Loves of My Life

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“Oh god, Aaron. You’re so deep.”

My cock throbbed as my mom arched her back to take me fully inside of her. I’d been rubbing the head against her warm, wet lips for several minutes, loving the look of anguish and pleasure on her face as she wriggled beneath me, trying to coax me into entering her.

When I finally slid into my mother, her eyes closed and her lips parted. After she let me know how much she loved the feeling of my fat 8 inches probing deeply into her tummy, I leaned in to shove my tongue in her mouth. She sucked it and dug her nails into my back. Just when I thought being inside of my own mother couldn’t feel any more sinfully delicious, she lifted her legs and put her feet against my ass, desperately trying to pull me in deeper.

I obliged, humping forward slowly and sensually. I knew she wanted me to move faster, but I wanted to take my time and feel every inch of my swollen meat rubbing the inner walls of the gorgeous woman I’d waited my entire life to make love to.

Naomi was young when she had me. Being a naturally slender blonde with legs for miles, a toned body, perky tits, and a sweet face with clear blue eyes, she was naturally the center of attention in the small, Southern town full of horny country boys she grew up in.

I’d had a crush on her for as long as I could remember, and since she was always more like an older friend than a mom (thankfully, my asshole dad was out of the picture), she was very casual around me and I saw her in underwear and nighties all the time. I’d even seen her naked, and had spied on her the one time she’d brought a man home for sex.

When I started dating, I chose girls who looked similar to my mother. I didn’t realize I was doing it at first, but after a time I sought them out in hopes that she would notice my preference and be flattered. None of the relationships lasted long, though. They could all sense my heart belonged to someone else.

The day I left for college, my mom clung to me in the driveway for almost half an hour sobbing. She was proud of me, but we were best friends and the parting was painful for both of us.

Within a month, I’d found a girl who looked and even acted similarly to my mother, and the first time we made love, I allowed myself, for the first time, to fantasize about being with my mom. I lost control and rutted into Jessica like a beast before having the most intense orgasm I’d had at that point. When she caught her breath and asked what I was thinking about that got me so riled up, I lied and said her. However, I’d broken through a barrier in my mind, and there was no going back. For the next few months, I could only cum when I thought about my mother.

Not long after, my secret desire was laid bare. As Jessica and I grew closer and revealed more of our sexual kinks to each other, I admitted that I wasn’t always thinking about her during our lovemaking. She giggled and said she figured that was the case, and that she was ok with it. She said it would be hot if I blurted out who I was thinking of as I came, but I told her I didn’t think it was a good idea. She insisted that she loved me and that it wouldn’t matter what I said; that nothing could scare her away.

That night, as I looked down at her small, perky breasts bouncing and her sky blue eyes rolling in pleasure, I laid my full weight on her, gripped her shoulders, and pushed myself as deep inside of her as I could. I unloaded my seed in her tummy and whispered, “I love you, mom. I love you so fucking much.”

She didn’t say anything for what felt like an eternity. I didn’t know what I should do, so I just held onto her and waited. After a while, my cock softened and I rolled over to lie next to her, staring at the ceiling.

Neither of us spoke for several minutes. It was she who broke the silence.

“I meant what I said earlier,” she said, rolling over to lie on her tummy and look down at my face. “I still love you.”

She leaned in and kissed my shoulder, then lay atop me like a body pillow.

“How long have you thought of her that way?” she asked.

“My whole life.”

“Does anyone else know?”

“No. Just you.”

She kissed me and slid my cock into her, then began moving gently. It was more cuddling than sex, and she knew I loved it. She didn’t know it was because it reminded me of my mom holding me.

“I sometimes fantasize about my dad fucking me,” she said after a while. “I wouldn’t ever want that in real life, but the thought of it turns me on sometimes.”

She propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at me with eyes torturously similar to my mother’s.

“Do you think you’d ever do it with her? I mean, if she wanted to.”

My cock involuntarily throbbed inside of her, answering her question when my speechlessness couldn’t.

“God, that’s hot,” she said, grinding into me and arching her back. “I don’t know why, but it is.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. I’d known she was special the night we met, but that was the moment I realized I loved her. üsküdar escort As she rode me to our mutual climax, I found myself thinking of her as I came. It was the first time in months I hadn’t had to think about my mom to get there.

