Love Thy Uncle Ch. 02

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Its been about a month now since that magical night my uncle Jimmy took my virginity. Almost every night since he sneaks into my room and has his way with me. To feel his pulsating cock inside me is like heaven. I do not think I can go to sleep any other way. We have been very discreet. I so want to tell my best friend Janine but I cant. Its not like it was just some guy. It was my uncle. Besides, she has been very strange lately. We haven’t talked much since that night. She has been very distant from me. Maybe she is embarrassed or ashamed. Whatever it is things just haven’t been the same.

Mom has been working very late nights at the office. She and Dad hardly ever see each other anymore. Dad usually gets home around seven every night. Leaves a lot of time for Uncle Jimmy and I to explore each other more. I enjoy the time we have been I cant help feeling sorry for my dad. He seems so lonely when he gets home and mom isn’t there.

“Ahhhh, harder harder fuck that cunt harder.” I just loved coming home from school and getting a good slamming from my uncle. “Oh I am gonna cum. Mmm gonna fill your sweet pussy with my load.” I come home around three thirty every afternoon. Jimmy is already home waiting to tear my clothes off at the door. We usually fuck until six. Gives us plenty of time to get washed up and get dinner ready for when dad comes home.

“Oh, by the way Helen called, said she wasn’t going to be home till way after ten she has a business dinner. The bonus, Tom wont be home till around the same time. He also has a business dinner. And you know what that means.” I sure did know what my uncle meant. We were going to spend the next few hours fucking our brains out!

Being that no kartal escort one was going to be home till late we figured we could venture out of the bedroom. We had dinner like normal and decided to play some pool. Strip pool. Winner bares all. We were drinking a bit as well. Needless to say you know where this went. Right on top of the pool table. While lying there enjoying my uncle licking went cunt I thought about Janine. It was right here that she lost her virginity. I imagined what it must have felt like to have two men in you. Oh I wished so bad I could have felt that joy. I could barely keep my legs up. I was so drunk. For the first time I felt really wild. I had no idea just how wild it was about to get.

“Mmmm uncle Jimmy do you like the taste of my sweet pussy?” I was gazing down on him and he looked up and smiled for a moment. All of a sudden a look of fear came over his face. “what’s the matter?” I couldn’t understand what was wrong. Did I do something wrong? Was he suddenly hit with a conscience? What was it? Just then I heard the voice say, “So this is what goes on when I am not home?” Oh my god! It was my father. Here I was lying naked on the pool table and my uncle was slopping up my wet pussy and my father had been watching us!

Uncle Jimmy was as pale as a ghost. I never saw such fear in his eyes. He couldn’t even get a word out to explain what was going on. What was to explain though? I was fucking my uncle. My fathers brother had been putting his cock into my tight little pussy on a daily basis for the last month. There was no way to get out of it. We were caught. The only thing to do was to plead out case. I loved Jimmy. He was kurtköy escort more than an uncle. He was my lover. My father was going to just have to except it.

Just as I was getting ready to tell him what was on my mind he came over to me. He just looked at me for a moment. No expression on his face. Just stared at me. Then all of a sudden he smiled. He never looked at me like this before. “So my little baby girl is a woman now. I knew this day would come. I am just sorry it wasn’t me who got to make you one.” What the fuck was he saying. My father wanted to fuck me? No. It couldn’t be true. “What are you talking about daddy?” He told me how beautiful I was and how he couldn’t blame Jimmy for tasting me. He said he wanted to for the last three years now but held back his feelings.

I had no idea what to think. I loved my father. What little girl doesn’t love their daddy? This is the guy that has been tucking me into bed all my life and kissing me good night. Now I realize that he wanted to do more than just tuck me in. He wanted to get into bed with me and put his cock in me. All of a sudden I realized I wanted him too.

I looked at him and looked at my uncle Jimmy and smiled the sexiest smile. “Oh daddy, I knew you loved me and now I want you to show me how much. I want you and Uncle Jimmy to show me just how much you both love me.” Without a word my uncle Jimmy went right back to eating me out. My father on the other hand began to explore his baby girls breasts. Caressing them so gently. He then leaned over and put his tongue in my mouth and began passionately kissing me. I use to day dream when I was little about him kissing me like he maltepe escort did my mother. Now he was. My dream was coming true. He began kissing my neck and working his way down to my breasts. Sucking on my nipples. He commented on how big they were. “They are much nicer than your mothers. Her tits are so small, but my baby girl has great big tits and nipples.” I soon found myself unbuttoning his pants. I couldn’t want to see the cock that sired me. It was amazing. He was a full nine inches and very thick. Uncle Jimmy was about seven inches but daddy was like a porn star. “Does daddies baby girl wanna taste his big cock?” Without hesitation I went down on his prick and sucked it till my eyes just about popped out.

There I was, drunk, on the pool table getting my pussy eaten and sucking cock just like Janine that night. Although this was nothing like that. I was loving every minute of it. I was with two men who loved me. How many women can say that? The next thing I knew Uncle Jimmy was in me. Fucking me so hard. I almost couldn’t concentrate on Daddies big cock in my mouth. “Mmm Daddies gonna cum soon baby. Are you ready?” My daddy shot the biggest load down my throat. I loved every minute of his warm cum dripping down me. Uncle Jimmy was cumming too. He pulled his cock out and came all over my stomach. I was covered in cum and wanted more.

My daddy picked me up and bent me over the couch. “Daddies gotta try his babies sweet pussy. I’m gonna fuck you harder than your uncle Jimmy ever could.” I screamed when he slammed his massive cock into my cunt. He was so huge. It felt like my skin was ripping apart but I loved it. I kept screaming harder daddy harder. Uncle Jimmy must have gotten excited over the site, his cock was pulsating. He sat down on the couch and I began to suck him off.

My fathers balls were slapping so hard against my wet pussy I didn’t even hear my mother walk through the door. “What the hell is going on in here?” All three of us just stared at her. “You could have at least waited until I got home!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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