Love Potion

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“Get the fuck out!” I yelled, having finally noticed my younger sister Emily standing in the doorway. I’d been right on the edge of an explosive orgasm when I opened my eyes, only to find my younger sister standing in my bedroom doorway, rooted like a 100 year old oak to the ground.

She seemed to snap back into reality instantly, and bolted into the hallway, leaving my door wide open. “Fuck!” I muttered under my breath, half because I’d have to get up to close the door myself and half because my dick was now as flaccid as a spaghetti noodle.

No, on second thought, it was all because of my dick, or rather my balls which now ached for release; a release that would not come, no matter how hard I tried.

I’d been just on the edge of the most mind blowing orgasm I could ever remember, and now it was hopeless. Even if I’d managed to get off, it would be too little too late.

‘What had I been thinking about?’ I wondered to myself, ‘What had gotten me so excited that I’d woken up and gone at it with such gusto?’ And then it hit me… Emily!

I remembered the dream vividly, like a movie that I had seen so many times I could picture every scene. ‘Had I had this dream before?’

My younger sister Emily, who is a year younger than me, was lying out back in a lounge chair by the pool. She was wearing one of those tiny bikinis that are little more than a scrap of fabric to cover what the law required.

Emily had been rubbing lotion onto her luscious 18 year old body, occasionally sliding her hand under the edge of her bikini top, grinning seductively at me as I watched her. She’d slipped a hand behind her back, released the strap, and slowly begun pulling her top away.

It was at that point something had caught my attention, and both my dreaming and waking bodies had looked up. It is a cruel thing that every earth shattering dream that I ever have, ends right when the greatest part arrives. Even afterwards if I’d tried to return to that dream world, to continue from that point as if I’d simply hit pause, I could not.

This dream however, left me so unsettled that I got out of bed to prevent myself from returning to it. Instead, I headed down the hall for a shower. As I stood beneath the refreshing assault of water, my mind wandered back to the dream. ‘Why was I dreaming about my sister?’ I wondered. ‘Why had she just stood there and watched me jacking off?’

It is true that Emily is a pretty girl in her own right. At acıbadem escort 5′ 5″ and maybe 100 pounds, with a slender and seemingly perfectly sculpted body, I found it odd that she hid it all under the baggy clothes she usually wore. Our family was perhaps the only ones who knew what hid under the frumpy ensemble she usually presented.

At home, she usually lay out by the pool, wearing one tiny bikini after another. And yet when I saw her on the college grounds, she was again heavily laden down by her oversized GAP sweater and equally unflattering track pants.

I remembered the look of her body in the dream; her milky smooth skin was slightly tanned from all the time she spent lounging out back. Her firm breasts only barely covered by a tiny bit of fabric.

Light brown hair, with the occasional blond streak, stretched down to her shoulders, and swept slightly outwards… ‘Stop fucking thinking about her!’ I scolded myself, turning the hot water off.

The icy blast had done what I had hoped, and I scrambled to escape its reach. As I landed on the bath mat beside the tub, I breathed heavily, my heart racing a mile a minute.

I couldn’t understand why I’d suddenly found it so difficult not to think about my sister, especially when I had hardly ever thought about her before!

I managed to recover somewhat, find some clothes that didn’t smell completely rank, and headed downstairs to the kitchen for something to eat. It was nearly 10:00am by the time I made it to the kitchen, and as it was Thursday I knew that it was just going to be Emily and I; neither of us had any classes on Thursdays.

I was not surprised to find Emily already sitting at the kitchen counter when I entered. She was slowly nibbling at a bit of toast, and looked thoroughly engrossed in some textbook or other. I was, however, surprised that my sister was already in her bikini, it wasn’t something she’d ever done before.

“Morning.” I managed, deciding to avoid the subject entirely.

“Morning Jay.” Emily said as she giggled; still staring at her book.

I ignored her tease, and went about getting myself some cereal, all the while finding it difficult not to, well, ogle her.

Twice I ran into the corner of the counter because I’d been looking at her instead of where I was going, each time eliciting a joyful little laugh from her.

I couldn’t understand why I suddenly found Emily anadolu yakası escort so irresistible, and I found myself sitting in the chair directly beside her when I finally managed to get my cereal together, leaving the other two seats beside me empty.

