Lust in the Classroom Ch. 01

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I’m going to tell you a little story now but first you have to promise me one thing. This has to stay just between us friends ok? I mean I wouldn’t want this spread all over town or anything, know what I mean? Or, God forbid, put out on the Internet or something. So mum’s the word ok? Ok!

My name is Jill and I’m a freshman at the local college here. I’m enrolled in the teaching program as are my two roommates Donna and Liz. We live in a three-bedroom apartment together because the college doesn’t have adequate dorm space so they put some of us in apartments nearby that they lease or something.

Not being independently wealthy I am working part time to meet tuition costs. There is a large high school nearby where many of the upper level students do their student teaching and the college got me a job there part-time. Basically I was part of the cleaning crew that came in after classes were over and washed blackboards, emptied trash, and other exciting career-enhancing things like that. I guess I shouldn’t complain, at least it was a job.

Anyway one day my boss told me to start at one end of the building and sweep the floor of each classroom. You’d be surprised how much trash accumulates on the floor in a typical high school classroom every day.

“And don’t forget to sweep out the cloakrooms too,” my boss told me. The cloakrooms were a small walk- in room in many of the classrooms where students hung up their coats thus saving space in their lockers for important things like drugs and God-knows what else.

So I’m in the second or third classroom from the end sweeping out the cloakroom when I heard voices from the classroom itself. I guess I should have walked out and excused myself and given them some privacy but for some reason I stayed in the cloakroom where they couldn’t see me. Call it curiosity if you want or being nosey if you must. It all comes to the same thing.

The cloakroom had a small window which had long ago had the glass removed probably as a safety consideration. I peered out and could plainly see that two women were settling into facing desks for a conversation.

The first girl, whose name I didn’t know, was someone I had seen around at school and was student teaching here at the high school. She was quite pretty with brown hair that was cut fairly short, very well dressed, and had a wonderful figure, at least from what I could see.

The other woman was a teacher here at the school and was probably the other girl’s mentor. She was an absolutely beautiful woman, no more than thirty by my guess, with short blond hair and long, firm legs which I was quick to notice when she sat down and her skirt rode up to mid-thigh.

They talked for some time about how Susan, the student’s name I learned from the conversation, was having a tough time learning to cope with some of the unruly students in her class. The teacher, Miss Hixon I learned, was trying to encourage her but was having little luck. Before long Susan was in tears.

Miss Hixon leaned forward and took Susan in her arms to offer comfort. Her hand gently stroked Susan’s hair and pulled it away from her face. Looking her straight in the eyes she told her, “There there now Susan , let’s not have any more tears. Why don’t you let me make you feel a little better. Would you like that?”

“What do you mean?” Susan asked, still fighting back the tears.

“You just need to relax Susan. You’re all tense, I could feel it when I held you. Let me give you a little light massage. I promise you’ll feel much better. Ok?”

“Well…I guess so” she said still a little uncertain.

With that Miss Hixon walked behind Susan and paused just for a moment. Out of Susan’s line of vision {but not mine} her hands came up and cupped her own breasts. Rubbing the nipples through her blouse her tongue licked her lips and I knew she was interested in offering more than a light massage.

I felt goose bumps on my skin and I unconsciously dropped my own hand between my legs. This should be very interesting I thought to myself.

“Just relax Susan” said Miss Hixon as she began lightly rubbing Susan’s temples. Her hands glided over Susan’s forehead and cheeks and gradually worked to her neck and ears.

Susan closed her eyes and I could see her visibly relax as the tension started to flow out of her as that beautiful teacher’s fingers worked their magic.

“Such a beautiful girl.” Miss Hixon whispered into Susan’s ear as her fingers began massaging her shoulders. “No need to worry Susan, I’m going to take care of you now. Just relax and let me help you.”

“Umm. That feels so good Miss Hixon!” Susan was breathing slightly faster now I noticed. So was I in that damned cloakroom.

“Oh call me Toni. After all we’re friends as well as teachers now.”

The teacher’s lips were just inches from Susan’s earlobe and neck and I knew how much restraint it must have taken for her to keep from nibbling on them. She kept the massage up for another minute or two.

“Oh Susan, casino şirketleri you’re still so tense. I have to massage you in other places if you’re going to really relax. You do trust me don’t you?”

