Lost In The Arms Of My Love Ch. 02

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Please do read the first part of this story/fantasy. HOW??? Well, you can click on my id (loner_in_space in blue) anywhere you find it on this screen… and you’d be directed to my profile holding the previous story!

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So we’re entangled in this dance, where you’ve straddled your legs across my waist while all along, I’ve been supporting you on my feet and fingering your soft little love canal) till you’re completely tired. By this time, you’ve had more than at least 3 orgasms and you’re almost crying in ecstasy and your gestures of thank you in the form of sensual soft tender kisses all over my face is greedily and generously accepted by me. After what seems like ages you slow down completely and as this happens I feel that your pussy lips are grabbing my fingers extremely tightly.

I feel scared to even move it freely as I’m scared I might hurt you. But you are still moving over my three fingers and gradually you come to rest, your pussy lips still holding its grip over my fingers. The lips that were kissing me all this time now come down to my shoulder and collar bone.

You keep kissing softly and with each kiss your breathing that was at its heaviest all this time slows down to its original rhythm and you slowly rest your head over my shoulder embracing me with both your hands and with a final long drawn breath you give out a cry of pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment as you now are totally exhausted with the whole finger-fucking session and rest over my shoulder.

I let you ease for a long time and finally when your grip on my finger gently eases and your breathing returns back to normal I release my fingers from within you.

Phew you were really really wet and my fingers are completely damp with your love juice that you’d been forced to keep hidden inside you. Still unable to believe the tightness of the place my fingers just explored, yet relishing the precious moments, I keep looking at my own soaked fingers for a while and I begin to enjoy the taste of it as I lick my finger clean of your love juice with my tongue and lips. I really love the taste of your juice, and the smell turns me on to a new height. But since you’re totally drained of stamina I don’t trouble you more but just let your rest over my shoulder.

After sometime I carry you (you’re still straddled to my hips if you remember) around and gently lay you down on the king size rosewood bed in my room. As I lay you on the bed, our eyes meet briefly and as a naughty tuzla escort gesture I once again lick my fingers clean of the little final tiny drops of your love juice that have now dried off. You giggle and close your eyes but you open them immediately and you pull me to you and kiss me again and put my head to rest over your breasts as you’re still trying to get back into senses from your JOY RIDE.

What we did (I did to you rather) all this time, has left you totally breathless and you relax, with me lying on you bosom. Though I don’t like moving away from you, though I want to so much hold you and be there for you, I get up and leave to the refrigerator to get something to eat for my tired and spent Angel.

I get a pack of Almonds and sit besides you, feeding it to you. At first you say you’re not feeling hungry, but later (probably knowing that what happened was only the beginning and that you’ve got a whole day to discover yourself and your needs with me) you hungrily eat the Almonds that I feed you. I can sense that your nose has picked up scent of your own juices that have dried on my fingers as you begin to lick my fingers too which still have got that tangy taste.

After having a couple of packs of Almonds, you say it’s enough and so I go back to the refrigerator to get something cold to drink and get you some orange juice. We both share a single orange juice and the moment we finish the glass, we get entangled in a little small but erotic kiss. You lying there with nothing but your panties (If you remember you still have your panties on! Whatever happened all this time was with your panty on) and me totally naked holding you with my arms entwining your neck.

Midway through our passionate kiss, I suddenly feel that my cock is getting erect again and you take notice of the same too. You keep looking at it grow amidst our kisses and are almost surprised the way it keeps growing until it reaches its peak. When my cock is now completely erect, you give out a giggle and kiss me a little harder. As you do this I begin to enjoy the sensation and close my eyes.

Taking advantage of this situation, you gently lower your hand and feel my hard cock with your fingers. This surprises me and I immediately open my eyes and when I try looking into your eyes I see that they are already taking in the mighty sight of your hand holding my erect cock. You slightly squeeze your hand on my cock and immediately you once again are surprised as you feel the hardness of it, tuzla escort bayan as you feel all the nerves clearly visible, as you feel how your touch makes it even harder.

