Longing for Chelsea

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Mary Morgan sat near the front of the congregation contemplating the choir to her right – or, more particularly, one single member of the choir – her daughter-in-law, Chelsea. Chelsea had been married to Mary’s step-son, David Collins, for three years and for all of that time Mary had been fantasising about getting the beautiful young woman naked and into bed. Mary was never sure why she was so sexually obsessed with Chelsea. Yes, the young woman was beautiful and her petite body was perfectly proportioned, but it was far more than just her daughter-in-law’s looks. Chelsea had an open naivety, an innocence, which spurred Mary’s lustful thoughts. As she watched the rise and fall of Chelsea’s barely-there breasts under her modest blouse, Mary felt her own nipples harden and begin to tingle – as they always did whenever she thought about Chelsea’s delectable young body.

But Mary wasn’t the only one watching Chelsea with peculiar intensity. A few seats away another woman had her gaze fixed on the elegant young singer. Janet Deane, too, was besotted with the new preacher’s wife. Chelsea’s husband, David Collins, had come to the parish in the small country town just six months before. It was his first appointment as an ordained minister and his arrival with his beautiful young wife had been the talk of the community. For Janet, Chelsea’s understated charms were a constant distraction in the tight-knit community. Janet had carefully cultivated a small clique of bi-sexual women since she herself had arrived there eight years before – women who met regularly to slake each other’s lusts – and she viewed Chelsea Collins as “new blood” – a target for her insatiable appetites – a particular challenging target, given the young woman’s religious devotion.

Chelsea, of course, was aware of none of this. As far as her own sexual thoughts ran – they were concentrated on a vague sense of disappointment with the bedroom aspects of her marriage. She had been a virgin of course when she had wed the handsome young seminarian, and had no real idea of what to expect from conjugal relations, yet she had a growing sense that something was missing. David managed to arouse pleasant feelings in her during their infrequent coupling but there was none of the intensity of feeling she had come to expect from her guilty perusal of romance novels. When he was inside her, Chelsea often felt a mounting excitement that just never grew beyond a certain level before her husband spent himself and rolled over to go to sleep, leaving her body charged with a frustrating sensation of unfulfilled passion.

The interminable service finally ended and as Mary Morgan filed out of the church she cast her eyes over the rest of the congregation. It was the usual dull assemblage of small-town types. Very few women aroused her interest. At 46, Mary, was enjoying a new burst of sexual energy. Her second husband – David’s father – had died several years before, leaving her relatively well off and young enough to pursue new erotic adventures – especially those bi-sexual trysts with other women that she had shelved during her second marriage. She was still a very attractive woman, not thin by any means, but neither was she fat. Her body was well-rounded but toned and tanned. She was proud of her voluptuous DD-cup breasts and firm thighs and worked hard at keeping them in shape.

As she moved down the aisle to the doors of the small church she contemplated her step-son as he bade his congregation farewell. David seemed just as dull as his father had been and she felt sorry for Chelsea, guessing correctly, that David, like his father, brought very little passion – and still less skill – to the marriage bed. It was her first visit to their remote community since David took up the clerical posting. She’d made the long drive partly out of a sense of duty but mostly for the thrill of spending time with Chelsea. She enjoyed just being near Chelsea – and was peeved when David had taken her away from Sydney. There Mary had had plenty of opportunity to watch the teen bride develop into a sexy young woman; plenty of opportunities around the pool or at the beach to peek at Chelsea’s bikini-clad body – her lithe legs, tight bottom and tiny – but oh so perfect – breasts.

When Mary reached the church door she noticed that Chelsea was deep in conversation with another woman. The woman was dressed in a figure-hugging red dress, showing more of her cleavage than Mary thought suitable for church. But she moved closer for a better view and liked what she saw. The woman looked to be about Mary’s own age, with an attractive face, and hair cut in a stylish dark bob. Mary was annoyed that she seemed to be monopolising her daughter-in-law, holding both of Chelsea’s hands as they chatted. Mary couldn’t help feeling jealous of the woman – but also aroused by her obvious sexuality. The woman finally moved off and Mary moved in to steal a short hug from her daughter-in-law and congratulate her on David’s “inspiring” sermon.

An casino şirketleri hour later Mary was alone in the rectory. Chelsea had decided to make the three-hour round trip with her husband for his second service of the morning at the other outlying church he was responsible for in his vast rural parish. Just being near Chelsea all morning had made Mary feel aroused and she was just contemplating a bout of masturbation when the doorbell rang. She stifled her annoyance and composed a dutiful face to open the door. She was surprised to see the woman in the red dress standing before her. The woman was clearly as surprised as Mary.

