Lina Is Crazy

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In my last year of highschool I dated a girl named Layla that I loved very much. But since we had sex the very first time we met, I got a little tired of the same pussy over and over again.

There was a girl in my class named Lina who was extremely sexy. She had brown curly hair with b cup tits, but the thing that made her stand out the most was her fat ass. Her ass was so beautiful, I had many of evenings of jerking off to the thought of it.

One weekend Layla was away so I decided to go to a private beach and just hang out. Just by coincidence, Lina lived about 5 houses down from the beach. When I arrived there she was actually on the beach sun bathing. Seeing her in a black bikini nearly made my heart stop. I called out to her and we started talking as I took a seat next to her on her towel. She looked so good, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her crotch!

After an hour of conversating, she decided bahis firmaları that she had enough sun and she was going to go home. I took the honors of walking her home and she asked me if I wanted anything to drink which I gladly accepted.

She didn’t have the nicest house on the outside, but the inside was nice. As I looked around I saw many of the hallways were decorated with her pictures. She brought me a drink and asked me if I wanted to see her room. I gladly accepted as we ascended our way up the stairs. Entering her room gave me a funny feeling, her room smelled like pussy, no joke. She closed the door behind me as we sat down on her bed and talked some more. In the middle of our conversation, she asked me to turn around as she got changed. I couldn’t resist turning around, and there it wasm her ass totally butt naked. She turned around and saw that I was staring at it and began walking towards me.

At kaçak iddaa this moment I was completely paralyzed, I was going to say something but she put her finger on my lips and began kissing me. This was it, I knew I was in. I kissed her back and ran my hand down to her ass and squeezed it with all my might. My god did it feel good. She then reached her hand down my pants and began touching my cock. She said to me, ” wow he’s already awake.” I shook my head, and she unzipped my pants and began giving me head. I had heard that she gave great head but this was definately more than I expected. When my cock was to a point of getting no harder, she lied down on her back and spread her legs wide open and told me to fuck her ass. I kissed her lips and moved my way down sucking on her tits and then her asshole. Her ass tasted soo good, I immediately positioned myself over her ass and plunged right in. She let out kaçak bahis a loud moan and told me it felt really good. I slowly pounded her ass until she hit her first orgasm.

At that point I was in ecstacy and I pulled out to give her pussy a shot.My dick slid right in and she turned me over so that she could ride me. There is noting better than having some one else taking control of your dick.

After ten minutes of fucking, I was about ready to blow my load and she could tell and she got off of me and told me to stand up. I did and she took my dick in her mouth. She gave me a fantastic blowjob and I could not hold out any longer. Just as I was getting ready to cum, she stuck her finger in my asshole and i burst all down her throat. It was the best sexual feeling I have ever felt in my life. When I pulled away, she showed me she had all the cum in her mouth,and swallowed it. This nearly made me hard again! She told me that she loved the taste of cum as we got our clothes back on. After that day, we had a few more encounters, but nothing can compare to the first. Thank god Layla never found out, she would have killed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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