Lindsey Ch. 02

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There was a moment… one night, in the dark when I was staying at her house, when I knew. I realized that I loved her, hopelessly, completely. Laying in bed next to her, I watched her sleeping, peaceful and beautiful with her lashes laying softly on her cheeks and her dark hair fanned out on the pillow. I didn’t know how to tell her, so that night I bit my tongue and contented myself to wrap her in my arms and sleep with her breathing softly in my ear.

Lindsey asked me to be her girlfriend long before that night, I agreed with a smile and a long night of lovemaking. That night was one of the best of my life. There was no hurry. No feverish rush to the finish line. It was a long, slow night with just the two of us loving and exploring each other’s bodies. We slept all day, and the next night we went out together the first time as a couple. I will admit, I was nervous, though no amount of persuasion from Lindsey would have gotten me to admit it then.

We walked into a nightclub with thumping bass and flashing blue and green lights. Girls on the stage used for lesser known bands ground up on each other, while the guys, dressed in their self-loving Abercrombie attire, tried desperately to impress them. Lindsey and I just rolled our eyes, a silent exchange. We both felt relieved to know we no longer had to participate in the mating ritual. I led her to the bar, where we both ordered dirty martinis. As we drank we studied the people around us. No one seemed to care what anyone else thought of them. They ground on each other, dripping sweat, shouting drunk. Couples made out in dark corners, old men who belonged elsewhere chased the wristband wearing girlies.

Two martinis later and we were among the thinning crowd of grinders on the dance floor, holding, kissing, and humping with a drunken abandon. Three men tried to dance with Lindsey, while just one tried me. We ignored them and laughed it off, dancing until the club closed. We left the club and walked to the all night diner nearby, where we bought coffee and sat in a corner booth talking about nothing important. Nothing mattered anyway, as long as we were sitting together.

Time went by, a month actually, after that weekend before my late night revelation. Once I realized I loved Lindsey, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I over-thought it, analyzing every possible situation in my mind. I drove myself nuts for days before I finally realized I had nothing to fear. Our first night together she had admitted to loving me. Selfishly I had held in my feelings for her for fear of rejection, but she had already made those tentative steps before me, and telling her could only bring us closer. So, one night, a friday to be exact, I took off from work early and went to the market to purchase ingredients for the dinner I planned to make. I went to Lindsey’s apartment, which was bigger than mine, because I knew she would return there to change before calling me. I laid out plates and silver over a lace tablecloth, putting candles and roses in the middle. I cooked the same meal I’d made our first night together, steak and fries, adding a dessert of various fruits with cream. I changed into a blue and gray dress that accented my eyes and breasts, then lit the candles and waited for Lindsey to get home.

Keys jingled outside, until the doorknob turned and my beautiful girlfriend stepped over the threshold, looking somewhat crestfallen. As much as I wanted her to study and admire my work, I couldn’t not rush to her side. Her face lit slightly at the site of me, and as I moved forward to hold her her eyes brushed across the room, pausing shortly on the table. That moment was casino şirketleri the one that made her cry. I still feel guilty now, even though I knew then and still know now, I was the bright spot… the one good thing that happens in a long string of bad. All day long you take punches, and you learn to brace yourself, to put on the strong front, and at the end of the day, there is that random kind person who holds the door, lights your cigarette, or makes you dinner… and that’s the one that breaks the dam and you finally give in. I was that moment, and all I could do was hold her. My perfect moment was gone. Telling her I loved her now might be considered pity love, and it wasn’t that and I couldn’t have her thinking that… doubting my true feelings for her.

“Baby? Tell me what’s wrong.” I whispered, stroking her hair. “How can I make it better?”

