Lovers Meet at a Car Cruise

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I am an enlisted sailor stationed in San Diego. I enjoy cars and bikes so I hang out at the local cruise-ins and shows to meet people. This is a story about what happened one night while hanging out.

I was looking at a 1969 Charger when I heard a bike pass by going real slow. I happened to look over and it was a bike just like mine except it had some modifications that gave it a much more radical idle to say the least. I noticed the rider was very small framed and thought it could even be a woman.

She parked the bike in an open spot a few down from where I was and dismounted the bike. She took her helmet off and she was a very nice looking, slim, shorter woman with long strawberry blonde hair. I walked up and said, “Sounds good. What mods do you have?”

She replied, “Cams, heads, and rejetted, along with the pipes and a few other goodies.”

“Nice, “I said, “How fast have you had it up to?”

She replied, “About 170, but I was too scared to push it any more. It has more throttle than I have guts!”

I agreed, “I’ve had mine to 140 once and that was scary enough. There are really no places around here to open it up.”

She questioned, “You ride?”

I replied, “Yes, same bike as yours without the mods. I am not sure how radical I want to go with it if any at all. I am a novice.”

She laughed, “Me, too, but I can hang with the club pretty well.”

I asked, “Are you from the area?”

She replied, “No. Just stationed here for another year.”

“Navy, “I asked?

“Yes, I’m a J O, “she replied.

I told her, “I’m just an FC2. Been in 3 years.”

“Nothing wrong with that, “she said.

We talked a little while longer, introduced ourselves, and I appreciated her beauty the whole time as well as how down to earth she was. She was not a typical snobby officer. Her hazel eyes lit up every time I told a joke and her sexy overbite really set off her smile.

She noticed something across the street and said, “Oh, shit. There’s my ex-boyfriend. It’s time to bail. If you want to ride some, meet me down in the drug store parking lot about two blocks down.”

I said, “Cool, be there in a few.”

I walked quickly down to where my bike was parked, geared up, and rode down to meet her.

“How much gas you got?” she asked.

I checked and replied, “3/4 tank.”

“Cool. I’ll show you where to ride. No cops, good twisties, and no houses around, “she stated.

“I’ll follow you, “I said.

We rode northeast out to some hills and winding roads. I did my best to keep up but her bike was faster than mine and she was a hell of a rider as well. We came up to an oddly banked road and she didn’t drive into the corner correctly. She leaned in and went up over the hump in the road, lost traction on the other side and all I could do was watch the sparks fly from her left peg as she tried to maintain some control. She managed not to drop the bike but it shook her up pretty badly.

She slowed down and motioned me up to her. She said, “I gotta pull over.”

We pulled over, shut our bikes off, and took our helmets off. She said, “I damn near peed myself back there. Holy crap, my hands are even shaking!”

I said, “I thought you had lost it for sure. I can see the headlines in the Navy Summary of Mishaps!”

We both laughed. When I got off my bike she looked at the seat and said, “What does that say?”

I replied, “Rocket Man. It was on here when I bought the bike. I bought it from a chief off of my ship that was going through a divorce so I got it pretty cheap though. I am going to replace it, but new seats are pretty pricey.”

She laughed and said, “We have to get that off of there. I have my original seat at home somewhere and I’ll either loan it to you until you get a new one, or sell it to you reasonable. Either way, that thing has to go.”

I said, “That’s okay, you don’t have to go through any trouble.”

She said, “Really, I don’t mind. Follow me!”

We suited back up and rode west towards the ocean. I followed her and this time, she maintained a much slower pace. It was a nice ride.

We pulled into an apartment building parking lot where she slid an access card to let us in. She pulled into a parking spot and I pulled my bike in beside hers. She said, “Here we are.”

It was a nice complex with a pool, a club house, and nicely kept grounds. I followed her to her apartment, watching her ass roll in her jeans. She really had a nice shape to her ass and hips, like a heart. She had small shoulders and probably a B cup breast size.

