Long Time Coming

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I had known Mel for ages, and had fancied her from afar for ages also. She was slim, smallish, had blondeish hair and a decent figure, but little breasts, which she had yakked on about continuously, since I had known her. Last week, I got a call out of the blue from her, saying that as she was going South soon to get a new job, so she wanted to come and visit me, and tie up loose ends. I had a new house, and she’d like to spend some quality time, seeing me, and the new ‘pad’. It was agreed that she’d come on Friday night, and we’d go to the local for a few hours.

Friday night came, and I cooked a little something for her, so we could eat before the pub, and Mel arrived, knocking enthusiastically. She was wowed as she came in the front door, and burst into the lounge, eager to see what I had acquired.

Mel was an amateur artist, and seemed to be impressed with the new art I had on the wall. She looked fine, even though I hadn’t seen her for ages. Her hair was browner, and she had still got that good figure I had fancied. Her great smile lit up her face, and I felt an old stirring in my crotch, as she hugged me, tightly. Maybe Mel felt it also, because she broke off the hug, with a twinkle in her eyes. I took her through to the kitchen and she took off her coat and I hung it up, revealing her slim body and tiny breasts, clothed in a tight T-shirt, with a knee-length denim skirt. I could see no bra, and her tiny breasts pressed against the cotton. Although she had small breasts, Mel had always had a great arse, and it showed today in her skirt. I ran my eyes over her approvingly, and she caught the look, and smiled appreciatively. “Hi, I have missed you!” she said, as she touched my arm.

She said her boyfriend was at home, being boring, so she didn’t plan to get back too soon, which suited me just fine. Mel went into the lounge, so I put on the kettle, then sat opposite her as she was on the settee. We talked a little at first, and Mel yawned a few times and stretched her arms, causing her pert nipples to push through the cotton T-shirt.

From where I was sitting, the cut in her skirt had widened and I could see past her knees and to her smooth thighs. We talked more, catching up on old times and Mel sank lower into the soft settee, her skirt riding up her legs. As time wore on, Mel’s upper thighs began to make an appearance, and even if Mel realised this, she made no attempt to cover herself up. Then, Mel told me to sit beside her, as she wanted to tell me an old secret. Of course I joined her, so sitting by her, I again ran my eyes over the former object of my desires, appreciating her slim form.

As I leaned towards her to hear this secret, Mel kissed me. Giggling, she said, “There, I’ve always wanted to do that.” My cock stirred once more and leaning towards her again, I reached out and kissed her also, on her sweet lips. I confessed that I’d always wanted to do that, but Mel surprised me by saying, “There’s other things I’ve always wanted to do, also.” With this, she reached out and placed her hand on my thigh, rubbing the material in a circular motion. We kissed some more, and I reached out to touch her tummy that had started to show as she sprawled in the settee. She tensed slightly, but let me continue, and I felt her warm skin.

Mel’s hand started to wander, slowly moving towards my hardening crotch, until finally she traced her fingers over the stretched material. I took this as a sign to go further so moved my hand upwards from her tummy towards her breasts as her slim fingers began to concentrate on the tip of my cock. Mel’s bursa escort nipples rose to meet my fingers, feeling hard and very erect, and although there wasn’t much of a rise of a breast, they seemed very sensitive, as Mel squirmed under my touch.

We broke off from kissing, and Mel turned towards me, a smile on her face. She parted her legs and I moved my hands to her thighs, visible now as she had squirmed them into view. I slowly slid my hands up her smooth, warm skin, watching her face all the time.

As I got higher, Mel leaned back into the settee, spreading her legs apart further, and I felt a warmth towards the top of her thighs. Suddenly my fingers felt the beginnings of some damp hair. Mel looked at me and smiled, “I didn’t put any kickers on; I didn’t plan to have them on long, anyway.”

She pulled open her skirt and something I had dreamed about for ages came into view. Mel’s pussy was already quite wet, inner lips protruding, and glistening red against her pale skin. It was a sight I couldn’t believe and I knelt between her legs and kissed her. Mel gasped, pulled off her T-shirt, then pushed my head into her lap. She tasted as sweet as her other lips, and I ran my tongue along her moist slit.