She sobbed into my shoulder for several moments before finally wiping her face into her sleeve and looking up at me with sad eyes. “I woke up this morning because the alarm was going off. I took a shower, got dressed, ate… I was completely ready to go before I finally looked at the clock to see that it was three o’clock, not six. I wanted to go back to bed, but I’d already had coffee, and I didn’t want to have to do my make-up again. So I had to wait two hours before I could go into the office. Then my boss chewed me out for not having that article, you know, the one about the sushi place downtown. The article doesn’t even go to press until next week, but she was all bitchy about it, and then when I went to lunch the waiter spilled coffee on me. I didn’t even order coffee! Then I got it all cleaned up just to spill my own drink all over myself, so I had to go get a change of clothes, but the only store nearby only carried tailored suits. I couldn’t afford them, so I took a cab to the shopping district and bought the cheapest thing I could find. I didn’t get back to work until three, so you can imagine how bad my boss ripped me apart. Anyway, my computer crashed so I have to start the article over, but I couldn’t do that because the hospice called because they couldn’t get ahold of my mother. My grandfather died this afternoon… the same time I was out shopping. Now I have to go with my mom to help her sign all these papers, but you have this great dinner already and I feel so bad.” Lindsey resumed her crying for just a moment more before sighing “I’d better go and change.”

I watched her dress and pull herself back together as only she could. Looking calm and collected she asked me to forgive her for leaving without eating my dinner. I reassured her I understood, told her I’d clean up, and asked if she wanted me to go with her. “I think I’d better go by myself. I’m sorry, I just don’t think this is the right time for my mother to meet you.”

“Are you coming home tonight?” I asked. She said she was, asked me if I would wait for her here.

“I really need you tonight.”

I told her of course I would wait for her, secretly pleased that I was important enough to her to be her comfort.

She didn’t come home until almost two, and it was obvious she’d been crying. I said nothing, just turned out the lights and led her to the bedroom. I stroked her hair as she breathed softly against my breast. I lay there with her like that until she finally slept.

I didn’t want to leave her alone in the morning, but Saturday was my day to open the cafe, and there was no one I could call to cover for me. I went to work and tried all day not too think of Lindsey all alone. Tried is the operative word. It was impossible.

Another two weeks went by before casino firmaları I finally thought the time was right again to confess my feelings to her. I didn’t make dinner this time. Instead I waited that night for her to call me when she arrived home from work, as she did every night. When she called she asked me to come over, but I told her it would take awhile, as I was ‘getting pretty’ for her. She just giggled and told me I was always pretty and that I’d better move my butt if I wanted my surprise.

I couldn’t get her to tell me on the phone what she had planned, but as it turned out, great minds do, in fact, think alike. I showed up at her apartment door wearing only the lingerie I purchased that morning, a long overcoat and heels. I was carrying a box with the top of a small red rose and a pair of amethyst earrings, along with a bottle of Reisling. Lindsey opened the door in a blue see through nightie and black heels, with a glass of white wine in her hand. We laughed at the site of each other, sat dow together on her couch.

“I wanted to do something to thank you for all the effort you put into that dinner. I got a movie and some take-out. Hey, what’s in the box?”

I smiled and handed the box to her. “It’s nice that you did all this for me.” I said. She winked.

“Oh, I plan on getting a little something out of it.” Grinning, she held up the box and asked, “Can I open this or am I supposed to wait?”

“Open it.”

The look on her face was beautiful when she opened it. “Thank you!” She gushed. “These are amazing… you didn’t have to get these for me.” She put the earrings on and modeled them for me. “I’m gonna put this in some water. I’ll be right back.”

She came out of the kitchen with five take-out boxes and some chopsticks. “I was wondering… where you planning on taking your coat off anytime soon?” I grinned and stood, dropping the coat to the floor. Her eyes sparkled as she looked me up and down. The lingerie I had on was black lace, a bra that covered my breasts by half with a mesh corset trimming my waist. The panties where lace boy shorts, which showed my behind to a good advantage and my legs where enhanced by the four inch strapped black heels I was wearing. Lindsey walked closer to me, until we were face to face. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck. “You are absolutely beautiful.” She whispered. Taking my hand she walked me to the couch. She had placed the food on the coffee table. “I rented that movie we were talking about last week. Do you want to watch it while we eat?”

