthy and relatively happy again, Dani still feels something missing in her life. She returns to her hometown for her high school reunion to hopefully reconnect with the two women she cares for the most: Ashley and Sam.

Make This Last Forever: Part Four (of Four)


“Are you enjoying yourself, Dani Bear?” Ashley asked with a laugh. “Ha, I think you actually like this!”

Dani grunted with exertion and gasped, “I don’t just like it, Ash, I fucking love it! You already know I love everything you do to me. I do think you could use just a teeny more lube though.”

“You got it, sister!” Ashley answered enthusiastically as she grabbed a nearby bottle lying on the bed. “Coming right up.”

Ashley and Dani had arranged themselves upon Ashley’s bed at her parent’s house with Dani bent forward on her hands and knees while Ashley propped herself up in a sitting position behind the blonde. Ashley’s strapon was buried a quarter of the way up Dani’s asshole where it had come to a standstill after Dani’s sphincter performed its bodily function by clenching down hard on the intruder. It had taken the two girls minutes to get the thing inside Dani’s tight virgin butt and after penetrating only a few inches inside her the plastic cock wouldn’t budge any further.

Ashley assumed Dani’s sexy little asshole would be far looser considering how long she used her tongue and fingers to play with its tight pucker beforehand. Like the rest of her, Dani’s anus was perfect. Its pink-shaded spiral appeared so pristine and unsullied you’d never believe Dani actually shat out of it. Her asshole actually tasted good too, which wasn’t even fair. How can a girl have that face, that body, and that sweet pussy plus having an ass that tastes like a delicious mixture of skin, sweat, casino şirketleri and too-pungent vanilla on top of it? Ashley couldn’t say the same about her best friend and lover Sam’s ass, and Ashley loved munching on Sam’s butthole. Ashley probably should have used a smaller dildo for Dani’s first anal fuck but Ashley wanted to break that flawless virgin asshole in with something nice and thick. She couldn’t wait to see if it looked just as beautiful gaping open as it did tightly sealed.

A half hour earlier, Dani removed all her clothing before bending over and spreading her curvy buttocks open while Ashley stripped down to just her underwear before attaching the harness and strapon to her waist. Ashley was a larger girl and her heavy, sagging breasts that Dani loved smothering herself in bounced around every time she thrust into Dani from behind. After sticking the cock inside Dani’s pussy a few times, Ashley aimed the head of the dildo at Dani’s nervous, quivering asshole.

Ashley had several nose and ear piercings and gothic makeup to go with the dyed hair that completed her unconventional image. She had short, thick hair that was naturally brunette but currently featured purple and blonde highlights. Despite her dark, heavy makeup, sharply hooked nose, and larger frame Dani found Ashley to be unbelievably pretty with the most bubbly, infectious smile Dani had ever gazed upon. Dani never once mentioned Ashley’s weight out of politeness though truthfully her feelings about it were all positive. Dani loved feeling Ashley’s thick thighs wrapping around her body and the softness of Ashley’s flabby tummy resting atop her. She drooled over Ashley’s big, fat ass and loved sticking her face in it.

Though Dani had the look of a typical All-American girl, her beauty was anything but typical. Her dark-golden hair, sparkling sapphire eyes, and large-chested, sexy-assed body made her the envy of the Cornwell High female population. Dani Meadows was one of the most popular girls at her school though unlike her friends she never acted like it. Ashley still found it hard to believe she was assfucking one of the hottest, preppiest, snobbiest girls from her high school. Dani always seemed rather prudish, especially in comparison to the bitches and sluts who made up her clique of popular friends. But sleeping with girls for the first time had unleashed something primal within Dani. She now held an insatiable hunger for pussy and was well on her way to becoming a lesbian anal slut too.

Ashley positioned the bottle of lube over the middle shaft of her plastic cock and squeezed the tube between her palms until a drizzle of clear liquid streamed onto the rod. Ashley rubbed the viscous fluid over her cock until it was well-lubed then squirted another portion right down the center of Dani’s crack so it dripped down to her aching hole. Ashley touched the sensitive skin of Dani’s anus with the strapon still inserted, making Dani shudder at the sensation of having her protruding flesh that was spread open by the invading member played with. With the way Ashley ran her finger along the edge of her anal circle, Dani worried Ashley might try to fit her digit inside Dani’s ass along with the strapon. Her concerns were alleviated when Ashley merely spread the lube around the rim of Dani’s asshole until the fluid ringed the packed maw of Dani’s anal opening.

“Ready?” Ashley asked as she reached down and pinched one of Dani’s asscheeks hard before giving the hazarded section a nice massage in reconciliation. She could play with the plump cheeks of that sexy butt all day long and never get bored.

“Ready and willing,” Dani answered as she pushed down on the mattress to firm herself up while gritting her teeth in anticipation of a deeper penetration. “But a little bit scared.”

“Just remember to stay relaxed,” Ashley suggested. “I heard it helps if when I push it inside you flex your sphincter like you’re taking a nice, big dump.”

“Wow, you sure have a way with words, Ash,” Dani teased. “Really know how to get a girl going.”

