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A story of a broken soldier girl who found a surfie dude who put her together again. As usual, all characters are over the age of 18 and the story is pure fiction.

Lisa just could not get the image out of her head. The roadside bomb in Afghanistan wiped out their escort vehicle, a stubby little Land Rover with a crew of three and a rear mounted machine gun. Their APC, following just a few metres behind, escaped serious damage but came to rest on its side in the crater left by the explosion.

Moments later, triumphant shouting and sporadic rifle fire indicated that the locals were closing in for the kill, but unfortunately for them, they were caught in open ground as an American helicopter gunship appeared over the ranges. In just a few deadly seconds, only the sound of the departing chopper filled the air.

Back in Australia two years later, flashbacks continued. Sleep came slowly and was often interrupted by nightmares. Her relationship with Brad, the love of her life when she left for service overseas, had broken down. Although he tried valiantly, he finally could not deal with her violent mood swings and after several attempts to get together again, he moved interstate.

Lisa became a loner, surviving in the city by throwing herself into her work. After her army days she completed studies as a surveyor, thankful now to spend time outdoors where she could deal with her inner demons without constant advice from well-meaning friends.

The day had been warm and Lisa had covered a lot of ground. Her feet and legs ached from the day’s exertions so she decided to head for the beach for a twilight swim before dinner. Clad in a tiny bikini, she looked sensational. Her work ensured that she maintained her finely toned physique. A generous mane of copper hair, firm breasts and long, long legs made her a stand out amongst the beachgoers. Hungry male eyes followed her every move. Dropping her towel on the sand, she made her way to the water and with an easy grace, dived in and swam strongly towards the breaker line, caught a wave back to shore and strode confidently back to her towel to relax.

Walking home just after sunset, she felt rather than heard, a presence behind her. Her training heightened her senses to surrounding threats, whatever they might be. Her towel was slung casually around her shoulders. She slowed her pace to allow her follower to overtake. Instead of passing her however, the guy behind grabbed her in a tight bearhug and was about to throw her to the ground when her reflexes kicked in. She dropped down through his arms and spinning around like a break-dancer, kicked upwards with all her might as her shoulders hit the sand. The heels of both feet connected squarely with the attacker’s balls with such force that he was lifted bodily in the air. A scream of anguished pain followed and the attacker fell into foetal ball clutching his nether regions and groaning.

Moments later a young surfer appeared, having not only seen the incident, but having phoned the police on his cell as he ran up.

“Police are on the way, Miss,” he puffed, helping her back to her feet. “You sure brought him down.”

She grinned weakly at his implied compliment. “I should finish the job.”

“Probably not a good idea, Miss. He’d probably sue you. Hell, he might sue you anyway.”

Their banter continued until a police constable loped down the hill towards them, complaining about the sand intruding into his footwear. The guy on the ground was still groaning and had hardly moved. The kid explained what he had seen, Lisa gave him her account of the action and the copper slipped a pair of handcuffs on the attacker, dragged him to his feet and drove him away.

“We’ll need you to come to the station tomorrow to make a report,” he said as he left.

“Want me to walk you home?” the kid enquired.

“I think I can take care of myself,” she replied frostily, but then smiled at him. “Sure, thanks.”

They walked in silence then until she turned to walk into her apartment. “Care to come in for a cup of coffee, my knight in shining armour?” she grinned.

As she handed him a mug of hot coffee a few minutes later, she became acutely aware that she was still clad in her bikini. The kid wore board shorts and a tee shirt. With evening settling in, it pendik escort was becoming cool. Lisa’s nipples responded by protruding hard against the fabric of her bra top.

“You got a name?” she enquired.

“Andy,” he volunteered. “Thanks for the coffee.”

“Where do you live Andy?”

“Not far from here. About a ten minute walk, is all.”

“Well thanks for being there for me tonight. I don’t know how I would have got on without you.”

“Hell, Miss. I thought you were doing just fine by the time I got there. That poor bastard probably won’t ever be able to have kids after you crushed his knackers like that. Where did you learn to do that, anyway?

“It’s Lisa, not Miss, and I learned it in the army.”

An awkward silence followed as the kid finished his coffee. She reached to take his mug from him and for the first time noticed his delicate hands, his smooth, tanned skin, his sun-bleached hair. The kid was gorgeous.

“How old are you Andy?”

“Just turned twenty five last week,” he replied, and then hopefully, “I guess I’m not really in your league.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Lisa snapped.

“Oh nothing. It’s just that you are older, and sophisticated and beautiful. I could never attract a woman like you.”

His eyes were trained on her bikini top, where her nipples were now threatening to drill holes through the fabric. Still grasping the hand that held his mug, she pulled him close. The months of solitude and sexual abstinence were starting to take effect. She drew him in and gently kissed him, not wanting to frighten the kid with an all-out assault. After his initial surprise however, Andy quickly regained his composure and returned her kiss, his tongue searching her lips for entry.