“Hmm, yes Miss Hixon, I mean Toni. But I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Just relax and trust me honey. I’m going to make you feel much better” With that she ever so gently planted a soft kiss on Susan’s cheek and lowered her hands to Susan’s breasts.

Ever so lightly she traced the contours of Susan’s breasts with her fingers, lingering on the nipples when she found them. God how I wished it was me out there in that room.

Susan moaned softly and said, ‘are you sure this is all right Toni? It feels wonderful but I’m not sure we should.”

“Hush now baby. Of course it’s all right. I’m you’re mentor aren’t I?”

Sensing Susan’s compliance her fingers increased their pressure as she continued to rub Susan’s breasts. She sought out and found Susan’s nipples and rubbed them between her thumb and forefinger. Her tongue gently probed Susan’s ear and she took the earlobe in her mouth and rolled it between her lips.

Her fingers began unbuttoning Susan’s blouse and soon Toni’s hands had it off and on the floor. Her bra followed shortly. Susan moaned softly but did not protest.

From my vantage point I could see that she had medium sized but perfectly shaped breasts. Her nipples were erect and covered with goosebumps. I wanted to run out and take them in my mouth and suck on them so badly but obviously I couldn’t. I had to content myself with rubbing my breasts with one hand while the other slipped inside my panties and lightly traced the lips of my dripping pussy. Ohhh that felt good.

And looked good too. I had a perfect view of Toni standing behind Susan with her hands rubbing and stroking Susan’s now exposed titties. Her tongue was making love to Susan’s ears and neck. Susan moaned and her legs spread apart and she lowered her hand to her crotch and began to stroke herself.

“Ohh, that’s it honey. Rub your pussy. I knew I could make you feel better. Oh you’re so sweet” With that she turned Susan’s head slightly and buried her tongue in Susan’s mouth.

Her hands were lifting, squeezing and rubbing Susan’s tits forcefully now as her tongue pushed in and out of Susan’s mouth, meeting her tongue, swishing them together and sucking the saliva right out of her mouth.

One hand left Susan’s breasts and began unbuttoning her own blouse. In no time she had removed it and pushed her bra down so that her own breast was revealed. She pulled her mouth away from Susan’s and lifting her breast while turning Susan’s head toward her she pushed her nipple right into Susan’s mouth. Susan’s lips parted willingly and she took as much of that tit into her mouth as she could. I could see her tongue moving around and I knew that she was licking and sucking like someone who knew what she was doing.

I surmised that this was not her first time with another woman. She was as hot as Toni now and eager for more. And why not? Toni was beautiful with full breasts and long hot legs. Hell, I wanted her myself.

“Ohh that’s it baby, suck that tittie. Milk it honey. You’re getting me so fucking hot. Ohh suck on that nipple!” Toni reached down and pulled Susan’s hand out of her slacks and began licking the juice from her fingers.

“Ohh you’re so wet” she said taking another taste. “Umm your pussy tastes soo good.” Her hand slid inside Susan’s slacks and down to her wet slit. Her pussy was so wet Toni had no trouble slipping two fingers immediately up into Susan’s cunt. Susan moaned and slipped her own hand around to Toni’s backside and began rubbing and probing Toni’s firm ass through her skirt. Her tongue and mouth continued slurping on her nipple.

“Come on honey,” Toni whispered as she pulled her nipple from Susan’s eager mouth, “Let’s get you up on that desk so I can get at that sweet pussy of yours.”

“Are you sure it’s safe here? What if someone comes in?”

“I’ve got the door locked and everyone’s gone home except for the cleaners and they don’t have the master key. Now relax Susan honey and let’s get those beautiful legs of yours spread open so I can really make you feel better.”

In that cloakroom my hands were working overtime as my temperature rose toward the boiling point. My pussy was dripping and I had three fingers shoved as far into my slit as I could reach from my cramped position. My thumb had found my clit and rubbed it in time with the in-and-out movements of my fingers. Oh fuck it felt so God-damned good! My nipples were erect as my other hand continued rubbing and squeezing my breasts.

Susan slid up unto the teacher’s desk and Toni wasted no time in sliding Susan’s slacks down her legs and off of her. Susan’s legs were tanned and firm and Toni began slowly licking her way up those beautiful thighs. Her tongue lovingly washed Susan’s inner thighs and Susan spread her legs wide open.

