Loving You Gently

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This story was written for a girl that’s very precious too me. I was about to delete it from my computer when I realized that somewhere out there is a lonely or romantic lady that would appreciate these words.

Therefore, who ever you are, these words are especially for you. Words of encouragement and love from a man who will never know you but wished he had.


My darling.

I’ve turned the heat up because you’re soon to be uncovered while you lay there sleeping. I’ve been watching you for awhile now, there’s a slight smile on your face and I’m wondering what you’re dreaming. Are you dreaming of me I me my love?

It has got a lot warmer so I start to undress, just thinking of what I’m going to do too you has got me very hard, my full nine and a half inches is fully erect, ready for lustful action.

Gently I ease the covers off you and you are sleeping naked, the evidence of your pre-sleep activity from playing with yourself, dried on your pussy and thighs. No wonder you’re smiling so sweetly. I think I’ll start with your breasts.

You let out a low moan as my tongue traces a wet circle far from your nipples. I’m going too make you wait a long time before I get to those. Gently I suck on the outer edges of your breasts drawing your saltiness up to the surface of your skin, sleepily you realize this is not a dream and your eyes flutter open.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” you groan and happily hold my head against you as I continue my love- making too your beautiful mounds. I delight in the firm softness of your breasts, they are wonderful, designed for me to feed off and play with. Your hands move onto my shoulders and back and I feel the pain as your sharp nails rake at my flesh. God, I love you.

After long minutes you gasp as my mouth sucks in your erect nipple and my tongue teases it to become so stiff you feel as though your breast will burst. Lovingly, I suckle on you my love, for me there is no safer place on the planet than at your teat.

You make me feel so strong, so potent and your arms and fleshy thighs are encouraging me to enter your softness. You need to feel me inside you and my heart is filled with love when you beg gently, “Pleeease!”

I could never resist you anything, oh so slowly, my cock-head presses against your wet lips which open like flower petals for the sun. You’re so wet with passion I slide easily into your warmth, delighting in your tightness and we begin moving together, enjoying the completeness of being one entity. My lips are pressed too yours in a deep everlasting soul kiss as I take you. You are mine my darling… forever.

Our bodies were meant to be together, we fit so perfectly, my hard cock in your warm, wet, willing pussy which is desperately trying to milk my creamy seed. I have other plans for that, I just need to make you cum and make you cum really hard.

My thrusting is urgent and hard, I’m filling every part of you and touching areas within you that you didn’t know existed. I’m searching for something special, the probing of my cock into you will not be sated until I find it. I lift your buttocks with one of my hands raising you a little and probe a little deeper….. you cry out….. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

You explode beneath the crushing weight of my body above you, I have to pin you down to restrain your spastic movements and smother your mouth with kisses as you go into muli orgasm. I found your G-spot.

That should hold you until tomorrow. Same time, same place.

That was so good for both of us. I’m pleased that I’ve managed to make you cum, but I haven’t, I’m still very hard and looking for more. My cock and balls are slick with your juices and I’m going to take advantage of that.

I straddle you taking some baby oil in my hands and tip a little on each of your full breasts, I’m going to enjoy massaging them and getting your nipples really hard and erect. You giggle as the oil is spilt on your nipples and watch me as my hands gently massage your breasts, bahis firmaları carrying the oil too every part of you. I love the firm softness of them and the way they move beneath my hands, the sight of what I’m doing too you is very erotic and only serves to make me harder. My balls are hurting because they are so full of man cream.

You close your eyes as the massage continues, relaxing with the sensations my hands are creating and your nipples have become so hard it looks as though you breasts will burst. I use my thumbs to graze across the nubs before cruelly twisting them between my fingers and thumbs, just sufficient to make you aware of a little pain and make you feel really alive.

Satisfied with the result, I bend my head sucking one stiff nipple into my mouth and feeding off you, feeding off your love for me. You pull my head tightly into you, forcing more of your breast into my mouth and I take all that I can, enjoying the sensation and wishing I could draw milk from those beautiful teats.

You shiver beneath me and give a little moan. I knew you were hot but I didn’t think it was possible to give a woman a little cum just by playing with her tits. I love your breasts so much I just wished that I could eat them all up. If only I could drink from you my love.

Reluctantly I lift my head and then straddle you just beneath your breasts, you know what I want and as I lay my cock along your valley, you press the soft tit flesh around my rock-hard shaft. Even your breasts are warm, willing and tight for my cock.

