Luke and Sophia Ch. 03: I Love You, Sophia Sanchez

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“I love you, Sophia Sanchez.”

Before the words even finished coming out of my mouth, I knew I had fucked up. I’ve known this girl for what, eight hours? And I’d already blown it. She touched my little dick once or twice, and I was already putty in her hands.

The worst part was that I meant it.

From the moment I saw her by the pool, I knew that I loved her. As soon as I stared into those beguiling brown eyes, it was over for me. She was the one. But now I had made a fool out of myself. The minute I choaked out that fateful phrase, things changed forever; the ball was in her court now.

Her face immediately withdrew from my mine. Sophia locked shocked, her mouth agape and her eyes as big as saucer plates. As her brown eyes stared into my blue ones, a brief moment of silence descended over us. That moment seemed to last a lifetime.

“I love you too, Luke.”

Instantly, she was all over me. And I was all over her. Sophia’s hands wrapped around my face and gripped my hair tight as her lips rushed to mine. I wrapped my long, sinewy arms around her back and pulled her tight, feeling the soft skin of her body pressed up against me. She felt so warm, so soft. I wanted to envelope her and hold her tight.

Sophia’s pert breasts met my bony chest as she wrapped her leg around my hip. Our tongues wrestled sloppily in each other’s mouths. The barriers between our bodies had disappeared, and the nightmare at the pool seemed like it was a million years away. My hips were moving with a mind of their own, repeatedly thrusting my hard little prong against the soft skin of her thigh. This was heaven.

After a kiss that seemed to last forever, Sophia withdrew her pale face and began to speak between uneven breaths, panting with a glorious combination of love and lust.

“I…I can’t believe this…this is moving so fast…” she mumbled between uneven breaths. “I just met you…I’ve…I’ve never even…been…with a guy before…”

“It’s okay. I’ve never been with a girl…” I replied truthfully. “But I want you to be my first Sophia…I want to get to know you…I want to know everything.”

“We don’t have to go to fast…” I spoke, worried that I was pressuring her. “We can do whatever you want.”

“Ok,” Sophia whispered.

“I want it all.”

Under the covers, her fingers teased my rock-hard nub. She didn’t seem nervous or scared. Against all odds, we had found each other. And we were ready to be each other’s firsts.

“There is something I’ve always wanted to try…” she said with a newfound confidence. A playful smile crept across her face, as a goofy one decorated mine.

Sophia placed her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me flat on my back, before throwing off the covers. My naked, four-inch cock jutted up into the air, pointing directly to the ceiling.

It was hard enough to chip granite.

As her hands pressed down on my chest, Sophia threw one of her legs over my hips and straddled my body. My eyes slowly worked their way up her petite build. The pale flesh of her thighs looked the color of snow when contrasted with her black thigh high socks. Nestled between those milky white thighs sat her pretty little pussy, shaved bald and soaking wet. Her lips were fat and luscious. My gaze lingered on the brown labia nestled below her mound.

My inexperienced gaze slowly followed the contours of her boyish hips up to her soft, milky white tummy. I stopped for a second to appreciate the little brown buttons on her barely-there breasts. At the end of their fantastic, my eyes found their home in hers. A seductive smile graced her delicate face. Slowly, but deliberately, she shifted her lithe, pale physique upwards until her pussy met my mouth.

I knew immediately what to do. I grabbed her hips and pulled her full bodyweight onto my face. My tongue went to work out of pure instinct, lapping up the musky juices dripping from her bald cunt. My upper lip found her clit, repeatedly stimulating her most private little button. I’d be remiss not to thank the porn industry for my technique, but my mouth was moving on instinct. Lapping up her juices had brought out something primal in me.

The lips on my face sucked hard on the lips of her pussy, creating a vacuum and exposing her little clit to my tongue. I flicked it repeatedly as Sophia screamed. She had gone wild; I could feel her hips shaking on my face. I reached up and grabbed her ribs, slowly dragging my fingers down her torso with a vise-like grip until they latched onto her hips.

I never wanted to breathe again.

I began to alternate between thrusting my tongue deep into Sophia’s fat pussy and dragging it side-to-side on her clit. Her slender thighs—wrapped firmly around my face—were quivering so fast they almost seemed to vibrate. Sophia clenched her hands around my head. We established a sort of rhythm; when my tongue entered her vagina, she would moan in a low, rumbling monotone, but when I began tonguing her clit bahis firmaları her moans would rapidly escalate into screams of ecstasy.

