Lisette’s Summer Holidays Ch. 02

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I showered in a trance, my mind buzzing with all that had happened. I was drying my hair when Maria came into my room.

“Have you been terribly bored?” she asked.

“No…um…not at all,” I replied. “I had a bath and a nap.”

“Well we have a few hours before the party…tennis? Swimming?”

“Not tennis…I haven’t the energy,” I said.

“OK, I’ll see you at the pool,” she said cheerfully.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing and swimming. I was lost in thought and Maria kept asking me where my mind was. I could hardly tell her I was thinking about her parent’s fucking their beautiful maid, longing to continue exploring Katrina’s body, imagining with fevered excitement in what delicious ways I could submit to her experienced hands and mouth. Even worse I could hardly admit I was still thinking of Theresa’s perfect toned bottom, of her mother’s lithe body, and to my horror looking at Maria herself with new eyes.

“Snap out of it sleepy head,” Maria said.

“Sorry…I…what?” I said squinting into the evening sun. With a shock I realised Maria’s mother was standing over me.

“Mother wonders if you know where Theresa is?” Maria said.

“Oh, um, she said she was going out. I think she said she did not know when she would be back.”

“Honestly, that girl,” Eva said. She looked magnificent in a black one-piece swimsuit, a sarong wrapped around her waist. I could not meet her eye though without flushing.

She dropped the sarong and walked to the steps into the pool.

“Good one,” Maria said. “That’s dropped Theresa right in it.”

“I didn’t mean to- that’s what she told me to tell your mother,” I said.

“Oh dear- missing Mummy and Daddy’s party- she is going to be in dire trouble,” Maria smirked.

I watched Eva emerge from the pool. Her nipples stood out through the fabric of the swimsuit. The outline of her pussy was visible too. As she bent to pick up her towel I marvelled at her firm bottom.

“It’s rude to stare,” Maria said.

“God…um…I was miles away,” I stammered.

Eva came towards us.

“You two should be getting ready. And don’t let you father catch you sunbathing topless, you know he hates that.” I realised her eyes were fixed on my bare breasts. I thought how odd it was that he would not let his daughters sunbathe topless but enjoyed sodomising a young maid after his wife had had sex with her. This family just got stranger and stranger.

Back in my room I put on a silk g-string, slipped on Theresa’s dress and stepped into the shoes she had picked out for me. As I stood in front of the mirror there was a soft knock on the door.

Katrina came in, to turn down my bed she said.

“You look fabulous,” she said with a smile.

“Can I see you afterwards?” I said, trying to suppress the desperation in my voice.

“We’ll see. I have to be a waitress at the party, and then, well it depends on Senor and Senora.” She ran a hand lightly over my cheek. I trembled under her touch.

“See you downstairs,” she said.

I came down the main stairs into the enormous hall of the villa feeling like I had never looked better. My hair was at just the right length and was slightly sun bleached. My skin glowed with the effects of fresh air and sunshine. Below me I saw my hosts greeting guests. Senor Immanol looked up and caught my eye and smiled. A tall, slim man, with greying hair and clear blue eyes he was by most people’s standards extremely good looking. Knowing what I now did about him I felt there was something slightly cruel in his face. To my surprise I realised that turned me on a little.

“Lisette,” he said, warmly, “You look wonderful.”

“Thank you, Senor.”

I was introduced to several guests and along with Maria spent the evening talking politely to aristocrats and business magnates, politicians and foreign businessmen, diplomats and film producers. The party had a Japanese theme and the maids were dressed in long, elegant, embroidered silk dresses with high collars. A Japanese chef was preparing food flamboyantly on the terrace, saki and champagne was flowing. I had a little too much of both. I saw Katrina, looking stunning in a smoky silk number with yellow silk embroidery.

“Sashimi, Senorita?” she asked me with the faintest hint of a cheeky smile.

I helped myself to more delicious raw fish. I was about to tell her how much I wanted her to sit on my face when Eva appeared at my shoulder.

“They need more champagne in the study, Katrina. Do stop dawdling.”

Katrina hurried off. The green baize covered door to the study was the entrance to Senor Immanol’s sanctuary, a room I had never seen. I saw Katrina take a tray of glasses with two bottles of champagne, turning to push the door open with her backside. I caught the briefest glimpse of oak panelling, and clouds of cigar smoke, before the door swung shut behind her.

