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I began laughing, hard. “Look at this!” I managed to get out between my bursts of uncontrollable giggles. I laid back and lifted my phone screen to show Liz the video I found on my news feed. She chuckled. Maybe I just thought it was funnier than it really was. That seemed to happen a lot, to me. I tried to pretend to be disappointed that she wasn’t as amused as I was by sticking out my bottom lip in a childish pout. However, she seemed a little distracted.

Her ginger red hair fell messily around her face, her freckles popped out across her cheeks and nose against her white skin, and her eyes were the color of jade.

Liz and I had started talking a while back and gotten pretty close as friends. She was always there when I needed someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, and I was always the same for her.

Of course, I had to develop feelings for her. As usual, my feelings started as just a juvenile crush which later turned into me slowly falling for my friend. How could I not? No, she wasn’t a size zero or a super model, but to me, she was perfect. She was two years younger than me, but was so much wiser than I in so many ways, and I was grateful to have fallen for her. HOWEVER, although we were both out-of-the-closet lesbians, our feelings for each other never came up.

As I leaned back against my pillows, I noticed her watching me as I continued to laugh at stupid things on tumblr. I thought too much into it, and my cheeks flushed. Hoping she wouldn’t noticed, I continued to scroll through my phone, still feeling the heat of the blood under my skin due to her deep gaze. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled her crooked smile at me.

That smile. Oh god. The one that made my breath catch in my throat.

“You’re staring at me,” I said in a sing-song voice, attempting to keep things cool and calm. “You’re supposed to be looking at my phone when I show you things.” I mocked a pout face again, and this time, she laughed.

“You’re far more interesting.”

I was stumped. I was as interesting as a piece of paper. “These are funny, though!”

“But you’re beautiful,” she said in a husky tone, a sound that made my heart form a lump in my throat. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks again.

She looked deeply into my eyes, and it felt like she was looking into my soul. This was no help for my quickening heartbeat. I opened my mouth, hoping to form words, but she spoke first, moving close to my ear and whispering into it. “Remember the secret you told me… That you’d never kissed anyone…?”

The scarlet coloring under my cheeks was a result of the embarrassment of having my biggest secret brought up, and the brushing casino şirketleri of her lips against my ear and cheek. I nodded.

I felt her lips at my ear again, and her hot breath down my neck as she whispered, “Can I change that?”

I really thought that I was hearing things I wanted to hear until I felt her lips press against the sensitive area right under my ear, then again and again along my jaw. I was in shock, and my breathing was shallow. She kissed my cheek right along the corner of my mouth and I silently hoped that she would continue.

With my eyes now closed, I waited to feel her lips on mine. I cracked open my eyes to see her looking at me again, her face now hovering a mere 6 inches from mine, her eyes taking in every one of my facial features, but mostly lingering on my lips.

She brought her hand up to my face and tenderly cupped my cheek. I closed my eyes again, and felt the shock from the nerve endings going wild under her cool hand. I felt Liz begin to close the distance between our lips.

After what seemed like years, her soft lips brushed against mine softly. She teased me. I almost wanted to beg her to kiss me, but instead, whispered one little word.


This was all she needed. Her lips touched mine and I felt her other hand at my waist. My instinct was to press my lips against hers, my body against hers, and feel her warmth. But, she began to pull away before I could do so.

I grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her to me again, kissing her and tracing my tongue across her bottom lip. She gasped softly when I did this, and I thanked myself for years of porn watching and reading.

I refused to let go of her shirt, and she complied by pressing herself against me, which made my pulse race. She nibbled on my bottom lip and played with the hem of my tank top, softly tracing the skin along there.

Her featherlight touches drove me crazy, and I thirsted for more. I wanted to feel what it was like to be controlled and owned. I wanted to be hers.

Her lips finally left mine, and I felt bare the moment she pulled away. It wasn’t long before I felt them again, this time making a trail down to the base of my neck, leaving wet spots on my neck and collarbone where she had softly licked me.

Liz nipped at my collarbone, and I tried to stifle a tiny moan, to no avail. This seemed to encourage her, and she continued across my chest. She bit a little harder there, and I tangled my fingers in her messy red hair. The hand that had been tracing the skin along the bottom of my shirt was now sliding up my stomach slowly causing me to bite my lip, moaning deep in my throat.