She unlocked and opened up her apartment and we walked in. I saw one of her uniforms hanging on the door knob of the hallway closet so now I even knew what ship she was serving on and what her job was as well as her last name.

She put her keys down izmir escort bayan on the kitchen counter and asked, “You want something to drink?”

I said, “What do you have?”

She said, “Wine Coolers, and some beer left over from a party we had a few weeks back.”

I said, “Oh, I was thinking soda or water. I don’t want to ride with a buzz, ya know.”

She replied, “If you drink too much, you can just crash on my couch. Be cool, though, I don’t want to get busted for fraternization or anything.”

I said, “I’m cool. I’ll take a beer, please.”

She grabbed a beer and tossed it over to me. I twisted the cap off and took a drink. She started digging through the closet and announced, “Here it is! Still looks brand new.”

I got up and went over to the closet to see the seat. I said, “How much do you want for it.”

She said, “I don’t know, $100 to much?”

I said, “I don’t have it on me.”

She said, “You know where I live, and we’ll exchange phone numbers. You seem like a nice guy. Don’t screw me over on it though.”

I said, “Cool, I promise I won’t. My word is good.”

We went back to the couch and sat on it together. We talked about our careers and future plans, not that I really had any other than getting out and going to college, and we each opened another beer and wine cooler, then another.

Our talking started turning more towards sexual things and she said, “I hate being an officer. You enlisted fuckers can fuck around with each other and get away with it. We O’s have to be so fucking prim and proper. I work my ass off and sometimes I just think I deserve a good fucking at the end of a long stressful day. I’ve never been so lonely in my life.”

I replied, “So you’re saying I shouldn’t set my sites at being an officer?”

She said, “I didn’t mean that, I love my job, but I am surrounded by single guys, good looking single guys like you, and they are all off limits to me. It shouldn’t be that way”

I didn’t know how to reply to that. I know I had a good buzz going by now but didn’t know how she would respond if I made a move on her. To me, she was dropping hints, but it might be a set up.

I excused myself to go use the bathroom. She told me where it was at and I walked down the hallway to the first door on the right, closing it behind me. I pulled my cock out and it was already half hard. I peed and put it back in my pants. I flushed and returned. She had already opened me another beer. I asked in funny, fake drunken voice, “Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?”

She replied, “If that’s what it takes!”

I laughed and said, “Too many more and I won’t be any good.”

She took the beer out of my hands and said, “Then you better stop now.”

She got up off of the couch and came right up to me. She said very seriously, “The only way I can do this is if you promise to never tell anyone about this, got it? We will both get in lots of trouble if you did.”

I said, “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

With that, she set our drinks down and gently grabbed my face with her hands, pulling me down to met her lips. I tasted the alcohol on her tongue as she poked it into my mouth. My own tongue met hers and we flicked them back and forth. I reached around her and pulled her firm ass against my lower abdomen. She let out a nice long moan.

She broke her kiss off, stared into my eyes and announced to me, “It’s been a long time. I want to go slow and feel every kiss and every squeeze.”

She kissed my neck and worked her hands down to my chest. My cock was pressing against my jeans and her lower abdomen. Her hands wrapped up behind my shoulders and then rubbed up and down my back. The second time her hands went down, they disappeared underneath my shirt and rubbed against my bare back. When she moved her fingers down, she used her fingernails to scratch my back, giving me goose bumps all over my torso.

I slowly started raising my hands up and underneath her shirt as we continued to kiss passionately. She told me, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

I followed as she led me into her bedroom. She didn’t turn the light on but there was enough light coming from the family room that I could see everything I wanted to. She grabbed me and pulled me down on top of her as she fell backwards onto her bed. I laid in between her spread legs with my cock rubbing against her mound. I started kissing her all over her neck and left ear lobe, smelling the erotic mixture of perfume and shampoo. She reached down and started undoing my pants as I raised my body up to give her access to the button and the zipper. She pulled my already hard cock out of my underwear and rubbed it gently at first, then cupped her hand and started stroking it. I was so hard and her hand felt so smooth and silky on my head escort izmir and shaft. I moaned and continued to kiss her neck, sucking on it as she turned her head to the other side to give me full access.