Ever direct, Lisa threw it all on the line.

“C’mon Andy,” she smiled at him. “Let’s get out of these wet swimming costumes and into my bedroom.” Without waiting for a reply, she set aside their coffee cups, tightened her grip on his hand and led him to her room, slipping off her top as she entered. She turned away from him and keeping her legs perfectly straight, slowly and suggestively drew down her bikini bottoms. Andy surprised her though, for when she turned, he was already naked, his raging boner pointing the way.

“Mmmm, I like a quick worker. Pretty confident too, eh Andy?”

They fell together onto the bed, Andy immediately grasping one of Lisa’s succulent breasts, guiding the nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it, hard, bringing a satisfied groan from the older woman. She decided to let him take the lead, something she did very rarely. Andy was on a mission. Still sucking on one breast, he took a firm grip of the other nipple and tweaked it between finger and thumb, eliciting another murmur. Andy’s knee slipped between Lisa’s legs, gradually pushing them apart.

Lisa responded at first by arching her back, offering up her breasts to him. She gently pushed his hand away from the tit he was sucking, taking over with her own hand and encouraging him to continue feasting on it. Her ploy worked perfectly. Andy’s now free hand drifted downwards to tease her shaven mound, gently separating the petals of her outer labia.

Lisa noticed for the first time that the kid was not as small as he appeared at first — in fact he was probably an inch or two taller than she was. When he pushed his other leg between hers and forcibly opened her fully, she realised that he was also a lot stronger than she had given him credit for. Andy’s finger eased into her sex and she was surprised to realise that she was already well lubricated there. His continued manipulation of her breast was not only arousing, he was forceful enough to make it painful at times by pinching or squeezing much harder than was comfortable.

Satisfied with his progress and feeling her cooperation, Andy stopped sucking, moving upwards to place a soft kiss on her mouth. It was a tender, tentative connection at first, his lips gliding over hers. Surveying her face closely, he noticed a small scar on the side of her face. He kissed it gently. Just as he returned his attention to her mouth again, Lisa reacted. Her arms clamped around his chest like a vice. She opened her mouth, her tongue searching for his lips and finding them, forcing its way inside duelling with his.

Having escort pendik been completely silent to this point, she cried out.

“Take me Andy. Don’t play with me. I need to feel you. NOW!”

Temporarily releasing him from her bearhug, she grasped his cock firmly and guided into her weeping cunt. Andy tried to be gentle, but she would have none of it. She encircled his thighs with her legs, regained her strong bearhug and thrust violently upward to take him fully, balls deep, in one mighty thrust.

Panting beneath him, Lisa lost all hint of passiveness, literally fucking him from beneath but was surprised when her lover used his upper arms to break her bearhug, raised himself well above her and took a hard, firm grip of each of her breasts. Increasing the pressure on them, he began returning Lisa’s primal thrusting with equal vigour.

There had been no foreplay, but Lisa’s vagina was dripping, the squelching sound of their sex adding to the delightful aroma permeating the room.

Lisa’s senses where overwhelmed. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her focus was torn from the wonderful sensations in her cunt to the increasing pain from her tortured breasts. Lifting her head to meet his she kissed Andy fervently, open mouthed, her hard kisses bruising their lips.

“Come inside me Andy. I’m safe. Come inside me baby. Do it. Do it now baby. I need it, Andy. Please baby. Give it to me.”

The sweat was dripping from his forehead from the exertion of their violent coupling and Andy could feel his imminent release.

“Yes!” he bellowed. “I’m coming Lisa. Take it. Take it all.”

Driving his hips forward one final time he transferred his grasp to her buttocks, holding her firmly, fully embedded in her, while his cock pumped his juices into her hungry cervix, pulsing rhythmically. His lips found hers again until finally, their shuddering bodies stilled and they lay quietly, his cock still deep inside her, slowly softening.

“Thank you Andy,” she murmured contentedly. “You have no idea how much I needed that and you pressed all the right buttons.” With a soft giggle she added: “Actually I think you may have pressed a couple of buttons a little too hard.”

“I should be thanking you,” he beamed. “I’ve just finished my final uni exams and I have not been laid in months. I’m sorry I was a little rough. Are you OK?”

“Absolutely. You were just rough enough. My tits are sore and tingling still, but in a nice way. I will still feel them when I fall asleep tonight and it will remind me of our wonderful coming together. Andy, are you getting hard again?”

She was in no doubt, feeling his cock growing again inside her. Taking his face tenderly in both hands, she kissed him gently.

“Let’s do it again cowboy, but now we’ve got the need out of our system, let’s take it slow and easy.”

In reply, Andy held her firmly in place and rolled onto his back.

“Now you’ve got control,” he smiled. “You set the pace.”

