Loving Grandma

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,i>The love between Family members is one of the strongest loves there is. This is a story of a young man’s love for his Grandma. I hope you like it and will appreciate your feedback.


You might think it strange, that at 21 years old, I was still living with my grandmother. But to tell you the truth, I really couldn’t see myself living anywhere else at this time. You see, my mom couldn’t take care of me, so I was given over to my Grandmother to raise. And she raised me as if I were her son instead of her grandson.

Grandma Amelia, isn’t one of those drop dead, gorgeous, young looking older women you want to fuck! She is not at all bad looking for a woman who is 60. She has skin the color of light chocolate, black hair that has bits of grey scattered throughout it, a pretty face and killer smile. No! she doesn’t have tits you want to drool over! In fact, she does have a big pair, but when she goes without a bra, they hang down. You know the kind I mean, she smothers you with them when she hugs you to her. Well, she used to! Now I am taller than she is.

I never called her grandmother, granny, nana or any of those other names people call their grandparents. I always called her Grandma. Growing up with grandma was cool! She could be old and wise when she was giving you advise or lecturing you for something you did wrong. But she could also be playful and childlike when she wanted to be. It was during one of those times, that this whole thing started.

You see, after dinner, we would always share kitchen duties. Sometimes I would wash, while she would dry and put the dishes up. Other times it was the other way around. And we always seemed to start playing when we were doing some kind of housework together. Sometimes when I would be washing the dishes, I would use the sprayer and squirt her with it. She would sometimes do the same thing to me. Or maybe we would snap each other with the dish towel. It was her snapping me with the towel that started it all.

I was standing with my front facing the sink as I washed the dishes. I had asked her a question and she didn’t answer me. I should have known something was up. But dumb old me, decided to turn to ask her again. As I did, she snapped the towel at my leg. Only I had turned so much that the tip of the towel landed right on my dick.

I let out a howl, then crumpled to my knees. The pain felt like someone had put a grenade in my pants and it had exploded. Grandma looked at me in shock. Then she rushed to my side. “Oh Randy! Oh baby, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you there!” She helped me get to my feet and held me as I hobbled to the couch.

I was seeing stars! The pain was unbelievable! I could feel tears falling down my face. Grandma looked so scared. She jumped up and ran to the kitchen. Coming back, she pulled my shorts down and placed a towel filled with ice right on my dick. That didn’t help at all! And all the time, she kept telling me how sorry she was.

I croaked out that it was an accident. I know she didn’t mean it. but I swear she was almost in tears herself. “What can grandma do to make it better?” That started it! I began to giggle. Grandma looked at me and my giggle turned into a laugh. She looked even more puzzled and I began to laugh almost hysterically. I turned and a stab of pain hit me. That, made me laugh even more!

“Randy! What in the devil is so funny?” The look on her face was priceless! I was soon howling. I could see that she was getting angry. I tried to talk but started laughing all over again. She drew back the towel that was still in her hands. “I bet if I popped you again you would stop laughing, young man!”

I clasped my hands over my groin and laughed all the harder. When I was able to calm down a bit, she was gone. I had hurt her feelings. I tried to get up but a pan shot through my dick and I flopped back down, gulping in air. Grandma came back in the room. She sat on the couch by my feet.

I looked at her and began to smile all over. I could see by the look on her face that she was about to get up. I had forgotten that I was lying there with just a towel filled with ice on my dick. “I’m sorry Grandma! But when you said, “What can Grandma do to make it better”, all I could think of was when I was small. I would hurt something and you would say those same words to me. I would tell you to kiss it and make it better. And you would always kiss it to make it better. And it usually worked.

Suddenly, she caught what I was getting at. Her face grew stern for just a moment. Then she began to smile. Her smile turned into a chuckle. Then she was laughing along with me. “It would serve you right, if I did just that! I bet that would shut you up and take that smirk off your face.”

I don’t know why I said it. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time. But again, dumb old me had to have the last words. “You wouldn’t dare!” I knew the kadıköy escort moment the words came out my mouth, I was done for! Grandma stared at me for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, before I could do anything, she reached over, grabbed the towel and lifted it up. I was shocked! After all, I didn’t have anything covering my dick but the towel and she had grabbed that! I was lying there with my dick laying along my thigh. Before I could move, Grandma reached down and cradled it in her hands. Then she bent her head and gave my dick a kiss on the shaft. I was too stunned to move.