Then she started to take my shirt off so I stopped and let her pull it up over and off of my head. I reached down to take hers off as well and she sat up enough so I could pull it off, undo her bra, and release her small, but firm breasts. I sucked her right breast while I squeezed her left breast with my right hand. She moaned as I nibbled on her nipple, then sucked her breast into my mouth and tongued the same nipple. I worked my kisses further down and eventually my cock was out of stroking range for her. She placed a hand on the back of my head and rubbed my hair while I continued down onto her lower abdomen.

I undid the buttons on her jeans and pulled them down. She was wearing some sexy boy shorts type panties. I kissed her mound through the panties and rubbed her hips as I began kissing the exposed soft inner thighs. I reach both of my hands up into her panties and went underneath to rub her ass, skin to skin as I kissed her mound and rubbed it with my face.

Then I pulled my hands out and reached for the waist band of her panties and slowly pulled them off of her as she raised her naked legs into the air. I looked down as I was pulling them off and saw she had some nice tan lines and a trimmed bush. It looked almost as if it had been shaved and was growing back out from the short length of the hair but the sides and around the lips were still completely shaved.

I lowered my head back down between her legs and began kissing all around her pussy, careful not to touch the lips yet. Her fingers were running through my hair. I finally parted her silky velvet lips with my tongue and slowly made a trail towards her clit. She breathed in real deep and stopped rubbing my hair for a second. I saw chill bumps on her lower abdomen as the micro hairs on her body stood at attention. I rubbed her chill bumps with my hand and she bucked into my face for a second.

I continued to lick swirls around her clit and used my hands to spread open her folds so I had direct contact with it. Her body moved with the rhythm of my movements and her moans became louder as well. I moved from her clit down to her folds and dug into her pussy as deep as I could with my tongue. She took a deep breath and blew it out. I moved back to her clit and began more tongue swirls. I reached down with my left hand and slowly inserted my middle finger into her tight pussy. I stroked it in and out as I licked her clit. I knew she was getting close so I put my mouth over the top part of her mound and pressed swirls into her clit while I fucked her with my finger, making sure my fist pressed against her mound on every stroke.

Her body began to buck and she said, “Yes! Oh my God! Don’t stop!”

I stayed latched on, repeating all the motion that brought her to the release. Her juices released as she leaked them onto my face and hand. I felt her canal tighten down on my finger and pulsate between tightened and relaxed.

She said, “Damn, I think my legs are numb.”

I started to give her more from my mouth when she said, “I want you inside of me.”

I knew I would not last very long but I was so drunk with lust, watching this beautiful woman cum because of me, that I moved my body up in between her spread legs. I moved the head into place and gave it a push. I watched as my cock disappeared between her glistening folds. She was very tight but it was so well lubricated that it was not hard to push into her. I gave her about half of it and worked up to all 7 inches. I could already feel myself on the edge of cumming. I hoped she would cum with me and wanted to hold it until she was there.

I slowed and tried to relax some until she began breathing faster and then announced, “Oh my God! YES! YES! YES! Fuck that pussy!”

I took off like a race horse with rapid, deep strokes. Her pussy tightened around my cock and she grabbed my chest with her left hand. I reached down and kissed and sucked her neck as I drove deep, pounding strokes into her tight box. Her head was bouncing off of the headboard as I fucked her hard and fast. My cock finally released a load inside of her and she screamed, “Fuck that’s GOOD!” Her pussy was pulsating and I kept going until my cock was numb and she came down off of her orgasm.

I slowed to a comfortable pace as my cock began to shrink down from its maximum erect state. I continued to kiss her and worked my way to her mouth. I kissed her mouth and moved my tongue into it as she met my tongue again. I know she could taste her pussy on my tongue and that turned me on.

We kissed for a while as I continued to slowly move my cock in and out. She said, “I thought you came.”

I izmir escort said, “I did once. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready for round two.”

She said, “You mean I get a bonus?”

I said, “If you want.”

