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A True Account

For one reason or another Andy felt as if he was having a bit of a problem in the bedroom department with his wife, Lisa. He was not sure what it was, probably his age, he was 45. “Middle age kicking in” he thought. He felt as if he needed some help but was not sure where to turn to. He had been to the doctor a couple of years earlier but the tablets that were prescribed did not really seem to do much so he did not want to go back.

It played on his mind for a few weeks, which probably made it worse. One of the thoughts that popped into his messed up mind was to buy a sex toy to replace what he had trouble doing, keeping it up. It was not so much as he couldn’t get it up, there was not a problem there. It was keeping it up long enough to satisfy his wife.

They had played around with sex toys in the past and they had a vibrator and a Rampant Rabbit. The vibrator was just a standard, smooth, pink one that had variable speed control. The only problem with this is that it was very hard and if he or Lisa misjudged it, it could hurt her. The Rampant Rabbit on the other hand was made out of softer material but was noisy as hell and that put them off.

He had to think of something else, but what?

Eventually he decided on a dildo so one afternoon he took himself off to Ann Summers to see what they had on offer but was disheartened when all they seemed to have was more Rampant Rabbits and more vibrators. His other option was to look on the internet but they shared a PC and he wanted it to be a surprise so he couldn’t shop at home.

The next day, minimising the internet explorer window on his PC at work so it was letter box size at the bottom of the screen, he found a suitable website and chose a jelly type dildo. As he browsed the websites goods he came across some anal beads and added them to his basket along with the dildo.

The other thought he had while surfing the site was to order himself a cock ring. He had no idea of how to wear one but chose one anyway and added that to his basket along with the other goods.

The window he was using was so small he could barley see what he was ordering but he needed to be careful. He entered all of his details and chose to have the goods bahis firmaları delivered the next day.

‘That’s it” he thought satisfied with his shopping “We will have some fun tomorrow night”

The following day came and went with no mention of any parcel being delivered as did the next day. He was confused and concerned. Had an unexpected parcel turned up but they had been unable to deliver it they would have left a card; Lisa would surely have mentioned it. He E-Mailed the company he had ordered the goods from asking where his parcel was and suggesting that they refunded the next day delivery charge.

That evening he struggled to find an opportune moment to slip “Have we had any post recently” into the conversation so just left it.

The following morning, surprisingly, he had the ideal opportunity,

“So have we not had any post recently then” he asked Lisa

“No, but I’ve had to have a parcel re delivered, I got a card through the letter box a few days ago. I’ve no idea what it is”

“You have probably won a Readers Digest Prize Draw” Andy said jokingly and left it at that.

“Phew,” he thought “That’s got to be the parcel” and he left for work.

All morning he was left wondering if Lisa had picked the parcel up or not until he finally got a text from his wife.

“You naughty boy” It read

A few texts followed and Lisa said that she was looking forward to trying the new toys out.

Andy was due to be busy that evening but put off what he was going to do, he was not going to miss out on the opportunity to try out the new toys.

It was a Friday, he only works half a day on Friday and when he got home he and Lisa joked about not having received the parcel and that he had E-Mailed the company asking for a refund on the delivery charge.

The rest of the day was spent picking the kids up from school, having dinner, clearing the dinner things away and settling the children down in their bedrooms. The next few hours were spent having a few drinks in-front of the television before bed where previously Andy had set the toys on his beside table.

They slipped into bed and wriggled into each others arms, their lips coming together in a passionate kiss. Their tongues kaçak iddaa intertwined and their hands roamed over each others bodies.

Soon they were both feeling pretty hot with all the touching, Lisa could feel Andy’s hardness and as Andy’s hand found it’s way between Lisa’s legs he could feel her becoming moist.

Lisa rolled onto her back and as she did Andy sat up with his feet underneath him beside her. He gently parted her legs and easily found her swollen clit with his fingers. Lisa reached over and took Andy’s hardening cock in her hand and started to wank him. She could feel the pre cum oozing from him and used it to lubricate his shaft. The stayed like that for a while playing with each other, turning each other on until Andy leant over to the bedside table and picked up the dildo and some baby oil. He lubricated the dildo, warming it up at the same time and rubbed it between Lisa’s labia. It slipped easily up and down the swollen folds of her pussy lips lubricating them and the stiff jelly rubbing against her clit caused her to gasp.

Andy moved round between her legs and rested the head of the dildo against the opening of her wet pussy. It was quite big, at least bigger than they were used to and he did not want to hurt Lisa. As the head rested there she began to bear down on it a little as Andy held it there. She could feel the head of it parting her labia, it felt quite thick and was starting to stretch her.

As she pushed forward onto it the head slowly it forced its way deeper into her pussy. Andy was really turned on by the sight of her bearing down onto the dildo and while one hand held the dildo still for Lisa his other hand wrapped around his cock, wanking as he watched Lisa take inch by thick inch of the dildo inside her. Gradually, Andy began to increase the pressure on the dildo as Lisa bore down then all of a sudden most of it disappeared, quite forcefully, into Lisa’s pussy and she let out a gasp as it filled her up.

Now that she had taken most of it inside her stretched hole Andy began to slowly fuck her with it, pulling it slowly out and then pushing it slowly back inside. Lisa’s clit was throbbing for some attention and as the dildo fucked her slowly she reached down with her hand kaçak bahis and started to rub herself. Andy increased the tempo of the dildo fucking getting a bit quicker, in turn Lisa increased the pressure and tempo her fingers were working on her stiff little bud and Andy’s stroke on his cock became quicker. They were both working up to an intense orgasm.

Andy could feel his climax building up inside him and was having to be careful not to make himself cum, Lisa seemed to be in a lot more control, that needed to change or they were not going to cum at the same time.

Andy slowly pulled the dildo from Lisa’s pussy, set it aside on the bed, reached over for the anal beads and lubricated these with the baby oil. The balls started off quite small, barely the size of a pea and they were graduated all the way up to what must be an inch in diameter.

Andy spread Lisa’s legs open and she responded by lifting her hips. He eased the first few beads inside her tight arse followed slowly by a couple more. He slowly pulled a couple out before easing them back in along with another. Every time he slid some from her bum he slid them back in with an extra one. Soon he had slid most of the beads into her arse in this manner, pulling then out and easing them in. There was only one left, he was being careful as the toy was quite long and he did not want to hurt her but Lisa seemed to be trying to wriggle herself and opening her legs wider to take the last bead. With a bit more gentle pressure it disappeared inside her. The sight of his wife’s legs wide open and a string of anal beads deep in her arse was too much now for Andy to take.

He plunged his solid throbbing cock into her wet and willing pussy and began to fuck her hard and deep, Lisa’s hand reached down and she started rubbing her swollen clitoris again. This was not going to last long, they were both so turned on. Andy felt the pressure of his cum building up inside him and Lisa was starting to feel her orgasmic waves rushing through her body. He reached down and quickly eased the entire length of beads from her arse. That was it. Lisa’s contractions gripped Andy’s throbbing cock as he came in her pussy, both of them coming to a mind blowing, shattering orgasm and collapsing in each others arms.

After recovering for a little while Andy said

“Wow, how was that?”

“Different” replied Lisa

“Nice Different?” he questioned


He took that as a yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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