Once you’ve had enough to see and digest you turn to me and continue with your kiss and this time our tongues meet again searching for the others lips licking, lapping and biting lips. As the kiss gets wilder and wilder your hand over my cock keeps moving up and down and the skin on my penis closes and reveals the penis each time you do it and with each stroke, I give out a moan or a cry of ecstasy or pleasure but not one cry of mine escapes into the air as every single of it is being muted in the passionate kiss that we’ve engaged ourselves in.

As you increase the pace on my cock I find it hard to cope with and releasing myself from the kiss, I give out a moan “aaahhhh” and begin to lick your face again with my tongue, once again feeling and tasting the built-up sweat on you. You keep stroking me for a long time and finally unable to control myself, a spring of my semen just oozes out of my penis like a fountain.

This almost surprises you and even scares you as the moment it spurts out you take your hands off my cock. I understand your view and wipe myself clean with a towel. I breathe hard for quite sometime. All the while you’re kissing me on my face and my chest and once again we lay in each others arms in total silence waiting for the ultimate pleasure, relaxing for the wildest thing to come yet.

As we lay WASTED for a long time both our bodies cool down considerably yours COOLER as usual. The coolness of the air-conditioner combined with the coolness of your body has shrunk my penis totally and unable to bear the coldness in the room I go out to the hall naked and switch on the TV. Compared to the temperature in the bedroom, the Hall is quite warm and I feel a lot more relaxed now. I flip through the channels and find nothing interesting at all. Suddenly a thought strikes me that I still have the Porn movie I’d rented a week ago and play it on the VCR.

The moment I switch it on I forget to reduce the volume and as the cassette plays, the scene that is playing is very hot and steamy as the girl in the movie is riding on the guys cock sitting on top of him and is screaming like hell in pleasure AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSS HARDER, FASTER, DEEPER.

Before I can reduce the volume the sound reaches your ears in the bedroom and both surprised and curious as to where the sound was escort tuzla coming from you run out of the bedroom to the hall and see what I’m watching. By the time you reach the hall I have reduced the volume considerably. There you are almost naked with just your panty on standing in front of me watching the TV.

Looking at you, I forget about the movie and pay attention to each and every curve of your body. I still haven’t actually come to terms that the beauty that was just a fantasy a few days ago is standing in front of my eyes, the softness of your bosom, the perfect figure of your hips and waist, the sensuality of you as a whole. You keep watching the movie with more interest than me and I can see, you don’t wanna miss the show. So, not wanting to spoil the sofa (which is bound to happen later) I sit down on the floor with my back leaning up against the sofa and ask you to come and sit along with me to watch the movie.

You’re pretty glued and lost in the movie to even hear what I said and so from where I was seated (on the floor) I reach out my hand and pull you towards me. As I pull you, I plant yet another kiss on your lips and guide you to sit between my parted legs.

So there we are – me and you sitting on the floor, you sitting in between my spread legs, facing not me but the TV. I’m holding my arms across you as we’re watching the movie. The movie is real hot and you’re totally lost in the movie noting down every move as I’m lost in the smell of your hair. I briefly but constantly, fondle your breasts. I cup your breasts with both hands and then, pull your nipples forward.

As I do this, and with the mood you already are developing watching the erotic moves in the movie your nipples become hard. For a brief moment you turn your head and kiss me a good passionate kiss, with tongues and lips. After a while you divert your concentration back to the movie and I feel very disappointed. I try and distract you from the movie, as I gently run my fingers of both hands over your inner thighs. I start from the behind of your knees and slowly move up till I almost touch the seam of your panties. You do respond as you briefly shiver and moan ever so lightly, but your concentration in the movie is almost undisturbed as the girl in the picture is now using all her pressure as she moves almost out of the guys cock and sits back over his cock very fast and hard. Her screams that are muted by my remote control don’t fail to turn you on. I keep watching your reactions and within no time, my cock gets hard once again and you can feel it press against your back.

Somehow, you don’t feel comfortable and you are hell bound on watching how the female in the movie enjoys herself.

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