I realised Eva was still standing beside me, watching me with a thoughtful expression.

“Are you enjoying your stay with us?” casino şirketleri she asked me, smiling warmly.

“I’m having a wonderful time Senora. You have such an amazing home.”

“I’m so glad. And are the staff looking after you properly? You know we share the same maid don’t you?” I swallowed hard. “Yes, Katrina does your room and my husband and mine- it’s just how we divided up the workload. Maria and Theresa have Claudia, don’t they?” she said turning to another maid I had seen around the house.

“Sorry, madam?” the girl asked. She had an English accent.

“I was telling Lisette that you clean Theresa and Maria’s rooms, amongst other duties.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied. She had shoulder length blonde hair tied up on the back of her head. She was beautiful, with a great body, and I immediately wondered if she was expected to perform the same “other duties” as I now knew Katrina did. But I was also wondering why Senora Immanol was talking to me like this. Did she know about Katrina and I? Had she sensed my discomfort? Did she know I had watched her with her maid from my bathroom?

Before I had time to continue Maria came and took me away to talk to some younger guests including an intense looking young artist she told me she rather fancied. We chatted to him and his friends as the party began to break up. Guests were leaving, and I noticed that Eva was saying goodbye but her husband was nowhere to be seen. When everyone had gone, and only some of the staff remained clearing away glasses and plates, I saw Claudia going in to the study carrying brandy and whisky. Again I caught a brief glimpse of the interior of the study and for a moment heard loud laughter and raised voices. I had not seen Katrina since she took the champagne in there, and with a pang of regret I realised I was going to have to wait if I was to see her that night.

Eva said goodnight and ushered Maria and I upstairs.

“Good night mother, good night Lisette,” Maria said as she weaved unsteadily into her room.

I undressed in my room feeling frustrated. I ran a bath and sank into it to read a magazine and try to unwind. After a while I got out and wrapped myself in a towelling robe and flopped onto the bed to continue reading.

I awoke with a start. I looked at the clock and realised I had been asleep for an hour. I heard a car start in the driveway outside, some voices from the hall. The last of the guests were leaving, the guests who had been in Senor Immanol’s study. I heard footsteps on the stairs and then the door to the master bedroom, just down the corridor from my room, closed. The house was silent.

I slipped out of the room. Barefoot I could move silently on the hardwood floors. Without really thinking I made my way along the corridor towards the back of the house where there was a smaller staircase, used by the servants to reach their bedrooms in the loft. It was dark, faint moonlight through the windows making it just about possible to find my way. I was going to look for Katrina, though I did not know which was her room. As I rounded a corner I heard voices whispering on the stairs. I froze. I could not make out what they were saying, but I thought I recognised the English accent of Claudia. I crept closer.

“…Five thousand dollar bonus, Kat…fucking hell.”

It was Claudia.

“I know- a few more these parties and I will have paid off my debt.”

That was Katrina’s voice. I stepped forwards on to the staircase where the light was a little brighter.

Katrina and Claudia were creeping up the stairs. Both girls were naked, holding their clothes and shoes bundled in their arms.

“Jesus Christ,” Claudia said.

“Shh,” Katrina hissed, and then to me: “What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for you,” I blurted but my eyes were fixed on their bodies, which were glistening wetly.

“Come on, upstairs, we can’t talk here.”

I followed them carefully up the stairs, taking in the view of their naked bottoms, feeling confused but increasingly horny.

We entered a small bedroom with two single beds, a wardrobe, a couple of chairs and a shower cubicle in the corner. Katrina turned on the light.

“Sorry girls but I need a shower right now,” said Claudia, dumping her clothes on the floor.

I was staring at first one then the other maid. With the light on I could see that they were covered in streaks of white sticky liquid. Their breasts and faces were coated with it, their hair matted in places. It was sperm, I realised.

“You really should go, Lisette,” Katrina said putting her clothes in a heap next to Claudia’s. She went to the basin and wet a flannel. Claudia was in the shower letting the water stream over her.

“What happened?” I asked.

Katrina laughed as she began wiping her face and breasts.

“What does it look like? Senor calls it a Come Shower. He likes watching us entertain his friends and this is often the finale.”

“Jesus,” I breathed. “How many…?”

“Twelve tonight, but all of them casino firmaları showered us more than once.”

“Fucking hell…is it horrible?” I asked.

“Well, I suppose I might have thought so once. Now I just think it’s rather flattering, and as you probably heard we get well paid for it.”