That Thanksgiving, Jessica came home with me to meet my mother. The two of them instantly clicked, and my mom immediately started treating her like a new best friend. That night, the three of us opened a bottle of wine, got into our sleeping clothes, and sat by the fireplace talking and catching up. My mom had clung to me all day, and I found myself sitting between the two gorgeous girls in my life under a warm blanket, a head on each shoulder. Needless to say, I was hard as a rock the entire time.

After a while, I excused myself and went to bed. I was exhausted after the long drive home and all the food.

I don’t know how long I was asleep before I heard the door open. I moved over so Jessica could slip into bed with me, but when I looked up, I realized it was my mother.

At least, I thought it was at first, but it was Jessica wearing the dress my mom had worn at dinner earlier that night.

“What are you…?”, I started to ask.

“Shhh. I snuck into your mom’s room earlier and grabbed it. It still smells like her. Wanna see?”

She got into bed and straddled me, then leaned over so that her breasts were in my face. She was right — the dress smelled like my mom’s perfume. I grew hard instantly, and Jessica hiked up the dress, sat on my cock, and started riding me.

The situation was unbelievably arousing, but then she said something that pushed me over the edge.

“Does your wiener feel good inside of mommy, baby?”

I grabbed her hips and groaned as I felt myself spurt inside of her. My vision went white and I even lost hearing for a few moments. I’d never orgasmed so intensely.

“Jesus,” she said as I struggled to catch my breath. “That really did it for you, huh? You got so big inside me just before you came. It felt amazing!”

I stayed hard and rolled her over beneath me, then spent almost an hour exploring her body while she kept the dress on. The familiar smell of my mom’s favorite scent made sucking her toes, kissing my way up her legs, and devouring her sex intoxicating. After she’d climaxed twice, I slid into her and began fucking her with abandon, not caring about the noise we were making.

“You love it, don’t you?” she asked as she wrapped her legs around me. “You love being in mommy, fucking mommy hard like you always wanted to. Show mommy how much you love her. Fuck mommy, baby. Fuck mommy as hard as you can, please.”

I couldn’t suppress a groan of ultimate satisfaction as I unloaded inside of her again. I collapsed onto her and she held me between her legs and in her arms, petting my hair and kissing the top of my head.

The next morning, I got up early to make everyone breakfast. I thought I was the first up, but my mom came in through the back door sweating and wearing a running outfit. Even though it was a winter getup that covered her body, it still looked fantastic on her. It was skin-tight and made her breasts and ass look firm and inviting. I felt myself get hard and decided I’d better start talking before she noticed me staring.

“When did you start running?” I asked.

“Not long after you abandoned me,” she said, smiling and playfully slapping my arm. “But seriously, it helps me clear my mind, and well…I’m getting old, so I need to stay in shape, you know?”

“You’re not getting old,” I said. “You still look like you could be my sister.”

“You’re sweet. Speaking of sweet, that girl of yours is adorable. You did good.”

“Thanks. She’s really special to me, and I’m glad you guys get along.”

“She must be special, what with all the noise you guys made last night.”

The bottom dropped out of my stomach as she said that. I’d been an animal last night, and now I was full of a mix of embarrassment and arousal at the thought of my mom overhearing it all.

“I’m sorry,” I said, blushing. “I guess we got carried away. It won’t happen again.”

“It’s fine. I can tell she makes you happy, and that makes me happy. If anything, it’s a sign that she’s comfortable here.”

“So, what exactly did you hear?”

“Just whispering at first, but then…well, noises. You know. Anyway, I’m going to get cleaned up. Do you want me to wake her up for breakfast?”

I started to say yes, but then remembered that Jessica was still wearing my mom’s dress. Before I could say anything, she was running up the stairs toward my room. My heart began to pound and I walked to the bottom of the stairs. I couldn’t go up, though. Something was holding me in place. I could only stare stupidly and strain my ears to listen.

After a couple of minutes that felt like an eternity, Jessica came downstairs in one of my t-shirts and shorts.

“Did she see you?” I asked.

“Yeah, she said you were cooking.”

“No, I mean…the dress. Did she anadolu yakası escort see you in the dress?”