I was horrified! Just as she kissed it, the damn thing jerked. But instead of jerking back, she kissed it again. Only this time she let her lips linger on it. “Eh, Grandma!” I felt her kiss it again. This time her tongue touched the tip. “Grandma!” I was trying to sit up. I was trying to inch myself back away from her, but her fingers tightened on my now growing shaft.

With tenderness, she kissed it! Then her lips slipped over the head. My world was reeling! “Grandma!” I know that word came out as a whimper. She turned her face to look at me, as she took more of me in her mouth. “Grandma! You can’t! You mustn’t!” She looked directly at me as I felt her mouth slide down the length of my shaft. Grandma whimpered as her hot mouth engulfed my throbbing dick.

I was now fully hard. Not only that, I felt like I would cum any minute. I opened my mouth to say that I was gonna cum if she didn’t stop, when it happened. With a groan, I muttered, “Oh shit!. I felt my dick jerk and horrified, I watched as Grandma’s cheeks puffed out. I had shot in her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed again until I was empty. Then she straightened up and looked at me.

“I guess that will keep you quiet for awhile!” She got up and went to her room. I heard the door close behind her and the lock click into place. I sat there stunned beyond belief. My grandma had just given me the best blow job I had ever had. And she didn’t work at it for more than a few seconds.

I got up from the couch, all the pain forgotten. I went down the hall to Grandma’s door. I was about to knock, when I heard her. Grandma was moaning and whimpering, but I could tell that it wasn’t from any pain. I know my mouth dropped open and my jaw must have hit the floor.

Grandma was in her room getting off! I could hear her moans as plain as day! I could also hear her calling out my name! I was excited! Embarrassed! Shocked! Stunned! Ashamed! And so many other emotions that I won’t bore you with the words. I didn’t knock on her door. Instead I slinked down the hall trying not to make a sound. I eased the door to my room closed and sat on the bed.

I was ashamed at what I had done. At what I had felt! This wasn’t one of my girlfriends that had just let me cum in her mouth, this was my Grandma! You don’t even think about things like that with your Grandma! And yet, hearing her in her room had gotten my dick hard all over again. I lay back on my bed.

It was about an hour later, when my door slowly opened. I had not fallen asleep, and was just lying there looking out the window. I turned my head and saw Grandma standing in the doorway. She smiled at me and walked in. She was wearing the gown she always wore to bed. It was loose, bulging out over her big tits. Grandma didn’t wear sexy night clothes. To me they did show off her figure, but they didn’t cling to her or anything like that.

She came to my bed and sat down. I scooted over to make room for her. she looked at me and smiled. “Grandma. I…” She put her hand to my lips. “Randy! Let me say something, please. I didn’t mean to do what I did. At first I was just gonna shock you by kissing your dick. I felt that it would shock you enough to shut you up and take that smirk off your face. But when I kissed it something happened.”

I was about to say something smart like, “It sure did”, but held my tongue. “You have looked upon me as your mother and I have always treated you like you were my own son. I never let you know whenever I needed to go out to get relief from my frustrations. That’s something that I never wanted you to know about. And I made sure that you never found out that I please myself.

But when I kissed your dick, all the years of doing without a man, of using my fingers and dildo to please myself, seemed to take over. I had a man’s dick in my hand after years of doing without one. Suddenly, I remembered what it felt like to lick and suck one. Suddenly, remembering the taste of pre-cum in my mouth made me want more. Even though you are my grandson, you are still a man.”

Grandma smiled at me. “And a very big man I must say!” I know I smiled at her and couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. “Suddenly, I had to have you in my mouth. I needed to have the feel of a man filling my mouth with his dick. It was a terrible kartal escort thing to do. I will never forgive myself for it. Randy! I’m so sorry that I did that! I can only imagine what you must think of me!”

I looked at her face. She was trying to show a brave front. She was trying to be the strong Grandma she had always been for me. But I could see her eyes filling with tears. I could see the shame that she felt for letting her womanly needs take control of her body. I sat up straight on the bed, letting my back rest against the wall.