“I see…”

“But like I said before I’m not some kind of whore, before you get the wrong idea. Sometimes it is very sexy being doing things which are humiliating, no?” She looked at me with a smile. “The money is just a bonus.”

“Maybe for you, babe, but I’m not proud…I’ll do anything for five grand,” Claudia said emerging dripping from the shower.

I handed her a towel, my eyes glued to her body: her pussy was completely bare-something I had never seen before. She seemed oblivious to my bulging eyes and towelled herself dry while Katrina stepped into the shower.

“So, miss, what brings you here looking for Katrina? You another one of these posh girls who likes a bit of pussy?” Claudia said.

“Leave her alone,” Katrina said over the hiss of the water.

I blushed furiously and looked at my feet.

“Well, unless its just Katrina you want, a pretty girl like you can lick my pussy anytime you want. I’ll teach you a few things I bet you haven’t tried before.”

“I…um…I…what do you mean?” I stammered.

“Come here,” the blonde said, dropping her towel and standing legs apart, hands on hips.

She looked stunning-taller than both Katrina and I, her breasts were perfectly firm globes, crowned with small pink nipples; there was not an ounce of fat on her body, but she was muscular and toned not skinny; the exposed labia and hooded clit kept drawing my eye to her crotch every time I tried to look away.

I saw that Katrina was watching from the shower, a smile on her face. I stepped towards Claudia.

“Do you like, um, girls too?” I asked.

“Take that robe of honey and let me show you,” Claudia said, idly stroking one of her own breasts. “The way I feel right now having had sex for three hours and not a single orgasm I’m in the mood for anything at all.” She laughed.

I was trembling but the champagne I had had helped me be braver than I felt. I dropped the robe to the floor.

“Whew, honey, you are very, very cute.”

I took another step towards her, suddenly too shy to look her in the face.

She took me in her arms and kissed me hard on the mouth, her hands roaming my body. I gasped as she gripped one of my nipples and pinched. Her other hand was running down my spine, her finger nails raking my skin gently. I shivered as she ran a finger down the cleft of my buttocks.

“Eat my pussy,” she said. “On your knees and eat me.”

I obeyed immediately, kneeling and looking up expectantly into her eyes. She rested her hands on the back of my head and firmly drew my mouth in towards her hairless pussy. As I reached out with my tongue and felt the silky texture of her labia I was dimly aware that the flow of water in the shower had stopped.

“She’ll do whatever she’s told,” I heard Katrina say.

“Oh good. I say we make her act like a dirty slut then,” Claudia said, using her hands to mash my face against her pussy. She was incredibly wet. I found her clit with my tongue while with one hand reaching down to stroke my own pleasure centre.

“Let’s get her on the bed,” Claudia said, pulling me roughly to her feet with a handful of my hair. The statuesque blonde sat at one end of the single bed, supporting herself on a pillow, all the while holding me firmly by my hair. She spread her legs and pulled me face down into her pussy.

“Make me come you posh little slut,” she said, though I needed no invitation. The excitement was so intense, my arousal so completely consuming. Going down on this incredibly sexy woman while an even more beautiful woman watched was setting fireworks off in my nervous system.

I felt Katrina’s hands on my hips. She moved me so that I was on all fours, my mouth hungrily working on Claudia. I felt deliciously exposed, even more so as Katrina spread my thighs. I felt her breath on my thighs, and then the velvet tip of her tongue tracing small circles on the skin of my buttocks. I moaned into Claudia’s wetness, and then renewed the fluttering action of my tongue around and over her clit. I tried to ignore what was happening between my legs and concentrate on Claudia, feeling her grip in my hair tighten, her breathing become more ragged.

“Oh yes…lick me slut…taste it…oh yes…go get the dildo and fuck this bitch, Kat…oh god I’m commmmmmmmmingggggggg.”

Her body tensed and she ground my face so hard into her I thought my nose might break.

At the same time Katrina ran her tongue firmly along the length of my pussy, from my clit to my perineum and then back. I sighed with the sheer exquisite pleasure of it, allowing my legs to spread a little wider.

Suddenly Katrina stopped. I whimpered a protest.

“Lets make the slut come then have her really submit properly,” Katrina said güvenilir casino to Claudia, as if I was not there. “Front or back?” she asked.

“Front to start.”

“Stand up over by the window,” Katrina told me. “Hold on to the beam.”