“That’s right,” Ashley replied with a husky breath. “I’m just getting started. Now take my entire cock up your shithole. I’m going to go so deep in you and fuck you so hard you won’t poop right for a month.”

Dani looked back at Ashley with a lifted eyebrow and they both started giggling at Ashley’s poor excuse for sexy talk. Dani’s laughter transformed into loud moans as Ashley squeezed her strapon deeper inside Dani’s ass. With the beneficial application of lube, the dildo seemed to be passing through much easier now though its entry still burned painfully as Dani was penetrated.

Dani struggled with the pain of Ashley’s intrusion and realized her body had stiffened with her fingers gripping hard at the bedsheet. All this tension is probably making my butthole clench, Dani thought. I’m probably making this more painful than it needs to be.

Dani did as Ashley suggested and tried relaxing her body as she flexed her anus open. She felt like she had to take a shit really bad for a few seconds right before her casino firmaları ass suddenly became completely filled with stiff, malleable plastic. Her anus and sphincter had acclimated enough to the intrusion that when Dani’s body finally surrendered she allowed the strapon to slide all the way inside her rectum with a single forward motion. Dani gasped in a mixture of shock, pain, and a curious sense of pleasure as the head of the cock touched the upper reaches of her bowels. Dani felt Ashley’s thighs and the straps of Ashley’s harness brushing against her bottom with Ashley’s strapon fully submerged inside Dani’s ass.

“Holy shit, that’s all the way in,” Ashley marveled. “Are you still doing okay?”

“It feels kind of weird,” Dani admitted. “More than kind of, actually. It hurts. But in a good way? I think I can probably take it if you want to start fucking me.”

Dani had been acting as Ashley’s pet and slave fucktoy this whole last week as a punishment. Ashley discovered that Dani had been sleeping with Ashley’s best friend Sam without Ashley’s knowledge or approval. Ashley and Sam had apparently made some kind of pact that they would share Dani between them only when they were both present so neither girl would ever feel left out or jealous. Ashley had been so upset when she learned Dani was fucking Sam without her that in an attempt to broker peace Dani offered herself to Ashley and told her she could use Dani however she wanted.

Since then, Ashley put Dani through the wringer. In the last week, Dani licked a girl’s asshole for the first time when she tonguefucked Ashley’s dirty, sweaty, hairy anus, she dressed more provocatively in public than ever before for Ashley’s amusement, she crawled around on her hands and knees for Ashley and did her chores for her naked, and was made to service Ashley’s needs whenever her friend desired.

No fetish was left unexplored. Dani licked Ashley’s feet and sucked on her toes which actually seemed grosser than rimming Ashley and sticking her tongue inside her asshole. For whatever reason, Dani just didn’t get off on it. She found it much more enjoyable when Ashley peed all over her hair, face, and body and made Dani swallow her piss. Dani didn’t find that gross at all, oddly enough.

Anal sex would be the crux of today’s lesson. Dani knew Ashley and Sam had done this sort of thing together before with Ashley on the receiving end. The thought of Dani’s best friends playing with each other’s assholes and imagining Ashley getting her ass fucked by Sam made Dani all hot and bothered whenever she fantasized about it. Dani had only ever had a finger up there before but she felt ready to indulge herself fully in this new experience.

Today’s session began with Dani fingering Ashley’s butt and then eating her asshole for a while before Ashley performed the same functions upon Dani’s body. Dani laid flat on the bed and groaned while Ashley laid next to her and drove her fingers into Dani’s bum to prepare her anus for thicker and lengthier penetrations. The way Ashley’s tongue slithered around Dani’s asshole before dipping inside her beckoning open anal cavity felt better than Dani could have ever imagined. Once Ashley saw that Dani’s anus no longer fully clenched shut she finally busted out her strapon.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” Ashley informed Dani as she laid a comforting hand across Dani’s lower back and gently stroked her. “You sure you’re ready for this?”

Dani wiggled her bottom with the strapon still stuck inside her anus and answered cheerfully, “Ready and extremely willing.”

Ashley used both her hands to smack Dani’s asscheeks hard as she shouted, “Now that’s what I love to hear!”

Ashley held Dani by her wide, bony hips and pushed her slightly forward as Ashley slowly receded the strapon from out of Dani’s anal opening. Once it was part of the way out, Ashley made Dani gasp by shoving the toy all the way back inside Dani’s tender virgin ass. Dani threw her head downward and groaned loudly as Ashley’s cock refilled her rectum. Dani had never felt so vulnerable, so open, so devoid of willpower and agency than when Ashley made love to her this way. She had surrendered every portion of her body to her lover and it made both of them so happy to know that Dani had proven she would do absolutely anything for her best friend. Ashley’s hand stroked the small of Dani’s back and the blonde girl quivered at her light touch.

“I love you so much, Dani Bear,” Ashley said.

Dani turned her head back toward Ashley and smiled sweetly through the pain as she said, “You’re only saying that because I let you stick this thing in my ass.”

“Shut up, I’m trying to be romantic for once,” Ashley said with a light smack on Dani’s rear.