“Oh,” the visitor said. “I’m sorry I was looking for Chelsea – uh and David.”

“I’m sorry,” said Mary. “But they’re both out just now. I’m David’s step-mother, Mary. Could I help you with something?” Mary saw the other woman’s eyes sweep over her in a frankly appraising manner and felt vaguely unsettled. The woman extended her hand.

“Oh, how do you do? I’m Janet Deane, one of your step-son’s parishioners.” Janet squeezed Mary’s hand warmly – and her grip lingered just long enough to intrigue Mary. “I was hoping to have a word with Chelsea – you know, to see how she’s settling in. But I don’t want to bother you.”

“Not at all,” said Mary giving Janet a quick once over. Very nice: a trim and obviously firm body; her mid-size breasts shown off to advantage in that revealing red dress; black, low-heeled shoes and prominent gold jewellery at her fingers and neck. Her lipstick matched her dress and her eyes were tastefully made up. “Please won’t you come in?”

“Only if it’s not a bother.”

“Oh not at all. In fact I’ll be pleased to have some company.”

Once settled side by side on the old leather lounge that came with the rectory – and with a cup of tea on the low table in front of them – the two women chatted amiably, each relaying something of her background. Janet, too, was a city girl but had lived in the country town with her bank-manager husband for almost eight years. As she chatted Janet became more and more aroused by the shapely woman opposite her. She liked Mary’s skilfully-coloured blonde hair and subtle make-up. But she was mostly transfixed by the ample breasts that strained against Mary’s soft pink blouse. A double-D at least Janet speculated. She wished she could reach out and feel their firm weight – but Janet didn’t want to do anything that would arouse suspicion about her true sexuality and potentially ruin the carefully nurtured sex-group she had built up in this close-minded, conservative community.

So it was about twenty minutes before the conversation became more intimate.

Janet asked: “So how long have you been married to David’s father?”

“Well, actually, I’m now a widow. David’s father died three years ago.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” said Janet, and reached across the small gap between them to squeeze Mary’s hand. Mary enjoyed the contact and clasped Janet’s hand in her own. Janet moved closer so the women’s bare knees touched, and was encouraged when Mary did not break the contact. “You must get so lonely?” Janet prompted, rubbing her thumb across the back of Mary’s hand. Mary felt the suggestive caress and a pleasurable anticipation ran through her body. Was this woman making a pass at her? She decided to test the waters.

“Oh, it’s not so bad now. I manage to keep myself – um – entertained. I have quite a few close girlfriends.”

Janet’s pulse quickened at the obvious emphasis that Mary had placed on the word “girlfriends” and she squeezed Mary’s hand more firmly. It was Janet’s turn to be intrigued. Was it possible she had stumbled across a possible conquest?

“Yes, women friends are very important to me too,” said Janet with her eyes locked on Mary’s. “Especially in this very small, very boring community. It’s not so easy to find – shall we say, some excitement.” The look in Janet’s eyes now seemed unambiguous to Mary so she gambled on pressing the issue.

“Oh poor you,” she sympathised. “I’d say your beauty is entirely wasted in this one-horse town.”

“Ooohh, thank you,” Janet smiled and leaned forward to embrace Mary in a “sisterly” hug. Mary was delighted to feel Janet’s arms around her and Janet’s firm breasts pressed against her own larger ones. The scent of Janet’s expensive perfume thrilled her – and sent a jolt of pleasure to her lower belly. She could feel her nipples stiffen and when they broke the lingering hug she knew Janet would also see the proud nubs peaking through her sheer bra and cotton blouse.

Now when Janet spoke her voice was soft and suggestive. She raised a perfectly manicured hand to lightly stroke Mary’s cheek. “You’re so lucky that your beauty isn’t wasted here. You can escape, back to your – um – supportive girlfriends.”

Mary smiled and placed her own hand over Janet’s fingers. “Well,” she ventured. “Maybe we can escape together – at least for an hour or two?”

Janet licked her casino firmaları lips at the obvious sexual invitation, looked down briefly at the twin peaks of Mary’s aroused nipples, and said with a sensual smile:

“I think we certainly can.”

As their lips touched for the first time in a soft sensual kiss both women felt a flood of sexual desire wash through their aroused bodies. And their kiss quickly became deeper, wetter, more passionate, as their tongues melted together and duelled for supremacy. After a few moments they broke the kiss and paused for breath.