Mel sprawled back further and positioned herself so that her fanny was on the edge of the settee, allowing me easier access to her labia. She parted her legs more, and I slipped two fingers alongside my tongue, slowly finger-fucking her, listening to her moans. Finding her little clitoris, I nibbled on it, hearing her moans, then burrowed my face into its swollen folds.

As I was licking and kissing her depths, Mel started to pant and told me that she needed to come, so I increased the pace, feeling the moisture building up and dripping down my chin. Suddenly, she tensed and started to moan, all the time pressing my head into her, and I felt her pussy walls contracting around my tongue. Her lips actually seemed to grow bigger, and her clitoris perked its head free of its surroundings into my waiting mouth.

“God that was intense!” Mel gasped, “I need more of that before I go!” I sat up and she lay back against the settee, raised her arms, making her small breasts rise, then parted her legs more, and placed her hand on her pussy. “It’s so hot, but I want to feel something else in there, not just your tongue!”

She looked at me as I knelt beside her, “Come on, get your clothes off! I want to see that body, I’ve lusted after it for years!” Needing no excuse, I ripped off my jeans and shirt, but Mel stood up, and stopped me before I could pull my boxer shorts down. “No, I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said. My cock was busting to be let out, but Mel knelt down, caressing my cock and balls, and slowly pulled them down, until my cock was free, pointing at her face. “Oh, I love this view! I’ve dreamed of this for years!”

She held my cock in her slim fingers and slowly pulled the foreskin back revealing my cock, the end glistening. She brought it closer to her face and extended her tongue out to taste the end. Her tongue flicked the end, and I could feel her warm breath. Mel fixed her eyes on mine, then opened her mouth wide and took my cock into it.

She closed her mouth and started to suck gently. God, it felt good! One hand started to rub the shaft, and the other caressed my balls. It felt like she was swallowing my cock, and I had to keep a hold on myself to stop me blasting her head off! Mel started to speed up her wanking, and she matched it with her sucking. I could feel my cum rising all too quickly. As she bursa escort bayan sucked, her hand was a blur, and she sucked the leaking juices into her mouth.

My balls choked and let go, and I felt my cum blast out into Mel’s welcoming mouth. She looked amazed but started to guzzle it down, swallowing frantically. Her hand slowed, but started a milking action, she looked determined to get every last shred of cum from me. The pleasure was incredible, so I held her bare shoulders, almost falling on the floor.

The flow stopped and Mel broke off, looking at me with raw lust in her eyes, and a mouth full of my cum, which she swallowed, then grinned at me. “Oh, I’ve wanted to do that for awhile!” She went back to my cock and licked all around it, cleaning it and delving under my foreskin, until my knees started to weaken, and I said that we needed to lie down.

Recovering quickly, I pulled Mel to the stairs and pushed her ahead of me. As she walked, I buried my fingers in her soaking pussy, feeling her juices running down my wrist and her thighs, and Mel giggled. We reached my bedroom, so I withdrew my hand, licking the wetness and Mel jumped onto the bed, lay across it and spread her slim legs.

Falling on her, we kissed and held each other, relishing the feel of our warm skin together. Then Mel rolled out from under me and, moving up the bed, knelt astride my face, positioning her still-wet pussy above my face. I reached up, spread her fattened lips and plunged my tongue into her again. Mel squealed and threw back her head, and I could feel the heat building again, as her pussy began to throb around my face. Whilst I was working away, Mel leaned forward and started to coax my cock back into readiness. I felt another hard-on coming and Mel carefully sucked it to strength. “I want to feel this inside me,” she cooed, grinding her fanny against my mouth, “I want to feel your hardness slide into me.”

My cock felt huge, and breaking off from her soaking vagina, I saw that it looked huge in her small hands. Taking this to be the time, Mel climbed off me, and stood by the bed. She then sat next to me, leaned over to kiss my cock, and said, “Let us begin!” Standing up she rubbed her hand through her pussy lips, then licked her fingers.

Just the sight of that was enough to set me off and I pulled her to me, pushed her back onto the bed, lifted her legs over my shoulders and viewed the delicious hole that I was about to penetrate. I pushed her legs further apart and moved my face closer to her, inhaling her aroma. Carefully, I stuck out my tongue and licked the stretched rim of her pussy and heard Mel gasp. Her red pussy lips were dripping with her juice, and I sucked it from her.