She instructed me, “Get up and let me nurse that big cock back to full strength.”

I got off of her and rolled over onto my back. She was on her knees perpendicular to me with her body tilted downward. She took my half erect penis into her mouth with a mixture of our juices covering it. I saw her swallow as she licked it clean. I reached over with my left hand and started rubbing her slit as she sucked and licked my cock. Within about 5 minutes, I was fully erect again but a bit numb so I knew this would be a marathon fuck.

She said, “God, you’re big. I think this is the biggest I have ever seen.”

“It’s alright, I guess, “I replied.

I asked her, “Do you like doggy style?”

She said, “Oh yes, who doesn’t?

She climbed back onto the bed and bent over as I moved out of the way to give her room. I came in behind her but my cock was too high up to get in. I told her to put her legs together and I spread my legs enough to get to the right level.

We repositioned and I came up behind her. I aimed my cock and accidently pushed the wrong hole. She leaned forward and said, “No, um, that’s not going to work!”

I smiled and she moved her body back up. I found her pussy this time and pushed into her. I popped right in and could immediately feel her pubic bone on the bottom side of my cock. I love that feeling, my favorite part of fucking doggy style. I put my hands on her smooth hips and pulled her to me as I thrust into her. I pushed in deep and she said seductively, “Oh, yes. That’s the spot.”

I began a steady pace in and out of her as she held onto the head board of the bed. She started to moan louder until she announced again, “Fuck, I’m cumming again. Oh that’s so fucking good. FUCK!”

I pounded deeper into her and could hear the top of me legs slapping against the bottom of hers. Her canal clamped down around my head and shaft. Her pussy released more juice and made her canal even slicker and prepared for more friction.

I slowed my pace and each time I thrust into her, I made my cock throb so the head would stretch her more. I took my left hand off of her hip and began rubbing her back with my fingernails. I moved my hand up to her shoulders and caressed each of them for a bit then squeezed and massaged the back of her neck. I moved my hand up to the back of her head and ran my fingers through her thick hair blonde and she began to moan again.

I felt her pussy once again constrict onto my shaft and I drove harder and faster into her to bring her to another orgasm. This time she let out a high pitch squeal and grunted a bit as her pussy released again. I could feel myself getting closer again as she came but once she settled down I knew I could last until her next orgasm.

I went back to deep slow strokes and reached under her body with my left hand and arm. I found her clit and began rubbing it with the juices that were running down my cock and balls and her inner thighs. Her clit was rock hard and bigger than it had been when I was licking it earlier. I rubbed swirls around it with my middle finger as I continued to fuck her slowly.

I started feeling like I could cum at any second so I sped up the pace. My cock growing inside of her sent her over the edge again and we started to cum together. I fucked her hard and fast again, pounding her body. I reached up and grabbed her hair and pulled it back while I gave her hard deep thrusts over and over. My seed began to fill her aching hole as she screamed, “YES, “over and over!

When we finished, I knew I was spent at least until morning. I drove my semi hard cock into her and left it buried all the way as I felt the juices all over my inner thighs, balls, and the hair around my shaft. It was wet, sticky and cold.

She moved her legs down by moving her knees back behind her. I lowered my body with hers and stayed inside of her as we rested, her belly down on her bed and me on top of her. I had let go over her hair and moved her hair to the side as I kissed the back of her neck. She let out a relaxed moan and said, “I’m sore as hell, Dave. But it’s a good sore.”

I joked and said, “No round three?”

She said, “I’ll be in the other room if you need to do yourself. I am spent.”

I said, “Me, too.”

Eventually, the combination of her tight pussy and my limp cock forced my cock out of her. I rolled off and laid on the bed on my back beside her. She put her head on my chest and we fell asleep. I woke up as she was shifting in the bed and pulling the covers over her and me. She laid facing the other way and I spooned right up behind her.

I left after breakfast the next morning and went back to the ship, sworn to secrecy. I know some of the guys could tell from the look on my face I had gotten some but I never told anyone who it was, keeping my end of the promise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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