I casino firmaları felt her hand cup my breast and run her thumb over my nipple, knowing I’d feel it through my bra. Liz bit my chest harder, and I accidentally let a whimper escape my lips, ruining the calm façade I thought I had put up. This broke her concentration and she looked up at me with a guilty expression. “I’m sorry..” they seemed to say. She thought she’d hurt me. The look quickly vanished when I whispered, “Bite me harder…”

She seemed a bit surprised to find out that I wanted to be bitten, but she didn’t hesitate to have her lips and teeth against my neck in a moment.

Before returning to her position at my chest, though, she pulled my shirt up and off of me, exposing my bra, which were hiding my modest C-cup breasts (on a good day). I felt the tip of her tongue across my cleavage, along the fabric line of my bra, sending shivers up my spine. The hand that wasn’t tangled in her hair was positioned at the small of her back, barely digging my nails into the skin there.

No matter how many times I had previously pictured the next series of events in my head, my imagination never held a candle to that night.

One of Liz’s hands made its way under my upper back to unclasp my bra, and I could feel the fingers of her other hand, slowly scratching down to my hips and slipping into the waistband of her boxers that I had stolen. She pulled them down, enough so she could slip her hand inside, and began to rub my pussy through my black lace thong. At that point, they were already wet, which provided excellent lubricant when she pulled them to the side and circled my clit with two fingers.


Between moans, I felt her warm tongue on one of my nipples, softly grazing the skin there with her teeth, giving me goosebumps and causing me to shudder. She bit it softly, and tugged at it, making me whimper again, and I tugged on her hair. She did the same with my other nipple, driving me insane.

Her fingers quickened as she toyed with my clit, making me gasp for air and dig my nails deeper into her back.

Her warm, wet lips made a trail down my abdomen, and stopped right above my pussy. She quit circling her fingers, and her lips left my skin. I ached for her touch. I opened my eyes to see what was happening, and only saw her looking up at me. Her eyes that now seemed to be a deep, emerald green, were devouring me. The look in her eyes was hunger, and I was her next meal.

She slid her boxers off of me, and before removing my thong with her teeth, kissed my hips.

Now, fully naked and laying in front of the best friend I had been pining over for years, güvenilir casino I became all too aware of myself and felt completely self conscious. I started to silently panic until Liz reached up to hold my hand, and began kissing the inside of my thighs, getting closer and closer to my pulsing clit.

Finally, I felt her lips against my clit as she kissed it. A moan louder from the rest escaped deep from within me. This feeling was entirely different and better than any time I had masturbated before. Her warm,wet tongue snaked out between her lips and proceeded to drive my senses crazy.

She flicked at my clit and nibbled at it softly.

She squeezed my hand back when I squeezed hers.

She scratched down my sides and stomach, her nails biting into my skin.

I moaned her name. She moaned against my pussy.

I felt an orgasm coming, like my dam was about to break, and my moans turned into screams. I had both of my hands tangled in her hair and was pulling her closer, harder between my legs, which began to shake and spasm.

My back slowly arched and I began to cum, my hips jerked, and everything around me collapsed. I took several minutes to regain myself and steady my breathing. I opened my eyes, knowing there would be a beautiful, messy haired Liz staring back at me. Knowing that she had just given me the most earth-shattering orgasm I had ever and would ever had. I knew in that moment that I loved her. I wanted every bit of her, and I wanted her forever.

I pulled her close and kissed her hard, tasting myself on her lips. She more than willingly complied. I lost myself in that moment until I realized that her lips were no longer on my lips, but at my ear.

“I love you,” she whispered. “I always have. You’ve always been the one. I was always too scared to act on it… Until today.”

“Holy shit… Liz. I wish you’d have acted on it sooner.” I put my finger under her chin to bring her face up to mine. “I fell for you years ago. The way you would look when you concentrate, your hair when you woke up, your crooked smile. I’ve always wanted you. Wanted to be with you. I just didn’t know how to bring anything up.”

She chuckled and looked at me, smiling. “I knew for a while, actually-“

I cut her off. “What do you mean you knew?”

She trailed her fingertips down my cheek, neck, side, down to my hip, and back up again. “You’ve never been very good at hiding things, Paige. I always know little things. But none of that matters anymore. You’re mine; I won’t let anything in the way of that.”

The blood returned to my cheeks and I buried my face in her neck. Exhausted, I began to drift away to the sound of Liz’s heartbeat and breathing, and the sensation of her fingertips along my spine.

Depending on the feedback, I may or may not continue on with this fantasy. This is my first ever erotic story. What do you guys think?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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