“Grandma! I don’t hate you or think that you are some kind of pervert, if that’s what you are afraid of. When I started laughing, it was because I have grown so much older from when you used to do that when I was a kid. I have been with women, I’m not a virgin you know! And the thought of you kissing my dick to make it feel better seemed so funny.

But then you did it! I was shocked at first. So shocked that I couldn’t stop you. Then you kissed it again and licked it. I couldn’t believe what was happening. When I was younger, when I was just getting the feelings for sex, I used to fantasize about you. But I would feel so ashamed at the things I felt that I guess I scared myself not to think about them.

I know you’re my Grandma and I should never think about things like that with you, but I couldn’t help it. When you looked up at me. When you whimpered as you slid your mouth down over my dick. I knew that the world could stop before I tried to stop you. In fact, I think that had you tried to stop, I would have grabbed you and held you there! I never felt any woman give me the pleasure you did. And it was so intense I couldn’t last but a minute.

I was so ashamed for Cumming in your mouth I couldn’t utter a word. When you stood up and told me that that should shut me up you were right! I was speechless! I heard you close and lock your door. When I could, I got up to come and tell you how sorry I was. I stood by your door and heard you. I heard you pleasing yourself and calling ut my name.”

The look on Grandma’s face turned to shock. “Oh Randy! Oh baby, I’m sorry you heard me. I was just so turned on that I had to do it! I felt like I was burning up inside! But I didn’t want you to know what doing that had done to me. Oh Randy! I’m so ashamed!”

Grandma had tears slowly dripping down her face. I took her hand in mine. “Grandma! You have nothing to ever be ashamed of. You have been the best mom to me that any woman could ever be to a son. If anything, I should be the one that is ashamed. When I heard you in your room, all I could think about was coming inside and getting into bed with you.

I wanted to make you feel as wonderful as you made me feel. I know this may sound perverted and nasty, but I wanted to lay between your legs do the very same thing to you that you had done to me. I wanted to kiss it and make it feel better. I don’t know what you were doing, but I wanted to be the one to make you moan and call out my name the way you were doing. I wanted you Grandma! I wanted to make love to you. Sick huh?”

Grandma looked deep into my eyes. Then she smiled. “No Randy! That’s not sick! No sicker than me getting all worked up thinking about you doing just that to me.” Grandma gave a little laugh. “In fact, if I were younger, I probably would think about just that! But I am almost three times your age. There is nothing that an old woman like me can give a young man like you!”

This time I laughed. “Grandma! I bet I could kiss it and make it feel better. In fact, I bet I could kiss it and make it feel better than it has in years!” Grandma looked at me and this time she laughed harder.

“Randy! I’m all gray down there! And even when I wash, the scent gets strong with I get excited. I couldn’t let you do something like that to me! What would you think of me afterwards?”

I smiled at her. “Let’s find out!” I drew her against me. She didn’t seem to put up must resistance, as I moved aside and laid her down on the bed. I lifted her nightgown. Grandma had on a pair of white cotton panties. I could make out the thick bush of hair at her crotch.

Pushing the material aside, I saw my Grandma’s cunt for the first time. Like she had said, it was covered in a thick bush of grew hair. But not all of it was gray. It had black hairs mixed in. I could see her pussy lips too! They were swollen, much darker than the rest of her body. The scent that came from her cunt smelled clean. As if she had just showered.

I could feel her shaking, as my face drew closer to her cunt. I was giving her time to stop me, but she didn’t seem in a mind to. When I softly blew my breath against her cunt I heard her sigh. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked against her hair. I felt her tremble. When I pushed my face in more and licked directly up into her slit, I heard Grandma moan.

I started kurtköy escort to kiss it. I kissed it over and over, even pushing it open with my fingers to kiss directly into it. grandma was moaning and moving her hips. “Lick it Randy! Oh baby! You are making it feel better. You’re making it feel better than it has in years.”

I started licking it in earnest. I slid my tongue down almost to her ass. I tongued that small piece of skin that separated the two holes. Then I slowly licked up, pressing my tongue in; scooping my tongue to scoop out her juice. Grandma was getting wetter and wetter. I felt her hands grab my head and hold me in one spot.