Looking up, I could see the lust in her eyes, so I carefully replaced my tongue with my cock end at her opening. Mel, gasped and watched me as I slowly pushed myself through her slit, my cock end disappearing. Her wet lips parted around my cock, and we heard the squelching as her pussy sucked on me. All the time, Mel was gasping that she could feel my cock sliding further and further up her. I’d never considered myself to be well-endowed, but Mel was gasping that this was more than what she was used to, and she felt very full. Then, I was in to the hilt! Mel looked at me, her face red, and her eyes staring.

Looking deep into her eyes, I started to pull my cock out. Mel started to gasp again, so I pulled out quickly, then, just before I could get out fully, I pushed my cock back into her. Mel’s eyes nearly popped out, so I repeated the action, pushing escort bursa her legs further apart, and holding onto her knees and hips. Once more, I started to withdraw and watched my cock slide out of her pussy. The shaft glistened in the light, and it dripped Mel’s juices onto my balls. Marvelling at this sight, I plunged forward again, causing Mel to sigh heavily. Again and again I withdrew, sometimes nearly all the way, sometimes only halfway, but always slamming my cock back into her, hearing Mel pant and whimper, her eyes closed.

Suddenly, Mel said that she wanted to be turned over, so I withdrew, and she got onto her knees, her legs shaking from our fucking, her moisture still dripping down her thighs. She spread her legs more, placed her head on the pillow and, turning her head to me, said, “Fuck me hard from behind!”

Placing my cock against her opening, I pushed it into her, until my cock head was in, then paused, feeling her tight pussy grasp me. Mel moaned again, and begged, “Come on, fuck me deeper, please!” I then pushed further into her, gripping her hips; then placing one arm around her waist, I moved the other up to her sensitive breasts. Whilst I withdrew and got into another steady fucking rhythm, I rolled her nipples between my fingers. They were hugely erect, and Mel started to shudder through my ministrations. Moving my other hand, I moved my fingers to her pussy at the front, and focused on her clitoris, flicking it with my fingertips.

Mel was groaning and panting, and her juices were gushing all over my fingers and cock, causing the squelching to get louder, and I could feel her legs starting to wobble on the bed. I speeded up our fuck rhythm until, suddenly her legs gave way, and we fell forward, my cock still in her. Mel panted, “No, don’t take it out, I’ll turn over and you can fuck me that way.”

Carefully, we turned around, my cock still lodged into her fanny, and she opened her legs again so I could place them either side of her head. Before I could start again, Mel looked at me and said, “I want you to fuck me like there’s no end. I want you to cum in me, then I want to see it drip out of me.” I couldn’t believe this was the same girl I had met 6 years ago. She had been 18, naïve, and fresh from her local high school, yet now she was here telling me to fuck her.

Grasping her hips, I withdrew slightly then powered my cock back into her receptive pussy, hearing the squelch as I did so. I did it again, speeding up my rhythm until Mel started to moan again. I was starting to pant also, and Mel joined in, varying her pitch from low to high (we’re both musicians!).

Mel suddenly said that she needed to put her legs down, so, lowering them, then spreading them again, I resumed our fuck pace. I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm, and hoped that Mel was approaching hers, but then I needn’t have worried because suddenly Mel started to pant louder, and grip the bed tighter, screaming that she was coming. I carried on fucking her, watching Mel writhe beneath me, and I could feel her pussy walls contracting and relaxing around my cock. My cum was rising, but I held back as much as I could because I was enjoying watching Mel wriggle, muttering words and panting alternately.

Then, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I started to cum into Mel’s hot, wet pussy. Despite her earlier blow-job, I felt like I was spurting pints into her, and Mel was screaming that she wanted it all. My flow started to abate, and as my arms were twitching from the exertion, I lay on top of Mel, feeling her hot, sweating body, against mine. My cock stayed inside Mel, and she kissed me fondly. She looked at me, as we hugged each other on the bed, then said, “I needed that. I’ve wanted it since I met you, and I want it all over again.”

Some things are worth waiting for!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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