I went on unsteady legs over to where she pointed. There was a wooden beam in the ceiling and I reached up and held on to with both hands, my back to the two girls in the room.

“You fucked her earlier today then?” Claudia asked.

“Mmm, yes, after Senor had had his daily assfuck.”

Claudia moved around me and knelt in front of me between my legs, looking up at me with a grin. Her hands went to my hips.

“Spread your legs…wider…that’s it…support your weight with your arms.”

I felt Katrina’s hands on my buttocks now. Claudia leant forward and very gently squeezed my labia between her teeth. Then she began French kissing my pussy, probing with her tongue, rotating her head and working her lips in a passionate and quite extraordinarily arousing motion, making love to my pussy with her mouth.

“Oh…my…god,” I gasped.

I was aware that Katrina, kneeling behind me was spreading the cheeks of my ass now, using both hands to splay me wide open.

“What a gorgeous ass this little slut has,” she said.

“Let me see,” Claudia said, lifting her face away from me, making me moan in frustration.

“I need to come so bad,” I said.

They ignored me, and as Katrina held my buttocks apart I realised they were both looking at my exposed anus.

“Once she has come I am going to fuck her ass,” Claudia said, “And then I’m going to do you,” she added to Katrina.

Claudia moved back to kneel between my legs. Despite her submissive position I felt as though she was enslaving me.

Then as one both girls began to lick me. Claudia’s amazing tongue worked my pussy expertly, flickering and sliding, using a firmer pressure than Katrina had that afternoon, but just as effectively. But I could hardly focus on that because of the incredible and entirely new sensations I was experiencing from the hands and mouth of Katrina.

I felt her tongue run ever so lightly up and down the cleft of my ass, brushing almost imperceptibly over my anus at first, and then returning to touch more firmly. Then she was kissing my asshole like it was a tiny mouth, her tongue and lips working over me. Her tongue suddenly pushed firmly against me and I felt a sudden wave of shame: what if I was not clean back there? But the physical sensation was so intense, and I was caught between the two girls beautiful faces. I pulled myself up on the beam to give them both better access. Looking down on Claudia’s head working between my legs, feeling Katrina spreading my ass open even wider I began to feel my orgasm building. Katrina was penetrating my asshole with the tip of her tongue now, using increasing pressure. Claudia had settled into a persistent tempo on my clit while sliding two fingers into my pussy. I felt her reach into me, round my pubic bone and up to find my g spot. At the same time I must have relaxed because suddenly Katrina had her tongue working deep in my asshole, her hands gripping me by the hips, fucking me. All shameful thoughts were washed away in a tidal wave of sensation. My grip on the beam was slipping, and I bore down on their tongues as the immense climax burst inside my head. It did not persist and continue like the extraordinary orgasm I had had under Katrina in my room. This was more intense though, a concentrated blast of blinding, shattering pleasure, which wracked my body. I collapsed into the waiting arms of the two maids, unable to support my weight any longer.

Without a pause they laid me out on my back on the floor.

“Do you think they heard her in Madrid?” Claudia asked, giggling.

Katrina got to her feet and went to the wardrobe, returning with a carrier bag.

“Toy time,” Claudia said, reaching down between my legs and sliding two fingers into me with an almost absent minded expression.

“I need to come, slut, so get busy,” Katrina said squatting over my face.

I had hardly recovered my breath, but I was eager to pleasure her. The dark folds of her pussy were slippery and warm and I started to lap at her, nibbling gently, relishing the taste of her sex.

She eased up off me and turned around to face down my body. I looked at Claudia and almost burst out laughing: she had strapped a harness on to her pelvis which had a long rubber dildo attached. It waved about as she moved. Then Katrina was sitting on my face again, taking care to position her clit exactly where she wanted it.

As I licked her I felt my legs being lifted.

“Fuck her hot slutty pussy,” Katrina gasped.

“Cunt, then ass, then mouth,” Claudia said, and with a grunt shoved the rubber cock into my pussy.

I felt her thighs against mine, and felt her thrust the length of the ‘cock’ into me. I tried to focus on Katrina’s pussy, using my tongue urgently, at the same time as feeling Claudia spreading my legs. Someone was pinching my nipples hard. My head was spinning, and then Katrina began to come. She ground herself against me, sliding her soaking pussy over my mouth, gasping. Claudia just continued to relentlessly fuck me.

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