Luke and Amy Ch. 06

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“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Amy said as she hugged her best friend before taking off to meet her brother.

Kristy turned away and walked towards the parking lot.

Amy walked as fast as she could, to the side street where he was parked. Her heart fluttered in anticipation. It had only been seven hours since she kissed him when he dropped her off. But, every school day seemed to get longer.

Luke saw her as she turned onto the street. He gave a wide smile and she started running. She didn’t stop until she was in his arms again.

“I hate being away from you,” Amy said, squeezing her arms around him as tight as she possibly could.

He kissed the top of her head and filled his lungs with the sweet scent of her hair. “I know. Me too,” he said muttered between soft kisses.

She slowly pulled away, and then looked up into his matching blue eyes with a smile on her lips. “I like missing you though. Is that strange?”

He shook his head. “No, missing each other shows us how much we love each other.”

Amy smiled even brighter. “My thoughts exactly.”

Luke reached over and opened the passenger side door for her, and then she slid in. She dropped her backpack on the floorboard before buckling up. He went to get other side and got in. He took her hand the moment after he had put on his seatbelt and started up the car.

He weaved through the neighborhood to get back to the main road.

“Did you tell Mom that we are going to meet up with Ethan tonight?” Amy asked. Her head settled sideways against the headrest so she could look at him.

“Yes, I did,” he replied.

Amy grinned devilishly. “Do you think that it will happen tonight?”

He raised a brow. “It?”

She grinned slyly. “Going a few steps further in front of Ethan, maybe even…” her voice trailed off, leaving “it” to his imagination.

Her brother smirked. “Maybe. I mean, it all depends on his roommates.” Luke kept his foot on the brake for several moments trying to take a left turn.

She squirmed in her seat. “I really hope it happens tonight.”

“Me too. But, if it doesn’t, it will soon enough. Don’t worry.”

Amy looked over to the car next to her after they were stopped at a red light. She leaned over and kissed him, gently slipping her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues danced until the car behind them honked when the light had turned green.

She giggled as she settled back into her seat.

Luke drove them the rest of the way home. Penny, the yellow lab, greeted them at the door.

Amy squatted down to pet her head and to receive doggie kisses on her cheeks. She chortled, “Did you miss me today?”

Luke smiled watching his sister. She stood up, and then he squatted down to do the same.

The siblings took off their coats and hung them on the rack near the door.

“Hey Mom,” they called in unison.

“Hey guys,” Kathryn shouted back from her office.

Luke took a seat on the burgundy leather sofa while Amy went to the kitchen. She let the dog out and left the door open so she could come back in when she wanted. Amy grabbed two Diet Cokes from the fridge before returning to the front room.

“What time are we supposed to meet him?” she asked as she handed her brother a pop can.

He took it, and then popped it open as he answered, “He said he gets off work at five. So, we can leave here then and he won’t have to wait on us.”

Amy nodded. “That sounds good.” She leaned down to kiss his cheek. “I’m going to go shower real quick.”

“But, you look so sexy in your uniform,” he whispered in her ear.

His sister pulled back and grinned wickedly. She spoke softly, “Should I bring my uniform with me tonight?”

Luke nodded avidly. Amy grinned wider and winked. She picked up her backpack, and then went up the stairs. He watched as she purposely swayed her hips for his eyes.

“Damn Amy,” he mumbled to himself. “Ethan’s world is about to get rocked.”

Penny returned while Amy was upstairs. She brought her ball to Luke to play her favorite game. He obliged her and lightly tossed the ball around the living room.

In her room, Amy stripped out of her uniform and underwear. She tossed her panties in the hamper, and then folded up her plaid skirt and white button down shirt. She pulled a few items she didn’t need for her homework out of her bag before putting her clothes inside. She stuffed the sweater vest in as well.

She took a quick shower and shaved because she didn’t have time this morning. She wanted to be baby soft for her brother and Ethan tonight.

After turning off the water, she hopped out and wrapped her body in a coral pink bathrobe. She towel dried her hair, and then went back into her room.

After a bit of deliberation, Amy plucked a two bra and panty sets from her lingerie drawer. She placed one set inside of her bag.

She put on white lace bra and panties, and then slipped into a snug pair of jeans. She put on a white t-shirt with black sleeves. Over her chest was an upside down treble clef and a right bostancı escort side up bass clef. The design was printed in red and the two clefs together made a design similar to heart.