“Well, I love you too, Ash,” Dani grunted as she took another deep thrust up her rectum. “I kind of feel like being talked dirty to right now instead of being sweet-talked though.”

“Watching this cock go in and out of you is so fucking hot,” Ashley purred in response. “Your asshole is so tight around it. I love the way it güvenilir casino clenches shut and stretches open while I fuck it.”

“Mmmm, fuck yes,” was Dani’s only reply as Ashley continued using her strapon to fill and empty her rectum.

Dani laid her head down on a pillow and reached back to spread her asscheeks apart and give Ashley a perfect view of her anal penetration. She made a “V” with her fingers and placed them just outside her asshole so she could feel with her hand the shaft going in and out of her.

She is almost too sexy for words, Ashley thought as she watched Dani’s obvious enjoyment at receiving her first anal fucking.

Ashley pulled the strapon all the way out of Dani’s hole which made a hissing noise as the air trapped inside rushed out as Dani’s sphincter clenched shut the opening. Ashley listened with pleasure to Dani making whiny, exasperated noises like a toddler complaining over a confiscated toy as she begged Ashley to fuck her some more. Dani’s anus remained loose enough that a small gaping hole stayed open after Ashley’s withdrawal. Ashley grabbed Dani’s ass and spread her cheeks apart to stretch Dani’s hole open even wider. The black hole staring back at her looked so yummy that Ashley had to have another taste.

Dani moaned when she experienced the warm and wet sensations of Ashley’s tongue rotating around the rim of her anus before it slipped inside her ass. Ashley soothed the cherry-red, abused flesh of Dani’s virgin asshole with soft exploratory kisses and long, laboriously slow penetrative licks at her orifice. Just eating Dani’s delicious ass wasn’t enough, Ashley’s mouth made smacking noises as she sucked hard at Dani’s asshole. Dani cried out her approval before Ashley’s backed away after a final goodbye lick of her anal treasure. Dani’s anus opened and closed involuntarily as Ashley pet her tight opening with a gentle rotation of her thumb.

“Uh, Dani?” Ashley asked with amusement. “Your asshole is, umm, winking at me.”

“That’s because she wants you back inside her,” Dani purred. She gasped when Ashley stuck her thumb in Dani’s ass and felt it slide inside with zero resistance. Ashley pushed her thumb in and out of Dani’s dirty hole.

“Come on Ash, that’s not enough,” Dani admonished. “Give it all to me.”

Ashley pulled her thumb out and sucked on it as she stared past the short blonde hairs that were so light they could barely be discerned surrounding Dani’s asshole and pussy. Dani trimmed her pubic hair short but didn’t shave herself completely bare so both her holes could be visible whilst ringed by the downy blonde hair of her pubis. Her pussy looked wet as fuck even though that area hadn’t been directly stimulated and Dani’s anus continued unclenching and then clenching back up spontaneously. It looked as if it was begging Ashley to use it again. Ashley decided to be nice and oblige the request.

Ashley pierced Dani’s anus again with the head of her cock and slowly slid its entire length inside Dani’s ass. Dani groaned loudly and gave voice to her assent as she pushed herself back against Ashley’s cock to aid in its penetration. Their motions stopped only when the heart-shape cleft of Dani’s buttocks pointed straight up at Ashley when she looked down. The soft, full flesh of Dani’s perfect bottom felt so good pressed against Ashley’s crotch and thighs that the larger girl grunted with satisfaction when the warm flesh combined with that of her own body. It was nice to enjoy this with a girl who had some booty for a change instead of with Sam’s stick figure.

Ashley clutched Dani close to her so Dani’s ass pressed tightly against her body as Ashley used just an inch or two of shaft to fuck her friend instead of piledriving the entire length into her insensitively. Ashley would rather keep her strapon deep inside the furthest reaches of Dani’s ass for a good long while. After letting Dani experience full penetration for a few minutes, Ashley pulled out of Dani slowly while she grabbed a thick tangle of Dani’s hair right at her scalp. Ashley pulled back on Dani’s hair viciously as she slammed the dildo back inside Dani’s ass.

“Oh God yes!” Dani screamed as Ashley “manhandled” her in a way only a lesbian could achieve. “Pound the fuck out of my shithole!”

“Are you my anal slut?” Ashley asked Dani with a loud slap on her buttcheek as she reamed Dani’s asshole.

“Yes, I’m an anal loving sex freak!” Dani cried as she pushed back against the strapon and took it up the ass like she had been doing this for years instead of less than an hour. “Make me your bitch, Ashley! God, I fucking love getting my dirty ass fucked!”

Ashley shook her head in disbelief and found herself grinning at Dani’s outburst of dirty talk. Dani looked and behaved like an angel in public but her innate purity vanished whenever she got aroused enough and she transformed into the most amazingly filthy slut. Ashley gripped Dani’s hair in her fist and used it for leverage while she slid her dildo in and out of Dani’s once-tight asshole. The shaft went in and out of Dani now like it was nothing. Dani rocked back against Ashley to ensure the strapon fully penetrated her each time Ashley thrust the cock inside her ass. Ashley continued making love to Dani’s asshole for the next several minutes before pulling out completely.

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