Make Love and Love Some More

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Spring marks new life on planet earth and it also marks the wedding season, and so here I find myself dressed up in suit and tie at an old classmate’s special day. I was hesitant to go at first because we weren’t the closest of friends but he promised good food, wine and gorgeous ladies so naturally my instincts took over and I accepted.

I attended the reception in the evening which was held at a pleasant looking club which used to belong to a wealthy businessman before he fled the country after being discovered of dealing with narcotics. It had a large open yard which was now decorated with aesthetic lighting. The place was beautiful but I still felt out of place there. I managed to find company in some of the other classmates that were also invited but I still felt left out. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of blue and I turned my eyes to see a fair beauty approaching us. Her tight blue dress accentuated her beautiful curves and made her look sexy and yet dignified at the same time. She waved and smiled at us and it was only then that I recognized her as another old classmate who I used to fancy. My heart leap in my chest and my member twitched. She greeted and hugged all of us, greeting me at the end since I was sitting all the way in the corner. Oh god she smells so good. I almost didn’t let go when she hugged me. I gave her an awkward smile. She took the empty seat next to mine which made my awkward smile bigger.

It’s been at least 5 years since I last saw her when we were both 23. I remembered her as a cute, petite, quiet young adult. Now she’s here in front of me, a grown woman, and her assets have definitely grown as well. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her curves stretching the fabric of her dress and I bit my lower lip subconsciously. She noticed and flashed bahis firmaları me a sexy smile. We both laughed and got into a nice conversation about how our lives have been. I sneaked in a compliment from time to time and she would always laugh and touch my arm and chest. The groom showed up after a while and made sure we were all having a good time. He brought us a few bottles of red wine and told us to enjoy ourselves before disappearing back into the heart of the party.

Now the real party can begin.

After 15 minutes most of us were quite tipsy and laughing like maniacs. My attention, however, was always on the beauty next to me. She was become more flirtatious, placing her hand on my thigh from time to time. I was trying my hardest not to get an erection or at least to hide my hardening penis. The evening rolled by so slowly but we soon had a delicious dinner and even danced a little. By 11pm, some of the classmates left leaving just us and a few others who got busy devouring the rest of the wine. A slow song came on and I stood up and offered her my hand to join me to dance. She accepted graciously. I placed my hand around her waist and she on my shoulder. We moved like the tide on a moonlit shore, swaying to the music of water crashing on land. She placed her head on my chest and her hand went down to my chest. Mine too went closer to her butt and she did not protest. I gathered the course and placed it on her ass before giving it a soft squeeze. She gasped and I quickly withdrew my hand. She only laughed before she pulled herself closer to me till I felt the erection in my pants against her warm body. She kissed my cheek.

“I want you tonight,” she whispered in my ear.

“I want you too.” I replied.

We peeled away from the party and disappeared into the inner kaçak iddaa parts of the club. It had a lot of empty rooms and it wasn’t long till we found a room far enough that we were safe from being discovered. It was dark but all the fairy lights outside made it easier to find ourselves and a comfortable looking sofa in a corner. I dusted it off using some sheets lying on the ground.

She pushed me onto it before she straddled me. She kissed me deeply and I returned it, our lips and tongue smashing into each other like holy matrimony. She took off my coat and my tie while I unbuttoned my shirt. It was all off in no time and her hungry eyes took in my well chiseled body. She licked her lips as she unzipped her dress and I helped her take it off. Soon she was standing in just her matching bra and panties. By this time my cock was rock hard. I pulled her back to me and kissed her chest. I took off her bra and my hungry mouth attacked her luscious breasts, latching on to her hard nipples. She grabbed my hair and arched her back to allow me better access to her body. I undid my belt and she unzipped and pulled down my hands. There was a huge tent in my underwear and she bit her lip when she saw it.

She looked straight at me while she touched my cock through the fabric. Her hand sneaked in and grabbed my shaft firmly. I moaned at her touch. I lifted myself up and wiggled out of that restraining piece of clothing. She stood up and posed for me in a sexy way before she turned around and hooked her fingers on the waistband of her panties. She bent over and pulled it down, giving me an amazing view of her curvy butt and her moist vagina. I stood up too and kissed her again, this time with more passion. I laid her down on the couch and knelt down between her legs. I took her smell before I tasted her. kaçak bahis She moaned and clasped her legs on my face. I spent the next few minutes licking and kissing every inch on her wetness. My thumb played with her clitoris, stimulating it to get her even wetter.

She came all over my face and I licked up every drop. I came back up and we made out. She took my cock back into her hand and jerked me off slowly. I sat down on the sofa and now she knelt on the floor. She smiled at me before licking the entire length of my shaft. I leaned back and placed my hand on her head. She took the head into her mouth, sucking and circling it with her warm tongue. I moaned her name which made her more passionate with her tongue. She took more of me into her mouth till she couldn’t anymore. I knew I could cum soon so I stopped her and pulled her back on to my lap. She positioned her pussy on my cock before slowly lowering herself down. She bit her lip as the entire length of my shaft entered her. After some effort, she managed to take all of it inside her. I held her butt and she started moving, slowly at first before picking up speed. Her breasts bounced and she used her hands to steady and squeeze them. I kissed her neck, leaving a mark of that night on her. My hand went to her pussy and rubbed her again. She shuddered and soon came all over me. Her walls tightened and it pushed me over the edge and I came inside her.

She collapsed on me, both of us breathless and sweating. We made out again right there with my cock still hard inside her.

“Umm I know this is a bit weird to ask but can I take you out on a date?” I asked sheepishly.

She laughed her beautiful laugh again.

“Of course, you idiot,” she answered. “I’d love that.”

I smiled and kissed her again. She noticed that I was still hard.

“Sooooo… round two?” She asked.

I answered by turning her on her back and we made love again for the entire night while the lovesick tunes of wedding songs played far off in the distance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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