Amy returned to her bathroom to blow dry her hair, and then straighten her thick brunette mane. She set her hair over her shoulders while admiring herself in the mirror for a moment. The print on her snug shirt was stretched over her large bosom and her tight jeans hugged her hips and ass. She collected hair ties and ribbons from the counter, and then stuffed them into her backpack.

She stopped in her closet for two pairs of shoes, red ballet flats for now and a pair for later.

While she was standing in her closet, she remembered an old uniform skirt that she had ripped on accident last year. She had decided that since it was already ruined, she would make it shorter. She cut it and hemmed it so it was ridiculously short. She grabbed it, and then added it to the growing amount of clothing in her bag. She also pulled out a pair of stockings from her lingerie drawer.

Once her backpack was nearly over flowing with items for Luke and Ethan’s viewing pleasure, she picked it up, and then headed back downstairs. She stopped in her mom’s office for a quick chat on the way.

Luke’s eyes turned to the stairwell as he heard Amy come down. He watched her breasts bounce inside of the shirt that strained to contain them. He enjoyed the modest taste of midriff that the gap between her shirt and hip hugging jeans allowed. Her hip bones just barely peeked out above her jeans.

She hopped off of the last step, and then scurried over to her brother. She dropped her bag on the floor before running her fingers through his soft brown hair. She smiled, and then gently kissed his lips.

Luke grinned as she pulled away and straightened back up.

“I’m going to work a new piano piece for a bit. Will that bother you?” Amy asked. Her fingertips danced on his shoulder over his dark red t-shirt.

He shook his head. “Of course not,” he replied, and then muted the television.

Penny hopped up on the sofa next to him.

She spun around on her toes, and then made her way to the mahogany baby grand piano near the bay the window. She opened the lid over the sound board. Then, she squatted down next to the bench and fished through her music bag.

Luke watched her every move as he petted Penny’s back. He admired the curve of her bum and how her jeans hugged every line of her hips and ass. He got a quick peek at her white lace panties.

Amy sat down at the bench, and then pushed the keyboard cover back. She warmed up her hands for several minutes playing through scales and arpeggios.

Luke came up behind her a few minutes after she had started playing a Schubert sonata at a much slower tempo, learning the music.

Amy smiled, feeling his presence behind her. Her fingers continued to move along the ivories. A few times, she stopped when a section troubled her. She played through it until she got comfortable, and then moved on.

Luke stared at the sheet music she was reading. It looked like a foreign language.

“How do you read that?” Luke asked after several minutes.

Amy’s fingers stopped and she chuckled. “Do you want to learn?”

“Sure, but I don’t want to learn with that,” he laughed.

Amy giggled, and then scooted over on the bench. “We’ll start easy,” she said as she patted the wood next to her.

She kissed his cheek after he sat down. “Give me a second to dig through my old books. It’s been awhile since I used them,” she said teasingly.

Luke grinned while running his fingers over the white and black keys. Amy got up and looked through a stack of music books inside of a basket behind a piano. She found a beginner piano book, and then returned to his side.

She took the sonata off of the stand and dropped it gently on the floor. She replaced it with the large book, and then opened it up.

“Alright, treble clef, which is all this is,” she said, pointing to the line of music on the paper, “is done with your right hand.”

Luke nodded and chewed his lip, focusing on what she was telling him.

“The lines are, E G B D F,” Amy stated.

“Every good boy does fine,” Luke recalled with triumph in his voice.

His sister beamed, “You remembered!”

“A few things,” he chuckled.

Amy rubbed his back and rested her head on the shoulder. “What about the spaces?”

“F A C E, face.”

She kissed his shoulder. “We are off to a great start already.”

Luke nuzzled her head with his cheek. “Okay, so what now?”

“Do you remember note lengths, like quarter notes and half notes?” she asked.

He thought for a moment before speaking, “Quarter notes are one beat, half notes are two. Is that right?”

“You got it,” she said and rubbed his back again. “Alright, now, let’s put what you know together with your fingers.”

Luke nodded with a nervous expression.

His sister büyükçekmece escort straightened her posture. “Don’t worry, this will be easy, I promise.” She reached over and took his right hand, placing his thumb on a key, pointing to the note on the line below the staff at the same time. “This note is middle C.”