I was good at this.

After a while, Sophia’s screams reached a crescendo, and her thighs loosened their vise-grip on my face. Her shoulders slumped forward as her eyes closed. She quickly propped her body up with her hands to prevent herself from falling face first on my bed. Sophia sat there, hunched over, her pussy still resting on my face.

“Fuck…”she mumbled, between heavy breaths. “You just ate my brains out.”

I felt proud; I had been able to give this gorgeous waif some small fraction of the pleasure she had given me. I may have a small dick, but if I can do this to her body, maybe I was still worth something as a man. But I had to know for sure. I had to know what I could do with my cock.

Before she could fully collect herself, I reached up, grabbed Sophia by the ribs, and violently flipped her over onto her back. She let forth a high-pitched gasp as I lowered my body over hers and began kissing her neck. Her hands wrapped around my broad back.

I put my mouth so close to her ear that I could feel the warmth of my breath reverberating back at me.

“Do you want to do this?” I whispered to her softly. For a few seconds she just laid there, her life flashing before her eyes.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I want…you.”

Now that Sophia had invited me into private part of her body, I was ready. She wanted me inside her. She wanted my little button dick, the source of so much agony in my life, inside her beautiful pussy. I had to know. I had to know if I could do it. I had to know whether it could make her happy.

After taking a moment to breathe, I wrapped my hands around Sophia’s ivory face and pushed my tongue down her throat. Her full lips pressed against mine as I brought my little dagger closer to her opening. I touched the tip of my cock against her lips. They felt so warm, so engorged with blood that I could feel her heart beating through her pussy.

We broke off our kiss as I pulled my face away. My gaze met hers, and there was a moment of understanding between us. We were both ready to do this. Then, ever so slowly, Sophia entwined her little fingers with my own. I squeezed her hand and began to sink my four inches of steel inside her.

Sophia inhaled sharply. I loved that. I loved that my cock, as small and insignificant as it was, could cause that reaction in her. There was hope for me, for us.

She was tight, or at least I think she was; I didn’t have too much experience in that area. Even my slim wand felt like it was making an impression, as her body offered some resistance. I was worried that my first sexual experience would end with the dreaded “is it in?” moment, but it never came. I was certainly far from stretching her to the max, but I felt relief that my thumbtack actually required some pressure to slide past her walls.

But even more than her physical reaction, I loved the feeling of her pussy lips wrapped around my cock. They gripped me, providing sensations I had never felt before. Fluids gushed from her gash, lubing my short shaft. My heart fluttered and my cock felt warm and tingly. This must be what heaven feels like.

One. I felt the first inch of my cock enter this princesses’ pussy.

Two. Half of my dick was inside of her now. Her grip grew slightly tighter on my hand.

Three. Sophia began to let out a soft moan.

Then, as soon as my cock passed its three quarters mark, Sophia began to squirm.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod” she mumbled to herself in that deep voice of hers “Ohmygoddddd fuck it feels so good….” Was she putting on a show for me, I wondered? Was this just to stroke my ego? Her hips began to writhe, and her legs—wrapped firmly around my waist—began to quake.

I felt the base of my cock press into her pussy. Sophia let out a quick, high pitched squeal as my pelvic area rubbed up against her engorged clit. I felt ripples of pleasure shoot through my nervous system, as if my cock was a conductor rod and I had just struck lightning.

“Aaaahhhhh!!” she exclaimed, half screaming and half inhaling.

This feeling, the feeling of being hilt-deep in my love’s pussy, set something off in me. I felt powerful. I felt masculine in a way that I generally don’t. And my body went wild. After first inserting my cock into her at such a languid pace, I pulled back fast. Shocked by the suddenness of my withdrawal, Sophia let forth a scream and wrapped her arms around my body. Since my cock was so pitifully sized, I basically had to pull it all the way out of her pussy before commencing my second stroke. I felt the moist air on my cockhead. Then, I thrust my dick into her body again, as hard and as fast as I could.