“Oh. Yeah. I um…I told her I thought it was cute and wanted to try it on. She said it was fine.”

I kissed her and we went to the kitchen to finish breakfast.

Back at school, Jessica revealed that she’d taken a few things from my mom’s room before we left. I was a little upset at first, but when she showed me the used panties and dresses that still smelled like my mom, I pushed her to the floor and fucked her while she held each item up to my face. She started wearing a long t-shirt she’d taken in bed, and we had mind-blowing sex almost every time we were alone.

As the semester came to a close, we made plans to go home to my mom again. I asked if she’d rather go see her folks, but she said she loved my mom and wanted to spend another holiday with her.

The two of them became attached at the hip, and there were times I even caught myself feeling a little jealous. One night they left me home alone while they went out for a “girls night”, so I settled down on the couch to watch some old movies.

Shortly after midnight, I was woken up by the sound of the front door opening and closing. I stretched and pulled the blanket up over my head as some of the chill air from outside swept by.

I heard footsteps approaching the sofa, then realized someone was kneeling beside it. I peeked out from under the blanket expecting to see Jessica. This time, it was my mother.

She reached out and brushed my hair away from my forehead. She was looking at me almost longingly, and I thought something might be wrong.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I love you so much. You know that, right?”

I sat up and looked around.

“Did something happen?” I asked.

She sat back on her heels and took my hands in hers, kissing them.

Looking up at me she said, “I wish you’d told me. I get why you didn’t, but I wish you had.”

I scooted forward and squeezed her hands.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

She stood up and stepped out of her heels, then let the straps of her dress fall down her shoulders.

“Mom, what…?”

“She knows,” Jessica said, sitting down beside me. “I told her.”

I couldn’t form a sentence. I looked back and forth between them, unsure if I could process what either was saying.

Jessica moved closer and put her arm around me.

“I had to tell her. We got to talking, and I could tell she wanted it too.”

“Wanted what?” I asked. “Someone needs to tell me what’s happening!”

My mom took a step back and let her dress fall to a satin pool at her feet. She stepped out of the dress and stood before me in nothing but black satin panties and a bra. It should have been a familiar site to me after all these years, but it felt like I was seeing her for the first time. I looked at Jessica, who was staring at my mom as if hypnotized. Her lips were parted and I could see her breasts rising and falling quickly. Looking back at my mother, I realized they were staring at each other. I felt a tinge of jealousy, but it was quickly drowned by arousal the likes of which I’d never imagined.

Jessica stood and moved behind my mom. She put her hands on my mom’s arms and slid them up and down, then locked eyes with me and kissed my mom’s shoulder.

“Jessica told me how you feel,” my mom said. “She told me what the two of you do with my things.”

I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly. This couldn’t be real. I stood up and started to say something, but I couldn’t find the words.

I sat back down and watched as Jessica reached around to undo the clasp of my mom’s bra. It fell to the floor and Jessica moved her hands up to cup my mother’s breasts as the two kissed.

“When…when did this start?,” I finally managed to ask.

Jessica walked over and sat on the arm of the sofa while my mom took a seat next to me and put her arm around my shoulders. Jessica put her hand on my head and gently scratched it.

“We’ve been talking and texting for months,” mom said. “Eventually, we got to talking about sex. Jessica told me that we needed to speak privately the next time you two were in town. On the way to dinner, she explained that you have feelings for me. That you always have.”


“It’s ok, Aaron. It’s okay because I feel the same way. I have for a long time. I wasn’t even shocked when Jessica told me. I suspected for a while, especially after you started bringing home girls who look like me. When Jessica told me, it…it just…felt right.”

“She deserved to know,” Jessica said. “She needed to know, because she was struggling with the feelings just as much as you were before we met. I could see the relief on her face when I told her.”

“It’s true,” mom said. “I felt guilty and ashamed, and Jessica helped me realize I don’t have to. She’s helped me come to terms with so many things sexually as we’ve gotten to know each other, ataşehir escort and this was the last big step.”

I wanted to ask what else she’d come to terms with, but my mom put her hand on my cheek and turned my head to face her. She leaned in and put her lips to mine, softly at first, but then with urgency. She opened her mouth and I felt her hot breath on my tongue.

