Living the Dream

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Angela stirred from her sleep, feeling warm flesh pressed into her back. Graham, her boyfriend, had moved into the “spoon” position, his pelvis grinding into her butt.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. His pelvis dipped lower, allowing his erect penis to stray under her bum, searching for that magical spot.

Angela blushed. He hadn’t said she was beautiful in months, and she was beginning to think that he no longer found her attractive. Their sex had been sporadic and uninspired recently. She raised her knees and reached around to angle the tip of his hard cock up against her pussy slit. She squeezed his member gently, moving it up and down her outer lips. It felt nice.

He pushed. The tip of his turgid erection pushed into her about an inch. Angela gasped, surprised but pleased. “That’s dangerous…” she cooed back at him, wiggling her ass to get him situated a little better inside her.

While it had been a while since they had last made love, it had been almost a year since they had “played” with unprotected sex. It was always exciting; the realization that if he lost control he would fill her with his (no doubt) potent sperm. He seemed to find the idea erotic, too, but he always said he “didn’t want no damn kids” and would put on a condom after only a minute or two of minimal penetration.

When they first started to get physical she had told him about her mother, who had 12 children before she had her tubes tied, and that was at the age of 37. Each of Angela’s sisters also had many children. It seemed that all the female members of her family were super fertile; they seemed to have a genetic predisposition to getting pregnant. The pill and the shot didn’t seem to do anything to stop it, and some of her aunts and sisters got pregnant even outside bursa escort of their normal fertility cycle, which shouldn’t have been possible. Angela was the only one in her family that hadn’t gotten pregnant. In fact, at age 20 and the youngest of her siblings, she had actually beaten all the women in her family by 2 years in the record of staying childless (the previous winner being her sister Margaret, who they had all thought was a lesbian).

Graham grunted and pushed another inch into her. She gasped at the warm, pleasurably stiff presence going further inside her. Graham’s hand snaked around her side, kneading one of her C-cup boobies.

She sighed with regret. Soon he would pull out and put on a condom, the bane of her existence, but the only thing that had kept her from being a mother several times over by now.

Her boyfriend pushed forward hard, driving his full 7″ length into her. She had already juiced up enough that it didn’t hurt, and in fact she gasped in pleasure as her clitoris got bumped.

“Oh, that feels so good…” she murmured over her shoulder. She wished he didn’t have to pull out.

Meanwhile, out of sight behind her, Graham was still asleep and dreaming. He had been having an erotic dream about his new girlfriend, Kim. They had gotten together a few weeks previous at a bar and he had been keeping her a secret from Angela. He would break up with Angela soon, he had told himself.

In this dream he remembered the first time he and Kim had fucked. They were in her apartment making out on the couch. She had pulled out his cock and had sucked on it like a pro for several minutes, then she had pulled him (by his cock!) into the bedroom. There they ripped off their clothes and she climbed onto the bed on all fours, wiggling her shapely bursa escort bayan ass at him. He had pulled out a condom but she had said no, she was on the pill, and she would take him bareback.

For a man who had to use condoms each and every FUCKING time with his girlfriend this was heavenly. And at that point in the dream he had rolled over in the waking world, his turned-on body finding Angela with her back to him as well, although on her side. But orientation and gravity are tricky things in dreams. “You’re so beautiful…” he had told Kim, and again in the dream. The compliment escaped his lips into the real world. That brings our story back to…

Oh yes…incredibly fertile Angela is getting fucked by Graham who, in his sleepy state, thinks she is on the pill.

Graham pulled his hips back, extracting half of his length from Angela’s hot pussy.

Here we are, she thought to herself and grimaced. He’s pulling out. Hello, Trojan Man.

But he didn’t pull out. He slid back in again, hard.

“OH!” cried Angela, again surprised at her boyfriend’s daring, and also getting another jolt of pleasure from her clit. She reached down, rubbing the flesh around the pleasurable nub. She was getting so hot…maybe she could get herself off before he pulled out?

He did it again, pulling out halfway and thrusting back in hard. In his dream he was doing the same thing to beautiful brown-haired Kim, her large breasts swinging and vibrating with every thrust. She turned to look back at him. “Stop teasing me and fuck!”

Graham moved his hands to Angela’s hips, which are of a size and roundness that her mother likes to call “birthing hips”. With this hand hold he started to pull out and pound back in, faster and faster.

Oh my God, she thought to herself, escort bursa he’s really taking a chance this time. She felt a little pulse from his cock and realized he had just expelled a little bit of pre-cum into her. She had a little orgasm at the realization, her pussy pulling the small quantity of white, sperm-filled substance deeper inside her. She was rubbing her clitoris directly now, getting close. Don’t pull out yet, she urged him with her thoughts.

But Graham had no plans to pull out. In his dream he was fucking a beautiful nympho, who never got enough sex when he was around. He would definitely break up with whats-her-name, next week for sure. He thrust into the gorgeous girl again and again, harder and harder.

He’s not pulling out! Angela realized. He knows how fertile I am! Oh my God, he changed his mind…he wants to have a family with me! Her other hand reached down to feel his balls. They were pulling up toward his body, signaling his oncoming ejaculation. Her fingers were moving all over her clit, her pussy lips and his unprotected cock as it drove into her. She was so close…

Her other hand lightly squeezed his testicles and he groaned, jamming himself inside her as far as he could go. “Auhhhhh!” he cried as his balls gave up their cargo, his sperm-filled semen rushing up his shaft and straight out into his girlfriend’s warm, welcoming pussy.

Angela had never felt a man cum inside her before, and the hot, wet throbbing feeling was overwhelming. She came, barely able to catch her breath as her body shook in the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Graham’s cock seemed to get even bigger inside her as her pussy walls contracted around it. His penis finished spurting and then was squeezed for every drop it would give her. Finally he pulled out and collapsed back on his pillow. “That was awesome, Kim. I think I love you,” he murmured as he wavered between reality and the world of dreams.

There was a pause.

“Who the hell is Kim?!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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