I went wild. Short, quick thrusts repeatedly pushed my cock past her lips and into her vagina, each thrust culminating with my pubic bone ramming her clit. Every time I reached the hilt, kaçak iddaa I made sure to linger there for a second, rubbing the smooth skin of my pubic region against her little button, before pulling back and starting the process all over again.

Sophia was screaming. Her black fingernails dug into my bony ribcage, leaving long red scratches on my pale flesh. It hurt, but it made the joy of filling her with my cock that much better. I could feel her little feet flailing as they dangled in the air, held up by my bony hips.




I repeatedly thrust myself into her, staring into her eyes the entire time. Whenever I reached the apex of my thrust, the entire bed shook and knocked into the wall behind it. Her mouth was agape, her eyes rolling back in her head. My short, quick strokes were bringing her so much pleasure. That last inch. That last inch was just enough.

She was loving this, I told myself. She was loving me. She was loving my cock.

I grabbed her wrists from around me and pinned them above her head. This caused Sophia’s back to arch, pushing her tiny tits up into the air. Her little brown nipples looked so sharp and tense cutting through the air. I continued fucking her little cunt in perfect rhythm. She looked so helpless, pinned there to my bed as I fucked her for the first time. Her body didn’t belong to her anymore; she was helpless against the pleasure that I was giving her.

After several minutes, our fucking reached a crescendo. Sophia began to scream; not little squeaks and moans like before, but really scream, starting from her diaphragm up through her lungs and through her lips. She was cumming, I thought to myself. I’m making this girl cum. I was so proud. My dick was making her so happy. And she deserved every bit of it.

I felt Sophia’s little pussy tighten around my cock, which spurred the same result in my huge, gangly body. I began to yell at the top of my lungs and squeezed her wrists tightly. “I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUUUUCHHHHH” I screamed as I bust my load inside of her. Hot ropes of cum filled her to the brim and began to run out of her body and coat my cock. I came so much that it was spilling out around my dick and covering my bedsheets.

We laid there, breathing heavily. I let go of Sophia’s wrists and she immediately wrapped her arms around me, as I did her. We just laid there together, me on top of her. I was still inside of her as I felt my cock slowly shrink down to its one-inch flaccid state.

“Fuck,” Sophia said, almost hyperventilating.

“I know….” I replied. “That was incredible.”

“Yes, but no…” she said with a knowing smirk, still out of breath. “We may need to get some Plan B…”

We both began to laugh. “I love you, Sophia,” I whispered as I kissed her on the lips.

“To the moon and back,” she said with a smile.

* * * * *

Sophia and I returned to my house around 11 pm, after a brief walk to the neighborhood drug store. She decided not to wear any panties under her short skirt during the trip; we both got a little bit of a thrill knowing that her pussy was exposed to the outside air.

We held hands the whole way there and back. I liked that.

I learned more about her along the way; she was raised by a single mother, just like me. She loved reading and writing and planned on majoring in English when she got to college. I quickly realized that she was very smart. She said that she would take the Plan B before bed tonight, because apparently it fucks up your stomach. And—I called it—she liked anime.

Alexandria was her best friend, although she didn’t have a whole lot of friends, mostly due to her shyness. Outside of Alexandria, most of her social interaction came over the internet and the occasional meeting of the school anime club. She was unsuccessful with guys as well; apparently, they found her plain and she found them intimidating. I could never imagine anyone thinking she was plain, but I could relate to her fear of the opposite sex.

Upon our arrival, we immediately returned to my bedroom, excited to spend more… “intimate time” with each other.

“Welcome back,” I said, gesturing towards the bed. I was so comfortable around her; it’s hard to believe that we had only met barely twelve hours ago.

“Hmmmm…I feel like you’re forgetting something…” she said with a wink. I was a bit confused. However, all of that confusion dissipated when she pressed her face against my chest and grabbed my crotch with a mischievous smile on her face.

“I wanna see it again,” she mumbled into my sternum.

Even through my shorts, the palm of her dainty little hand fully enveloped everything I had down there, cock and balls both. My mind flashed back to when Victoria grabbed my cold, shrunken genitals at the pool today. In that moment, I had felt small and weak. However, Sophia held my small parts with such a tenderness and appreciation, like she was cradling a something valuable. Honestly, it kaçak bahis made me feel sexy. This beautiful girl was actually asking to enjoy and explore my little penis.