“Oh Toni, you’re making casino firmaları me so fucking hot! I want your tongue inside me! Please Toni honey, lick me, suck me!”

“Anything you say baby,” Toni said as she slid Susan’s wet panties down her legs. She stopped as Susan’s beautiful pussy was finally exposed to her for the first time. I knew what she must have been thinking for I would have killed to be in her place at that exact moment.

Susan had apparently shaved her pussy at some recent time and it was beautiful. Her lips were full and pink and hung open of their own accord. With every breath that Susan took I could see those lips open and close ever so slightly exposing her clit and pink insides. She was dripping wet and ready for a good fucking or sucking. Her fingers slid down and opened her pussy even further and she cooed to Toni “Come and get it baby!”

Toni moaned and bent forward and ran her tongue around the outside of Susan’s dripping cunt lips. For just the slightest moment she paused to enjoy the taste of Susan’s juice and then she slowly pushed her tongue right into Susan’s spread pussy.

Susan flinched as if an electrical shock had hit her and she moaned “Oh fuck yes.” Wrapping her hands around the back of Toni’s head she tried to push Toni’s tongue even further inside of her.

She didn’t have to worry. I’ve eaten enough pussy myself to recognize an expert when I see one and Toni was all of that. Licking, sucking and nursing on Susan’s clit, Toni soon had her deep in the grip of uncontrollable passion.

“Oh God, oh Christ you’re driving me fucking wild. Eat that pussy, suck it, fuck it with your tongue!”

From my vantage point I could see Toni’s head bobbing as her tongue fucked that wet pussy but I couldn’t see it actually going in and out. Damn it, her head was blocking my view. How inconsiderate! What I could see however was Susan’s hips lifting off that desk trying to match Toni’s tongue stroke for stroke. Her legs were resting on Toni’s shoulders and I could plainly see her toes clenching and then loosening as that hot tongue brought her closer and closer to her climax.

“Oh baby you’re gonna make me cum! Oh don’t fucking stop! Oh shit baby! Oh shit here I come!”

Toni never missed a beat and soon Susan’s body was racked with spasm after spasm of pleasure. Her hips bucked wildly and she bit down on her own finger in order to keep from screaming out her pleasure. I could only imagine how wonderful it must have felt for her as Toni continued licking and sucking, seeking out every last drop of that tasty pussy juice that I knew Susan must have been giving her. Oh, I bet it was soo yummy!

Finally Toni gave Susan’s pussy one long lingering kiss and then raised her head from that hot, dripping inferno. Susan was too weak to raise up from her prone position so Toni slid onto the desk next to her and took her into her arms. Toni’s face and lips were covered in Susan’s tasty juices and their tongues met and entwined as Susan eagerly sought out some of her own wet love offerings.

For several moments they kissed passionately and then Susan began washing the remaining juice from Toni’s face with her wet tongue.

They lay together whispering and giggling like two schoolgirls for a couple of moments. Most of what they said I couldn’t hear but the gist of it was that Susan wanted to return the favor and eat Toni but Toni said no they had better get out before someone actually did start banging on the door.

“But tomorrow we can come back because I happen to know that the cleaners are going to strip and wax the floor upstairs and they won’t be down here at all. We can play longer then. I’d take you home with me but that bitch I live with is so fucking jealous she’d have a heart attack if I walked in with you. And I really couldn’t come to your dorm. So you can wait one more day can’t you baby?”

“I guess so but my pussy will be dripping all day tomorrow thinking about you. Sure you won’t change your mind?” She bent down and took one of Toni’s nipples in her mouth and gently slurped on it.

“Oh you don’t know how much I’d like to but really we’ve got to go.” She pulled her nipple from Susan’s mouth and said, “ You really are a horny one aren’t you? I just may have to give that ass of yours a good licking”

“Promises promises” Susan laughed as she raised her legs high in the air and slid her panties back on. All pretense of shyness was gone now as these two lovely women basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Soon they were both dressed and after sharing one last lingering kiss, they unlocked the door and casually walked out into the hallway as if nothing had happened. Just one teacher staying late to mentor a student as far as anyone knew.

As for me it was time to go too. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by the whole thing. It was so fucking hot watching them and knowing that they didn’t know I was doing it. It was just plain nasty! I loved every minute of it. I knew I would be güvenilir casino back tomorrow to watch again.