“Well, well,” laughed Janet. “I certainly wasn’t expecting this when I left church this morning.

“Mmmm,” breathed Mary. “You never know who you’re going to meet in a small town.” Both laughed then embraced again in a new kiss as their hands began to roam in growing excitement, feeling each other’s bodies.

“Oh my,” said Janet breaking the kiss. “Um – how much time do you think we have?”

Mary glanced at the grandfather clock ticking patiently in the corner. “I’d say about two hours.”

“Good,” said Janet, looking down at Mary’s chest. “Because I just have to see those gorgeous breasts of yours. May I?”

“Of course,” replied Janet with lust in her eyes, and thrust her chest out towards her new friend. Janet quickly began to unbutton Mary’s blouse – letting her fingertips graze the exposed skin and making the wetness pool in Mary’s excited quim. Mary gasped at the erotic touches and couldn’t wait to bare her breasts for this gorgeous mature woman. Janet quickly pushed the blouse off Mary’s shoulders leaving Mary to deal with cuffs. She then slid the bra straps down Mary’s arms and reached behind her to unclasp the bra. Mary shrugged out of the satin bra cups leaving her plump but firm breasts naked to Janet’s appreciative gaze. After a moment Mary laughed, lifted them in her own hands and said:

“Well don’t just stare at them. These babies need some close attention.”

Janet smiled with delight and reached out to cup the luscious flesh in her palms and tweak the large nipples. She rolled them with her thumb and fingers, pinching them lightly, and then, in response to Mary’s moans, she dipped her head to begin suckling the engorged tips. Mary felt jets of lust speeding from her nipples to her clit and rapidly swelling pussy lips. She closed her eyes to savour the delicious sensations of Janet’s lips, tongue and teeth on her aching breasts. She arched her back and pressed the back of Janet’s head to increase the pressure. Janet spent several minutes tantalising each of Janet’s breasts, sucking and biting the pearly flesh, licking round the areolae and flicking the sensitive peaks, surprising Mary by bringing her close to orgasm.

Mary finally pulled Janet’s face up to hers and forced her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. The kiss was almost brutal in its hunger. Janet moaned with pleasure.

“Now you,” commanded Mary. “Let me see those tempting boobs of yours.”

Janet smiled and reached behind to lower the zip of her tight red dress. She then turned to Mary inviting her to finish the job. With a lascivious chuckle Mary grabbed the shoulders of the dress and tugged it down. She was delighted to see that the dress had sewn-in bra cups and there was no actual brassiere to impede access to Janet’s naked chest. With the dress bunched around her waist Janet arched her back to lift her naked C-cup breasts for Mary attention. Though childbirth and breast-feeding had taken their toll on Janet’s breasts they were still full and firm, with a fine network of matronly stretch marks to pique Mary’s excitement. She reached out to cup them in her palms, caressing them, squeezing them gently and rolling the nipples lightly with her thumbs.

Janet moaned: “Ohh fuck, yes! Pinch them! Hurt them!” Mary complied happily, her own excitement spurred by Janet’s language. She took each proud nipple between thumb and forefinger and pinched it. “Ooohh yesss,” gasped Janet. “Harder!” Mary grinned in lustful excitement and dug her fingernails into the rubbery nubs, making Janet cry out in pain and excitement. After several moments of this torture Mary’s mouth replaced her fingers and she hungrily sucked on Janet’s abused nipples, soothing them with her lips and tongue. Janet looked down to see Mary’s mouth at work on her tender flesh and felt an inevitable deep longing between her legs. She grasped Mary’s chin in one hand and lifted her face for another kiss.

“Where can we go?”

Mary smiled and stood to lead Janet by the hand into the guest bedroom. They stood facing each other as they shed their remaining clothes – each enjoying the revealed delights of the other’s body. Mary marvelled at Janet’s lean, muscular form and the naked invitation of her completely bald pussy, while Janet thrilled to see Mary’s womanly curves, the full luscious fall of her large breasts and her rounded hips and bottom. Mary’s pussy was partially hidden by a neatly trimmed güvenilir casino thatch of light brown hair – but was soon fully exposed when Janet pushed her down onto the queen-size bed and spread Mary’s legs.

“Oh yes, ” Janet hissed with a fire of lust burning in her dark eyes. “Welcome to my one-horse town.” And with that she knelt on the floor between Mary’s legs and wasted no time in applying her lips and tongue liberally to Mary’s slick, swollen cunt.