Her thigh was pressed against his and she rubbed her foot along his calf while she was teaching him. To show him how to play a simple melody, she had him place his hand on top of hers so he could feel how her fingers moved. Their hearts sped up in unison as they touched each other. After she had played it a few times, she put her hand on top of his and helped him move along the keys for the first time.

The piano lesson continued until Luke played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” using the correct fingers for the notes without problems. Amy was patient while teaching him and praised him when he had done well. She made him play the melody several times. Each time his fingers got smoother on the keys.

He kissed her softly and said, “You’re a great teacher,” before sliding off of the bench.

She grinned. “You’re a good student.”

Her brother petted her head, and then returned to the sofa. He plopped down next to Penny and woke her from her nap. She moved her head to his thighs, and the promptly went back to her doggie dreams.

Amy went back to learning her sonata until it was time to leave.

They put on their jackets and Amy picked up her backpack. They said bye to their mother and Penny before leaving.

Luke took side roads to avoid highway traffic on the way to Ethan’s neighborhood. The siblings held hands the entire way.

Amy switched from her left hand holding his to her right. She reached over and her fingers grazed over his package. She lightly trailed them up and down on his crotch. She giggled when she felt his member twitch.

“Why are you giggling?” Luke chuckled.

She had a naughty gleam in her eyes. “Because, I like teasing you and feeling what affect it has.”

Luke shook his head with a grin. “You’re such a naughty girl.”

“You love it.” She groped his hardening cock through his jeans. “And I love being yours,” she said, and then drew a heart with her fingertip over his package. “I love what’s inside here as well.”

Her brother groaned at her words and her tender touch.

Her hand continued massaging him. She switched back and forth between rubbing with her palm and dragging her fingertips over his hidden erection and sac. She kept an innocent grin on her face while he ached to be released from his pants.

She withdrew her hand a few minutes before they arrived at their destination to give him some time to calm down.

Luke and Amy arrived at a coffee shop in Logan Square. She pulled her calculus necessities from her backpack before getting out of the car.

Luke went inside to get drinks. Amy found a table outside that was on the end of the row, as far away from other people as possible. She took a seat against the brick wall, and then began her homework.

Her brother returned with an iced latte for her and a black coffee for himself. Amy smiled and thanked him as he sat down next to her.

She sipped it while she diligently worked until Ethan arrived. Luke filled his time with reading a novel and glancing at his sister. He mostly admired her.

Less than a week ago, he was doing the same thing. He loved seeing her hair fly up and away from her face when she took frustrated breaths and when she tapped her pencil on her cheek. He adored how she ran her pencil against her lips when she was thinking about an equation, only this time, he knew how her soft lips felt when they rubbed against his cock.

He smirked, remembering the thoughts he had about her the first night he was home and how far they had come. He reached under the table and placed his and on her knee. Then, he trailed up her thigh until his fingers grazed her crotch. His hand came back down just as fast, and then he returned to holding his book.

His sister squirmed from his teasing touch and feeling his eyes on her. She smiled to herself, but continued to remain focused. She didn’t have much homework tonight, and wanted to finish as much as she could in case their plans were able to take place.

About thirty minutes later, Luke saw his friend walking up to them. Amy looked up and smiled, before returning her eyes back to her notebook. She quickly finished the equation before he had reached the table.

“Hey guys,” Ethan said with a friendly smile.

“Hey,” the siblings said in unison.

“Sorry I’m a little late.” Ethan sighed. “Traffic was a bitch.”

“No problem. This is Chicago, there’s always traffic,” Luke said with a smile.

Amy rose up from her chair, and then stepped behind Luke’s. She gave Ethan a warm hug, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Ethan caressed her back and enjoyed the feeling of her body pressed against his before she stepped çağlayan escort back and returned to her seat.

“I’m going to go grab a drink, do you guys want anything?” Ethan asked.

“I’m good,” Amy replied, with the straw from her latte between her lips.

Luke shook his head. “No thanks, man.”

Ethan turned and headed inside. Amy watched his stout form walk away in his navy blue suit. She wondered for a moment about what tonight would bring. A sly smile curled on her lips.

“What are you grinning about, Squirt?” Luke chuckled.