“I like the sound of that,” I said, stripping off my clothes.

As I dropped my pants, Sophia jumped into my bed. And I do mean jumped. She wrapped herself in my covers and extended her arm out, gesturing to me with a “come hither” motion and an excited smile. God she was beautiful.

Now fully naked, with my hairless little button dick fully on display, I jumped into bed with her and pulled the covers over us. Sophia giggled rather girlishly as she began to pinch my soft nub with her fingers.

“I can feel it getting harder!” she said excitedly.

“Yeah, you have that effect on it,” I jokingly replied.

“Oh do I now??” she responded with a sarcastic tone. Under the blanket, Sophia shifted her hand from a two-finger grip to a full-palm one; my little dick fit perfectly in the palm of her hand. Despite her petite size and girlish features, there was something oddly maternal about Sophia.

“It’s a perfect fit,” she said proudly. “We were made for each other. I love you so much; I don’t care who else thinks its small.”

As soon as Sophia said the word “small,” my cock instantly tensed up to its full four-inch length. It was as hard as steel. I looked down at her face, nuzzled against my chest. At first, she looked at a little bit confused; why did it respond like that?, she probably wondered. Then, a look of surprise and understanding slowly crept across her face. Her big brown eyes seemed to suggest that she had just experienced a “lightbulb moment.” She turned her pale little face towards me and looked me in the eyes.

“You…like when I call it small, don’t you?” she asked, with a tone that signified equal parts curiosity and confusion.

I had never really thought about it before, but I kind of did. My heart began pounding again.

“Ummm….yeah? I guess,” I mumbled. “It’s kind of…freeing? I guess?”

“Like…I’ve always been so ashamed of it.” I began getting emotional. “It’s so small. I never felt like a real man…I put so much effort into hiding it. I’ve always been so scared of talking to girls, cuz…you know…I thought one day I would have to show it to them. And, like…they would laugh at it. I guess that part already happened earlier…” I explained, thinking back on our public humiliation.

Sophia never broke eye contact, and never stopped cradling my penis. The look in her eyes was one of intense empathy. Her hand clung tightly to my little prong, almost like she was its caretaker.

“I guess…on some level…it feels good being able to admit it, you know?” I looked into her eyes. I was beginning to tear up just a bit. “With somebody who won’t judge me. With you. I just feel so safe around you. I like that you can admit that it’s small—maybe even tease me a bit—and still want to be with me.”

Sophia looked emotional as well. “Of course I want to be with you!!” she said. “I really do love you, Luke. Honestly…its really brave of you to tell me this. You’re always so brave; I knew I loved you the second you saved me earlier today.”

A mischievous look danced across her eyes.

“In a weird way, your little baby penis brought us together.”

I was stunned; my heart skipped a beat. My little baby penis??? Oh God, it was all true. She was going to mock me; she didn’t respect me. She didn’t view me as a man. Was she going to reject me in my moment of vulnerability???

Then, I looked at her face.

She was grinning from ear to ear. Her huge brown eyes resembled a pair of full moons as they stared into mine with a look of intense lust.




She was playing along. She was as turned on as I was.

“I mean, it is really small…” she said, trailing off with a huge grin on her face. “Don’t get me wrong; it’s sexy, but so delicate. Like…it’s non-threatening, you know?” she said, nodding her head and making an exaggerated parody of a ‘serious’ face.

Sophia was toying with my little cock as she spoke, touching it ever so lightly with her fingertips. She would gently tap the tip of her pointer finger against my rose-colored cockhead, causing the whole organ to twitch uncontrollably. As soon as it responded to her touch, she would pull back. The whole time, she stared at it with an evil grin on her face. My body was paralyzed as all of the nerve endings in my dick went wild. I was uncontrollably turned on.

“Honestly, its so sexy how….vulnerable you are like this,” Sophia said, still fondling my penis. “Like…it makes me feel so powerful, being able to control this big man just by playing with his little peepee…”

I let forth a deep moan, completely on instinct. Holy fuck. This was uncomfortably hot.

Sophia was just as turned on. Her whole body rose and fell every time her fingers traced up and down my shaft, as if her entire being was being channeled through her fingertips and into my cock. I could see her hard nipples poking through her shirt. She was breathing heavily, and I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy from under her short skirt.

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