Your head is raised slightly on the pillow and each thrust brings my cock-head almost too your lips, but your eyes are watching mine, eyes that are so much full of love for me that it hurts. You don’t know the joy you’re giving me as I do this, your breast flesh warm and resilient against my thrusting, encouraging me to move even quicker above you.

Your eyes and action urge me on even faster, you know you’re going to get your reward and licking those pouting lips of yours in anticipation. Like the female you are, you sense the tension and the pleasure in me is almost ready to burst. You’re like a cat set ready to pounce, waiting for the hapless victim to come within range. I stiffen and groan, your mouth is on my cock sucking hard, your tongue caressing my glans while your hand is milking me.

You feast on my juices, taking all that I have to offer, tasting both me and yourself on my shaft. You’re so sensual, so sexy and so loving, I adore you. Our lips meet in a very long passionate kiss.

Replete in our love for each we lay their resting, holding and kissing each other until you finally break away. Grabbing me by the hand you lead me to the shower so that we may refresh our bodies.

We take turns in soaping the others body, taking advantage of the moment to feel and caress each others nakedness. Your soft delicate hands pressing into my hard muscular flesh, while mine delight in your softness and curves. We embrace and kiss frequently, taking every advantage of our being together, each of us fully content with the company of the other, we don’t need anyone else.

You giggle like a little girl when I soap your breasts and coyly turn from me as I press the soap around your pussy. Your pretended shyness drives me wild and I can feel myself becoming erect again. Gathering you into my arms, we kiss deeply, tongues entwining in lust for each other, bodies pressing flesh against flesh and feeling the heat of our passion.

Then you pushed me away from you to continue soaping yourself and I watched your sensual movements as a predator watches its prey. You giggle when you see me soaping up the length of my erection and coyly blow me a sensual kiss and then nervously, you notice the look in my eyes.

I’m not the same man you made soft love with just a few short moments ago. You recognize the look of a hunter with his quarry in sight. A shiver passes through your body and you turn to leave the shower but you’re stopped by arms encircling you.

“No, kaçak iddaa don’t, I beg you. You promised me you wouldn’t,” you cry.

My arms are around your wet body, my hands caressing and squeezing your breasts while my teeth are nibbling on the soft inner flesh of your neck. You can feel my now massive erection pressing against your rear; you struggle only to find you’re pressed against the cold tiles of the shower wall. I’ve grabbed your wrists in each of my hands and holding them upward, pinned to the wall.

You’re angry with me. “Stop it, I don’t want you to do this,” you shout and struggling for your freedom.

I use my weight and strength to subdue you; even though you struggle valiantly you can’t free yourself from my iron like grip. Holding you pinned to the wall I stoop a little, my cock-head searching for its target deep between the pretty cheeks of your buttocks.

I’m so mad with lust I don’t know what’s going through my mind except there’s not a part of you I don’t love, every inch of your body is a temple to me and I have this urgent need to possess it all. You squeal as I connect with your secret entrance and struggle even more. Slowly, ever so slowly, you’re impaled painfully on my steel hard rod.

Tears of betrayal seep from your eyes and the fight leaves your body realizing it’s useless to resist my actions any longer. I’m deep within you when I feel you relax; releasing your wrists, I slide my hands slowly down your body until they are caressing your breasts again and my mouth is feasting on the soft inner flesh of your neck.

I begin to take you in long, slow loving strokes, savoring the feel of your tightness. For a start you refuse to assist, standing still, just letting me use you and then gradually, your own body begins to betray you. At first only a gentle movement backwards against my deep thrusting stroke and then your actions become more frequent, more urgent.

I love you for your surrender and for your submissiveness. I move one hand down your front seeking out your pussy, my finger finding your clit proud and erect. As I move in and out of you, I begin masturbating your little nub and I hear you give a gentle sigh.

Soon we’re moving together as if we’re one, both of us lost in the act of my sodomizing you. My strokes become harder and harder and I feel you trapping me inside you. I can feel the seed boiling in my balls, I really need to shoot into you, my finger is working hard between your legs. It’s not until you give that little familiar shiver that I know you’re ready and I indulge in my wildest fantasy, ejaculating deep inside you. You gasp and tremble as you cum over my hand.

I pull you into my arms lovingly and beg for your forgiveness, kissing your eyes your nose and your lips. You hold my head in your pretty hands and shush me like a baby, oh I love you so much

It’s coming on to evening and I want to go for a walk but you object because the weather is turning colder. I pout a little and look sad and you finally surrender, bringing a big smile too my face, now you’re not so sure, because you see the devilment in my eyes.