As I walked past that desk where Susan and Toni had so recently made hot love, I noticed a little pool of Susan’s love juice still in plain sight on the desktop. I bent down and licked up every drop of that sweet fluid. After all, I was cleaning the place. It was so yummy. I wished I had more.

My panties were soaked and I knew I was through working for that day. Pleading a headache I got off two hours early and went back to my apartment. I was just dying to tell someone about what had happened. Luckily for me it was Donna that was there and not Liz.

My roommate Donna was a beautiful girl with long brown hair that hung below her shoulders and a wonderful, sexy body that I had been dying to make love to. We had been roommates only for a month so I had been cautious up to this point about making my feelings known.

I had intentionally exposed myself to her on several occasions to judge her reaction and had noticed how her eyes would linger on my breasts or ass. Still I had been reluctant to make the first move. We had to live together after all and if I was mistaken in my appraisal of her it could be rather awkward. But I figured it was now or never and my little adventure at work had given me the perfect opening.

She was clanking along on her laptop in her room when I knocked and let myself in. God, did she look good in a t-shirt and panties spread out on her bed. Her nipples stood out in bold relief through that tight shirt and her long, firm legs were exposed for my inspection. I wanted to do much, much more than just look but I had to bide my time.

I too had a tight t-shirt on as well as a pair of tight silk pants that hugged my ass suggestively. I had left on my soaked, wet panties in the hope that eventually she would notice.

“Hi Jill what’s goin’ on?”

“Oh Donna, wait till I tell you what happened to me at work today.” I slid on the bed next to her and slowly told her the story that I told you earlier. She set her laptop down and gave me her full attention.

As I told her of the teacher and student teacher’s wild lovemaking I could see her eyes widen and could sense her breathing quicken slightly. At certain times to emphasize some point or other I would touch her ever so lightly either on the arm or in one case on her thigh. She didn’t resist or move away and I noticed or thought I did that her nipples were protruding even more through that tight shirt.

“Oh God, that’s absolutely wild Jill. And you say that they’re going to come back tomorrow?”

“That’s what they said although I couldn’t promise it.” My breathing was also becoming a little more shallow and rapid as retelling the story had got me hot again.

“I want to go with you tomorrow. You are going back aren’t you?”

“Well I hadn’t really thought about it but yeah I probably will. It was pretty hot.”

“Pretty hot? God it was more than pretty hot. I’m on fire just hearing about it.” Leaning forward she grabbed my arms and leaned in towards me. “Promise me that you’ll take me with you. Promise!”

I figured it was now or never. Leaning forward I took her head in my hands and looked her directly in the eyes from a distance of about three inches.

“Ok Donna you can come. Jesus if I knew that a little pussy eating story would get you this hot I would have snuck some fuck books into your room the first day I moved in.”

I knew it was a little risky using language like this to her but I just had to find out where she was at. I wasn’t disappointed.

“You’re right Jill. I’m so fucking hot right now that I could explode.” Her hands dropped off my arms and she reached down and cupped her breasts through her t-shirt.

“God, my nipples are so hard. Can you see how hard they are Jill? You don’t mind if I slide this shirt off do you? I want you to see what your story did to me.”

Without another word she pulled that t-shirt up and over her head and off. There in front of me were two of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. Full and firm and with large, long nipples so deep red in color that they reminded me of ripe cherries.

She continued caressing them as she looked me in the eye and said, “Why don’t you take your shirt off too Jill so I can see if that story had any effect on you.”

Oddly enough it seemed that she was the aggressor now. That was fine with me and I pulled my shirt over my head. My nipples were also hard and when she saw them a smile appeared on her face.

“Oh they’re beautiful Jill, you don’t mind if I…” With that she reached out and took my breasts in her hands, gently kneading them. It felt wonderful!

“God, your nipples must be two inches long.” She gently rolled my nipples in her fingers and then continued her caresses over the rest of my breasts.

“So nice and firm and so beautiful. They look good enough to eat. Can I kiss them?”

“Help yourself Donna.” I arched forward and she met my breast halfway with her beautiful lips. Her lips parted and her tongue darted out and ever so lightly caressed the tip of my hard nipple. I moaned and that wonderful tongue began slowly licking my nipple in a circular motion.

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