The cereal however didn’t distract me at all, and it wasn’t until Emily looked up, directly into my eyes that I realized I was starring at her breasts. She smiled; the kind of smile that burns into your soul.

Something in my mind snapped, it was like a light switch that had been praying to be thrown. Before I knew what I was doing, I leaned towards Emily and kissed her on the lips. I cannot even relate to you the kind of relief I felt as I felt the softness of her lips. It was as if some force that had so desperately desired our joining had finally been sated.

She returned the kiss, and lightly parted her lips, allowing my tongue to seek out hers. We remained in this deep, passionate kiss for what seemed an eternity, my hands reaching out and touching the silky soft skin of her arm.

My hand travelled down to her stomach, and back up slowly to the succulent orb that was her breast. I could feel the warmth of her body, and the beating of her heart in my hand.

Emily broke the kiss first, taking my hand in hers, leading me up the stairs to her bedroom. She pushed me down onto the bed, and slowly reached behind her body. The material of her bikini tensed slightly against her body, and then seemed to melt away as it fell to the floor.

I felt as though a life-long dream had come true as I saw Emily’s breasts. They sat high and proud upon her chest, not overly large or small, they seemed the perfect size to fill a hand. I reached out, and once again felt the silky smooth skin of her stomach as I traced my fingers up, and between her breasts.

I cupped her breasts lightly in my hands, and ran my fingers across her tiny pink nipples. Emily threw her head back and let out a soft moan. I could sense the weakness in her body, and I pulled her body to mine. She kissed me passionately again, and slid the bottom of her bikini off her legs before climbing on top of me. I felt my shorts being pulled off my legs, and the warmth of her pussy as she pressed it down upon my cock.

She slid back and forth on my cock, covering it in her slick juices, moaning deeply and resting her hands on my chest. I reached up and cupped her breasts in my ataşehir escort hands; a perfect handful.

I could feel her strokes getting longer, and each time the head of my cock came close to her entrance, she pushed back towards it. Finally, she trapped the head in her pussy lips, and I could feel her opening around the very tip of my cock.

“I love you.” She said softly to me. “I love you and I always have.” She added as she pushed back against me. The slight barrier I felt as I entered her gave way almost instantly, and I saw a moment of pain shoot across my sister’s face, which was so quickly replaced with a look of pure joy that I wondered if I had seen it at all.

“Aaahhhhhh!” She sighed as I felt our two pelvic bones meet. I could hardly think, I hardly even knew where I was; only a feeling of pure ecstasy flooded my brain. I could feel the soft skin of my sister’s breasts in my hands, and as she leaned down towards me I could feel the warmth of her entire body against mine. We kissed passionately and as slowly as we fucked.

She raised herself slowly up until only the very head of my cock remained inside her, and as she thrust back down it felt as if our bodies had become one. I couldn’t believe how long it lasted, as we slowly fucked on my sister’s bed. Nothing was said, only soft moans and sighs.

My hands were lightly caressing her ass as I felt that familiar warmth building in my balls. And as I looked into Emily’s eyes, she understood what was coming. She leaned down close to my ear, and as I felt the warmth of her breath against my ear, she said “Cum inside me” so softly I could hardly hear it.

It registered in my brain though, and as she thrust down against me one last time, we both cried out, in the kind of orgasmic agony that lovers share. If I had thought the morning’s orgasm was going to be mind blowing, then this was a pure nuclear explosion of the brain. I can’t even remember cumming inside her, but I felt her spasming pussy milk every last drop of seed from my cock, and I felt her embrace as we lay together in that post orgasmic bliss.

We fell asleep together like that, entwined in each other’s arms like lovers who had been apart for far too long.

I opened my eyes some time later, still mostly asleep, unsure of where I was, or whether everything was just a dream, but as I looked around the room I realized it was Emily’s. I could feel her body against me, and I knew it was real.

I could taste a sweet something on my tongue, and just before I drifted back into a peaceful sleep, I saw her hand set a small red bottle on the nightstand which read ‘Love Potion’

The End

* * * * *

Author’s note: As always, please feel free to post your comments about this story. Also, don’t forget to vote. 😉

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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