I put my arm around her waist and slid my hand up to cup her breast as I licked her lips. I felt Jessica get off the arm of the sofa, then sit next to my mom. I heard my mom gasp as Jessica began kissing her neck and running the tips of her fingers up and down my mom’s flat tummy.

By this time I was so hard it hurt, and I reached down to adjust my pants. I felt a hand — I don’t know whose — reach down and grip my cock through my pajama bottoms. I was lost in the pleasure of the moment and sucked my mom’s tongue into my mouth, greedily devouring her.

My mom pulled away after a few minutes and turned to Jessica. Jessica cradled my mom’s face in both hands and kissed her. I pulled my cock out of my pants and began stroking it as I watched the two of them. It didn’t take long before I got close to spurting, so I took my hand off my dick and leaned over to kiss my way down from my mom’s shoulder to her breast. I cupped it and circled her nipple with my tongue. I could smell both women’s arousal.

They stopped making out and we all sat back for a moment to catch our breaths.

“So, you’re into girls?” I asked my mom.

The two of them laughed, and my mom leaned her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “I have been for years, but I never had the courage to admit it until this one came along.”

She put her arm around Jessica and pulled her close, kissing her forehead.

We sat for a while and cuddled. Finally, Jessica sprang to her feet.

“I don’t know about you two, but I think we should take this party upstairs,” she said.

She took both our hands and pulled us up, and the three of us went to my mom’s bedroom. We laid on the bed, mom in the middle, cuddling and kissing for about an hour. We’d all removed our clothes by now and were just enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies.

It still didn’t feel real to me. It was like a dream, and I was terrified of waking up.

After a while, Jessica moved down to lie across the foot of the bed.

“I wanna see you guys kiss,” she said, smiling.

I turned to my mom and we locked eyes. We laughed, then she put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and I moved her hand to my penis. She began to stroke me, and it suddenly dawned on me that this was real. This was finally happening. If things continued this way, I was going to make love to my mom before the night was over.

The thought drove me over the edge and I spurted, shooting warm cream on my tummy and my mom’s hand. She kept stroking my now ridiculously sensitive cock, and Jessica laughed.

“I like to do that too,” she said. “He gets so sensitive after he cums. It’s adorable.”

She moved up so that she was between my mother’s legs, then leaned down and began licking the cum from my mom’s hand and my stomach. Then she turned to my mom and kissed her. I watched, mesmerized, as my mother and my girlfriend shared my cum in a kiss. I’d never seen anything so depraved and erotic.

The two of them locked limbs and began tribbing, reveling in the feeling of each other’s smooth, feminine bodies. The two of them looked so alike, and in the dim light of the beside lamp, it was almost like watching mirror images making love.

I quickly grew hard again, and I pressed my body against the two of them, sliding my cock between them. We became a writhing pile of sensuality, reveling in the pleasure each of us was finally allowing ourselves to experience.

After a time, my mom gripped Jessica’s ass hard and began wildly humping, and for the first time I witnessed my mother climaxing. I could smell their mingled juices and hear a squelching sound coming from the wetness they’d created on each other’s thighs and tummies and between each other’s legs.

Jessica arched her back and let out a moan as she orgasmed against my mother’s leg.

“FUCK!” she yelled. “God, it’s so fucking good.”

I watched as Jessica collapsed onto my mom and the two of them continued to rub against each other, shuddering with pleasure. After a minute or so, Jessica got up and sat at the edge of the bed.

“Aaron,” she said, “Do you want me to be here when you do it? Or do you want to be alone with her?”

I looked first at my mother, then at Jessica. Again, I was struck by how alike they looked. God, they could’ve been twins.

“Stay,” I said. “This is only happening because of you. You should be here. We want you to be here, right mom?”

“Yeah,” mom said. “Yeah, please. Jessica, you’re part of this family now. You brought us together after all these years. Stay.”

Jessica smiled and got back in bed. She kissed her way up from my mother’s tummy to her lips, then took my hand and guided me atop my mom.

There I was at last, between my mom’s legs. I’d imagined this so many times. I’d cum in a dozen girls while picturing this moment. As the full weight of the scenario hit me, I started shaking. I could barely hold myself up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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