Their combined fluids dripped from her vagina and dribbled down between Andy’s legs to form a large wet spot on the bed. Lisa’s first tentative strokes forced even more fluids from her.

“I must be as wide open as a bucket,” she thought to herself. “I hope he can feel me.”

Andy’s cock grew to full mast. He revelled in the feel of his lover and the slushy sounds of their soggy lovemaking. Lisa sat astride him, slowly rocking her pelvis back and forth, taking his full length on each stroke while her hands played with his nipples.

“Kiss me, Lisa.”

She allowed herself to fall forward on him without breaking her steady rhythm and allowed him to take her face firmly and pull her mouth to his. The thrusting of her tongue in his mouth replicated the thrusting of her hips on his cock. Andy responded by meeting her thrusts, quietly increasing the tempo of their coupling. Perfectly matched, the pair exploded into orgasm, Andy driving his hips upward and holding her in suspension while her body shuddered through orgasmic aftershocks.

She rolled off him, expressing surprise when he suddenly rose to a sitting position and squirmed round with his knees near her shoulder, dipping his head into her steaming cunt.

“No Andy! No! I must be really dirty down there with all your cum and my lubrication. Don’t be so horrible.”

Ignoring her pendik escort bayan protests, Andy used his shoulders to force her legs wide apart and lapped at her sex, drawing in their combined fluids, intoxicated by the aroma of their coupling. He made sure that his tongue swept upward to rake over her engorged clit, making her tremble.

Lisa had long since trying to object.

“Oh, yes, Andy. Yes! My God, what are you doing to me? Andy stop, or I’m going to cum again!”

He didn’t stop of course, sweeping his tongue from her anus, along the perineum, along her vaginal lips and then rapidly circling her clit. Each time her moans became louder until she cried out, trembled fitfully for a few seconds, and fell back on the bed, exhausted.

“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven you bastard. I’ve climaxed more times tonight than I have in the last year. You’ve ruined me!”

He gently lay beside her, taking her in his arms and kissing her deeply, allowing her to share the taste of their fluids.

She awoke next morning to find him gazing at her naked form, a cup of steaming hot coffee in his hand.

“I found where you hide everything in your kitchen and thought I’d wake you up with a coffee. I hope you take it with milk.”

“Thanks Andy. I need to pee first, so excuse me — I’ll be right back.”

She took the opportunity to freshen up and brush her teeth before returning, gratefully accepting the coffee.

“You were great last night, Andy. You are one hell of a lover. It’s a pity I’m old enough to be your mother or we could do great things together.”

“Bullshit! It’s considered rude to ask a lady her age, but looking at you I can see you’re still on the inside of thirty and at twenty five I can’t be more than a few years behind you, so don’t fall back on the age thing. If you don’t want me, I can probably live with that, but let’s not bullshit to one another.”

She surveyed the young man through sad, hooded eyes. She thought about her life experience, her time in the battlefield, her near misses, her failed relationships and she suddenly felt ancient. The young Adonis standing before her was much too young to be a serious long term prospect and she felt the need to let him know quite clearly that while she had loved his company last night, it was strictly a one night stand.

“Andy,” she started cautiously. Her facial expression gave her away.

“Yeah I understand. It was nice while it lasted. I won’t give you any trouble. See you around some time.”

Already dressed in his board shorts, he swiped his tee shirt and beach towel off the back of the chair and with a wistful smile over his shoulder, headed for the door.

“It’s a shame,” he muttered. “I thought we had something special last night.”

Hearing the door slam, Lisa threw her coffee cup at the wall, where it shattered into a thousand pieces, leaving a broad coffee stain that would be hard to clean up later. A familiar emptiness returned and all the love and tenderness of last night evaporated as she burst into tears.

She realised then that she didn’t even know Andy’s surname, nor where he lived.

For weeks Lisa went through the motions at work, seeking solace in a bottle at the end of each day and shaking off a hangover next morning. The melancholy she felt was unrelenting and she could not take her mind off Andy, reliving his tender touch and feeling the bruises that he had left on her tits which had faded to no more than a pale yellowy shadow.

It was Saturday morning, she was nursing another hangover and was starting to retrieve some bacon and eggs from the refrigerator when she heard a knock on the front door.

“Strange,” she thought. “Nobody ever comes to my door.”

She released the security chain and tentatively opened the door.

There, with a broad smile and an overflowing duffel bag on his shoulder, stood Andy.

“Morning Grandma,” he mocked. “Got room for a permanent boarder?”

“I’m not sure about that, Kid, I’ve only got one bedroom and one bed.”

“Do you think we could share?”


“Do you think we could make beautiful babies together?”


He reached into his pocket and withdrew a small velvet box.

“Do you think we might get married first?”

“Oh yes, Andy. YES.”

Stripping the duffel from his shoulder and throwing it to the floor, she dragged him inside, locking the door behind him and heading straight for the bedroom.

They finally started their breakfast at three in the afternoon…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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