Maid Seduction Ch. 02

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Hey guys! I’m back. I was really overwhelmed by your warm reviews. For those of you who haven’t read the previous chapter, I recommend you guys to read first.

Okay, now back to the story.


…Next day, my mom and dad gave me a shock of my life by coming home two days before they were supposed to. I was disappointed like hell. Moreover, I was afraid that Sunita may tell mom about all those massages. I was anxiously waiting for her outside so that I talk to her first.

After half an hour, I saw her at a little distance from her house. I hurriedly ran towards her; on seeing me she started laughing and said, “How are you, Mr. Big?” I had no time for this nuisance. Immediately, I told her that my parents have come early and she shouldn’t tell my mom about all the massages. On listening that my mom has come, Sunita seemed a bit worried too. Then i noticed something, she was wearing mom’s sexy bra which i gave her yesterday. I was scared as hell. What if mom comes to know about that? I immediately reminded her of the bra. I asked her what to do now. Suddenly, she started unstrapping the bra and removed the bra and handed it over to me. For a nanosecond, her whole nipples were visible. I immediately kept the bra in my pockets and told her not to say anything to mom. She agreed.

We reached the house. My mom was happy to see her as the whole house was in a mess. She immediately told her to start cleaning all the rooms. While she was cleaning the room in a blouse(as usual), I overheard mom telling Sunita to wear a pallu as her whole breasts were visible. Sunita said that it doesn’t matter because dad wasn’t there. Mom looked at her with indignation and brought one of her tiny bras and told Sunita to wear. Sunita immediately removed her blouse in front of mom and started wearing a bra. My mom was shocked and immediately came out of the room.

One day, mom told Sunita that her back was hurting very badly and asked Sunita whether she could give her a massage for a month. kurtköy escort However, Sunita had something else going on in her mind. In front of mom, she directly asked me whether I needed a massage too and started laughing coyly. I was flushed with embarrassment. As mom didn’t know anything about our past adventure, she immediately said that it will be a good idea and told her that she will pay 500 for massaging both of us for a month.

Next day, after cleaning the house she asked us both to remove our clothes and come for massage. We both were laying in a bathing robe. First, she started with my mom, starting from her back and then to her thighs. My mom felt really relaxed from the massage.Next, without asking my mom, she removed mom’s robe at once. We were like literally shocked. My mom was filled with anger and shame. I could see mom’s entire butt and her side boobs. She asked Sunita what the hell was she doing. Sunita replied,” Memsaab, I couldn’t obviously apply oil on your legs without removing the bra. Therefore, I had to remove it.” My mom kind of understood and told her that she could have asked her first. Next, my mom asked me to go inside and told me to come later when her massage is done. However, Sunita starts laughing and tells my mom that it’s of no use. He has already seen all of her. Mom seemed so embarrassed that she couldn’t even speak anything.

Taking this as a yes, sunita continued with her massage. Gradually, she started massaging her butt and then her feet. Now she told my mom to lay on her back. Mom didn’t give a second thought to this as she was feeling so relaxed after the massage. When she turned, I could clearly see her big boobs and pussy; she made no attempt to hide her assets. She started with mom’s neck and went on to her boobs. She kept massaging her boobs for like eternity. When she finally reached her pussy, mom told her to stop and said she did not need a massage there. It was pretty evident that Sunita was upset. After she was done levent escort with mom, she told me to come to the bed so that she could start my massage. Mom was still laying naked on the bed and got up as it is and sat on the chair naked. This was all making me hard as well as embarrassed. It was the first time I was seeing mom in such a compromised state.

I went to bed and lay down on my stomach. She removed my robe and unveiled my sexy ass. My mom was directly gazing at that. After massaging my back, she gives a really good massage to my butts. After that, she told me to turn around. My rock hard dick came in everybody’s view. My mom was shocked to see my weirdly big penis. Both mom and Sunita kept gazing at my nudity and the weird part was that mom had still not covered up. After doing the whole front except penis, she retired for the day and went home.

After that day, mom didn’t mind coming out in a bra. She was no more conscious of her body. Earlier, she would never come in front of me without her pjs. The environment in the house was getting totally hot. This one day, the milkman arrived early. Everybody in the house was asleep. Mom sleepily went to open the open the door. When mom finally opened the door, milkman was shocked to see my mom. She was only wearing a long t-shirt which went just below her hips. This was the first time anybody was seeing her like that except dad and me. Milkman was rock hard and couldn’t take his eyes off my mom. Mom behaved as if nothing had happened.

Next day, Sunita tells mom that she cannot massage her as her hands were paining a lot. She told mom that her brother will come today to massage both of us. Mom and I were shocked. A guy massaging my mom! My mom immediately declined and told her she that she could massage some other time. However, Sunita told her that Naman is a professional and gives really good massages. Somehow, she talked her into getting massage from Naman. After an hour, Naman arrived. He was a kind of man that mahmutbey escort every woman would lust on. He had 6’4” frame with strong built. He asked mom to lay down on the bed and remove her robe. My mom was slightly conscious because this was the first that she was going to get massaged by a man. She was wearing a bikini underneath which was obvious as she would never get nude like she did with Sunita. Now, he starts massaging mom. He starts with her neck and goes on to her foot without touching her at any prohibited area. This made mom gain trust for him. After mom, he started massaging me. Being a man, I did not deem it necessary to wear an underwear. He was most certainly better than Sunita. This was the best massage I had ever had. After he left, mom told me how calm she is feeling after the massage. I suggested her what if we hire him for the massages instead of Sunita. Even Sunita wouldn’t mind as he was her brother; mom agreed.

From that day, he started massaging us. However, as the days passed on, I observed that mom was becoming more free near him. She stopped wearing a robe. She even opened the door in a bikini. I was also seeing that he use to talk freely to mom. They would talk about girls and relationships all the time. One day, while she was bringing water for him(in a bikini), she slipped and fell on the floor. Naman immediately got up and carried her to the bed. Mom was wincing in pain. She told him that her hips were paining a lot. Immediately, he started massaging her butt and asked if she was feeling better. Unbelievable. Mom started moaning and told him to continue as it was bringing a lot of relief. Next, he asked mom whether he could remove her underwear to put oil on her hips. I thought mom would say a big no. However, she left me shocked when she said yes and started to lower her hip. He let go her undies in a second and started putting oil all over her butt and her ass crack. That sick bastard knew how to take advantage of a woman. After doing the butt, he told her to lay on the back so that he could do the front. Mom nonchalantly turned over and her whole pussy came in view. In order to get a better view of her pussy lips, he opened her legs slightly. That sick bastard. Mom didn’t do anything to hide her assets. Instead, from that day on she started wearing skimpy bikinis which left little for imagination

to be continued…

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