“Right there! Oh Randy! Oh baby! Please lick right there!” Grandma had my tongue right on her clit. I had not felt a bigger clit on any woman I had ever fucked. I licked it then sucked it in my mouth. This caused Grandma to cry out.

“Randy! Oh baby! Grandma’s gonna cum! Suck harder!” suddenly, I felt her hands sliding from my head to her pussy. Grandma grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them open. Her cunt seemed to expand and I felt her clit push deeper into my mouth. I sucked her harder, biting down gently on her clit.

Suddenly, Grandma screamed. I felt her pussy throb and a jet of hot liquid shot onto my chin. I moved my head a bit and the next jet went into my mouth. Grandma’s body jerked each time she would shoot out a jet of crème. And each jet tasted like the sweetest of milk.

Grandma pushed me away. “No more Randy! Oh baby! I haven’t cum like that in years.” I felt Grandma pulling me up to her. my lips kissed her tits as I moved higher up n my bed. I looked up into her face and Grandma was looking down at me.

“I love you grandma! I have always loved you.” I bent my head and kissed her lips. Grandma’s lips stayed closed at first. Then I felt her slowly open them until my tongue pushed inside. I felt her tongue tip touching mine. Then with a whimper, she began to suck and lick my tongue. Her kiss was frenzied! Like she was rushing to get as much as she could before I stopped. But I had no intention of stopping.

Grandma pulled me up until I was lying on top of her. I felt her hand slide between us and grab my hard dick. Her legs opened and she was guiding me to her hole. “Please Randy? Please?” I had never heard my Grandma ever beg for anything. And hearing her now only made me hotter.

With a lunge, I buried my dick deep in her pussy. Grandma threw her head back and cried out. I pulled back and rammed my dick n deep again and again. soon grandma’s hips were driving up to me each time I drove my dick down in her cunt. I could hear her pussy making squishy noises as I fucked her she was so wet.

I looked at Grandma’s face. Her eyes were open wide and I saw an expression that I had never seen on her before. It looked almost demonic! It was as another creature had taken over her body. I felt her legs move open wider and her knees move up along my side.

“Fuck me Randy! Fuck me hard! Fuck me with that big dick! Make it hurt!”

I could feel my dick throbbing and knew that I wouldn’t last too much longer. I pushed myself from her cunt and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Pushing her legs up, I placed the head of my dick at her pussy. If she wanted it hard I would give it to her.

I looked directly into her eyes as I drove my dick home. Grandma grunted and wiggled her hips. “Harder! Fuck me!” I pulled back until just the tip was in. this time I rammed her even harder. “Yes! Like that! That’s what Grandma needs boy!” I pulled back and rammed her again and again. I could feel my climax growing closer and closer with each stroke.

“Cum with me Randy! I’m ready! Make it feel good! Make it feel better than it has in years!” I was hammering my dick into my Grandma’s sopping cunt! and loving every bit of it! There were no thoughts of incest, or it being wrong. It felt like the most right thing I had ever done.

Suddenly, I was there. “Now! Oh Grandma! Cum now!” I shouted those words as I felt my balls erupt and I filled Grandma with more crème than I had ever shot before. I felt Grandma’s cunt tighten on my dick. Then it seemed to milk all my crème from me. Grandma whimpered and cried all the time her body thrashed beneath me.

Then we lay still, each of us gasping for air. I looked at Grandma and she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen at that moment. I smiled as I kissed her. Rolling off her I lay on my back still struggling to fill my lungs. Grandma started to laugh.

“Well Randy! I guess I will be telling you to kiss it and make it better a whole lot now!” I laughed as I turned to look at her. “Any time Grandma! And I know that I will need you to kiss it even more! But maybe tomorrow! I don’t think that I can move!”

Grandma got up and her nightgown dropped into place. Damn! I hadn’t undressed her or even taken off her panties. She looked down at me. “My bed will be more comfortable for both of us Randy!” With that, she turned and walked out the door. I slowly got up and followed her to her bedroom. I knew that we had started a whole new relationship. And I felt my dick lurch at the thought of where it would lead to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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