“I think you know,” she giggled.

Her brother playfully shook his head. “I’m guessing that it involves the three of us.”

Amy leaned over and kissed his cheek. “You guess correctly.” She pulled away and smiled.

Ethan returned shortly after and took a seat next to Luke, across from Amy. She closed up her book. Then, she stacked her spiral, calculator, and pencil on top of the book.

Ethan ran his hand over his blonde hair that was pulled back into a ponytail while an awkward silence lingered for a few moments.

Amy glanced over at her brother, and then looked into Ethan’s green eyes. “So, I think you know why we wanted to talk with you,” she said with a hopeful tone in her voice.

Ethan nodded, and then sipped his cappuccino.

Amy placed her hand on top of Luke’s on the table. She took a deep breath before she spoke, “Remember how we said your presence made us comfortable?”

Ethan nodded again. His eyes were locked on Amy’s.

Amy thought for a moment how to word things with other people nearby. She bit her lip for a few seconds. “Well, we want to do more and want you to be there.”

Ethan kept his calm poker face, though he shifted slightly in his seat. It took him a few moments to digest the information. He knew that was why they wanted to see him, but it had to set in that he would actually witness it.

While the silence lingered, Amy felt a bit nervous. She nibbled her lip and glanced over at Luke. He gave her a reassuring smile and rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb. Their eyes turned back to their friend.

Ethan spoke after what seemed like an eternity to the siblings. “That can be done,” he stated calmly.

Grins curled on the corners of the siblings’ lips. Ethan smiled behind his coffee cup. With a few simple words and smiles, everything was understood.

“When do you want to?” Ethan asked as he set his cup down on the table.

She shrugged. “Tonight if that’s possible. We’ve been pretty excited.” She paused for a moment. “But, we will wait if we have to.”

Luke nodded in agreement. He let Amy talk because he understood that she had a way with words and could keep much calmer than him.

“Well, I can’t promise this, but usually on Wednesdays my roommates go out to their favorite bar for the specials,” Ethan stated.

The siblings nodded. Amy tried to keep her expression serene, though she was quickly warming up between her thighs. Luke curled his fingers around hers.

Ethan continued, “So, if they follow their routine we can be alone.”

“Perfect.” Amy smiled wide. “When do they usually go out?”

Ethan smiled back. “Between seven and eight and usually they won’t get back till after midnight.”

“Amy needs to be home before midnight cause of school tomorrow,” her brother said, and then tussled her hair. “Our little high-schooler,” he teased.

Amy giggled and playfully rolled her eyes. Ethan chuckled.

“How about we go back to your place, I’ll make us some dinner, and after your roommates leave,” she finished with a shrug of insinuation.

“That sounds great,” Ethan said with a smile. “Though, my fridge is pretty bare. You might want to stop and pick up whatever you need.”

Amy smiled. “No problem at all. You’re not a vegetarian or have any allergies do you?”

Ethan shook his head and chuckled, “I eat anything besides my own cooking.”

Amy giggled and shot him a flirty wink. “Hopefully you’ll eat mine.”

“I’m sure I will,” Ethan commented.

The trio rose up from their seats. Amy collected her study materials in one arm and her drink with the other hand. Luke and Ethan both picked up their coffees. Then, the siblings and Ethan went to their respective automobiles.

Luke drove to the nearest grocery store. He held his sister’s hand the whole way.

“Luke,” she said, and then paused for a brief moment, “do you want Ethan to join in more this time?”

“Well, to be honest,” he turned down the radio and glanced at her before returning his eyes to the road.

Amy nibbled her lip waiting for him to talk.

“It’s a fantasy of mine to see you with another guy and I think Ethan would be a great start,” he confessed.

She nodded and pursed her lips. “I could get into that.”

Luke squeezed her hand. “But, we don’t have to go that far tonight. If you’re uneasy with going that far, that’s totally fine. Whatever makes you comfortable.”

His sister smiled, and then brought their locked hands to her mouth. She kissed the back of his hand between words, “Are you sure you won’t get jealous if I were to fuck him?”

“Absolutely.” He turned into the parking lot. “I know you’re mine,” he said with a smile. “This is just for fun.”

Her gentle kisses on his hand continued. “You’re right. I do belong to my big brother and I always will.”

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