“Sure.” I said. We watched until we’d eaten, but by the time the last egg roll was gone we’d lost interest in the movie. We turned down the lights in the living room and spread a blanket on the floor. She and I laid down on that blanket and gazed at each other. I was admiring the shape of her body… she was perfect. I watched her smile and sit up to take her heels off, then I did the same. She laid down and watched as I struggled to loosen the strap on one of my shoes. When I returned to her side, Lindsey placed her hand on my face, cupping my cheek and brushing her thumb along the cheekbone. We kissed, our lips melding together like paint and canvas. She licked the corners of my mouth, and soon our tongues were dancing to and fro in a rhythm only she and I understood. I broke the kiss to trail my tongue down the side of her face to her neck, where I placed several slow, wet kisses. She moaned as my mouth found her earlobe. I suckled the lobe, then began to lick her where her neck and ear met. Her hand wrapped around the back of my head, fingers entwining themselves in my hair. I hit just güvenilir casino the right spot and she tugged on my hair as another moan left her lips. I stopped my progress to lift myself above her, where I spent several moments looking into her eyes.

“I love you.” I said, aloud for the first time. She smiled, a wide smile that crossed her entire face.

“You aren’t just saying that because you’re getting laid, are you?” She asked, laughing already knowing it wasn’t true. “I love you too baby.” I leaned over her again, and her arm wrapped around my shoulders, pulling me even closer. I nuzzled her neck, and we both giggled. Lindsey rolled me over so that she was straddling my stomach. She ran her fingers up and down my body, eventually lifting my bra straps to touch the covered skin. She undid the snaps down the front of my corset, pulling both the corset and bra off my breasts, revealing the swelling orbs waiting for her touch. She smiled and began to caress them, squeezing them and rubbing her thumb across the nipples. They hardened at her touch, and I moaned at the pleasure. I reached up and ran my hand along the side of her neck, down to the front of her nightie. I pulled her down to kiss me, and once again our tongues were caught in their special dance. Our hands ran up and down our bodies, feverishly searching for hot skin. Lindsey broke our kiss to lift her deep blue nightie over her head, revealing her tight stomach and her perfect round breasts, nipples already erect. I reached up, unable to resist loving that wonderful flesh. She moaned loudly as I brushed my fingers over the nipples. I then wet my fingertips with my tongue to rub them into her breasts. She sighed and lowered herself back down over me, placing one of her breasts just above my lips. I complied and opened my mouth to lick, suckle, and nibble on her breast. She was panting as she fed me the other breast, though I too was letting sighs of pleasure and joy escape my lips.

Lindsey moved to straddle my legs, lowering her mouth to breathe hot breath on my neck. She chewed on my earlobe, then pulled my head back by my hair. She ran her tongue up and down the front of my arched neck in circles. I put my hands in her hair and sobbed in pleasure. She looked me in the eye and smiled a mischievous smile. She licked slowly down the front of my body, brushing her tongue along my shoulders, my waist, around my navel… almost dipping into the lips of my pussy. I bucked, she laughed.

“Not yet, baby.” She said, teasing my with her fingers running up and down my inner thigh. I was moaning, on the verge of panting when she finally wrapped her lips around my breast. I arched into the kisses, the licks. She suckled hard, the way she knew I liked, and I cried out. I pulled her up to lock her in a fierce kiss, licking her mouth and pressing myself into her. She responded in kind, returning the heated kiss with a moan. Her fingers finally reached between my legs, pulling the lips apart and resting lightly on the clit. She rolled her fingers in circles, fucking me with her other hand. She moved in and out, round and round, bringing my twice to the brink of orgasm.

I ran my hands up her leg to return the favor, but she pulled my hand away and lifted herself to straddle my face. With our bodies pressed together, we licked and fingered each other’s wet pussies. Moaning and bucking with glee, I licked harder and faster, lapping up Lindsey’s sweet juice. She tasted like orange and honey, and I was loving every bit of it. She ground her pussy into my face, groaning louder and louder until finally she screamed her orgasm. I came not long after her with a burst of voice.

For hours after we lay on that blanket, running our fingers up and down the contours of each others bodies. Pressure built until finally we were feverishly lapping up each others juices once again. It was a night of much release.

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