It took just seconds for Janet’s tongue on Mary’s clit – and Janet’s fingers in Mary’s pussy – to bring the larger woman to a gut-tightening orgasm. Mary thrashed in the throes of climax and Janet clung to her, using her lips, tongue and even her chin to maintain pressure on the other woman’s clitoris, till Mary had to thrust her away to end the too-sensitive stimulation.

Janet crawled up onto the bed, lowering her body onto Mary, mound to mound, belly to belly and stiff nipples to stiff nipples – luxuriating in the sinful skin-on-skin feel of the larger women. Mary enjoyed this contact just as much and clasped Janet to her sweating flesh – kissing the leaner woman and tasting her own nectar on Janet’s tongue.

Then followed an hour of reciprocal lovemaking. Mary spent long minutes exploring Janet’s body with her lips and tongue, bringing the leaner woman to a high state of anticipation, before zeroing in on Janet’s smooth, hairless pussy. She licked slowly up and down the satiny lips, pressing her tongue deeper with each pass till she was actually tongue-fucking Janet, making her dig in her heels and lift her hips off the bed to increase the pressure and reach her peak. But Mary was having none of that. She delayed Janet’s ultimate pleasure till she had thoroughly aroused the woman, moving from her swollen cleft to her clit and back again – driving Janet mad with desire. Finally, Mary homed in with purpose on Janet’s clit, sucking sharply on the throbbing nub. As Janet’s gasps of pleasure heightened, Mary vigorously flicked her clit with the tip of her tongue and curled two fingers into Janet to press on her G-spot – making her new lover shriek with pleasure and rocket over the edge. As Janet convulsed in orgasmic bliss Mary felt the warm squirt of Janet’s cum on the palm of her hand and that sent a small unexpected orgasm coursing through her own body.

The women collapsed together, their bodies slick with sweat, saliva and cum – breathing deeply to catch their breath. After a few moments Janet raised herself on one elbow and traced a fingertip around Mary’s still aroused nipples. Then a queer expression crossed Janet’s face.

“What is it?” Mary asked, intrigued.

“Oh,” Janet laughed. “I was just thinking of what your daughter in law would say if she knew what went on here this morning. She’s such a dear, innocent thing.” But the tone of her voice gave Mary pause. She tilted her head and looked searchingly at Janet.

“Oh my God!” Mary smirked. “You came round here this morning hoping it might be Chelsea you could seduce into bed, didn’t you.”

Janet at least had the decency to blush. “Well,” she conceded. “That might be so – but then can you blame me?”

Mary smiled. “No, I can’t say I do blame you. At all!”

“Really?” Janet raised one eyebrow.

“A-huh,” admitted Mary. “I’ve wanted to fuck that tight young body ever since the first time I met her.”

“Oooh,” enthused Janet squeezing Mary’s breast. “Can you imagine the feel of that slim young body in your arms; those tiny taut breasts and the taste of that tight, tight pussy? Oh Jesus Christ!”

“Well, get in line sister!” Mary said in mock reproach. “If anyone’s going to sample that ripe young body, it will be me. I saw her first!”

Janet laughed: “Oh all right. As long as you tell me all about it and let me go second.”

“Hmmm,” Mary considered that prospect. “That would be OK – if and when it ever happens of course. I’m not sure it’s even possible with Chelsea. She’s so damned naïve.”

“But that,” protested Janet. “Is your greatest advantage. She won’t even know what’s happening till it’s too late.”

“Maybe,” said Mary thoughtfully. She ran the flat of her hand down Janet’s tummy and let her index finger slide further down between the lips of Janet’s pussy gathering some of her lingering wetness. She raised the finger to her lips to suck it clean then placed a loud smacking kiss on Janet’s lips. “But now my new-found friend – I think we had better get decent before you know who gets back.”

Twenty minutes later the two women were showered, dressed and poised for farewell at the front door.

“How long are you in town?” asked Janet, kissing Mary lightly on the lips.

“Well,” said Mary. “It was supposed to be for a week. But perhaps I could extend my visit.”

“Lovely,” said Janet. “I think I should invite you to my next coffee morning.”

“I’ll look forward to it,” replied Mary.

Again Janet’s eyes shone with a look of lust. “Ooooh, if only we could share Chelsea between us, that would be so goddamn hot!”

Mary laughed and tweaked one of Janet’s nipples through her dress. “Can you imagine what that cute bottom would look like, bent over naked in front of us?”

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