You remember the conversation we had after you shaved your pussy naked for me, “No, definitely not,” you say emphatically.

I catch hold of you and caress you in my arms, kissing those sweet luscious lips of yours and delighting in your sweet breath. “Please,” I beg, “Just do it for me”

You soften in my arms; you know you can never refuse me anything. You sigh and look up into my eyes, the corners of your mouth turned up in that perfect smile of yours, revealing perfect white teeth. “No panties and a mini skirt?” you ask. I nod my head.

You pretend to look cross but your eyes cannot hide your excitement. “You must be mad, it’s freezing out there and I don’t feel comfortable doing this.” You say.

“Just for me, do it this once and I’ll never ask you to do it again,” I promise.

Sighing again in resignation you remove your ski-pants and panties allowing me a kaçak bahis full view of your perfect vulva. It’s totally naked, and the lips are already puffy with desire, just thinking about what I’m asking you to do. Walk the streets with no panties and just a mini skirt to cover your modesty. You tell me I’m kinky and I laugh, agreeing that possibly I am but I promise you an exciting walk.

You fit the mini skirt around you and climb into your long winter coat. Taking you by the hand I lead you to the front door and out into the street which is covered by a light fall of snow. Hand in hand we walk into the cold darkening night.

“I’m cold” you complain after a few minutes, wrapping both of your arms around mine as we walk, “And I’m freezing down there.”

“Good, that’s what I wanted. There’s nothing like fresh iced pussy,” I replied.

A couple of young fellows are walking towards us on the same side of the street. “Can you imagine their faces if they knew that there was a naked, pantiless pussy walking toward them? If I wasn’t here they’d probably drag you off up an alley and have you up against the wall, one after the other. Shall I tell them you haven’t any panties on and give them a thrill?”

Your face colors bright red, “Shush,” you say angrily. “If you do I will go straight back home.” You cuddle into me tighter as the two pass us, holding your breath in case I say something. I hear you sigh with relief as they move out of ear-shot.

I stop for a moment and kiss you sweetly on your cold lips, warming them with mine. “You know I’m going to fuck you while we’re out, don’t you?” I tell you.

You look shocked, “No you’re not, you can wait until we get back home,” you reply indignantly.

I guide you through the streets to a quieter area, all the time making sexy suggestions and I can tell from your eyes you’re getting hot and bothered. Once again we stopped in the middle of the pavement and wrap my arms around you in a tongue entwining kiss. I slip a hand in the front of your coat and easily search out your sex, your thighs are cold put your pussy is warm and wet. You break from the kiss and smile at me sheepishly.

The street is quite dark and there is an alley a little further near a street light. I lead you quickly there and with my back to the wall I kiss you again while undoing the buttons of your long winter coat. I lift the front of your jumper and unfasten your bra opening your breast to the freezing night air and your nipples respond accordingly. I’ve never seen them so big and stiff before. I stoop and suckle on each of them, I can hear you gasping, your gloved hands pressing my face tightly too you.

My hands are busy pulling my cock from my trousers and then sliding your skirt up to your waist. Bodily lifting you by the waist I lower your willing popsicle pussy onto my sizzling hot shaft. Spinning around I press you against the wall while your legs wrap around my waist and then we begin moving urgently.

We are equally brutal with each other, you slamming yourself down hard against me while I shove into you as hard as I can. You’re so wet, your pussy is making beautiful squishy sounds each time I press into you. I find that highly erotic and move even faster.

My pubic bone is mashing your desperate clit with each meeting stroke; you begin to tremble in my arms and start begging me for release, asking me to cum in you, to fill you with my hot seed. A man and woman walk by the entrance to the alley, even in your heightened state you’re aware of them but don’t care. “Oh please fuck me really hard,” you beg.

Your words carry me over the top, three more deep satisfying strokes and my rod pulses out its cream triggering your own orgasmic response. You’re panting like a little puppy as you finish the pair of us off.

I’m walking you back home, you’re legs a little shaky, our mixed juices dripping from your slit and coating your thighs, you’re happy and no longer cold.

I love you my darling. You are my most precious treasure, close your eyes and sleep, dream of me and I’ll sit and watch you sleep.


I hope you enjoyed our liaison, I did. I ask nothing from you but a vote and a little feedback.


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